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FM20 Skin: Tad Twenty v.1.1

Tad Twenty skin for Football Manager 2020. Optimized for Full HD screens, with instant result button.

By Updated on Mar 18, 2020   23571 views   52 comments
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Downloads: 5641 / Size: 3.0 MB / Added: 2020-03-09
Football Manager 2020 Skins - FM20 Skin: Tad Twenty v.1.1
Supported resolution: 1920 x 1080. Includes instant result button.

Version 1.1 minor update:
  • Player picture has better adjustment (especially with "full" sidebar).
Version 1.0 main features:
  • Based on Teal Twenty skin
  • All the main profile panels redesigned
  • Player cards introduced!

Tad Twenty Preview // FM20 Screenshots

How to edit attribute box colours:

1. Open Tad Twenty settings.xml
2. Change RGB values in lines 474-477:
<colour name="low attribute background" red="25" green="25" blue="35"/>
<colour name="normal attribute background" red="25" green="35" blue="50"/>
<colour name="good attribute background" value="rgb(5,55,65)" />
<colour name="excellent attribute background" value="rgb(0,140,70)" />
3. Save file & re-run FM.

Download Now
Downloads: 5641 / Size: 3.0 MB / Added: 2020-03-09
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Discussion: FM20 Skin: Tad Twenty v.1.1

52 comments have been posted so far.

  • trZ's avatar
    Hey man, very nice skin just one issue on the match day screen. The button is unreadable, white on white. Attached is a screenshot
  • trZ's avatar
    Hey man, very nice skin just one issue on the match day screen. The button is unreadable, white on white. Attached is a sreenshot
  • Jag_n's avatar
    just wanted to say its a skin! The best skin I have encountered.
    I have one question, how could I enable changes in the background images?
    For example, I have a stadiums folder in my graphics made for background images. How would I enable that in this skin?

    Thank you
  • Zehrudin's avatar
    Thanks for the support!
    One more question.

    I cannot get the cut out facepack to work: sortitoutsi_cutout_megapack_12.00

    The DF11 facepack works fine
  • Hazaperks's avatar
    Yea sorry got a bit carried away XD,
    ngl got a lot of time on my hand's atm...
    so how would I change the DNA panel with the player comparison?
  • wozzie's avatar
    Hazaperks: hold your horses mate :) If sth is in one skin it means that it is possible to implement in another. All the recolouring is possible as well. But trust me, everything is time consuming as hell, so if you have idea and time to do all the changes you mentioned - have fun!
  • Hazaperks's avatar
    In tiki-taka the positions have colours too on the squad screen, is there a way to copy that over?
  • Hazaperks's avatar
    also, is there a way to change the DNA with the attributes analysis or player comparison?
    sorry for all the spam.
  • Hazaperks's avatar
    ow and the colour changing bit for the positional highlight thing.

    Thank you so much for your help!
  • Hazaperks's avatar
    is there a way to change the comparison one?
  • wozzie's avatar
    @Hazaperks: edit "settings\Tad Twenty settings.xml" and change RGBa values for colour names: dna1, dna2, dna3 and dna4.
  • Hazaperks's avatar
    Hi Wozzie,
    Excellent Skin!
    just a question, is there a way to change the colour of the attribute analysis / DNA levels as id like to add a little more colour. I can do it myself if it's like the attribute boxes, just need to know what the bits I need to change is.
    Cheers again.
  • wozzie's avatar
    @Jellico73: SI made some panels "default" for ie. pregame - this is the reason. It might be sorted, but then it would stay same all the time (I made such test for TCS skin some time ago at SI forums).

    @yanzhihh928: No.

    @Zehrudin: The rest is shown while In game editor is activated.
  • Zehrudin's avatar
    Love this skin, by far my favorite.
    Question: I am only seeing CA and RCA in the hidden tab on player overview. Any reason why others are not there?
  • yanzhihh928's avatar
    Can you add a large resolution version?

    My computer resolution is 3840
  • Jellico73's avatar
    Like the skin, except for some reason the panels keep resetting themselves. As an example, on the home page I sert my panels up, navigate away, and when I come back they are all replaced and jumbled. Any ideas why?

    Appreciate the help!
  • KingesPaul's avatar
    It works now, thank you so much :)
  • Thewes's avatar
    Is it possible that the Japanese clubs also have a club page? In the TCS Skin, for example, the panel exists.
  • wozzie's avatar
    FInd <!--hidden--> & delete whole container below (from: <container id="cnt0" save_session_state="true"> [...] to: </container>).
  • KingesPaul's avatar
    It didn't work, the profile page is gone :(
  • wozzie's avatar
    @KingesPaul, "player\player overview panel.xml", sorry mate I copied wrong path from previous answer ;)
  • KingesPaul's avatar
    But there is only 168 lines in "player attributes panel.xml"
  • Rekoshooter's avatar
    Please, add players pictures on tactics pitch and in news tactics pitch. :)
  • newtestleper's avatar
    Very impressive. A weird question, but do the stadium seats in the club profiles reflect the real-life seats and not just the club colours? i noticed Freiburg's are indeed white, per real life, even though they play in red and black.
  • wozzie's avatar
    @KingesPaul edit "player\woz\player attributes panel.xml" and delete whole container (lines 1155 - 1216);
    @Rekoshooter it doesn't look like 1920 x 1080 / 100% :( if it's smaller then rather won't look good.
    @yanzhihh928 1. there are coloured boxes. Information "How to edit attribute box colours" is above.2. Maybe, haven't tried it.

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