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A stranger in England

Started on 1 July 2013 by bebero
Latest Reply on 17 July 2013 by Rablador
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A superb period

Spend a wonderful time at Dover. The team played great in the last period of the championship, We managed to promote . Not too many chances, now all are amazed by it. The team deserved vacation.
Then everything was wonderful news. I was beaten in the championship record.

That I won individually. Good for Vito and Morga lot.

I refused because my road in Dover is not over. Maybe it's hard to believe, but yes I refused and Anji because I want to keep in Dover, where my home is.

I'll come back later with other news.
well done with the awards. Well done for rejecting. Keep it up
Congrats on winning the league and winning the Manager of the Year! Suprised about Anji offering you a contract. If that were me i'd find it had to decline - look at all that money !! :P
Congratulations on winning the League 1, and good luck with the Championship!
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Preparation period has ended. The team wants to start the championship, although I'm really scared. I hope to have a good prestige in the championship and not relegate.
We tried to choose the best solution to bring them to team. I played one friendly with Res Chealse, and the match was great.

Before the game, fans were surprised because the team introduced new equipment.


Fans were happy, and that I enjoy.
Thanks a lot Louis O for equipment.

I'm disappointed because Oliver decided to go to rivals, although there have the same salary. And there are some who have left ..

It is the first player who wanted to sign with my team, although it's just a loan I'm glad I managed to get.


It is the player we paid 160k, I hope to merit and confirm.

Abou [spoiler=Abou]

It came free agent, I hope I can help the team as much.

Martin I paid 120k but I think I will take at least twice as it is a player for the future, and very promising.

Joe [spoiler=Joe]

Joe is the defender that I have, I hope to help me, is loan.

Masoni [spoiler=Masoni][/spoiler]

It is a good quarterback, and as I have not found another thing I hope to help him.

These are transfers to date.

What about the transfer and equipment?
Keep it up you are doing really well! :)
Wow! This story has moved on quite a lot since I last saw it. Congrats on League 1 success. Going Great!!!

The first months in Championship

I spent the first two months in the Championship. Two months have been full of football. I've got a player from the team to be more competitive in the attack.

Radoslav Kirilov

He scored one goal, until this moment, but very decisive.


The best player

Another big surprise was to see them as Duve's value increases.

Amazing performances mate ! Keep it up ! :) I'll wait the new updates ! ;) I hope you'' stay in Championship !
Good start mate... Uwe looks a great talent :D

Hello, i'm EatMyFish66, i have 17 years old and i love Football.

I don't care if you laugh about my voice or if i mistake with some word's, all i want to say is : FOOTBALL IS MY LIFE. All i want is to upload some video with my favorite game.

Two hard months

There were two months for the team, I met great team, and we managed to make good games. I managed to capture the opposing teams, I'm glad that players play well and do their best in games. The results are good, although I had a few defeats, here is the other, and my team has the smallest value to the league.
Will come during the transfer, I will try to sell two players can get some money, and maybe the owner will find a team mate better.

It was a superb match in which the team returned from 2-0, when there was no hope.

The tour Championship ended.

Unfortunate results, but you did win some games, and have the nice win over Fulham.
Sweet win versus Fulham and still in touching distance of promotion. Keep it up :)

December and January

Two months have been great for the team, we went further in the cup, and we managed to keep the last place that could result in the play-off.
The defeat came from the leader, but the game was nice. Unfortunately many draws in the last minute. Two games lost in 94 minutes, so I could unfortunately only in these two months.


I hope to catch play-off, it is important for the team, although it will be difficult to promote.
We are a team looking to partner with us, but unfortunately nobody wants.
Four players were able to reach a value of over 1 million .
Vito este cel mai bun marcator al echipei, iar Duve in continuare este cel mai valoros.

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