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FM19 - Making a Manager - 01 - Setting Up My Game

A brief tutorial on how I set up my game as I make my final FM19 preparations. Includes advice on selecting teams, which leagues to load & more.

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Football Manager e-Cource - FM19 - Making a Manager - 01 - Setting Up My Game

Making A Manager

This is you, the manager. How experienced and how qualified are you? Where do you come from? What languages do you speak? What do you look like? These are questions you must answer as you set your game up.

The selection of experience and qualifications will determine the attributes of your manager. You can start with no qualification, or you can choose from a selection ranging from National C qualification to Continental Pro. Experience also has a similar effect on your attributes. This can range from Sunday League Footballer to International Footballer (Global Level).

To demonstrate this lesson, I will select a qualification of 'Continental Pro License' and an experience of 'Professional Footballer (National Level)'. This means I have a number of points to distribute. In terms of balancing between 'Tracksuit Manager' and 'Tactical Manager', I went for an even split. This allows a reasonable split of attributes across the board.

In terms of coaching attributes, I set all of the goalkeeper and fitness attributes to 1. This is because (perhaps not at a semi-professional club) I plan to have dedicated goalkeeping and fitness coaches to look after these categories. My manager does not need to look after these categories, so why would I waste the attribute points?!? I have made a number of the specific coaching categories as high as possible (20) in order to provide the best possible coaching in those categories in training.

Managerial attributes are very much personal preference. High Determination will have a positive effect on the determination of your squad, while other attributes like Level of Discipline, Motivating and Man Management will help you control your squad better. Player Knowledge and Youngster Knowledge will help you be able to personally scout players easier, although you can hire scouts to do that for you. I kept these as basically average as possible to have an even spread over each section.

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