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Football Manager 2021 Proper Audio Commentary Patch

Audio Commentary for FM 2021, improved and adapted from previous versions as they appeared here on FM Scout.

By on Apr 08, 2021   74028 views   16 comments
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Downloads: 11632 / Size: 1.3 GB / Added: 2021-04-08
FM 2021 Other Files - Football Manager 2021 Proper Audio Commentary Patch
If you're looking for audio commentary in Football Manager 2021, here it is!
Using this sound pack you can add audio commentary to FM 2021.
Please note that the audio is only available in English.


Audio Commentary Patch Credits:
- Original Patch for FM12 - FM14 by MBarbaric (original creator of these audio additions)
- Ported to FM15 by zzpiggy
- Modified Commentary Sound Files by Bart
- Realistic Sound Patch by DazS8

The commentary (English only) is NOT the same, nor from the same source, as the popular FM Scout download for FM 2020.

This is improved commentary with less overlaps, although some still occur. I downloaded these audio files a year or two ago from some website so all credit for these improved commentary goes to the original creator.

There is another posting with crowd sounds for FM2021 out here, which has issues.

The reason for this is that there is now a VAR section in the xml file and simply overwriting the files with the ones that have the commentary from previous versions caused crashes and issues with VAR texts. I manually edited the "match_events.xml" which took me lots of hours of editing and comparing in order to merge the commentary code into the existing file, the result is working commentary with VAR and no crashes!

How to install Audio Commentary on FM2021

1. Navigate to your installation folder "\Football Manager 2021\data" and make a backup of the two original files: "simatch.fmf" and "simatchviewer-pc.fmf".
This way if you have issues or want to revert back, you still have the original files).

2. Copy the downloaded 7z file and extract to the same folder "\Football Manager 2021\data" (where you installed your copy of Football Manager 2021).
Make sure you have a program called “7-Zip” installed, if not and you extract with another program you might get error messages.

3. Start your Football Manager 2021 game (make sure it wasn't running while copying the files over), clear cache and reload skin for the changed .fmf files to be loaded correctly.

4. Load your game and play with audio commentary.

Have fun with this addition, even though not perfect, with the added sounds it enhances the experience (at least it does that for me).

Again, this is not my work. I merely edited the existing audio and config file(s) to make it work with FM 2021.

Some Tips

  • Make sure when you play matches in 3D to (preferably) play in “full match” or “comprehensive” in order to have the best experience.
  • Also reduce speed to just one or two clicks above average.
  • If you play in “key” or some cases in “extended” mode in combination with high speed action, the commentary will be overlapping (or cut off) more frequently.

Known issues:

Overlapping comments still occasionally occur but a lot less frequent than in previous versions.

Download Now
Downloads: 11632 / Size: 1.3 GB / Added: 2021-04-08
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Discussion: Football Manager 2021 Proper Audio Commentary Patch

16 comments have been posted so far.

  • a31632's avatar
    Additional details in case needed:
    Make sure to repack both folders you created and updated (you should have a folder "simatch" and a folder "simatchviewer-pc". When you replaced the cfg file and simatch.xml files in "simatch folder" use "Resource Archiver" to pack a new simatch.fmf. With the "simatchviewer-pc" folder you DELETE (not overwrite) the whole 'sounds' folder and leave all the rest as is. Replace the 'sound' folder with the new one and use "Resource Archiver" top create a "simatchviewer-pc.fmf" file. Now you have two fmf files that need to be copied to you FM 21 directory (in /data subfolder). That's it.......
  • a31632's avatar
    I highly recommend using the link posted below for an updated version of live commentary for FM22.
    I will not be updating this one for FM22 as the one posted here is a major improvement (at least to my opinion)
    I actually got it to work for FM21 too by the way, but you can't just copy it over, if you do......your game will crash!
    Follow these instructions exactly to get it to work, if not it will crash the game for sure.

    You will need to extract the fmf files with Resource Archiver, replace the audio, cfg file and xml files with the ones in the new (improved) version LEAVE ALL THE OTHER FILE "AS IS" (don't delete or replace any other files as they are regular files needed by FM21 to work in game. Repack the 2 files with the Resource Archiver (simatch.fmf and simatchviewer-pc.fmf). Copy both to the FM21/data folder (rename or save the original files if you ever want to revert back, reload the skin or the game and it works (you will have the sounds from the new pack in that case in FM21).

    This is the link:
  • Dave66's avatar
    Have tried both audio downloads, followed all steps. Both cause game to crash before loading in... So I think the files will have to be altered from fm21
  • kfnielsen's avatar
    Works for FM22 :)
  • St3fanelul91's avatar
    Hi guys ,please update for FM 2022.Thank's in advance!!
  • DieSpaghettis's avatar
    Please update for fm 22. Thanks
  • faizangmc's avatar
    Please update for fm 22. Thanks
  • jcklaw's avatar
    Thank you so much for the wonderful patch!
    Now I can enjoy the better FM game experience!
  • Champol7's avatar
    Hey, this patch worked alright, but it messed my previously played games.
    As the simatch.fmf file is modified, now my replays have a different outcome than the match I already played!
    Luckily it doesn't change the original result or stats, but there should be a HUGE disclaimer about that, because it can mess your game.

    In summary: your games will have a different outcome by using this patch, and also your replays have a different outcome.
  • a31632's avatar
    The files need to be placed in the “data” folder NOT editor data. You need to replace the existing files (although I recommend making a backup in case you would like to revert back) in the editor data folder there are no files like these.
  • GiorgosAth's avatar
    Should we put the extracted files to "\Football Manager 2021\data" or to
    "\Football Manager 2021\editor data"
  • Jonah-Lucifer's avatar
    This is great.It worked well for me. Ofc it can be improved but, its much better than nothing.
  • garmac's avatar
    can anyone else confirm if this works. i tried it but i don't hear any commentary and it turns the players into Jesus...arms outstretched T-shaped and sliding across the pitch instead of moving feet
  • a31632's avatar
    Thanks for the feedback, there is only English available no Spanish, Italian or any other language as far as I know.
  • carlosh's avatar
    Para cuando audio en español..???
  • dirkhochheim's avatar
    Waited so long for this. Thank you so much mate!
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