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Life, Death and Football - Millwall F.C

Nobody Likes Us, But They Don't Care
Started on 20 August 2013 by Walter
Latest Reply on 28 August 2013 by Walter
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2013-08-21 08:35#130002 Louis O. :
2013-08-21 08:15#129999 lwalter66 : Louis: Unfortunately not a club legend, I didn't want anything cliche :/ But he brings in an experienced manager. I think I may have made all these cliffhangers for nothing too.. seeing as how non-exciting he is :(

Non exciting, could that be, by any chance, err, Klopas? :P

Errm.. no. I don't think you'll think he's exciting tbh, but you may. He is normally an ass man ( a hint ;) ) Will reveal all soon :D
I'm an 'ass' man, myself ;)
Akash: I bet you are :))

Phelan Wins Millwall Job

After an extensive search for the successor to Kenny Jackett, Millwall have finally found their man in recently axed Manchester United assistant manager Mike Phelan. The one-cap wonder was Sir Alex Ferguson's trusted right hand man and brings a wealth of experience to The Den.

Phelan, who played for clubs such as West Brom and Manchester United as a player, takes his first job as full time manager after spending most of his career as the assistant, mainly to Scottish legend Sir Alex Ferguson.

There has been mixed reception from fans, some believing that his experience under the world's finest ever manager enough to persuade some supporters that he is the right man for the job. Many fans were positive about the announcement, made by John Berylson earlier today.

Phelan's doubters may have been swayed as Sir Alex himself came out to praise his former assistant, believing he has all the qualities to be the manager. "He knows the game inside out," Ferguson was quoted as saying. "He will be a success, watch."

Phelan himself is yet to make a statement but will be presented to the media in the coming days according to the club. Phelan was never in the rumour mills for the job so this comes as a surprise to most fans and journalists alike, but for the fans, a healthy one.

He signs a one-year deal £3,000 a week.
I'm not sure Phelan's really that good, but on my FM11 he was Spurs manager, after working his way up from Portsmouth, so he should be decent :P
Louis I know but I have to make him seem good :P And I have always wanted to see how he fared as manager becuase on my FM12 he was Newcastle manager :) Thanks for the comment
Really nice start Walter and I really like the choice of manager. Also nice to see my kits in your avatar
Jozef: Thanks Jozef really glad to hear :) And yeah will introduce them soon :D Thanks for reading.
Good choice! Let us hope he's better than the last ex-United assistant Carlos Queiroz :)
P-KIDDY Thanks, glad you like it :) Yeah and Steve McClaren :P

I've already hit my first milestone: 500 Views! This story has been great ao far and I have a lot more updates for you :D Thanks heaps for the comments and stuff guys :D
Walter's avatar Group Walter
10 yearsEdited

'Millwall Is Different' - New Boss

New Millwall manager Mike Phelan spoke to the press about his new job for the first time as journalists packed into The Den to see the new man in action. Phelan explained to reporters that Millwall is different from other clubs.

Ex-Manchester United assistant Mike Phelan was today presented as the new manager of Millwall F.C today in front of reporters from across the nation. Phelan told them that Millwall was a club like none other.

"To play for this club, Millwall, it's not just about the fancy footwork and technical skill. It's about the mental strength and the determination. I'm not gonna buy one player who isn't determined to break into the team," he said.

Phelan, used to dealing with the press in his time at United, seems confident and assured and promises the fans attractive football, but not without the grit that has goven the South London outfit. He also noted that he would only minorly tweak what was already a good system set in place by predessecor Jackett.

"I like attractive football and that is what I will be encouraging," he revealed. "But it won't e style without substance, I can assure fans it will still have some hard pressing, tackling football in there."
YAY!, an lwalter story :D
Madridista That's very nice to hear :D
I hate Millwall...but they dont care

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