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A stranger in England

Started on 1 July 2013 by bebero
Latest Reply on 17 July 2013 by Rablador
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February, we hope that everything is fine, but as the moon began I received bad news from the president. Not found another partner team. But maybe we'll find something at the beginning of next season.
The team all goes well, and this month was pretty easy, I got new players from the youth team, and I went to see their game, I saw a more talented kid, and I'll see what will incontinuare.
The results were good, and the moon was a success for me and team.

March was a month worse, I had matches with teams better, but I got over.
Already celebrated team, but there is little, and I celebrate myself.

The small town of Dover is ready for celebration.
Some nice results there mate.

April, the month was over very quickly, and happiness already read front Players
Guys stayed focused and everything went well, the results were good.
Lot deserve all the praise.
Arriving at the stadium, boys preparing holiday. I just wanted to congratulate them for their work, and for all the successes of the season past Thomas.
I talked to them, and we all hope that the consignment be higher when we meet again.
My work now begins again, you have to search a free, and talented. The Staff will need to work again.

The junior team found a young promising that need to talk.
The next day I talked to him and found that in that Week was promoted.I talked to him, and we agreed to sign a contract, was very happy, and said he would train hard.
In his first game, scoring 2 goals. It was great to see that after the game I congratulated him.

Small town of Dover is the celebration, the team promoted.

My first year in Dover, passed so quickly. Everything was great, and finally it shows the team promoted, and the whole town celebrates.

[spoiler=The best midfielders][/spoiler]

I was invited to the ceremony ,the best player of the season.
I was excited when I got there. Unfortunately my players did not receive any individual award.
But the award for best coach, emotions were high. Then the announcer said "Popescu Catalin" . When I heard, I did not know what to do, I was very excited, club president was there, and I praise was a great joy for me . It was a wonderful time.


Vacation is over
Players have come happy, and ready to work.

I got tired it was a very difficult summer for me, I searched for players, and I hit many rejections. We talked on the phone for hours with players and manager, but with my president.
I managed to convince a few players to come to my team.It was quite difficult because the team is small, and is in a lower league.However, in two months of vacation I was able to understand a few players.

Training period is over, and players did not have much time to know.They arrived friendly matches.This all went well, the team plays beautiful football.Players give yield and that brought me enjoy friendlies went well without much injury.


Team awaits the start of the season, and so did I, after two months very difficult. Expect to see results.

Players who came to the team

Federico think it will be one of the best defenders in my team, I am proud that I managed to convince him.
Federico : I hope I can help the team in the season to come.

Duve, what can I say? It's a young player, and the next, I just hope to confirm.

Duve : I hope to confirm the team and playing as much.


Enzo is a very good player, I try to play it Forward has qualities to it, I'll talk to train for that position.

Enzo : I hope to play for the team and score goals.
Great signings, especially Oliver Sigurjonsson

Oliver, Chueca and Enzo look goooood!


Team do not mark at all stages, miss a lot. I'll try something has changed in tactics.


I've got a player that I think will be very helpful team.

I think his experience and skills will help your team.
I hope the team to recover and play football at the end of that last season.

Tosin : I promise I'll try to help the team as much as I can. I hope my experience to help.

I hope the new players to adjust quickly ,And his team begin to play well.
Some frustrating draws but unbeaten isn't a bad place to be at :)

Good luck pushing for back to back promotions, it's always nice to see a Romanian do well in England, my grandfather was from there :)


It was a better month.
Guys started to fight more in every game fight more.

In the last week we had 5 players in team weeks.

The results were very good.

I am very happy for him, I hope to play as well continue.
bebero's avatar Group bebero
10 yearsEdited


It was pretty good one month, I got on the podium and I hope to keep me there.The game is becoming better.

Month was a real success in the cup I had good games, and hope to continue the same, I want to win the FA Trophy.


It was a very good month.But only in the championship, the cup done.


I'm a little disappointed, but unfortunately both could.I'm in first place in the championship and this matter, I hope to stay there.

Player of the Month

Play very well in defense, get more balls, and good at set pieces.

Now you should be looking for as quickly as a right defender and a left winger, we really need. Hope you find something good.
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10 yearsEdited


A very good month, I had a loss, unfortunately I have 4 players injured, and had to do some transfers that I enjoyed.
I managed to find some very good players, and that managed to surprise me in the first matches.I managed to get three players.

One of my strikers got injured for 3 months and I had to move quickly to get a new one.
I managed to get an Argentine aged 28 years.

Juan Sánchez Sotelo (born 2 October 1987 in Avellaneda) is an Argentine football striker.

It is a player who has experience and that made ??me choose it. He managed to impress me in his first match, scoring two goals, which we won a very important match. I hope to continue with the good form he showed it .

Milan Hoek (born 8 September 1991) is a footballer defender .

He managed to play very little since it was injured in the first match. I hope to play well, and confirm.


They are the three who came to the team, I hope to do a good job.

Results will be published tomorrow


February and March


Unfortunately I made many draws.
I think that the team no longer focus properly, although very important matches.
I hope that next month things go well, and I am now need victories.

After last month, will return with the best players.
bebero's avatar Group bebero
10 yearsEdited
He finished season 2 and Dover happening again.
The team focused in the last month, and managed to promote after the first. Everyone is happy now.
I am so happy for the team and what we accomplished together.

Follow a tough time when you have to strengthen the team and look for the best solutions.
We lost some players because they did not want us to continue with me.

The best players of the season.

He helped many goals.

He played as a midfielder and as a striker, did very well.

He was a pillar in defense with Duve made ​​a perfect team.

It was a super striker, I hope to convince the team to stay.

He was the best player on defense.

I'll see what transfers will succeed. I hope to be as good and successful.
Well done mate! Good luck next season :)

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