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Racing Santander: Raul's Chance

Started on 25 October 2013 by Jer
Latest Reply on 28 June 2014 by Neal
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@Justice: Not even Atletico, hahaha! It was a heart breaker when they started flowing in, and I really do hope that my signings pay off their price tag (even if it's very low, the club is in NO position to make signings that involve giving out money)

@Neal: Scew the Liga, bringing Canales is a lot more important to me ;), how is he doing in your Sociedad save?


Josep Sene:

Saul and Sotres out?

Marca can exclusively report that Saul and Daniel Sotres are on the verge of moving clubs, thanks to an inside source from Racing's camp. The source also stated that these two players are looking to move thanks to the low time spent on the pitch, albeit they both agree that this has happened because of Mario's spectacular performances.

Talented and young goalkeeper Daniel Sotres has asked for a loan, but there is no interest for the goalkeeper, even if he is regarded as a better shot-stopper than Saul, despite his young age. The young goalkeeper made his debut when Racing were in the Liga BBVA two years ago, against Malaga at the latter stages of the season that saw Los Racinguistas drop down a division. The goalkeeper however, used social media Twitter, to distance himself from a move from El Sardinero. The statement read..

To move from Racing during these periods of happiness would be ridiculous, especially in January. I've been working on my game to impress Raul, yes, but this is my childhood club, a club that I share too many golden memories to leave.

Daniel Sotres

Will Sotres cries for minutes on the pitch be heard by the coaching staff?

Meanwhile, Saul, who had only joined in the summer of 2013, has reportedly been seen in Murcia, as UCAM are looking to wrap up the deal before deadline day tomorrow. The goalkeeper has not made an appearance in a Racing shirt, prompting to a request earlier this month, before UCAM made their interest concrete with a bid earlier today. Saul, who has been earning 1,700 per week at El Sardinero, will be offloaded to UCAM, pending on a medical tomorrow.

KEYNOTE: In my next monthly update, I'll include the first two fixtures from February,
Ah a goalie wanting minutes. Don't you hate that especially when they are backups?
All these silly goalkeepers thinking they are good enough to play :))
I hate backup players crying for more minutes. Good thing you got rid of him -.-
@BayernAmerica: He's really talented, so I just might give him about 2-3 matches to prove himself, but I've subbed him out in a pre-season match after making atrocious mistakes. I hoped he learned from his mistakes

@Neal: Hahahahh xD

@AS4: One was a goalkeeper I wanted to get rid from the start, 1.7k is a lot for me, but I'm hoping that Sotres stays and challenges Mario for the #1 shirt

Miguelez, Duran and Bolado out

Racing can confirm that first team players such as David Miguelez, Ruben Duran and summer signing, Ivan Bolado, will miss action for at least two months, with injuries being the main reason. Racing, already missing the likes of Francis and Enrique Corrales, will have to either call upon Mamadou Kone or John Ayina, both currently unregistered for play in the Segunda Division B1.

Ruben Duran

The central midfielder had 15 league appearances for Racing before being disrupted by injury.

Racing's manager, Raul, has issued a statement in the club's official website,"I fully expect either [John] Ayina or [Mamadou] Kone to fill up the void left by both David [Miguelez] and Ivan [Bolado]. However, the squad's formation might have to change if either of these players don't perform, as we do possess a lot of attacking midfielder. It's up to them to step up."

Mamadou Kone

Will Kone take over the striker role at Racing?

As the statement continued, he did assure Racing fans the best from his squad. The Madrid local wrote,"Racing as a team has to cope with these injuries, and if we must focus on retaining first spot, because we all know that Real Oviedo will be looking to take any opportunities that we leave them. We cannot let these injuries make our heads drop."

Racing will be looking to consolidate top spot with a visit to the Miramar stadium at Marino.
I hope Kone can make a real impact this season, he seems like a good player! Good luck in the BBVA. :)
Can't say I've heard of them, but I hope the do well for you!
@Madridista: First, I need to focus on getting back to the Liga Adelante. It's crucial for the club's finances to reap on the money they give you, and hopefully I'm aiming for a play-offs finish if I do get there.

@LFC: Dw, they are shit.. Ayina played for PSG's youth though

January: New Beginnings

Racing Santander S.A.D. 3-0 Ourense

Saturday 4th January 2014 | El Sardinero | Att. 13,331
Segunda Division B1

Racing Santander XI: Mario, Echaide, Juanpe, Soria, Kevin, Duran, Andreu, Lafuente, Gabilondo, Miguelez, Bolado

Racing Santander opened up the new year against high-flying Ourense at home, and their fans will not be disappointed in what they saw for debutants Josep Sene and Kevin in their first match in a Racing shirt.

As the match went on, and Racing pressed for their goal, they got it in the 13th minute, as Ivan Bolado scored close-shot, after getting rid of his mark. Racing continued to try their shots, after finishing the first half with 11 tried shots, with 4 on target.

Throughout the 2nd half, Racing looked for their second goal, and had an extra 7 shots, with 3
hitting the target. Racing finally scored their second goal of the game thanks to an Igor Gabilondo volley, to put Ourense's fans quiet.

At the dying embers of the game, Andreu sent Racing fans to raptures, leaving them with a header goal from a corner, whipped in by Lafuente.

Subs On: Miguel Angel Nieto, Josep Sene, Borja Granero
Goals: Ivan Bolado (13), Igor Gabilondo (64) & Andreu (89)
Ourense Goals: None
Man of the Match:Andreu (Racing) 7.9

Racing Santander S.A.D. 3-0 Sporting 'B'

Saturday 11th January 2014 | El Sardinero | Att. 22,124
Segunda Division B1

Racing Santander XI: Mario, Echaide, Juanpe, Soria, Kevin, Andreu, Duran, Lafuente, Gabilondo, Miguelez, Bolado

Racing Santander hosted Sporting 'B' in what was perhaps one of the most consistent performances from 'Los Racinguistas'. It didn't surprise anybody when Racing's centre-back, Juanpe, took the lead in the 14th minute with a thumping header from a corner. Igor Gabilondo doubled their lead with a great shot that hit the top post and went back in, much to the delight of his manager.

After the half-time break, Ivan Bolado had to be substituted in the 53rd minute, with Josep Sene going in for the striker. However, David Miguelez would score the 3rd goal for Racing, and the game, with a close-range shot. The match quickly dulled out, and Racing claimed 3 crucial points, in their bid to get back to the Liga Adelante.

Sub On: Borja Granero, Josep Sene
Racing Goals: Juanpe (14), Igor Gabilondo (42) & David Miguelez
Sporting 'B' Goals: None
Man of the Match: Igor Gabilondo (Racing) 8.0

Compostela 0-3 Racing Santander S.A.D.

Sunday 19th January 2014 | Santiago de Compostela | Att. 1,290
Segunda Division B1

Racing Santander XI: Mario, Francis, Juanpe, Soria, Kevin, Duran, Granero, Lafuente, Gabilondo, Yeste, Miguelez

Racing continued their rich vein of form in the new year with yet another 3-0 score, the third consecutive by Los Racinguistas. Another positive that Racing fans were happy to hear was that Francis was back in play after not appearing for the last 3 matches.

Throughout the match, Racing looked capable of hurting Compostela, but every shot they had against their hosts, their goalkeeper, Laureda, would save. However, a great engineered goal by David Miguelez in the 17th minute gave them a deserved lead. Ander Lafuente would double the lead in the following minute, after a terrible error by Compostela's players allowed the winger to score.

David Miguelez would quickly extend Racings lead when he scored yet another goal from close-range in the 37th minute. After half-time, Racing added yet another injury on their list when Ruben Duran received a harsh tackle in the 54th minute, and quickly Borja Granero replaced the injured midfielder.

Sub On: Borja Granero
Racing Santander Goals: David Miguelez (17,37) Ander Lafuente (18)
Compostela's Goals: None
Man of the Match: David Miguelez (Racing) 8.8

U.D. Logrones 2-2 Racing S.A.D.

Saturday 25th January 2014 | Nuevo Las Gaunas | Att. 3,246
Segunda Division B1

Racing Santander XI: Mario, Francis, Juanpe, Soria, Kevin, Lafuente, Yeste, Andreu, Gabilondo, Sene, Yeste

Racing visited Logrones for their fourth match of 2014, and they failed to deliver, as they dropped two crucial points, ahead of their top spot fight against Oviedo. Racing were led by an inspired Ander Lafuente, who scored a brace, with each goal coming in each half, to keep Racing's unbeaten run in the Segunda Division B1 running.

Racing started out the match with Ander Lafuente grabbing a goal, in which he scored a one-on-one against Logrones's goalkeeper Martinez. Eduardo Ubis then equalized for the hosts, after a series of passes and a deflection on Juanpe left Mario standing on his feet. Right before half-time, Javi Soria was fighting for the ball against Eduardo Ubis, and after some tussle, the ref whistled and pointed to the spot.

Eduardo Ubis cooly slotted his penalty, and Logrones went into half-time leading Racing. Racing returned into the second half with a new motivation, and Ander Lafuente scored his 2nd goal three minutes after both teams came up the pitch for the second half.

As Racing pushed for a goal, Andreu had to be substituted in the 81st minute, after a lunging tackle made by Herrero's, Logrones's centre-back. This has been the 4th injury since the turn of the new year.

Sub On: Borja Granero, Hector Simon
Racing Goals: Ander Lafuente (18,48)
U.D. Logrones Goals: Eduardo Ubis (28,44)
Man of the Match: Eduardo Ubis (U.D. Logrones) 8.8

Racing Santander S.A.D. 4-2 Guijuelo

Saturday 1st February 2014 | El Sardinero | Att. 14,415
Segunda Division B1

Racing Santander XI: Mario, Francis, Juanpe, Soria, Kevin, Lafuente, Andreu, Simon, Gabilondo, Miguelez, Yeste

Racing Santander hosted Guijuelo in a match where Raul's side bounced back after dropping points against Logrones last week

David Miguelez gave Racing the lead in the 9th minute after going clean through onto goal, leaving goalkeeper Wilfredo with no chance against the incisive striker. Igor Gabilondo soon doubled Racings lead with a some nice passes between himself, new signing Simon and Yeste.

Half-time quickly came, and the score remained 2-0, in favor of Racing when both teams left the pitch.

As Racing slept, Guijuelo took their chances, with Oscar Valero capitalizing on a mistake made by Juanpe, leaving the score 2-1. As Guijuelo pressed for a goal, Racing sat back, something they had only done against Barcelona, which surprised the home fans. However, this was a smart tactical change by Raul, as his side hit Guijuelo in a nice counter-attack, and Yeste scored a thumping volley, leaving Racing 2 goals up.

In the dying minutes of the game, Igor Gabilondo put the game into end after a well placed shot from 18 yards. Guijuelo would have the last shout for goal when Babi scored a close-range shot a minute after Gabilondo's strike.

Sub On: Ion Echaide, Josep Sene, Borja Granero
Racing Goals: David Miguelez (9), Igor Gabilondo (23,84) & Yeste (72)
Guijuelo Goals: Oscar Valero (60) & Babi (85)
Man of the Match: Igor Gabilondo (Racing) 9.4

Marino 1-4 Racing Santander S.A.D.

Saturday 8th February 2014 | Miramar | Att. 801
Segunda Division B1

Racing Santander XI: Mario, Francis, Juanpe, Soria, Kevin, Lafuente, Granero, Simon, Gabilondo, Sene, Yeste

Racing Santander visited Marino without a starting striker, with Raul favoring a 4-2-4 formation, something that puzzled both fans and commentators, but reaped fantastic results.

Josep Sene gave Racing the lead in the 9th minute after exchanging passes with his team-mates, and will be happy to have scored his first goal in a Racing shirt. Racing extended their lead with after Boris failed to clear the ball, and scored an own goal. The build-up of the own goal, included a Francisco Yeste chip on Marino's goalkeeper, Rafa Ponzo, before Boris could not clear out the ball.

After half-time, Racing kept pressing for goals, and scored twice in the period of two minutes when Yeste scored two outside shots, much to the delight of his manager, Raul. However, both Yeste and Gabilondo had to be stretchered later in game, with John Ayina making his debut in a Racing shirt.

Jose Angel scored the consolation goal for Marino in the last minute of injury time, when Racing looked the weakest throughout the whole game.

Sub On: Andreu, John Ayina, Miguel Angel Nieto
Racing Goals: Josep Sene (9), Boris (25 OG) & Yeste (58,59)
Guijuelo Goals: Jose Angel (90+1)
Man of the Match: Fran Yeste (Racing) 9.4

Solid start to the season, promotion is on the cards for sure! :)
Wow what a great update! The amount of work you put into this really inspires me.
@The Madridista: Thanks, and I need it, for finances

@Josh_MU: Thanks mate, I appreciate it!

Raul: Francis and Hector Simon out again

Racing can confirm that Francis and Hector Simon both have been sidelined with injury, ahead of their crunch match against 4th placed Caudal. Francis had been injured earlier in the season, while Hector Simon arrived at El Sardinero carrying an injury, after picking it up earlier in December.

Hector Simon

The central midfielder had started to impress for Racing, before being disrupted by injury.

Racing's manager, Raul, has issued a statement in the club's official website,"It's a shame that we won't count on either of these players against our away fixture against Caudal, but the club, alongside me, will want to see these players fully recover." Raul's statement followed by saying,"We will focus on getting these players to top fitness, but Hector's [Simon] injury is harsher than Francis's, after he felt pain in the back. I want to assure the fans that I fully expect that the players that will take on their places to impress me. The club can also confirm that Enrique [Corrales] is fit to face Caudal."

Francis also wrote in Racing's official website, very disappointed with his injuries. The statement read,"Utterly disappointed with another injury in the space of 3 months. These are the type of things that make you think about your playing career. Nevertheless, I'll be there every match, cheering on the team!"


Is Francis going to call his time on his playing career following this injury?

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