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FM Lineup Tool - Exclusive Download

Get to know your squad, best lineup and scouted players in a blink of an eye with this super useful tool for Football Manager.

By Updated on Sep 20, 2021   224308 views   191 comments
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Downloads: 31644 / Size: 1.7 MB / Added: 2021-09-08
Football Manager 2023 Tools - FM Lineup Tool - Exclusive Download
Welcome to the official download page of FM Lineup Tool.
I've created this tool - mostly for the FM Players who are short on time - where you can see a lot of information about your team, and the perfect lineup for your tactic (based on player attributes) from a single export file that you make in FM.
Exclusively available from

Redistribution Policy

People who want to put FM Lineup Tool on other sites, you may link back here but you cannot host any files yourselves. Thank you!

The story behind FM Lineup Tool

If you are like me and struggling when you are new to a team, your assistant rates half your team 3 stars, you go over the players to see their attributes, but one hour later you have lost track of how good someone was and you still don't know which player is actually the best in which position... and you actually don't have the time to study your players, because life has limited your FM gametime... and another evening is gone without playing a single match because you were lost doing things you don't want to spend time on...

Or when you change teams during a career, and the minute after you changed teams you feel your save is ruined, because all the players you are familiar with are gone, and you don't know anyone in the new team, how will you ever familiarize yourself with all the new players and sort out this new squad....

Well for that I've made this tool for myself (and am now opening it up to anyone). It uses no hidden features or data, everything the tool uses is available in FM itself.

It provides you a quick, and easy to understand lineup and information on your team so you can familiarize yourself very easily with new teams. It also makes a lineup for you based on the player attributes and what the game tells is important for the role/position, it actually replaces the manual steps that some people do of making excels or doing the attribute math in your head - because of course if your assistant rates 5 players the same number of stars in the same role, you want to use the attributes that are at your disposal)

Like the quote of my tool says, for me it's the tool "to get to know your squad, best lineup and scouted players in the blink of an eye" and no longer a process that takes to much time (for the way I play the game and for where I want to spend time on... )

FM Lineup Tool Features

There are two different modes the tool supports and shows different info for, normal Club Manager mode and International manager.

Club Manager
  • From a single export of your squad screen (with a view that comes with the tool) you can see all important information of your team, and the best lineup and subs for the tactic you are using.
  • See detail popup of individual players.
  • Filter per position or your entire squad on easy preset filters, and see ranking per position/role.
  • Make an export of your "Player Search" screen (with a view that comes with the tool) and you can see which players will be interesting to sign - also easy to filter with the same filter as in your squad view.

International Manager
  • From a single export of your squad screen (same view that can be used as for club manager) you can see all important information of your national team's selection and the best lineup + subs for the tactic you are using.
  • See detail popup of individual players.
  • Same as for club manager mode, filter per position or filter your entire squad.
  • Make an export of your National Pool or Player search screen to see which player you can consider to call up to the national squad (easy to filter as your own squad).
  • Or even easier, go to the "Selection Changes" page where based on your current squad + national pool export the tool says which players you better remove from your selection and which you should call up. (this is done by making 2 times a best eleven + 3rd best GK = proposal of 23 players to be called up).

Other features
  • You can configure your FM Graphics folder, this will allow the tool to load & show player faces and team logos.
  • You can add your own tactics or position definitions via the Configurator -> Tactics or Positions menu link on top of the tool.
  • The tool comes with view both for Full Fat FM21 and FM21 Touch.

It comes with an auto-updater

Important to know

  • For now the tool only works when the FM language is set to English (UK, not US) or Dutch.
  • Only Euro, Pound and Dollar is supported as currency setting of FM.
  • Check the date format used in the FM exports, you can configure the correct date format in the FM Lineup Tool (by default d/m/yyyy is configured, meaning dates are like 2/12/2003 or 26/4/2005).

How to use the FM Lineup Tool

This how to is also shown on startup (when you open the tool) and can be accessed via Help -> How To. It contains a lot of useful information on how to use the FM Lineup tool.

Donate via PayPal
If you enjoy using this tool, consider donating. Any contribution would be much appreciated. It's totally optional of course.

Download Now
Downloads: 31644 / Size: 1.7 MB / Added: 2021-09-08
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Discussion: FM Lineup Tool - Exclusive Download

191 comments have been posted so far.

  • poirotketchup's avatar
    @kickker I got it to work with your download. Thank you!
  • almostmidnite's avatar

    you are editing the player list you save in-game. you have to use the filters in-game that are included with this download. select all the players you want to load, and ctrl + p > save as Web Page

    the file you save is the one you edit with Notepad++

    and then load that file up in FM Lineup Tool
  • Stam's avatar
    I also have the version somehow (probably auto-updated years back). I don't have the setup file for it, but it's basically the folder that kickker packed.
  • kickker's avatar
  • kickker's avatar
    I don`t know how but mine is working with FM23
  • idek0k's avatar
    @almostmidnite I don't understand which file I should be editing with Notepad++
  • frky's avatar
    Can someone pack their Lineup Tool folder and put it on some file hosting? I need version and Davy apparently dropped this project as it can no longer autoupdate to the latest version so I'm stuck on
  • almostmidnite's avatar

    There is a new value for one of the fields, "Awaiting treatment". You can bypass the problem by replacing all "Awaiting treatment" in the output html file to "-" then load it in the Lineup Tool, and it'll work.

    I got it to work for me last night after removing the "Awaiting treatment" options with Notepad++.
    Notepad++ has a really easy to use "Replace All" feature when you CTRL+F a document. And a "Replace All in open documents" options so you can edit both player lists at once.

    So try that out and make sure it saves as HTML document.

    When you are saving your in-game playerlists, make sure your in-game language is English(UK), not american. Make sure your date format is the same in the FM Lineup Tool as it is in-game.

    In-game date format: dd/mm/yyyy
    FM Lineup Tool (Options ->Settings): d/M/yyyy (typed exactly this way)

    Yes, this is very dumb and counter intuitive.

    But it works for FM23! Both Squad and Scouted players!

    Also, I tried to remove the "Awaiting treatment" straight from the in-game filter but ofc that did not work.

    I've loaded player lists using both options of Yards/Meters, Pounds/Kilos and Feet/Centimeters, etc. Those don't seem to make a difference like UK Language and date format does.
  • idek0k's avatar
  • idek0k's avatar
    Hi. This is a very useful tool, but it would me much better if you could check the players role ability in a position in which he has no knowledge. This way, you would know if it's worth it training him in that position
  • frky's avatar
    Does anyone have installer for the latest version? This download is for version and some time ago (like a year or so) it autoupdated to for me but I had to install Lineup Tool again on fresh OS lately and it doesn't autoupdate anymore so I'm stuck on older version
  • RoyUlliott's avatar
    only works on older versions
  • lightningflik's avatar
    This is a great tool.

    Does the latest version contain the learnings from the kykyky experiment and the tests in the FM Arena "FM22 Positional Filters" thread?
  • tavares82's avatar
    Ruths0n's lineup tool only loads html file. How did you manage to load another type of file?
  • poirotketchup's avatar
    This was my favorite tool for past versions! Please update for 23.
  • MainBeatZ's avatar
    Pls do a FM 23 update (include Transfer Helper)
  • maguloni_trener's avatar
    Please update it
  • GaimKore's avatar
    I don't think this will be updated
  • NickJatNite's avatar
    I still cannot get this working

    Unhandled exception

    the "th" start tag on line 163 position 3 does not match the end tag of 'tr' on Line 175. position 3
  • DivineGrace's avatar
    @JoseBourinho56 and @ruths0n

    I got this error, any idea? I changed Awaiting treatment to - and "-" but no luck

    System.Xml.XmlException: 'MsoNormalTable' is an unexpected token. The expected token is '"' or '''. Line 1, position 27.
  • bezman's avatar
    When I save the webpage using Ctrl P it only saves my homepage and not the team. Has anyone got any ideas on this at all please.
  • Gimli's avatar
    new error
    Object reference not set to an instance of object.
  • JoseBourinho56's avatar
    Ruths0n's fix works.

    Brilliant. Even quicker than having to edit it each time in Notepad++.
  • kev1912's avatar
    i cant get this to work, keep getting 'input string was not in correct format' can anyone help me please
  • SirBroccolia's avatar
    How do I load my shortlisted player?

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