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Nathan Limior Takes on Everton and the Premier League

Started on 6 July 2013 by shylax
Latest Reply on 1 September 2013 by Walter
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Reply #300 :D

Some good wins in there, keep it up and hopefully the title is yours this season :)
Classy results. Do you think you will hold your position?
Bring the title back to Goodison!!

February 2021

Transfer Deadline Day:
- Portland's center back Uche Hewitt to Southampton for 6 million pounds.
- Enzo Ibanez to River Plate for free.

- Ademir won his first cap for Brazil in CONMEBOL qualifying against Paraguay.
- Loic Hourcade scored his first international goal for France against Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Manchester United 0 - 1 Everton
A cheeky victory at Old Trafford as Ricardo Gomez scored on a corner kick! He almost had another corner kick goal, but it was disallowed. Manchester United were pushing late, but couldn't produce the equalizer.
Player of the Match: Paride Lucaselli (Everton)
Injury Update: Unfortunately, Armand Mbock tore his hamstring and will be out 2-3 months. He's younger, so that means he has less of a chance of pulling a Lamela, but it could still potentially ruin this wonderkid.

Champions League Round of 16
First Leg: Everton 6 - 0 Napoli
Napoli's poor discipline undid them as they were reduced to 9 men by halftime. Everton took advantage, racking up a 6 goal lead that is almost impossible for Napoli to surmount. Oh, and Gabbiadini had a hat trick, too.
Player of the Match: Manolo Gabbiadini (Everton)

FA Cup 5th Round
Chelsea 1 - 4 Everton
Ricardo Gomez scored an amazing hat trick in the second half to help Everton pull away from Chelsea!
Player of the Match: Ricardo Gomez (Everton)

- Hull will play Everton at Goodison Park in the FA Cup Quarterfinal.

Everton 5 - 2 Chelsea
Rob Reddy, Willy van der Putten, and Ricardo Gomez got Everton out to a 4-0 lead by the 17th minute, and it was apparent Everton wasn't going to lose. Chelsea fought hard, but they were crushed once again.
Player of the Match: Rob Reddy (Everton)

Bolton 0 - 4 Everton
It took a while, but once the first one went in, the goals started pouring. Ricardo Gomez had a hand (or foot) in all four of Everton's goals, scoring two and assisting two more.
Player of the Match: Ricardo Gomez (Everton)

- Norwich sack Terry Butcher after a 3-1 loss to Manchester City. Paul Lambert is the favorite to land the job.




Premier League Table

It's a two horse race between Everton and Manchester City, and neither one seems to be slowing down any time soon. Thankfully, all we have to do is win out and the title is ours.


Barclays Player of the Month: Ricardo Gomez (winner)
Barclays Young Player of the Month: Vicente Molinos (2nd)
Barclays Manager of the Month: Nathan Limior (winner)
The double over Chelsea and a 6-0 win over Napoli, nice work.
You're too good!
Off-topic : Tottenham on 7th D: Go go tottenham!
On-topic : damn Manolo Gabbiadini is sick :P
You really couldn't do much better.
That has to be the best month I've ever seen you have! Keep it up!

March 2021

- Paul Lambert has been hired as Norwich's manager.

Champions League Round of 16
Second Leg: Napoli 2 - 2 Everton
Napoli 2 - 8 Everton on aggregate
Napoli were without their players red carded in the first leg, and it was too little too late for them, as even though they scored, it wasn't enough, and we proved we can score at their ground too. Every shot on target was a goal, meaning the goalkeepers had a poor night, but there'd be more goals if it weren't for poor accuracy. Another interesting bit is, thanks to necessity, Baby took the field as a deep lying forward and scored a goal, I think his skills are suited to that position even though he isn't a natural at it, since he's so good in the attack.
Player of the Match: Tarek Said (Everton)

FA Cup Quarterfinal
Everton 1 - 1 Hull
After Chalobah scored a penalty, it looked like Hull would cause an upset. They didn't, as sub Ricardo Gomez almost immediately struck back, but it wasn't enough to avoid a replay at Hull's ground.
Player of the Match: Vicente Molinos (Everton)

Champions League Quarterfinal Draw
Juventus - Manchester United
Everton - Manchester City
Leverkusen - AS Monaco
Paris Saint-Germain - Barcelona

Everton 2 - 0 West Brom
Everton were great in defense to coast behind Ricardo Gomez's early goal. Everton had many shots hit the woodwork, but thankfully van der Putten poached the rebound off the woodwork when he broke clear to double Everton's lead and put the result out of question.
Player of the Match: Vicente Molinos (Everton)

FA Cup Quarterfinal Replay
Hull 1 - 2 Everton after extra time
Hull's negativity frustrates me once again, as Harry Kane's individual effort in stealing and shooting undoes our hard-earned goal and forces extra time. It looks like it'll go to penalties, but Ricardo Gomez heads in Gabbiadini's cross in the 110th minute to win it.
Player of the Match: Harry Kane (Hull)

- Norwich will be our next opponent. They may look unassuming but they did knock off Man City at the Etihad 2-3 in their replay last round.

- Ademir scored his first international goal for Brazil against Chile.

Reading 1 - 2 Everton
Gomez and van der Putten got Everton off to a good start with goals, and former Everton player Johan Martial got sent off for hacking down van der Putten. However, Everton struggled to score for the rest of the match and Tibor Cica beat Said for a ball to pull one back, but it was too late.
Player of the Match: Tibor Cica (Reading)
Injury Update: Rob Reddy damaged his Achilles tendon and will miss 2-3 months, a huge blow to Everton.

- Manchester United defeated Manchester City 1-0 at Old Trafford, putting City three games back of Everton with seven to play.

- George Green twisted his ankle in training and will miss 3 weeks.

Champions League Quarterfinal
First Leg: Everton 3 - 0 Manchester City
While it would have been nicer to win by more goals, I can't complain about this performance, a wonderful all-around showing of class and Manchester City not even allowed a shot on goal. Vargas was brilliant, scoring a goal and putting a through ball to substitute Manolo Gabbiadini for the third goal.
Player of the Match: Alexander Vargas (Everton)
Injury Update: Manchester City's Andy Wake suffered strained knee ligaments and will miss 6 months, and I know Mancini isn't happy about seeing his promising young player sidelined.

- In the other match, Juventus defeated Manchester United 4-1 in their home leg. They shouldn't feel safe yet, since Manchester United will do everything at Old Trafford to win.




Premier League Table

Manchester City is struggling to keep up with us, and even if they build up a streak, we can knock them out ourselves at the Etihad on May 1.


Barclays Young Player of the Month: Vicente Molinos (winner)
Barclays Manager of the Month: Nathan Limior (2nd)

April 2021

Stoke 1 - 1 Everton
Manolo Gabbiadini's great goal early in the game was rendered moot by our inability to keep scoring and by a marginal penalty call against Paride Lucaselli when he was sliding the ball out for a corner.
Player of the Match: Shane Duffy (Stoke)

- Liverpool have been promoted back to the Barclays Premier League.

Champions League Quarterfinal
Manchester City 4 - 0 Everton
Manchester City 4 - 3 Everton on aggregate
We played like shit, there's no two ways about it. Manchester City scored four goals in the first half, and apparently we just sit there and take it and can't score one of our own. We're better than this, and I expressed my sentiments to my chargers.
Player of the Match: Thomas Muller (Manchester City)

FA Cup Semifinal at Wembley Stadium
Everton 1 - 0 Norwich
It wasn't easy, but I knew that when Loic Hourcade cut inside from the left wing and powered the ball into the net, we were into the Final once again.
Player of the Match: Daniel Ayala (Norwich)
Injury Update: Juan Jesus suffered a twisted knee and will miss two weeks, he should be back for the final.

- Everton will play Stoke in the FA Cup final.

Everton 1 - 0 Queen's Park Rangers
There are no easy matches anymore. Despite our success on the pitch, it took until late in the match, when Tarek Said crossed to Loic Hourcade, who headed it back to Ricardo Gomez inside the box, who powered it in for the winning goal.
Player of the Match: Dentinho (Everton)

Newcastle 1 - 1 Everton
Mattia Visani left us in the lurch, getting sent off for elbowing. Willy van der Putten made the best of a bad situation, creating his own chance by taking Luke Hyam's ill-advised backpass, rounding Krul, and scoring the easy goal, but Sissoko equalized late in the match and Everton couldn't pull away again.
Player of the Match: Moussa Sissoko (Newcastle)

Everton 2 - 1 Arsenal
It looked like Everton would stumble to a draw once again as van der Putten's goal was neutralized by Peter Tait's instant reply off a corner kick, but with seconds remaining in the match, Ricardo Gomez headed in a corner kick, giving Everton the victory and putting Manchester City in check after their 1-1 draw against Reading.
Player of the Match: Phil Jones (Arsenal)
Injury Update: After further medical analysis, Dentinho has been diagnosed with a fractured arm and will miss 3-4 weeks. It sucks he won't be on the field when we finally clinch our championship, and he won't be on for the FA Cup Final, either.

- In advance of Manchester City's game against Everton, Paride Lucaselli is rallying the troops.




Premier League Table

May 1. Etihad Stadium. Manchester City - Everton. We can knock them out themselves. We had a poor performance last time in the Champions League, but I'm confident we can at least get a draw.


Barclays Young Player of the Month: Vicente Molinos (winner)
Some decent results. I hope you win the league :P

May 2021

Manchester City 1 - 1 Everton
WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS! George Green got the crucial goal to equalize former Toffee Hernan Ramirez's early goal, and sink Manchester City's fading title hopes.
Player of the Match: Vicente Molinos (Everton)

Everton 2 - 0 Fulham
Another dominating if unspectacular performance, coming with many starters rested.
Player of the Match: Tarek Said (Everton)

FA Cup Final at Wembley Stadium
Everton 3 - 2 Stoke
After going down two behind and being a victim of some very unlucky misses, Willy van der Putten gave us a chance when he pulled one back late in the first half. Ricardo Gomez equalized early in the second half, and Paride Lucaselli provided the game winner off a corner kick, his first goal of the season!
Player of the Match: Armand Mbock (Everton), a massive achievement since he just came back from a torn hamstring.

Wigan 0 - 3 Everton
Wigan fought for their club's fate, but unfortunately, they were felled by Everton's class. Goals from Armand Mbock, Willy van der Putten, and Ricardo Gomez resigned Wigan to the Championship.

- Leeds' shock 3-1 win over Chelsea was meaningless, Bolton drew in their final match, and thus, Leeds are relegated from the Premier League once again.

- Wolves sack Chris Powell. Ian Holloway has left Bolton to take the job.


- Tim Irving was placed on the transfer list after Wigan's relegation. Naturally, we snapped him up for 19.25 million pounds.


Premier League Table

"When I took this job in 2014, we were about to go down. I didn't know if I'd be here long or if I'd end up going somewhere else. We avoided relegation on the final day of the season. It was the darkest day for Everton, but we avoided going to the Championship. And look at that, six years later, we have won the championship of the Premier League, and there are so many people who helped to make it happen I couldn't name all of them, but the most important people are Manolo Gabbiadini and Manuel Lucena, the player who helped get the ball rolling, and the coach who has advised me tactically throughout this run, and there's only two things I want to do next year: Win this title again, and win the Champions League trophy. We should have had it this year, but we just didn't perform against Manchester City. They won't have it next year, I can guarantee that."
- Nathan Limior, post-championship speech


FWA Footballer of the Year: Ricardo Gomez (winner)
PFA Player of the Year: Willy van der Putten (winner)
Barclays Golden Boot: Ricardo Gomez (3rd)
PFA Young Player of the Year: Vicente Molinos (2nd)
Barclays Golden Glove: Pal Sortevik (winner)
Barclays Manager of the Year: Nathan Limior (winner)
PFA Premier League Team of the Year First XI: Pal Sortevik, Vicente Molinos, Ricardo Gomez, Willy van der Putten
Brasileirao Player of the Year: Marcelo Luiz, on loan to Sao Paulo (winner)
Brasileirao Rookie of the Year: Marcelo Luiz
UEFA Champions League Dream Team First XI: Vicente Molinos
Barclays Young Player of the Month: Vicente Molinos (winner), Baby (2nd), Loic Hourcade (3rd)
Congratulations on the double (is it? I can never tell in England. Is the FA Cup the one you need for the double, or is it the League cup) Anyway, here's to a few more great years.

Are you staying at Everton? I'm slowly finding job offers more and more attractive, and I assume it's the same with you...
I haven't had any job offers in one or two years, and I plan on staying for 1 or 2 more years. I really want to get a crack at winning the Champions League. According to Wikipedia (credible source, I know), the double is the Premier League and the FA Cup, so I won an actual double.

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