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Discussion: FM Lineup Tool - Exclusive Download

206 comments have been posted so far.

  • DexterHovis's avatar
    @DMM2092. I suspect you want the FM+24 Lineup forum here:

    In there it says that you can recover activation keys at
  • DMM2092's avatar
    Having a mare here. Bought fM+ in January and had to do a fresh install of windows. Now I can't find the activation key, its not even in my emails. Any advice?
  • poirotketchup's avatar
    It looks like the developer has moved on to FM+
  • Richys's avatar
    Managed to fix it, albeit not sure its a perfect fix. Changed the view and added ability at the start of the view and it seems to be working
  • Richys's avatar
    It works for your own line-up but seems to not work with scouting lists due to a date error or something
  • ben_allen76's avatar
    Im getting the date error while trying to import a scouted list. Is there a fix for this?
  • Friik's avatar
    can someone confirm if it works for FM24? :/
  • oats's avatar
    trying to load up the scoutlist on fm24 but saying issue converting a date, please help?
  • RPGFan's avatar
    A real life saver when star ratings are almost worthless, and you do not want to spend all day figuring out who goes where and who might be a sub, I hope they would continue to update, however wished there was an option to remove injured players and also when showing all options for one position to avoid putting a player already chosen in another position as a sub option.

    Things to also consider is injury proness, consistency along with wanting to play in big matches, along with personality.
  • m4g's avatar
    Hey! I've downloaded the version from the comments but there are no settings to change date format and on the other hand the version gives me the error "Unhandled exception has occurred in your application". Any help appreciated!
  • ScheveStek's avatar

    Are you using the correct filter?
    There are two filters, one for your team and one for your scoutlist.

    Just import the filter in your "player in range search", filter the players you want in the tool, CTRL + A , have some patience because this could take some time, and then just CTRL+P (again, this could take some time) and save as HTML.
  • ScheveStek's avatar
    I've also noticed that your team(/tactic) needs to be cleared.

    So no players picked for your starting line-up / bench.
  • ben_allen76's avatar
    Quick one guys. I can get the tool to work with my squad but cant use it in the scouting page. Has anyone found a way this?
  • Nutzaq's avatar
    @kickker i created an account just to thank you for doing this!
  • ScheveStek's avatar
    @almostmidnite; cheers mate!

    For everybody who's having issues with loading the file into Line-up Tool, read Almostmidnite's comment.
    This is the solution.

    Do everything as explained by OP.

    Next, open your "squad file" by rightclicking and then "edit with notepad ++".
    Next, press CTRL+F and look for "awaiting treatment".
    Next, change all the "awaiting treatment" to "-".
    In my case it was just one "awaiting treatment" i had to change.
    Then just save it and load the file into Line-up tool.

    also, make sure your game is in English and check your date-format ingame.

    Again, credits to almostmidnite!
  • poirotketchup's avatar
    @kickker I got it to work with your download. Thank you!
  • almostmidnite's avatar

    you are editing the player list you save in-game. you have to use the filters in-game that are included with this download. select all the players you want to load, and ctrl + p > save as Web Page

    the file you save is the one you edit with Notepad++

    and then load that file up in FM Lineup Tool
  • Stam's avatar
    I also have the version somehow (probably auto-updated years back). I don't have the setup file for it, but it's basically the folder that kickker packed.
  • kickker's avatar
  • kickker's avatar
    I don`t know how but mine is working with FM23
  • idek0k's avatar
    @almostmidnite I don't understand which file I should be editing with Notepad++
  • frky's avatar
    Can someone pack their Lineup Tool folder and put it on some file hosting? I need version and Davy apparently dropped this project as it can no longer autoupdate to the latest version so I'm stuck on
  • almostmidnite's avatar

    There is a new value for one of the fields, "Awaiting treatment". You can bypass the problem by replacing all "Awaiting treatment" in the output html file to "-" then load it in the Lineup Tool, and it'll work.

    I got it to work for me last night after removing the "Awaiting treatment" options with Notepad++.
    Notepad++ has a really easy to use "Replace All" feature when you CTRL+F a document. And a "Replace All in open documents" options so you can edit both player lists at once.

    So try that out and make sure it saves as HTML document.

    When you are saving your in-game playerlists, make sure your in-game language is English(UK), not american. Make sure your date format is the same in the FM Lineup Tool as it is in-game.

    In-game date format: dd/mm/yyyy
    FM Lineup Tool (Options ->Settings): d/M/yyyy (typed exactly this way)

    Yes, this is very dumb and counter intuitive.

    But it works for FM23! Both Squad and Scouted players!

    Also, I tried to remove the "Awaiting treatment" straight from the in-game filter but ofc that did not work.

    I've loaded player lists using both options of Yards/Meters, Pounds/Kilos and Feet/Centimeters, etc. Those don't seem to make a difference like UK Language and date format does.
  • idek0k's avatar
  • idek0k's avatar
    Hi. This is a very useful tool, but it would me much better if you could check the players role ability in a position in which he has no knowledge. This way, you would know if it's worth it training him in that position

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