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[FM13]The Adriatic Adventure [Hajduk Split]

FM 13
Started on 12 May 2013 by tbendis
Latest Reply on 10 August 2015 by tbendis
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One of the biggest early games in the season for Hajduk and Dinamo, as the two giants of Croatian football meet at one of Croatia's biggest stages. Nearly 30 000 seats are anticipated to be filled, and, while it's not a capacity crowd, that's still pretty impressive, seeing as the relative decline the country's FA has been dealing with, what with corruption and whatnot.

This could play a massive influence in the rather short title race, as Hajduk have already opened a 5 point lead on Dinamo, as they haven't dropped a point. Dinamo, on the other hand, have proved that they can win on an international level, as they knocked out Ole Gunnar Solskaer's Molde 1-0 on aggregate to make it into the Champions League Group Stages with defending champions, Chelsea FC.
Nice start! But the players seem to be on very high wages for back-ups


It's looking like it's going to be a Krstanovi? vs. Vukovi? battle this evening. Dinamo's tall target man currently has five goals this season, but it remains to be seen whether he will be able to compete with Hajduk's far-above-average height defenders. Vukovi? on the other hand is on a bit of a hot streak, and could be troubling, as the winger turned target man is quite quick for a man in his position.


Hajduk's vice-captain can be a handful, but whether he can even match-up to the Brazillian beach skill of Sammir is the question. Andrijaševi? does have a couple important traits that might make him just a cut above. 1.) He knows how to work in a team, and 2.) He isn't a lazy asshole...
I'd like to thank everyone. The support has truly been magnificent in the past few hours I've been pumping out entries. Truly a cut above. I guess you have to write a second story for the word of mouth to pass around, but I'll be honest, I'm very flattered.

Thank you for all the support, and I sincerely hope you all keep following, as I keep writing

2013-05-12 12:29#100134 RamKebab : Nice start! But the players seem to be on very high wages for back-ups

Two things to keep in mind: That is the annual salary, not the weekly. And, I'm not showing you any back-ups. Regardless of the squad status, these guys are pure first team. Which can be unfortunate, since they aren't very good.


I'd like to mention that I feel that this is one of the most difficult challenges that there is in FM 2013, the Hajduk Split one. I haven't even grazed the surface yet, as I've never been in a club with such severe financial troubles. I think it's only a matter of time before this becomes so much more difficult, but I hope that, by then, I might be almost out of the woods.

This is probably like trying to take Portsmouth back to the premier league, simply a daunting challenge. Although, I feel that I should be able to pull it off, seeing how much experience I have with this team (see the first version of this story), as opposed to others. Naturally, I wouldn't have a clue on how to pull Portsmouth out of where it is, so this, for me, is the ideal challenge.

I hope you all enjoy reading it as I do writing and playing it...
Amazing start, I will be following :)

DINAMO 0-2 HAJDUK - ATT. 27 254

20 year old Timmy Bendiš was galavanting up and down his touch line, as an amazingly young Hajduk squad dominated Dinamo in front of 25 000 of their own fans, teaching the 14 times winner (in 23 years) a lesson that will be remembered by every Dinamo supporter.

But, if it was to be a battle of the strikers, or a battle of the #10s, it was far from it, as Josip Radoševi?, Filippo Carobbio and Franko Andrijaševi? dominated the proceedings, their midfield triangle ceding no ground. The only Italian on the pitch opened the proceedings, by lofting a long ball resembling Andrea Pirlo's in to the path of Ivan Vukovi?. It looked like the striker might bobble it, but it was instead the goalkeeper, Ivan Kelava who misjudged Vukovi?'s path, as the Montenegrin cut right, then left, to place the ball into the empty net in the 23rd minute. Bendiš, completely satisfied with a narrow 1-0 victory was almost celebrating already, but he didn't pull back, and Dinamo hardly got a foot on the ball for the rest of the half.

After halftime, it didn't change, Oremuš nearly got the second goal for Hajduk, but Kelava (and the post) denied him on a run through the center. No, it was Josip Radoševi?'s 60th minute strike that sealed it, violently driving the ball into the top left corner from 30 meters to seal the win. The first day of the month, and possibly the goal of the month in one fell swoop.

If Bendiš was calm before, he certainly wasn't concealing his delight now, as he quite nearly ran onto the pitch before restraining himself. Ante ?a?i?, on the other hand, looked at how his team is now 7 points off Hajduk's dominating pace at the head of the first division. 7 games, 21 points, and only two conceded goals. There are still 26 games left to play, but if Dinamo is going to get anything out of this season, they had better hope that Hajduk start dropping points soon, otherwise, only the imminent threat of administration will stop them.

A truly fantastic start of a managerial career for Bendiš, as he keeps his run going. How long he'll be able to do so is a question of time, but if he manages to pull off something, perhaps the finances of the Champions League next season can get them out of their financial crisis

Reminder, only 1st place in Croatia goes to the qualifying of the Champions League
Awesome start mate some very good results and a big fixture coming up! Like the way you're writing this and I appreciate the effort you make using all the proper spellings and weird letters wherever they are haha
Fantastic start, awesome that you managed to beat Dinamo! Finances are looking a little grim now, any chance that the board will inject some money?


A tiny crowd of 2 000 showed up to watch Hajduk, who have been playing spectacularly well under unknown Timmy Bendiš play Cibalia. Fortunately, Cibalia's first team not only showed up, but they showed down. Cibalia nearly got the opening goal much to early for Hajduk's comfort, when Mladen Bartolovi?, former Hajduk striker, got on the end of a delightful free-kick. Bartolovi?, unfortunately, was offside, but Cibalia didn't stop attacking, and they were rewarded just before half-time, as Cibalia captain, Mario Lu?i? got a free-kick in.

It was a very stressful second half for Hajduk, but after 43 minutes of the second half, Hajduk finally scored. 17 year old Ivan Džoni linked up superbly with Mijo ?aktaš on a counter attack and got a goal in on the near post in the 87th minute of play. It is Džoni's first senior goal.

Fortunately, Dinamo also dropped two points, with a draw against Osijek.
2013-05-13 07:23#100427 Arvind : Fantastic start, awesome that you managed to beat Dinamo! Finances are looking a little grim now, any chance that the board will inject some money?

Absolutely none at all... The club is the board's business. They don't run a construction company or have oil fields or anything. What I have is what I'm getting. Not a penny more...

That's the problem. I'm reluctant to sell players because then I won't have them, but I also don't get the money to buy new players because the board funnels 90% of transfer earnings into the debt. It would be ideal to have a winning season before I start selling players...

HAJDUK 2-1 ZADAR - ATT. 18 863

Probably the only thing that can save Hajduk now is their fans, as over 18 000 showed up to cheer on the team against Zadar... something that can only be described as a minor clash, even if it has the "local derby" appeal. But Hajduk did not disappoint.

Franko Andrijaševi? and Filippo Carobbio showed why exactly their pairing (along with Josip Radoševi?) has been winning the plaudits as they teamed up spectacularly for the first goal. Ivan Vukovi?, playing on the left flank due to Mijo ?aktaš's short term injury, cut a ball back to Andrijaševi?, who, when urged by everyone to shoot, simply poked the ball a little bit to the side for Carobbio, who was in a better position to smash the ball home. Carobbio and Andrijaševi? did this three times during the first half, but Tomo Glui?, the Zadar keeper, caught on after conceding the first.

After the first half though, the 32 year old Carobbio began to outshine even Andrijaševi?, as he won a penalty for his partner (who fluffed it) before assisting Mirko Oremuš with a delightful through ball on the counter.

Tomo Glui? managed to head a free kick home in the 87th minute, but, by then, Hajduk had already had the three points and were making their fans happy. Carobbio wins his first man of the match award with his first goal, as he looks to embark on the greatest journey of his career.

Four players are at the top of the scoring tables after 8 games, each with five goals. Dinamo's basketball player, Ivan Krstanovi? joins Osijek's ideal youngster Antonio Peroševi?, along with spectacular Hajduk duo: Ivan Vukovi? and Mirko Oremuš.
Charge fans £95 per ticket like Arsenal! That'll surely save your finances! rofl
2013-05-13 19:32#100562 Arvind : Charge fans £95 per ticket like Arsenal! That'll surely save your finances! rofl


My average season ticket price is 60 €...

It's not the prettiest stadium in the world...

no... who are we kidding...

It is by far the prettiest stadium in the world, and as a guest, it is terrifying to show up. Slaven Belupo were the latest victims, but this time, it was an Ivan Vukovi? master class. Without Josip Radoševi?, Antonio Mili?, 18 got his first start, and he made no mistake. The defensive midfielder made a crucial interception before lofting the ball to the Montenegrin striker, as he got around home-grown Silvio Rodi?. Then, it was Filippo Carobbio who made the same move, with Vukovi? again the beneficiary.

While Slaven got a goal back, it wasn't even close, as Vukovi? moved to the top of the scoring charts with 7 goals from 9 matches. Krstanovi? scored in Dinamo's late win against Rijeka to take him to 6, but Mirko Oremuš will no doubt be watching, as he continues with impressive performances on the wing.
ISTRA 2-0 HAJDUK - ATTD. 2 472
Playing at their newly expanded Aldo Drosina, Istra proved that Hajduk is, in fact beatable, with Wellington showing what he can do. The winger had his hand in both goals, both with floated crosses over the unlucky, newly capped Goran Blaževi?. Goran Ro?e was the first scorer. The striker rose above chasing Mario Malo?a to head the ball behind the keeper. Bendiš was furious at halftime, but Istra kept playing to win, and Hajduk just couldn't find anything. Substitute Nikola Prel?ec scored a stunner, and won the man of the match, off a Wellington assist.

Hajduk still lead though after 11:

Bendiš, even with the loss, WINS IT AGAIN

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