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Revenge: The Story of the Shadow

Started on 5 August 2013 by TVDLC123
Latest Reply on 22 October 2013 by TVDLC123
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TVDLC123's avatar TVDLC123
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Revenge: The Story of the Shadow

15th April 1989
The wind blew onto my sweating skin, as the roars of the crowd engulfed the stadium. My first football match with my parents and my little brother, Toby. Toby was a massive football fanatic and he would always go with my parents to the matches while I stayed with Mrs. Chen next door. This time, I decided to go along, rather than twiddle my thumbs for 3 hours with a grumpy cat lady watching her serials at the highest possible volume, due to her poor hearing.

Suddenly a loud thump was heard next to us, and as I turned my head, there were people flooding into the stand. I asked my mother what was happening and she said she didn't know. My father moved cautiously towards the crowd to closer inspect the situation when a man was flung out of the crowd, covered in blood.

The next few minutes were a blur. I could vaguely see the figure of a police officer cowering behind the seat and next to him a woman with a cut on her head, blood spewing out. I rushed to reach for my brother, but my flailing hand only caught the cold seat handle. I turned to see my mother, father and brother no longer next to me.

I ran as fast as I could towards to exit, but I was met with a barrage of bodies. I frantically searched for a way out but I could see nothing close to me. I backed myself into the wall, when I felt a grill located on the surface. I pulled with all my strength and heaved the grill off. Finally, I
took a last glance around for my family, but could not find anything. Then without any hesitation I lowered myself into the small gap, closing the grill above me. I was safe. I could not say the same for everyone else out there. Oh, Toby, where are you?

Hillsborough victims
John Anderson
Marge Anderson
Toby Anderson
Wow great start, however a very sad start :)
Excellent start, please keep updating it constantly and you will have your first follower - me. :D
@Tomwill Thanks a lot, this is my first story so I want to make it good!
No Probs Mate. I will follow. :D
@Arvind I will try my best to update regularly. Thanks for the support!
Great Start Mate! Excellent Idea!
TVDLC123's avatar TVDLC123
10 yearsEdited

The Court

Judge- Welcome to the final day of the case of Arthur Anderson. Today the case will be decided. I now hand over to the prosecution to make their final statement.

Head Prosecution- Thank you your Honour. I, in all my years have never seen a more violent murder than this case. The defendant brutally went to the Chief of Police's house armed, and shot the victim 23 times, a fact which has been proven by the autopsy report. The very fact that the defendant has pleaded guilty to the media proves to me that he shows no remorse for his actions. In conclusion, I feel it would be extremely dangerous to let this man ever into society again. I recommend a life sentence. That is all.

Judge- Would the defendant like to make his final plea?

Arthur Anderson- I most definitely would, your Honour. As a child, my family was taken from me by a tragic accident. Or so I thought. Most recently though I found out that Hillsborough was no accident. It was a result of weak police forces and bad judgement. The man who was ultimately responsible for this was the Chief of Police. He did not deserve to live, while so many others died. I may have killed one man, but he killed so many more. Lock me up, I don't care, but know this. I will get my revenge. This was only the beginning. Get ready, because you won't know what hit you. You cannot stop me. That is all.

Whispers shook the court room, as I took my seat. I allowed myself a smirk. The damage was done. They knew that I was coming for them but they didn't know how. I saw the judge asking the jury if they had made a decision. Some had pale faces while others looked away, scared to face my glare. A woman in the front row nodded her head and whispered to the judge their verdict.

Judge- Order, order. The jury have reached a decision. They find the defendant... guilty.

He paused before continuing to check my reaction, but I showed no emotion. I knew the result, it was the next bit that interested me.

Judge- Due to the severity of the issue I propose that the defendant is to serve 5 years in a mental asylum. If after this time the doctors believe it to be safe for him to be allowed back into society then he shall be released. Otherwise, he will serve the rest of his life in a high security prison. Case dismissed.

I wanted to laugh out. The bribe had worked. 5 years was nothing in the grand scheme of things. The real mission will start after my release. The mission to take down football for good.
Wow this is great and very tense. Take down football oh no :(
Interesting. Can't wait to find out where this is going.
@tomwill Haha. It is going to get more tense and dark. Just you wait!
@Arvind Yeah, I have some ideas. I was planning to have quite a lot of backstory. Would that be something you would like to read?
Great start, i'm already hooked... and that was just by the title!
@ziechael thanks, hope the story hooks you just as much!
This is set up to be a good story, good luck!

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