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Rise Until Lambs Become Lions

What will PNE's future hold?...
Started on 13 October 2013 by The-forgotten-one
Latest Reply on 9 January 2014 by The-forgotten-one
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Great start fella.
2013-10-15 10:29#138000 IanLenton : Great start fella.

Thanks mate.. hopefully I can keep it up or maybe improve.. am still trying to find my feet on it really but defiantly staying on this one!

13 July 2013... First day continued...

The Welcome
After putting my phone back into my jacket pocket I start what felt like a mile long walk to the front doors to the stadium. As I see Peter stood just on the other side of the glass doors.

This is it!...I take a deep breath and push the polished metal handle of the door putting on a large smile as peter notices my entrance.

"Morning Graham, How you feeling? Nervous?" He outstretched his hand for a firm hand shake brimming with happiness about today. He was dressed up in his best suit, which must of been all the craze back in the 80's & his calone practically overpowering making my eyes slightly water.

"Hey again Pete, nice to see you again. Don't get me wrong I was a tad nervous on the way up but now... I cant wait to get started!" I said with a bit of bite.

Peter ushered me up a flight of stair at the back of the reception, they were laced with photos of all the greats that Preston had produced & work with through-out the years names like Finney, Charlton, Kelly, Bruce the list went on.. Ironically there was still a photo of myself from my playing day there as well which made me chuckle.

We got to the top of the stairs and wandered down one of the corridors that forked off from the landing. As we walked I looked left and right seeing numerous people in each room some had come to the doorways and were welcoming me back. We reached the end of the hallway & peter turned to face me.

"This is it Graham?, did you study any of the notes I emailed across you you?" He said with a bit more of a dominant tone. I nodded quickly. No I hadn't looked at his notes I wanted to be my own man, not someone's puppet.

The solid heavy doors swung open and we were greeted by a room packed with reporter who all turned to face us like chatter broke out between them, some making notes, some commenting on my appearance & some am sure just complaining about that calone of Peters.

I was marched up to the front of the room and sat behind the desk taking the seat on the left eagerly awaiting my first question.

Man this is exciting!! How did you create those text messages?

The Jackels Den

Camera's Flashing
Peter Ridsdale: "Good morning everyone. Thank you for coming, we have come here today to answer any questions about the clubs recent capture of a club hero Graham Alexander...."

I nod in acknowledgement as he mentions my name.

"... & now I would like to open up the floor for questions."

Reporter 1: "Graham... Graham, John Dawson : LEP, How does it feel to be back at the club that you surly call home?."

"Well.. obviously it is a HUGE honour to be back at PNE, obviously am well known around here ha-ha and that will help out as quiet afew of the lads I know from either playing with them or against them in recent years." I say grinning with joy.

Upon ending my first question there is a frantic scribbling and muttering until...

Reporter 2: "Oliver Peacock : ESPN Sport, Obviously we all know what a huge impact you had here as a player, Do you think you could do the same from the dug-out?"

"Hopefully yes!, I have been managed by some great and some bad managers over my long career, mix that with my first experience at Fleetwood and I feel I can have a impact and imprint a style all PNE fans feel we should be playing." I announce with a bit of passion in my voice.

Reporter 2: "Bad managers?, would you care to name who?"

"I don't think I should answer that question! next question?" I glance over at peter who is giving me evils.

Reporter 2: "Graham Here, Steve Ross : Evening Post, In your previous answer you mention a certain style of play?... would you care to expand on that?

"Well.. I have played a hell of a lot of games varying from League one - International level & I've come to believe that to have winning football you need a fluent squad capable of changing it up and keeping your opposition guessing your line up and game play, however I do try to encourage players to close down the opposition & try to then engage a counter attack." Whilst speaking I use my hands, signalling out different words I say.

Reporter 2: "So you like to play attacking football?"

"What am trying to say is there are certain time you can turn on the style and certain game you have to grind them out, especially in some of these lower league games."

Again there is another frantic flurry of note taking.

Reporter 3: Joe Henry : Blackpool Gazette, What are your thoughts on Paul Ince stating that your appointment is a mistake and wont be able to command the dressing room.

I sit up slowly "Well... maybe Paul should look in the mirror. I will certainly impose my own ideas straight away, where as Paul in recent times has lost half his squad & is desperately relaying on his son of all people."

The reporter looks shocked at my sharp response hows manages to chirp up:

Reporter 3: So you will be carrying on the tradition of the Preston-Blackpool Rivalry?

"Certainly" I again answer sharply.

I try to take calm down a tad by have a sip of my water and whispering into Peters ear:

"who let him in!"

I turn back towards the crowd.

Reporter 4: Sarah Jackson ITV Sport: What are your thoughts on the current squad?, do you have a set team in mind or will you be looking at the transfer market?

"I believe the squad I have inherited is a very strong one... especially for this division. I know this team can push for promotion this year, Every player in this squad will have the chance to show what they can offer. After that... & only after that I will analyse where the team needs to be strengthened."

Peter Ridsdale: "Thank you that is all we have time for now!".. He grips my arm & again ushers me out of the room with the reporters chatting over on another.

I was swept down the back door of the building and down to the tunnel. I stopped for a moment and thought back at all the times I walked out onto this pitch as a player, I was suddenly hit with a flood of emotion ranging from sadness to nervousness.

After being snapped out of my daydream I heard myself being welcomed out onto the pitch.


I proudly walked out onto the pitch to see a sea of fans cheering and chanting my name... I instantly started to clap them back and then was given a mic to address them.

[spoiler=Media Picture][/spoiler]

"Hi.. I want to thank you all for coming! it really is touching to know I have your support straight from the off, You all know I love this football club and I want to take this club back to back to his glory days... You are our 12th man.. Are you ready to stand up for US!..

The crowd erupts and again.. And all I can think is... "IT'S TIME."

2013-10-15 20:49#138067 BayernAmerica : Man this is exciting!! How did you create those text messages?

thanks.. am a bit addicted tba haha.. I was surprised no-one has done it before I went on: and just made it, then made it a jpeg! :)
2013-10-15 18:08#138073 The-forgotten-one :
2013-10-15 20:49#138067 BayernAmerica : Man this is exciting!! How did you create those text messages?

thanks.. am a bit addicted tba haha.. I was surprised no-one has done it before I went on: and just made it, then made it a jpeg! :)

Awesome might have to try that if you dont mind.
2013-10-15 22:16#138076 BayernAmerica :
2013-10-15 18:08#138073 The-forgotten-one :
2013-10-15 20:49#138067 BayernAmerica : Man this is exciting!! How did you create those text messages?

thanks.. am a bit addicted tba haha.. I was surprised no-one has done it before I went on: and just made it, then made it a jpeg! :)

Awesome might have to try that if you dont mind.

Do it man! more the merrier!... again am really suprised no-ones done them before..
Really good start, well done
2013-10-16 11:20#138091 silas1231 : Really good start, well done

Thanks!.. cant wait for the game now! lol!
Some really nice updates mate. I am excited about this :D

Alexanders Notes - Pre-Season Round Up!

Pre-Season Results

Bamber Bridge 0 - 3 Preston North End
Beavon (1)
Davies (2,42)

This was obviously going to be a one way street, no more than a fitness game, I played two different teams each half just to have a look at everyone and let them have a bit of game time, I could see the quality of Davies shining through. He is going to be vital.

Rochdale 2 - 2 Preston North End
King (20)
Humphrey (58)

A tuff game away from home, We probably should of done better but Goalkeeper Rudd giving them an equilzer didn't make me to happy and then to give away a pen was even worse... lets move on.

Chorley 1 - 4 Preston North End
Dawkins (5)
Beavon (18)
Huntington (67)
Holmes (72)

Straight back to winning ways, yes it was against a local team however a wins a win & for Dawkins to replay my faith in him with a MOM appearance has got me excited for the next one!

Preston North End 4 - 3 Dundee United
Wroe (5)
Beavon (21, 22)
Humphrey (23)

This is what you call a jackal & Hyde performance, we where 4-1 up at half time. We seemed to back off and let them play. Their goal on the stroke of half time must of kick started the comeback however we did manage to hang on to beat a team I believe to be in a stronger position than us.

Preston North End 2 - 0 Blackburn Rovers
Garner (45)
Beavon (81)

A very good result, to be honest I wasn't expecting anything from the game maybe a draw so I set up in a 5-3-2 with wing-backs to support the wings, it seemed to work as we managed to hit them on the break at half time surely making Gary Bowyer rip up his half time notes.

Transfers In

Simon Dawkins - Tottenham - Loan (Season Long)
Dawkins comes in on loan from Tottenham, where he is currently listed for transfer. He'll be a solid squad player where rotation will be key, Hopefully we can get him some game time & give him some good experience.

Alex Nicholson - Free Transfer,,10278~9909192,00.jpg
Ex-Newcastle youth player, I believe we needed cover for RB as I want to move Keith Keane into a DM position, I signed the lad on trial for 2 weeks and have just offered the lad a one year contact.

Transfers Out

Chris Beardsley - Patrick Thistle - £80k
Chris signed on a free transfer back August 2012, linking up with his ex manager Graham Westley. In a string of appearances he has failed to gain any foothold in the first time and with the signings of Kevin Davies & Hume it was deemed best for both parties to move Chris on.

Grahams thoughts.....

Well.. I believe we have had rather a good first month, Unbeaten in the pre-season and some stand out performances especially against Dundee & Blackburn. Its been a bit quiet on the transfer front mainly due to the fact that we are in serious debt!, they gave me £50K kitty to spend... not that great to be honest... and am a bit worried about the fact that 9 of my players contracts run out this season hopefully if we do well in the cup or league we may get some money so I can tie some of my players down to longer deals.

Pre-Match Press Conference

Skysports reporter pulls me over.

Reporter: "Nice to meet you Graham, I just wanted to ask a few questions before the game is that ok?."

I agree and walk over to the boarded area where the reporter and camera man had set up.

"... OK we will count you in ok... 3.....2....1..... So Graham this is your first game home back managing PNE how are you feeling?"

"I feel great, the place is fans have turned out in force, the sun is shining, what else could you want on a day like this? ." I cheerfully announce.

Reporter: "How well prepared do you feel for today's game?, do you feel like you have a hard start up against a Wolves team who have retained many of their players from the championship?"

"Aye, you could say we have got a bit of a ruff start here today, however with us being at home you all saw what kinda pre-season we had, and I think it will be Wolves who will be worrying as yes am new at the helm here however this team has been build for this division they have had time to find a formula of winning these encounters. So all in all we shouldn't be afraid of them!"

I start to see the players coming out of the dressing room out of the corner of my eye.

Reporter: "Your strike force in pre-season was on fire your team has scored 15 in 5 games, who has been your stand out star at the moment? "

"I have to say Beavon has formed a lethal partnership with kevin (
Davies), they seem to just click when they are on the field together"

I beam a smile at the camera.

Reporter: "Ok thank you for your time, we will let you get out there!

"Thank you" I shake hands with the reporter and walk off towards the tunnel were my players have lined up along side the Wolves players, all of them foucused raring at the bit to get out on our field and show this strong 20,000 home crowd what I know we can do!

We hear the music start to play and all the players shout and pump each other up as the stroll out on to the field, I follow behind with John (Dreyer) & Chris (Lucketti) at my sides. As I exist the tunnel the sun beams into my eyes forcing me to squint, I start walking down the touch line to the dug outs shaking hands and waving to the crowd as they chant my name!.

I get to my technique box and shake hands with Kenny Jacket as he passes me.

"Good Luck! your going to need it" I mutter under my breath, as soon as I turn back to face the pitch the ref blows his whistle and the game is on the way......

Thank you for the responses to my story!... really hope you all enjoy it as I'm looking doing it

August Report

Preston North End 1-0 Wolves

Beavon (54)
Paul Huntington

Great start to the new season, Totally dominated this recently relegated wolves side.... maybe they where still hung up on it because they did not turn up today. I believe we should of won by more! but the crowd where amazing and we are off to a flyer!.

Leicester 1-2 Preston North End
Laird (42 Pen)
Beavon (67)
Declan Rudd

Another good result away from home against a Championship team. We went down early on in the half but after pushing the lads forward to press for a goal, it eventually came from I have to admit a weak pen claim... and then Beavon popped up in the in the right place to send us through to the next round!

Rotherham 1-2 Preston North End
Barnard (23)
Beavon (74)

And the Yellows go marching on in there new third kit!.. an own goal gave us the lead, I don't know what the lad was thinking he practically power headed it into the top corner. We then conceded just before half time to go in at HT drawing and then that man again super sub Beavon get another goal.. that's actually his 8th goal in as many games talk about on fire.

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