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A stranger in England

Started on 1 July 2013 by bebero
Latest Reply on 17 July 2013 by Rablador
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A stranger in England

Unfortunately, football for me only lasted a few years. When I was 25 years old , I had a very serious injury that kept me away from the pitch,so I decided to go to a coaching school in England.There, my dream could take place.
I got into the little town of Dover , watching and learning the football from here.
After 1 year I noticed that the team had problems with it's coach , and I thought that was my luck.I contacted the officials there , who anilized the situation and put me in contact with the team manager ,Jim Parmenter.After 1 week I got into Jim's office ,and after much talking , he saw that I had coaching potential. He offered me a chance, and I signed a contract for 1 year with Dover.It was a happy day.

Then,we went to the stadium to see it and it's surroundings .The team came and we met each other. Too bad my staff was small ,because of the budget ,but work had to start.


Good start Bebero :D
Good start Bebero, good luck with this.
Good luck!!!
Good luck mate! Nice banner!
Quality banner :D Good luck!

Work should begin

We met with the team, I talked to the players and the staff.
We organized a friendly with the reserve team.
Friendly with reserves went ok without injury.

Dover Dover Reserves 4-1
Shane Huke, Dean Rance, Daryl McMahon, Barry Cogan

My team

Key player


I made a few calls, and tried to bring scout and a coach. I managed to get along with two people, and my staff, has increased now.

After some talk with the owner. I decided to look for a team that ended a partnership.
I also found the parent team it is

Other Friendly
Dover – Harwich 3 - 1
Dover – Maldon & Tiptree 4 - 1

I tried to look for potential players for a team.
So I talked to owner, and I had a week to look for different matches.

After a few time, I found an young keeper. I talked to him after a match that had been between two amateur teams. I understood that he came from Italy. I talked to him, and he agreed to come to my team, to see how it works.
He said it would be a challenge for him to play on our team.
The next day I went to the owner to talk to him and present Mirko. After several hours of talking, Mirko has signed a one year contract with us.

[spoiler=Mirko Ranieri]

Another day was gone and the team was doing well.
I went home at night after the training with the team. As i was close to getting home i get a phonecall and someone says : "I sent you an email look there" .As i arrive home i scroll through the emails and i see "Dali Gomez", sent from Adrian Ilie. As i was seeing the video attached to the email i was amazed. The next morning i call Adrian. I spoke to him to bring Dali at the stadium. Dali has come and has given evidence. His speed isn't very good. His kick is very good.
Dali said he wants a challenge, so I signed a contract with him.

[spoiler=Dali Gomez][/spoiler]

Preparation is over, will follow beginning
Nice start nothing beets a good LLM story.
Ranieri and McMahon look decent. Hopefully they do well for you:)
This is your first story right? It's really good mate, keep it up! :D

Everything went well in the first month. Team goes well, my debut in BSS was good.
We decided to leave the country in search of players for the team still needs.

Player of the Month for me was


So I get over my first month at Dover.
What's harder to follow now.
Arriving home, I sat and I thought about the month just passed, the team plays well, but maybe you should try another tactic.
But still do not know what to do, so I sat and I thought.
I sketch I drew, but unfortunately nothing has resulted
Good first month, it's important to get off to a good start. Keep it up!
Decent start to the season. I see you have a strong Irish contingent
Good start, wishing you luck mate!
A very nice start, good luck!

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