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Revenge: The Story of the Shadow

Started on 5 August 2013 by TVDLC123
Latest Reply on 22 October 2013 by TVDLC123
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TVDLC123's avatar TVDLC123
10 yearsEdited

First Impressions

As I walked onto the grass pitch, the thunder roared in my ears. Rain splattered onto the muddy surface, as well as my open skin. I squinted and saw a group of men, variant in size and demeanour, all wearing the kit of Porto FC. As I approached them, I could see their expressions of disbelief and confusion. Frankly, I would have reacted the same if I was in their position.

I halted to a standstill and addressed them. I told them who I was and why I was here. They all looked bored and uninterested as I rambled on about my expectations. Finally, when I was discussing tactics, I heard a player yawn loudly. This was the last straw.

Me- Hey! Hey! Listen up! I know you guys don't like that I am here, but that doesn't mean you don't listen to me. I am your manager, the man who's job it is to stand here tell you what to do, hope you listen to me, and then get shouted at by the media when things goes wrong. You get all the money, the praise and the press. All I am asking is that we work together and get things done. I don't care if you hate me, if you love me, or whatever else. All I care about is that you do what I say so that we can work well together. Am I understood?!

The faces of the men had turned into expressions of shock and astonishment. I saw one player who I recognised as Helton, the goalkeeper, looking quite impressed.


Team- Yes, sir!

Me- Good. Now lets get to work.

End of training session/Tactics

The sun began to fade at the end of a very successful day. After that talk, we got into some drills I had learned on the Internet, before I met with my staff. They had a lot to say about tactics and such, which really helped me. I like some of the staff, but I feel we might need some more. After lunch, I told the team and the staff my 3 prepared tactics. They seemed quite impressed. The first was a 4-2-2-2 formation which utilises our depth in the centre of the park, and our young advanced wide midfielders in Christian Atsu, Kelvin as well the more experienced like Izmaliov and Varela.

The second was a 4-5-1 formation which I plan to use in our more tough games, such as matches against European giants in the Champions League. This is more defensive, and is packed in midfield which gives us better control of the match. It also places the wingers in more defensive positions to stop counter threats.

Finally, the last tactic was a 4-3-3 with attacking midfielders rather than wingers and a defensive midfielder. This is a backup tactic, which most likely won't be deployed. However it does give the midfield more time and freedom to roam because of the holding midfielder. This should negate any potential deadly creative midfielder of the opposition.

I ended the day organising friendlies and handing out duties to various staff members, as well as addressing the scouting assignments which we were taking part in. I believe that this is massively important as I hope youth will be key for our season. Tomorrow I will have a talk with my advisors and have a look at some transfer targets after I complete a full analysis of the squad. All in all a good day.
TVDLC123's avatar TVDLC123
10 yearsEdited

Key Players

As I stared at the emails in front of me, I began thinking about the squad I had inherited. Although we had lost a lot of talent including the likes of Falcao, James Rodriguez, Hulk and Joao Moutinho, I still felt we had a very strong squad with some great players.
Firstly, our goalkeeper Helton, a very solid option, despite his age. He definitely would play a key role in our season, commanding his area and stopping anything that comes to him. I hope that he stays fit, as it is a massive boost to our defence to have such a solid man between the sticks.

Our defence is very solid, containing the likes of Danilo and Alex Sandro, both defensively adept yet attacking fullbacks, and several good options in the centre of our defence. The likes of Mangala and Rolando, you are both young will help us, but I feel the more experienced Nicolas Otamendi will be the leader in the denfence, as he is very experienced, and should hold together the back line.
Central midfield wise we are fairly well stocked with both youth and experience, from 31 year old Lucho Gonzalez to 22 year old Diego Reyes. The other options of Hector Hererra and Defour are both good players in their roles, with Defour the more defensive of the two. I don't expect anyone to be the stand out man, but I thoroughly hope they can act as a solid midfield for the coming season.

Our wingers are probably the most exciting part of the team with youngster Kelvin and Christian Atsu, along with Varela and Izmaliov. I hope Atsu can be our star player on the wings, but fully expect Varela and Izmaliov to do very well. Kelvin's games might be limited, but still can develop into a pacy wide option.

Finally, up front, where our star man lurks. Jackson Martinez is a very deadly striker who is known to bang in goals left, right and centre on a regular basis. He can play in many roles, due to his lethal finishing and good physical stats. To back him up, we have Liedson on loan, who will be playing in the other striking position until be get reinforcements, as well as the youngsters Callebero and Quintero, who hopefully can develop this season, especially Quintero who I plan to get a lot of game time to help him grow.

I smiled as I closed my emails, I had the chance, the team, the backing, I had everything I could need. This was going to be a very successful season. Oh, just you wait.
Good review of the squad, Jackson Martinez should be vital :D
@lwalter66 thanks, I hope so!
Nice Update, well written review of the squad :)
Porto are in a state of transition after losing two of their best players, but still have a good squad. You need to invest though! Get some youngsters to fill in the gaps. Good luck :)

The Thoughts of a Legend, Week 2

The man's palm sweat as he began typing his new update. This was his big reveal that would show everyone who Arthur Anderson was. As he began typing, he knew the consequences of the article he was showing to the world.

Hello everyone it's Fernando here, I have some disturbing news to bring to you, so brace yourselves. As you know if you read my blog(if you haven't read the first weekly blog, link is here-, I decided to do some investigating about the very suspicious appointment of Arthur Anderson as our manager, and I found some shocking results. I looked him up and found that he is not the man we though he was. I can now exclusively reveal that Arthur Anderson is a former mental heath patient, but more importantly, he is a former murderer!

He was convicted of killing the English Chief of Police by a court and sentenced to 5 years in a mental health recovery hospital, after which he was found to be *recovered* from his problem. His next move was arriving in Porto when he conveniently found the body of Mr. Paulo Fonseca. I have no other proof, but I believe he killed the man just to get the job!

But how did he of all people get the job you ask? Well, as I went further in, I found more and more terrifying answers. I believe he threatened the board with their lives and the two who rejected met with a car *accident*, scaring the others into co-operating!

I will call the police right after I finish writing, but if anything happens to me, I want to make sure you guys can spread the truth. Get this man in prison for life! Don't let Mr.Fonseca's death go down in history as an accident. Make it go down as the actions of a mad man! Good night, and thank you.

Fernando Gomes sighed a breath of relief. It was done, he had exposed the truth. As he proofread his work, he was oblivious as a lock behind him was being picked. When he finished he reached for the mouse, hovered it over the SEND button, and-

BAM! An array of bullets sprayed the unlucky man's body and he slumped back down into his chair. The screams from the next room failed to scare the gunman as he reloaded his machine- gun and sprayed the computer hard drive until it was absolutely destroyed. He then proceeded to smash the screen several times, before taking out the memory drive. He pocketed it and made his way back to his house where a large pay check awaited him...


So basically, this is a quick update to tell you guys that I will not be able to update this story as I am on holiday for nearly 3 weeks, and will be away from my computer. I would like to thank everyone greatly for the support they have shown, and I hope that I will continue this to an even higher standard upon my return, when I will try to get a mass of updates out for you guys to read. I will still be updating my Challenge Series and commenting on my Ipad as I do not need my computer for that, so you will still see me around, maybe even more so than usual.

Thank you for understanding, and I promise I will do my best to update after I return. See you later!
Ah, hope you enjoy your holiday! I'll be waiting for this to resume eagerly :)
Wow mate, this some incredible writing. It looks like Arthur is going to take over the footballing world now :O
Some great updates mate. I hope you come back and write even better when you are back :D

I'm back!

I am back early from my holiday, and I am ready to update! This story will be resuming tomorrow but as school starts for me on Thursday, I will not have many updates out on Thursday and Friday. After that I should be back in full swing with many updates, hopefully to a high quality! Thank you for understanding, and get ready for some more gripping storytelling (hopefully!) about the life and times of Arthur Anderson!
Fantastic update! 59p for the killing? You charge high rates!
Some great updates on the story mate, good luck with the season. I will be following :D

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