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Racing Santander: Raul's Chance

Started on 25 October 2013 by Jer
Latest Reply on 28 June 2014 by Neal
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It's a shame to see him injured, hopefully he will recover quickly.
Fantastic results mate and as always an exceptional update with great detail!
Unlucky about the injury, hopefully you will still do well even without him.
@Josh_MU: Tough injuries at this point of the season, feeling like Arsenal >.<

@Pompeyblue: Thanks, and I will have to change my tactics a bit

Yeste and Juanpe sidelined

Racing can confirm that both Francisco Yeste and Juanpe have been added to their long list of injuries. Yeste, who has been instrumental to Raul's tactics, will miss about a week, before returning to training with Racing's depleted squad. Juanpe, who as well been one of the first names in the team-sheet, will be out for 3-4 weeks.


The 22 year-old centre-back had formed an admirable partnership with Javi Soria.

Raul, has been left to bare bones with these two injuries, and will be forced to change his tactics, like he did in the two previous matches. Raul, bitterly disappointed, said,"It's frustrating that we can't make substitutions anymore, unless it's yet another player getting injured. I'm crossing my fingers that this period of bad times will come to an end with these two last injuries." Raul added,"We miss Francis, David [Miguelez], Ivan [Bolado] and the other missing players at training. We need our most influential players on the pitch."

Raul Gonzalez

Raul's squad has been left to bare bones over these past three months.

Speaking prior to the match against Ferrol at El Sardinero, Raul said,"We want to bounce back with a win. We want to win for all those injured players, especially for those who got recently injured [Yeste and Juanpe]. This is the final stretch before we can claim the title, and I want to issue a rallying cry for the players, for the future of the club. If we don't make it to the Liga Adelante, then this season would've gone to waste."

This means that Racing will only have 13 registered players physically available for their match against Ferrol, which will be at El Sardinero.
Bad losses there but hopefully it won't effect you too much
@Jack: It's going to be tough, but I think we can still pick up points, I just don't want to lose the title to Oviedo .-.

February: New Tactics, New Results

Caudal 1-1 Racing Santander S.A.D.

Sunday 16th February 2014 | Hermanos Antuna | Att. 1,307
Segunda Division B1

Racing Santander XI: Mario, Corrales, Juanpe, Echaide, Kevin, Granero, Andreu, Lafuente, Gabilondo, Miguelez, Sene

Racing Santander dropped points against Caudal, who were placed 4th at the time. With this result, Oviedo only trail Racing by two points, ahead of their crucial match-up in May.

Francisco Yeste opened the scoring with a powerful shot inside the area, in which Caudal's loanee goalkeeper, Jordi Masip, could not send to the stands, as the ball easily went into the goal. Just before half-time, Carcaba drew for the hosts, after Matador had whipped in the cross from the corner, in the 41st minute.

Throughout the 2nd half, Racing looked for their second goal, but their chances became narrower when Francisco Yeste had to come out of the field, with Nieto taking his place. Jordi Masip was forced to make a number of impressive saves, with Gabilondo, Sene, Granero and Nieto himself.

Subs On: Miguel Angel Nieto
Goals: Fran Yeste (9)
Caudal's Goals: Carcaba (41)
Man of the Match:Andreu (Racing) 7.9

Racing Santander S.A.D. 3-0 Ferrol

Saturday 22nd February 2014 | El Sardinero | Att. 17,984
Segunda Division B1

Racing Santander XI: Mario, Corrales, Echaide, Soria, Kevin, Andreu, Granero, Lafuente, Gabilondo, Sene, Nieto

Racing Santander hosted Ferrol at El Sardinero, and responded back to Raul's rallying cry yesterday with a convincing win. Igor Gabilondo put Racing into the driving seat after he only needed to tap in the cross made by Nieto, and Raul ran up the pitch to celebrate with his in-deputy captain.

Josep Sene buried his first chance of the game to make it 2-0 for Racing, as Gabilondo made the extra effort to whip in a cross and Sene nodded the ball in. With Racing piling in the pressure, Valin was forced to make numerous impressive saves.

Before half-time hit the mark, Ander Lafuente scored a fluke goal to make it 3-0, after he saw Valin a bit off his line. After half-time, Racing looked slow, and Ferrol capitalized on it. Manu Barreiro finished a one-on-one against Mario, who had made the initial bad pass that started the play.

Sub On: Francis, Ruben Duran & John Ayina
Racing Goals: Igor Gabilondo (5), Josep Sene (13) & Ander Lafuente (38)
Ferrol's Goals: Manu Barreiro (53)
Man of the Match: Igor Gabilondo (Racing) 9.2

Good to see you getting decent results and at the top, hold it out now :) don't want you to go through the drama of the play-offs although it would definitely spice it up a bit :) great update as usual
@Jack: Hopefully we'll make top spot!

March: Important Points

Racing Santander S.A.D. 4-2 Tropezon

Sunday 2nd March 2014 | El Sardinero | Att. 14,872
Segunda Division B1

Racing Santander XI: Sotres, Corrales, Echaide, Soria, Kevin, Granero, Andreu, Lafuente, Nieto, Sene, Gabilondo

Racing Santander fielded Daniel Sotres in goal for their match-up against strugglers Tropezon, and the young goalkeeper did not capitalize on the opportunity given by his manager, Raul.

Racing quickly got into the lead after Josep Sene nodded the ball into the goal in the 9th minute. He would soon double his scoring tally in the 18th minute when he shot a ball to the top right corner, after an industrial play by the player.

Josep Sene would grab his first hat-trick in a Racing shirt in the 31st minute, with a simple tap-in to make the score 3-0. Ion Echaide would quickly put the game to bed 9 minutes after Sene's third goal, with a thumping header from the corner.

Throughout the 2nd half, Racing looked slow, unable to go through the Tropezon midfield, with Perujo scoring a well-placed shot in the 48th minute. Ruben Reyes would give Tropezon away fans a glimmer of hope when he smashed Sotres's net in the 78th minute, but after a series of tactical changes, it only became a consolation for the away fans.

Subs On: Francis, Ruben Duran, Mario
Goals: Josep Sene (9,18,31) & Ion Echaide (40)
Tropezon Goals: Perujo (48) & Ruben Reyes (78)
Man of the Match: Josep Sene (Racing) 9.5

Celta 'B' 1-0 Racing Santander S.A.D.

Saturday 8th March 2014 | Barreiros | Att. 1,110
Segunda Division B1

Racing Santander XI: Sotres, Frances, Echaide, Soria, Kevin, Andreu, Granero, Lafuente, Gabilondo, Sene, Duran

Raul opted to put Daniel Sotres again between the posts, and had numerous players in the bench who had been sidelined earlier this week. However, an injury to Josep Sene perhaps was another point of blow in Racing's loss against Celta's B team, away.

After a dull first-half, Racing away fans had something to cheer on when Ivan Bolado return to action in the 71st minute, but his efforts could not lead to his side winning. After a long pass by Santi Mina, Aitor scored on Sotres's other angle, rooting him to the spot. With this loss and an Oviedo win, Real Oviedo can go top if they manage to pick up points in their next fixture

Sub On: Ivan Bolado
Racing Goals: None
Celta 'B' Goals: Aitor (78)
Man of the Match: David Costas (Celta 'B') 7.6

Cultural Leonesa 1-2 Racing Santander S.A.D.

Sunday 15th March 2014 | Reino de Leon | Att. 1,290
Segunda Division B1

Racing Santander XI: Mario, Francis, Juanpe, Soria, Corrales, Duran, Granero, Lafuente, Gabilondo, Sene, Bolado

Racing Santander welcomed back a number of players missing from their away loss at Celta 'B', including Juanpe, Gabilondo and Bolado.

Racing, eager to bounce back from the loss to Celta 'B', responded to Raul's cries to catch up on Real Oviedo, as the last 8 games come into play in the next 2-3 months. Ander Lafuente gave Racing the lead after needing to tap the ball in, with Gabilondo grabbing another assist. Half-time quickly came by, and both teams went back to the dressing rooms for the break.

After half-time, Racing looked sluggish, something that has happened throughout the season, and Cultural Leonesa capitalized on it, with David Alvarez grabbing his 7th goal of the season, courtesy of a Juanpe mistake, who looked sharp off his game. With Raul desperately in need to add points to pass Oviedo, he brought off Ivan Bolado, and David Miguelez took his place, and it instantly paid dividends.

Two minutes after the Leonesa goal, Josep Sene whipped in a cross to the far post, and Igor Gabilondo celebrated his 17th goal of the season. After a tough 15 minutes, Racing fans were pleased to see that they were heading back home with top spot.. until Oviedo play their fixture.

Sub On: David Miguelez, Ion Echaide, Andreu
Racing Santander Goals: Ander Lafuente (9) & Igor Gabilondo (61)
Leonesa's Goals: None
Man of the Match: Diego Torres (Cultural Leonesa) 7.9

Racing Santander S.A.D. 6-0 Salamanca

Saturday 22nd March 2014 | El Sardinero | Att. 15,323
Segunda Division B1

Racing Santander XI: Mario, Francis, Juanpe, Soria, Kevin, Lafuente, Duran, Granero, Gabilondo, Sene, Bolado

Racing hosted Salamanca, trailing Oviedo by a point, ahead of their match in the penultimate match of the season. Racing raced into the lead after Granero tried his shot, but Salamanca's defender, Moscardo deflected the ball into the top corner.

Soon after, another Salamanca defender would be grabbing his head, after attempting to clear the header by Juanpe, only for the deflection to go into his sides goal. Igor Gabilondo would score for the second game in a row when his shot rifled past Salamanca's goalkeeper in the 19th minute.

Josep Sene would soon score his side's 4th goal with a thumping header in the 23rd minute, courtesy of an Ander Lafuente cross. After coming on in the 2nd half, David Miguelez would cooly dispatch his free-kick into the top left-hand post, to add to the scoreline. Juanpe added his 7th goal of the season when Lafuente took the corner, with Juanpe blasting his shot into the goal.

Eduardo Ubis cooly slotted his penalty, and Logrones went into half-time leading Racing. Racing returned into the second half with a new motivation, and Ander Lafuente scored his 2nd goal three minutes after both teams came up the pitch for the second half.

As Racing pushed for a goal, Andreu had to be substituted in the 81st minute, after a lunging tackle made by Herrero's, Logrones's centre-back. This has been the 4th injury since the turn of the new year.

Sub On: Borja Granero, Hector Simon, Miguel Angel Nieto
Racing Goals: Vicente Moscardo (5), Abraham (12), Igor Gabilondo (19), Josep Sene (19), David Miguelez (78) & Juanpe (8)
Salamanca's Goals: None
Man of the Match: Ander Lafuente (Racing) 9.3

Another exceptional update, some very good results and your doing very well in the league :)
Nice detailed match reports there as well as some good results! Just need to nick the title off of Oviedo!
As much as I love Oviedo, I'll be incredibly annoyed if they pip you to that top spot, you need that easier play-off run-in :P Shame about the loss, but I'd say the 6-0 more than tops that...6 more wins, boi, six more wins!
Another fantastic update, sorry for the lack of comments, that will stop because it's squeaky bum time and you're gonna win the title ;)
@Josh_MU: Thanks :)

@Jack: We have a match against Oviedo, away!

@Rab: 6 more wins and I'll get top spot (hopefully)

@Walter: Hahaha, s'okay, comments aren't the biggest thing of the world

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