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FM 2022 FLUT skin dark - 5.0

A "dark" skin for the regular career mode of Football Manager 2022 - Version 5.0, released on 03/04/2022

By Updated on Apr 03, 2022   158617 views   403 comments
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Downloads: 42014 / Size: 157.3 MB / Added: 2021-10-23
Football Manager 2022 Skins - FM 2022 FLUT skin dark - 5.0
Dear all

This is FLUTSKIN version 5.0 for FM22!!

Ten years (!!!!) after start editing the Flutskin I would like to give a great thank you to all FM fans who choose to play with FLUTSKIN and always keep me motivated to still editing the skin and gave me new ideas!!!

A special thank you to all of players who decided to distinguish my work with a donation!! Although just a small part of FM Players who use the skin made a donation (I edited the skin as a hobby and, as you know, completely free), I always feel honoured and happy when people recognize the work done and decide to contribute. So, I reinforce, I have to give a special thank you to that friends of FlutsKin!!!!!!

Also a thank you to all skin makers who indirectly contribute to my work and a special thank you to PATRES10, from fmslovakia for the 2D default kits (especially tailor-made for FlutSkin), to MICHAEL MURRAY since I started editing the match inbetween highlights panel based on his amazing work, to BRIAN-Q from sourtitoutsi, for the metallic “Round country flags” and his great collaboration in the “country locator maps”, to NUNO KOPIO for the “Square shiny flags” I included as alt files (for using as an alternative to the “Round country flags”) and to DAZS8 for his great work in the addons for Flutskin.

This FLUTSKIN for FM22 is almost equal to the last version of Flutskin for FM21. Therefore, you can find so many changes comparing to the default skin that I can’t present them here (it includes the most required stuff such as instant result during a match, picture of the player who scores a goal in the match, last starting XI in club overview panel, citypics, outside and inside stadiums vision possibility, real 2D kits in player overview panel, etc). I suggest you to see with your eyes all the changes!!

Main changes in 5.0 of FLUTSKIN:
-New Home panel (now you can easily look at all the information navigatin among 4 different tabs)
-Match inbetween highlights panel tweaked (manager picture and team logo in the formation panels included)
-Full match review panel tweaked (manager pictures included in the tab)
-Tactics overview panel and data hub match overview tweaked (three tabs included)
-Mentoring popup add players tweaked (many new columns included)
-Some tweaks in social group detailed description
-Finally the percentage graph (sharpness/physical) in the match players bar widget is working perfectly, changing continuously.

[color=#204A87]The pack includes many alt files for customize the skin (please read the read me file included in the pack) and several tutorials: 1) how should be the configs for the stadiums packs; 2) how can you adjust the size and the place of the kit number in player overview panel; 3) how can you do the 2D kits adapted for Flutskin. BEFORE ASKING QUESTIONS OR REQUESTS, PLEASE TAKE A LOOK AT THE ALT FOLDERS AND ALSO AT THE READ ME AND TUTORIAL FILES!!

Here are the main changes of version 4.0:
-Match players bar widget ("New" layout, with position colours and nation flags included)
-Math full review (new tab including player ratings included in the central box of the panel)
-New alt folder for those who prefer play the game with some special backgrounds in some panels (tunnel, press conference, briefing, medical centre, training, board room, dressingroom,…).
-Bugs fixed and small tweaks here and there.

Main Changes in FLUTSKIN 3.0
-Human manager (last starting XI included)
-Subs popup panel in the match (player pictures included)
-Match panel (5 last minutes possession bar included - alternating with the commentary bar; match timeline bar/events included)
-"New" match titlebar (added some new information, including the referee with the picture; match scoreboard centred in the screen; transparency in all the panels, except the match scoreboard included; the bar height was also increased a little)
-Bugs fixed and some tweaks here and there

Main changes in FLUTSKIN 2.0
-Club Overview panel tweaked ("new" results box and player value included in the key players box)
-Inbox training focus tweaked
-Last starting eleven included in the nation overview panel
-New match bar widget (buttons directly accessing substitutions and opponent instructions included; bigger kits without be covered by the player picture included)
-New instant result panel (new buttons to access much more information; new information included and bigger kits included)
-Staff changes panel tweaked
-Missing transfer deadline day button in titlebar was included
-Other small tweaks and bugs fixed

Here are some screenshots

Main changes in FLUTSKIN 1.0
  • Club overview panel (last starting XI included)
  • Human profile and non player profile (new information included in new tabs)
  • Small caption tweaked (picture of the player who scored a goal enlarged)
  • Various inbox panels changed (50 best wonderkids of the year and several scout reports)
  • Bugs fixed and other tweaks here and there

The pack also includes many alt files for customize the skin, and several tutorials: 1) how should be the config for the stadium packs; 2) how can you adjust the place and the size of the kit number in player overview panel; 3) how can you make the 2D kits adapted for Flutskin.

Main changes in FLUTSKIN BETA 2 (you can check the changes in the following screenshots)

You also can download the stadiums megapack and the citypics released by DAZS8 (thank you, my friend)

Important note regarding TV LOGOS:
Although the default tv logo is the one I use, of course you can easily change it; for that you just have to go to skin/graphics/icons/tv logos. In that folder there is a alt folder with many TV logos. You just have to replace the tv logo.png and the tv [email protected] for that one you want. Of course you should rename the new logos as tv logo and tv [email protected] You also can use other logos made by you. The procedure to use them is exactly the same. However, I should remember that yo should use logos with the right height. For tv logo you should use 25px and for the @2x you should use 50px.

Important note regarding kit number and name in the player overview panel:
Since many people asked about the adjustments in the number and name in the kits (in player overview panel), and also since I already answered that many many times, I decided to make my “job” easier, avoiding answering that question again, and again and again.
Thus I did a tutorial which is included in the skin pack.

As always FlutSkin is completely free to download and I hope you enjoy it. However, if you want, you can reward my work donating whatever amount you wish. Any small amount is really appreciated.
You can do so by clicking the button down below:

Resolution requirements:
This skin was made to work properly in 3840x2160 (4K with windows display settings 200%) and also 1920x1080 (1080p) full screen mode, sidebar icons only. As a result, some panels won’t work properly in other resolutions..

How to add Flut Skin in FM22

Download and extract the .rar file (using either 7-Zip for Windows or The Unarchiver for Mac).

Place the "fm2022flutskin_dark" folder here:
Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2022\skins

  1. Create the folder "skins" if it doesn't exist.
  2. Start FM22 and go to Preferences screen and then into the Interface tab.
  3. You should see FM 2022 Flut Skin dark - 5.0 as an option in the skin drop down of the Overview box.
  4. Hit the Confirm button.

Please note this skin is provided as is. It has nothing to do with Sports Interactive or SEGA and won't be supported by them.

Download Now
Downloads: 42014 / Size: 157.3 MB / Added: 2021-10-23
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Discussion: FM 2022 FLUT skin dark - 5.0

403 comments have been posted so far.

  • bluemoon78's avatar
    hi flut I wanna change player overview popup panel background colour because it is black I want grey but I dont found which codes to change in settings file. do u help me ?
  • NiallMitch14's avatar
    Hi Flut, not sure if this is a skin issue or issue with the game but in the League Past Positions chart, I'm only able to display 1 line on screen. If I try to select other team's past positions, they will flash on the chart for a split second before automatically being disabled - So I'd have to disable the line I'm currently looking at before clicking another team onto the chart. CTRL+A also causes them to appear for a split second before going off again.

    This is the screen I mean:

    Edit: Actually dawned on me to check the FM default skin. This issue is actually happening on there too so it's not down to the FLUT Skin. Weird
  • Flut's avatar

    Hi Bluemoon:
    Well, if you want, you can send me a PM, explaining what codes you changed and also what are the problems and, without, compromisse, I can try to take a look…Thanks!

    Hi sam: I don’t know if I will release a new update. However, if so, it will be included since I already did it.

    Hi Godlike:
    You can enable and disable that window, clicking, for exemple, on the clock panel.

    Hi moudishatila:Thank you. And yes, my intention was to try it. However, I concluded that, unfortunately, I have no time to edit the light skin. Sorry.

    Hi asapas: Yes. Go to team squad.xml and
    1. If you want remove the colours, remove the following code
    <!-- Starting XI Styles -->
    <flags id="stxi" value="tables/custom/squad/starting/row" />

    <!-- Subs Styles -->
    <flags id="subs" value="tables/custom/squad/substitute/row" />

    <!-- Sent off Styles -->
    <flags id="soff" value="tables/custom/squad/sentoff/row" />

    <!-- Not in squad Styles -->
    <flags id="nisq" value="tables/custom/squad/outside squad/row" />

    <!-- Highlighted Styles -->
    <flags id="hida" value="tables/custom/squad/highlight/row" />

    2. If you want to use only one colour, choose among the current what is the colour you want and change the code. For isntance: if you prefer the colour currently in the players in the staring eleven, change:

    <!-- Starting XI Styles -->
    <flags id="stxi" value="tables/custom/squad/starting/row" />

    <!-- Subs Styles -->
    <flags id="subs" value="tables/custom/squad/substitute/row" />

    <!-- Sent off Styles -->
    <flags id="soff" value="tables/custom/squad/sentoff/row" />

    <!-- Not in squad Styles -->
    <flags id="nisq" value="tables/custom/squad/outside squad/row" />

    <!-- Highlighted Styles -->
    <flags id="hida" value="tables/custom/squad/highlight/row" />


    <!-- Starting XI Styles -->
    <flags id="stxi" value="tables/custom/squad/starting/row" />

    <!-- Subs Styles -->
    <flags id="subs" value=" tables/custom/squad/starting/row" />

    <!-- Sent off Styles -->
    <flags id="soff" value=" tables/custom/squad/starting/row" />

    <!-- Not in squad Styles -->
    <flags id="nisq" value=" tables/custom/squad/starting/row" />

    <!-- Highlighted Styles -->
    <flags id="hida" value=" tables/custom/squad/starting/row" />

    Hi nikolaosaek: Yes. I have not included that files since to the best of my knowledge that files produces a conflict with the skin and the data hub panel will not be displayed.....
    That's why I stop to include them.

    Hi aardvaark: You can remove it in tactics recent match analysis.xml removing the following code

    <container id="mppm" class="team_next_match_past_meetings_panel" file="team/team next match past meetings">
    <translation id="title" translation_id="308590" type="use" value="Past Meetings[COMMENT: Text on match preparation fixture tab]" />
    <record id="object_property">
    <integer id="get_property" value="objt" />
    <integer id="set_property" value="objt" />
  • bluemoon78's avatar
    hi flut I try ur light skin version fm20 and its work after change some codes in skin config xml. but there is some little problems.. maybe u can work on fm20 light skin and u release fm22 light skin . it can be practice for u. thx do u think??
  • gGlc's avatar
    Hi Flut,
    I asked a question but after sending my message, I found the solution. Thank you for this great skin.
  • sam14om's avatar
    Hi Flut,
    Personality is a really important attribute in FM. In your next updates, could you add personality and media handling style to the floating player sheet (when hovering with the mouse over the icon next to the player's name).
    Thanks very much
  • Godlike's avatar
    How to enable this window?
  • moudishatila's avatar
    Hi Flut
    First of all i appreciate you all work since fm 2012 so we all much appreciated for your work and effort
    Second i and may fans of flut will be very happy if you make light skin flut you promised us last year that you will do your best to make light skin this year there are too many player fans for light skin
    Keep the good job and have a nice day
  • asapas's avatar
    FLUUUT. Something I have noticed a long ago...
    In the team screen, players names have different colours in their bar, depending whether they are in the starting eleven, benched or out of the squad.
    Is there a way to make them all with one colour???? It's a little confusing as it is now
  • nikolaosaek's avatar
    Hi flut. At this update I cant find the file for the Japan club overview fix.
  • aardvaark82's avatar
    Hi! I updated the FLUT skin from beta 2 to 5.0, and noticed that Tactics panel takes longer time to load. I think it's because the "Past meetings" data. Is there a way to remove it?
  • sam14om's avatar
    Thanks Flut ;-)
    Good game !
  • Flut's avatar
    Hi Sam: regarding the column, as you can see in my screenshot, that column is included. Thus, I don't know why you can't see it in your game.
    Regarding the player rating, yes, in the last starting eleven is the average rating, since I couldn't make work the rating of the last match. However, later, I included a new panel in the home manager with the individual match analysis (with four tabs). In that panel we can see the last starting eleven of the previous matchs in the league competition and the player rating for each one of that matches (you also can look at the heat map, etc). Here are screenshots.
    I can't send you the changes regarding the new panel, since it implied to change and made a few xmls.

  • sam14om's avatar
    I hadn't paid attention but it's the average rating that appears and not the rating of the last match ;-)
    Can you change that?
    You will say that I exaggerate but would it be possible to have a symbol next to the player with the number of goals and the number of assists in the last match ? :-)
  • sam14om's avatar
    Hi Flut and very thanks that's exactly that i want for the squad notation.
    For the column "icon" satisfaction of training i don't find, i look only a column with text and not with an icon with a tooltip like on my screenshot.
  • Flut's avatar
    Hi sam: you can use these files (the rating in last starting eleven is only for the home manager panel since if I include it in other panels, because the pitch is small that information will not be readable).
    Place the first xml in the tactics folder of the skin and the second in team folder of the skin


    Team Squad
  • sam14om's avatar
    Hi Flut :-)
    Here is the screenshot

    I have another request, would it be possible to add the note of the last match in the last starting line-up?
    Thanks very much ;-)
  • kfnielsen's avatar
    Yes this is for FM22 only.
    I post u a link for the FM21 version below
  • jamess's avatar
    good day, thanks for the response i just tried it and still didnt show. is it for fm22 only cos im using fm21.
  • richbell82's avatar
    As always @flut you’re a legend!! Hope all is well your way matey
  • kfnielsen's avatar
    Ones again your saved the day
    Thanks Flut
  • Flut's avatar
    Hi sam14om: could you please show me with screenshots?

    Hi richbell82: you can edit the size of that number in kit icon7.xml

    Hi shwanko71: could you please explain a little bit more what are you talking about (showing, for exemple, a screenshot?)

    Hi kfnielsen: you can edit the size of the number. Please read the “Changing the size and place of kit number and kit name.pdf” I included in the skin pack. I explain in that file how you can do it.
    Regarding the normal numbers without boxes go to human profile popup panel.xml and remove the following code (there are two equal pieces of code you should remove)
    appearance="boxes/custom/attributes/paper" colour="black"

    Hi jamess and quentin49: after extracted the files open the folder and look if there is another folder with the skin name. Is only that folder you should place directly in the skins folder of the game.
  • kfnielsen's avatar
  •'s avatar
    Thanks @kfnielsen, but in my game it's work in View squand, but doesn't work in player profile. Why?
  • kfnielsen's avatar

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