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Racing Santander: Raul's Chance

Started on 25 October 2013 by Jer
Latest Reply on 28 June 2014 by Neal
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Amazing win over Oviedo at the very end of the season where it counted most! Great work on promotion! :D
@Neal: Thanks mate, it was awesome to celebrate at Oviedo!
Congrats on promotion! :D
Also, a couple of very good, and detailed updates :)
@AS4: Thanks mate, means a lot coming from you :D

Contract Talks

I had done it, finished 1st on the Segunda Division B1. Finished as the sole champions, leading all the other 19 teams, breaking records along the way. We had finished with 102 points, and scored 113 goals in 38 outings. We had won the title, and in a fashion that I'd like to repeat in the Liga Adelante.

My contract was going to end in 6 weeks, and I had no contact from the chairman, Angel Lavin, and some rumors from Marca were already coming up that I wanted to leave Racing. I shrugged those rumors and continued to the Racing's facilities, to meet up with my staff. We were planning of letting various players out of the club when June arrived, and we had to look at targets. However, Inaki Tejada, my assistant manger, said that the board wished to see me. Was this, surely for the contract renewal?

I was not nervous at all, unlike the first time I stepped into Racing's boardroom. I had achieved promotion to the Liga Adelante, lead Barcelona at a certain period of time in the Copa del Rey and managed to break some records along the way. Either way, with Lavin, you never knew. I stepped in where I saw all the Racing board, and what looked like a pile of sheets, pinned together. I greeted them, and sat down, anxiously awaiting what my future awaited.

Angel Lavin: Welcome, Raul. I think we all are on the same page on why we have called you, correct?

Raul: Yes, if I'm correct, this is about my contract renewal, right?

Angel Lavin: Correct. Racing is pleased with your management of the team over the past 10 months, and we'd like for you to commit to the club on a 2 year-contract, with the same basic wage.

Raul: I'll agree to that contract, only if it's a one-year rolling contract, and if we get promoted to the BBVA, and I want a 50% increase, deal?

Angel Lavin: Considering what you have done for this club, we agree to this. If you could sign just here..

Congrats! :D
Raul's a cheeky bastard with his 50% increases ;) Well done in the league!
Great performance in the league! Let's hope you can do well next season!
@Maddy: Thanks :D!

@Jack: Well, I didn't get any increase, so what the hell :P

@Josh: I'm counting on it, and so are the fans and club!

Where Next for Racing stars?

Rumors around El Sardinero are that Raul has rejected approaches for defensive duo, Juanpe and Javi Soria, Ivan Bolado and Igor Gabilondo. However, he did accept an offer for Enrique Corrales, who has fallen from the pecking order at Racing, ever since Kevin and Dani Castellano arrived at the club.

Javi Soria, a standout figure in Racing's season last year, is speculated to have an offer at the table from Petrolul, from Romania. It is rumored that the Romanian side offered £300,000 for the immediate transfer of the player, but Raul counter-offered to a £500,000. No word from the Romanian side has been heard, which probably means that the 30 year-old centre-back is likely to stay at El Sardinero, for the time being.

Javi Soria

Javi Soria: Raul rejected a big offer for his 30 year-old centre-back

His 'partner-in-crime', Juanpe, was also speculated of a bid from the same Romanian side. Both centre-backs formed an admirable relationship in the heart of the defense, but yet again, Raul was stubborn to sell in what it looks to remain his same centre-back first choice. Rumors around Marca, Transfermarkt and Goal state that the offer was for about £250,000, but Raul valued Juanpe at a minimum of £750,000, which was out of the Romanian's price range.


Juanpe, 23, kept a record of 15 clean sheets last season

Ivan Bolado is a man in demand, according to his agent, Anton Yurukov. Mallorca, Hercules and Aviles have put in bids, according to the Bulgarian agent, but Raul, among the clubs named, have swiftly rejected those claims. Raul said,"All the world knows about Racing's current financial situation, and honestly, if a good offer comes to the table, we will have to consider it, no matter who it is. We've brought in Ivan [Bolado] on a free transfer, and have extended his contract the past season, it'll take a good offer to lure him from Racing, a team he truly loves, after he made his return last season. Any money we gain for him will go to the aid of the club."

Ivan Bolado

Wanted Man: Ivan Bolado could make the move to new BBVA club Mallorca.

Igor Gabilondo, perhaps the best free signing of the season, has claimed that Racing refused a £30,000 bid for him. Raul said,"Igor Gabilondo, scored 17 goals last term, and had 23 assists. I dare you to name me a player that did that when he was 35 at a decent league. If you can do that, then I'll sell you Igor [Gabilondo] at £30,000. Whichever team that comes for Igor Gabilondo must know, that until we get an offer that satisfies us, we will not sell."

Igor Gabilondo

Key Player: Gabilondo had his best season yet in his career with Racing last term.
Great update Jeremy. Hopefully you can keep them for another promotion push?
*Reply to your comment of 'comment'*

Prat stays, Bolado leaves

Ever since Jacobo Prat walked into his trial at Racing 3 months ago, Raul knew that he was going to be a big talent. A talent, that Raul knew that he had to keep quiet, or either big clubs such as Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atletico would come, but the talent of the young midfielder have not gone unnoticed, with Valencia reportedly already making an offer, according to Marca and Transfermarkt.

Valencia are rumored to have offered £250,000 for the talented youngster, in which Raul refused, as he sees Prat as the next big thing to come from Racing’s youth. He, however, put a £2.5 million price tag on the 15 year-old last night, which could potentially put off future clubs, and Valencia in the interest for the youngster.

Jacobo Prat

Part of Raul's Revolution: Prat will remain at El Sardinero for the time being.

Racing, however, will have to say goodbye to Ivan Bolado for the second time of his career, as he will meet up with his new manager, Jose Luis Oltra, Mallorca’s manager. The striker was ‘unavailable for transfer’ by Racing’s manager, Raul earlier this week, however, he has made the move to Mallorca, who are recruiting players for their bid to stay up at the Liga BBVA.

After negotiations throughout the last two weeks, it is reported that both Angel Lavin, Racing’s chairman and Mallorca’s, Gabriel Cerda agreed an initial £235,000 deal, that can rise up to £250,000 depending on performances by the Equitorial Guinean international. It will be interesting what Raul will have to say for this matter, as he saw the 25 year-old as a 'crucial player' last season at the Segunda Division B1, as he scored 12 goals in 28 appearances for his second spell at Racing.

Ivan Bolado

Gone: Racing's main striker last season will join up with Mallorca later today.

After both clubs made the official announcement on their websites, a comment from Racing’s fan, Racing6969 read,”A huge blow for us not to have Ivan in our squad next year, but I believe that Raul will bring in someone to help us in the Liga Adelante. Hala Racing!”
Nice update Pauk, "Racing6969" :))
2014-04-16 09:01#169821 Walter : Because it's squeaky bum time and you're gonna win the title ;)

Also.. Did I call it or what?! xD

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