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From Armenia to the Top of the World

Started on 3 July 2013 by HamoudiLFC
Latest Reply on 9 September 2013 by Walter
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The 1st Quarter of the Season

“For the first time ever, we had reached the Europa League Knockout Rounds... and it is February now. Which means in this update we will have the League, the SuperCup and Europe.

Premier League

“So, we start off with the Premier League. Hopefully we can make a good start.”

“We couldn’t get a 100% start again! A draw against Ulisses! Although the league table looks like this:”

“1st Place. No surprise.”

Outstanding Player

Mkrtich “Mkrtii” Nalbandyan

“He scored 4 goals, in only 3 games. He has been a key player, even at the age of 29. He has gotten 8 games in these 2 season and has scored 7. He needs less than 30 goals to break the league goalscoring record for Pyunik Yerevan. I do hope he does it.”

Transfer Watch

Omoh Ojabu - “I have played him as a Complete Forward at times, and as a Winger at times. I expect him to get goals and assists, but he has only got 2 of each. Now he can only speak English and Nigerian, therefore he cannot understand most of the players and staff, only me and Reynaldo Mejia. Hopefully when he adapts, he will be lethal.”

Rony Caceres - “He has only played 2 games and scored 1 goal, got 3 assists and already a Player of the Match. A bargain I can say?”

Olexandr Goncharenko - “He has done nothing special, but we only got him for experience and game time. That’s it.”


“We were drawn against Ulisses Yerevan, could we win it twice in a row?”

“Yes we did. A Viulen Ayvazyan hat-trick to sweeten the win. Trophy #1.”

“We played against Fiorentina at Home in the First Leg, my hopes aren’t too high.”

“1-1! We actually drew! Although they got an away goal so that will change everything...”

“I will leave that there for now, and the game will be in the next update ;)
Thanks for the comments guys!

Second Quarter of the Season

“This time, I will start off with Europe. We tied 1-1 against Fiorentina at home, could we win away from home?”

“No, we couldn’t. Artak Yedigaryan, Viulen Ayvazyan and others were injured therefore our attack was very poor. We actually kept the ball for a long time but had no shots. We are eliminated, but our heads are high!”

Premier League

“We finally did it, 7 wins in a row in a quarter of the season. If only we did what we did to Ulisses at home, then we would’ve won all 14 games. This definitely means we’re first, but by how many points?”

“A 15-point lead going into mid-season. Nice.”

Players Watch

Mkrtii has been impressing again and he is 29! He is the 2nd oldest player in the squad but he is showing that he is the best! Our top scorer until now. Omoh Ojabu has been scoring, and he has been racking up in the assists too which is a good thing to see. Wantaway defensive midfielder and captain Artak Yedigaryan is having a lot of good performances lately. Viulen Ayvazyan has not been as lethal as last season, but is starting to pick up in form. Finally, Kamo Hovhannisyan is leaving the club for a fee of 150k, and his replacement is Stefan Dimic from Serbian outfit, Rad. Both will be leaving their respective clubs on the 1st of July.”

“We were drawn against First League Martuni, an easy game.”

“Viulen Ayvazyan and Omoh Ojabu completing the route to a 2-0 away win. Nicely done. We were drawn against:”

Ararat Yerevan
The league is just to easy for you. Impressing sight!


“It’s that time of the season. Youth Intake Time? Nope. End of the Season? Nah. Oh! The European Rankings! Let’s get started. We have LOTS of good news!”

Competition Rankings

“The 60th best competition in Europe! We are getting closer to the top by the year!”

“I remember the first day of my time at Pyunik. I looked at the rules of the league and the 1st place gets around 90,000 pounds... look how much that has changed now. Half a million for winning the league! I can’t believe it!”

Club Ranking

“We moved up 275 positions! 275! We are now up there with the likes of Lazio, Montpellier, Wigan, Swansea, Stoke, and Portsmouth. I am very happy and hopefully we put a good showing in Europe this year.”

“Finally, we retained our CoEfficient ranking of #22. If we get to #21 our places in Europe will improve, which is always a good thing!”

June 2018, The World Cup

“This year, we have a fantastic World Cup ahead of us. 31 teams (+ the host) have qualified from 6 continental qualifiers to represent themselves in the biggest sporting tournament in the World today. Belgium, who are currently ranked 1st in the World Rankings, won the last World Cup - in Brazil - by dethroning Spain from their International Glory, 2-0. Could they repeat their World Cup win? Or could Spain win it back? Will a team from Africa/Americas/Asia put up a fight?”

The Qualifiers

- Russia

- Algeria
- Ghana
- Morocco
- South Africa
- Tunisia

“5 qualifiers, with Ghana being the strongest of them. Morocco and Algeria both returning after years of absence. South Africa qualifying after missing out on 2014, and Tunisia coming back after a poor 2006 tournament. Ivory Coast miss out, a big omission.”

- China
- Iraq
- Japan
- South Korea
- Saudi Arabia

China and Iraq qualified for the 1st time in their respective histories, with Iraq defeated Panama in the intercontinental play-offs. Japan and South Korea qualifying again, no surprise there. Finally, Saudi Arabia qualify after a poor 2014 campaign.”

- Belgium
- Croatia
- Denmark
- England
- France
- Germany
- Italy
- The Netherlands
- Portugal
- Spain
- Switzerland
- Sweden
- Turkey

“No surprises here. Turkey is the only team returning after years of absence (2002). The rest were here in the last two World Cups and there is nothing else to expect.”

North America
- Jamaica
- Mexico

“Three Qualifiers only, Mexico and USA obviously qualifying, with Jamaica topping the rest of the countries/islands.”

South America
- Argentina
- Brazil
- Chile
- Colombia
- Uruguay

“No surprises here too. Argentina and Brazil are obvious qualifiers. Colombia and Uruguay did well to qualify, with Chile defeating New Zealand in the intercontinental play-offs.”

The Groups

Group A -
“Group A, the Host’s Group. Russia were favourites to qualify, but Chile and Ghana both had even odds, and their match against each other may decide the team that goes through to the next round. Jamaica are ranked as outsiders.”

Final Standings

Chile topped the Group after an amazing 5-4 win over disappointing Ghana. Jamaica pulled no surprises with Russia qualifying in 2nd.”

Group B -
Belgium were definite favourites, with Croatia being slight favourites over USA and outsiders South Africa.


Final Standings

Croatia win the group along with the USA. A shocking display from Belgium which saw them finish last, helped the USA get that vital point over South Africa.

Group C -
“A strong group, Germany and Portugal are favourites to qualify. With Falcao being retired from International Football, James Rodriguez is the star player for Colombia.


Final Standings

“The obvious two teams qualify, with China doing good for their country by drawing two games. Colombia only scored one goal, showing their goal-scoring woes without Falcao.”

Group D -

England were definite favourites in this group (meh...) following them are Sweden. Iraq and Tunisia will want to come back to their respective countries proud of at least a point.”


Final Standings

England qualify, but shockingly along with Tunisia. Sweden finished 1 point behind them with Iraq departing with nil.”

Group E -
“Arguably, The Group of Death you could say with Uruguay, Italy and Netherlands. All of those teams are expected clean wins over the Saudis, but what will happen in the other games?”


Final Standings

“It was 4-time World Cup winners Italy who got eliminated, along with Saudi Arabia. Uruguay and the Netherlands go into the next round with their heads high.”

Group F -
“This could also be the Group of Death. Intercontinental rivals Brazil and France along with 2002 World Cup 3rd and 4th place Turkey and South Korea, could we see any surprises in this group?”


Final Standings

“A weird group in where the top 2 finished only a win away from last place. Again, a very weird group but the obvious teams qualified.”

Group G -
Argentina were obvious favourites, along with evenly-matched Japan and Switzerland, with Morocco being ranked as outsiders.”


Final Standings

Japan were appalling with 0 points, Morocco in third, and then Switzerland topping the Group with a win over the Argentines.”

Group H -
“The previous World Cup runner-up against the likes of Mexico, Algeria and Denmark. Who will qualify?”


Final Standings

Spain and Denmark qualify over a disappointing Mexico and Algeria who shared 3 points between them.”

"Stay Tuned with us next time, for the rest of the FIFA World Cup!”
Hmmm some interesting results. Nice update :D
Nice World Cup update so far :) Interesting to see England face Iraq :P

July 2018, The World Cup

“Now we continue on to the knockout rounds, the qualifiers are:”

Group A -
Group B -
Group C -
Group D -
Group E -
Group F -
Group G -
Group H -

Round of 16
vs - Att. 69,501
Carrasco ‘52, Chile
Pizarro ‘85, Chile
Shea ‘90, USA
- Chile - 2-1

vs - Att. 50,000
Dzagoev ‘8, Russia
Kranjcar ‘21, Croatia
Bidjev ‘31 (pen.), Russia
- Russia - 2-1

vs - Att. 45,015
Gomez ‘13, ‘18, ‘40, ‘44 (pen.), Germany
Gotze ‘78, Germany
- Germany, 5-0

vs - Att. 89,318
Oxlade-Chamberlain ‘22, England
Baines ‘55 (pen.), England
Fernando ‘86, Portugal
- England, 2-1

vs - Att. 44,198
L Suarez ‘5, Uruguay
G Ramirez ‘11, Uruguay
Corchia ‘59, France
A Fernandez ‘72, Uruguay
Zouma ‘88, France
- Uruguay, 3-1

vs - Att. 40,899
Oscar ‘30, ‘64, Brazil
- Brazil, 2-0

vs - Att. 44,105
N Jorgensen ‘41, Denmark
Shaqiri ‘50, Switzerland
Eriksen ‘82, Switzerland
- Denmark, 2-1

vs - Att. 42,000
T Martinez ‘17
- Argentina, 1-0

The Quarter Finals

“The Round of 16 was filled with shock for some people, but had no surprises for others. Argentina defeated Spain 1-0 to show that they are no pushovers, along with Uruguay and Brazil defeating their European counterparts France and Netherlands respectively. Germany and England also make it through with the hosts Russia and overachievers Chile and Denmark, who will reach the last 4? The biggest game of the quarter finals is definitely the Superclasico: Argentina vs Brazil.”

vs - Att. 45,000
Dzagoev ‘45+1, Russia
Muller ‘64, Germany
Schweinsteiger ‘84, Germany
- Germany, 2-1

vs - Att. 89,318
Barkley ‘45, England
- England, 1-0

vs - Att. 47,659
A Fernandez ‘80, Uruguay
L Suarez ‘88, Uruguay
- Uruguay, 2-0

vs - Att. 69,501
Aguero ‘46, Argentina
Sandro ‘48, Brazil
Pastore ‘74, Argentina
- Argentina, 2-1


“After 4 great games in the quarter-finals, we now reach the semi-finals where Argentina, England, Uruguay and Germany have reached. Brazil lose out, while the hosts Russia lose on home soil, and Denmark and Chile’s overachievement dreams come to an end. England and Uruguay will face off while Germany and Argentina rekindle their rivalry again.”

vs - Att. 69,501
Rolan ‘73, Uruguay
Zaha ‘82, England
Cabrera ‘96
Shelvey ‘117
- England, 2-1 AET

vs - Att. 89,318
Pastore ‘11, Argentina
Aguero ‘56, Argentina
Muller ‘61, Germany
- Argentina, 2-1

3rd Place Play-Off

Germany and Uruguay both lose out, but who will come in 3rd Place?”

vs - Att. 69,501
Kroos ‘4, Germany
Gomez ‘37, Germany
- Germany, 2-0

The Final

England reach the Final for the first time since 1966, and Argentina for the 1st time since 1990. England have won the World Cup once and Argentina twice. Who will win?”

Baines ‘4, England
Aguero ‘13, Argentina
- Argentina, 1-0

Argentina win the World Cup over England in a very dull game, but nevertheless, they have won their 3rd World Cup as England face misery again! We will see you again in 4 years in a totally different continent; Asia.”
Wow interesting, England!!! Final!!! Not very realistic at all :D lol
Ah! England were so close! It had to be Argentina too didn't it?!
Football Manager 2013 says that the U.S.A will fail to win in the Round of 16 in the 2018 World Cup. Then again, Football Manager 2013 also says that England will get to the final...
Yeah hahah, also Belgium defeat Spain then crash out in the Group Stages :P

Yep :D

hahahahaha :P FM does crack us up sometimes

3rd Quarter of the Season, Europe

“We had an impressive record of 13 wins and 1 draw in 14 games, our record of undefeated games was 26. Could we beat it?”

Premier League

“4 wins and 3 draws, still undefeated is what I care about. One more win, and we win the league.”

*No League Table this Update*

“We face Ararat Yerevan in the Quarter Final which is a very easy game.”

“We should’ve won by more but a win is a win. We are drawn against:”

Banants Yerevan

“A very easy game, but Banants always seem to bite us in the arse.”

“We start off in the Champions Second Qualifying Round of the Champions League, could we reach the Group Stages of the CL for the first time?”

“We were drawn against FK Aktobe of Kazakhstan, should be a walk in the park.”

“A 4-1 win at home with Omoh Ojabu shining with a brace, I’ll take a day off for the away game, my players can finish it off.”

“What did I say? We go into the next round with a 7-1 aggregate win, we are drawn against:”

FK Austria Wien

“My goodness, this is the 5th and 6th occasion that we are going to play against them. Our record against them is 2-2-0 but the media still think they are favourites! Let us show them what we can do!”

1st Leg - Away

“A late 1-0 win with only 10 men, we should’ve won by more but nevertheless... an away win.”

2nd Leg - Home

“We went through on aggregate, but I had to leave for the 2nd half where my assistant took over, and that didn’t go too well. ‘Nevertheless, a win is a win.”

“We could make it to the Champions League Group Stages and get that 7.5 million prize money, but it depends on the luck of the draw. Who would we face?”

Romanian Champions CFR Cluj

“Honestly, I do not know if this is a hard game or an easy game... I’ll just do what is tactically best and put our strongest squad. We play them away from home first.”
Cluj, could've got harder opposition, Good luck!

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