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Revenge: The Story of the Shadow

Started on 5 August 2013 by TVDLC123
Latest Reply on 22 October 2013 by TVDLC123
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TVDLC123's avatar TVDLC123
10 yearsEdited

Mental Hospital

I got up slowly, waiting for the call. Finally I heard the head doctor casually strolling into my ward. How I wanted to get up and attack him. But that would ruin everything. They were just beginning to let me eat my own food and go to the bathroom by myself, anything that I did now could destroy my chances of release. Of course, I could just totally bluff my way out, but I had to make it seem realistic. This was vital for my future.

Head Doctor- Good morning, Arthur. How are you feeling today?
Me- Same as always, doc. What are we doing today?
Head Doctor- Well, I though we could do some picture recognition. I will shows you some images and you have to tell me what you see.
Me- Alright.

He held up the first image. It was a white canvas, ruined by a mess of black paint. Despite my cruel exterior, I had a soft spot for art. But this, this was horrible.

Head Doctor- So what do you see?
Me- I see that you need some art classes.

The tall man sighed, before replying.

Head Doctor- They are meant to be vague. It shows your feelings.
Me- Fine. It is a dog.

Head Doctor- What about this one?
Me- A pencil.
Head Doctor- Finally, this one?

I flinched at the sight of this horrible image. Visions were brought back to me of the incident. The sight of blood spewing out of those poor helpless bodies. Me cowering, scared to do anything. The police officer who told me that they found their bodies. That man gave me nightmares for so long. His head would spin and turn into the devils face, and he would grab me and take me to hell, and lower it's blood red fangs into my cold body and-

Head Doctor- Arthur! Arthur! are you ok.

I looked around examining my surroundings. I was on the hospital floor, rolled up in a ball. I presume I was having some sort of a stress attack.

Me- Fine, doc. Can I get some sleep though?
Head Doctor- Sure call me if you need me, alright?
Me- Sure thing. Bye.
TVDLC123's avatar TVDLC123
10 yearsEdited

Release from Mental Hospital

Judge- Today we will decide whether Arthur Anderson is fit for release from the mental hospital. I will hand over to the head doctor, Dr. Pam Sounders, for your full report.

Dr. Sounders- Thank you, your honour. When I first met Arthur he seemed like any other patient we take care of. He suffered severe trauma from the Hillsborough incident, and blamed himself for being helpless. But, through some very productive sessions with my staff, he has turned himself into a calm, logical man with interests in football and especially management. We have seen this passion of his and allowed him to take the 1st and 2nd courses relevant to becoming a manager. Now, he plans he continue this ambition, with an interest in managing abroad. I believe that he is totally fit for release into society, and will be a model citizen. Thank you.

Judge- Well, I believe that settles it then, doesn't it? Arthur Anderson, you are free to go, and upon your release, you will be issued with a passport and a work permit, to whatever country you chose to work in. Case dismissed.

I got up, and did something I never thought I would do. I went over to Dr. Sounders and thanked her. It felt so weird that I would be thanking this woman, but I believed credit was due where credit was owed. She got me out of that hellhole. Now I just needed to do the rest. It was time.
@TCO Thanks, hope it lives up to your expectations!
I wonder what Arthur's next step is?
TVDLC123's avatar TVDLC123
10 yearsEdited

The Meeting

I stumbled into the dark, shoddy flat, as I was greeted by a thin voice.

Mafia Leader- Welcome, my friend. He said in a heavily accented voice.

Me- Hey, so I was told to meet you to discuss what you're doing for me.

Mafia Leader- Well, it is more to discuss what you can do for me.

Me- I don't understand.

Mafia Leader- I can get you the job, but on 3 conditions.
1. I am not risking any men on the shooting. You do that yourself.
2. When you get the job,you are to recommend to the board that you should be sponsor Cleaners Limited. This will be our drug dealing gang.
3. Finally, if or when we are captured you have to support us claiming it was a plant to undermine the club.

Do you understand?

Me- Fine, I'll tell you after the shooting. Thanks.

Mafia Leader- It was a pleasure doing business with you. See yourself out.

I crept out and though about what I just agreed to. Did I really want to do business with these kind of people? I had to. In order to get my revenge. Portugal was just the beginning. From there to the world.
Oooh, the Mafia :P This is a great start, will you be managing Portugal or just in Portugal?
@Louis O. Haha, you will have to wait and see, all I'm saying is that there will be a massive clue in the next update...
Wow this is great so tense :D Keep it up!!
TVDLC123's avatar TVDLC123
10 yearsEdited

The Plan

My plan was about to become reality, I just needed to do this right. Fonseca was at the top of the golf course, playing on this beautiful summer day, unaware that he was about to receive the shock of his life. This moment was the beginning, the beginning of the end of football. The sport which had taken away my family, would finally suffer the consequences. I would break it down, destroy it's very name. But it was not that easy. I had to be clever about it. A wrong move and I would be in prison for the rest of my life.

My plan was perfect. I would turn football into the biggest sham on this planet. All I needed was a chance, a chance to get inside this sport. Once I was inside I would work my way up to the top, become the best of the best. Then, at my peak, I would rip the very heart of this sport out, and break it down, from the inside. No-one would know, no-one could stand in my way. I would get my revenge. I would be remembered in history for my actions. The greatest manager turned into the greatest villain. It was time. Get ready for me world, the shadow is here.
TVDLC123's avatar TVDLC123
10 yearsEdited

Breaking News!

Newly appointed Porto boss Paulo Fonseca has been found dead on a golf course late last night. A man known as Arthur Anderson, found the body and called the police who arrived at the scene and performed a through autopsy on the body. Reports have confirmed that he was shot three times in the neck by a sniper rifle.

Fonseca had just been made Porto manager a few days ago, and the attack is believed to be carried out by some Benfica fans. Messages from supporters have been left with the club who released a statement a few hours ago. A short interview with the man who found the body and called the police follows.

Journalist- Mr. Anderson, how did you find the body?
Arthur- I was just enjoying a nice game of golf when I lost my ball, on my way to the reception to get a new one I went the wrong way and found myself in a dark alley. At the end of the alley I found the body and I immediately called the police.

Journalist- Is there anything you want to say?
Arthur- I just want to offer my condolences to the family and ask that whoever committed this horrible crime to come forward. At least then you will be able to defend yourself. Otherwise you will be spending your life in prison.

Strong words there from this courageous man. While speculation may begin about the future of
Porto FC, our newspaper just want to give our condolences to Mrs. Fonseca and the rest of their family.
I bet Arthur had a lot of fun killing him :P
Great Story! Infact no, sublime story! But wouldn't the guys back in Britain be suspicious when they heard Arthur found the body? :P
Really top start mate, keep this up :D
TVDLC123's avatar TVDLC123
10 yearsEdited

Who will be the next Porto Manager?

The race to become the new manager of Porto FC has began after the previous manager Paulo Fonseca was brutally murdered. The board has told the media that it plans to appoint a new manager by the end of the week. Today we will discuss who the favourites for the position are.

Firstly, there is the Zenit manager, Spagletti who has put his name into the mix the last time the club had a vacancy. He has a good record in the transfer market, pulling of some big moves, including bringing Hulk from Porto to the Russian giants, despite interest from the likes of Chelsea. He was seriously considered for the position a few weeks ago.

The next potential candidate is Diego Maradona, the Argentinian legend. The former player, famous for his Hand of God goal, has been looking for a job since controversially being sacked as Argentina manager. If the board are looking for an iconic manger, he would surely fit the bill, bringing a wealth of playing experience, along with a great understanding of the game. On the other hand, he has a reputation for saying what he thinks, and might bring bad press to Porto.

The final potential candidate is very surprising. A source within Porto stated that a man know as Arthur Anderson is also being considered for the role. Mr. Anderson was the man who found Paulo Fonseca dead on the golf track. He is a very passionate football follower who has completed his courses involved in becoming a head coach. If he is appointed as manager it is sure to be met with some resistance from the fans.

In other news, Porto has announced that it will have a new sponsor for the coming season. The sponsor will be decided after the decision about the manager has been taken.
Murder :o
To what length will one go to become manager? This sport needs to a change; this isn't the sport I fell in love with!

Anyway, brilliant writing :P

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