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Racing Santander: Raul's Chance

Started on 25 October 2013 by Jer
Latest Reply on 28 June 2014 by Neal
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Evaluating Racing's January Signings

It's been 3 months since January has passed and today, we bring you an exclusive in-depth analysis whether Raul's big-money signings have fared in his team.

Hector Simon

The first signing that Raul made in the January window was Hector Simon. Hector Simon joined from rivals Real Oviedo in an £80,000 deal, and has so far been plagued by injuries. Even though Racing fans are yet to be convinced by the player, Raul has been, as he signed the player, even though he would miss the first weeks of the New Year with an injury. Hector has been limited to only 4 appearances in a Racing shirt, and two of those came off the bench. Hector Simon has a limited period of time to show Racing fans and his manager, Raul, that he is the player that can lead them to the Liga Adelante.
The now Racing midfielder has struggled to make an impact at El Sardinero.

Josep Sene

Many thought that Josep Sene would never become a fan favorite, especially after joining from title-chasing rivals Real Oviedo. Boy, were they wrong. Josep Sene has featured regularly after a series of injuries to Francisco Yeste, David Miguelez and Ruben Duran. Josep Sene has 11 appearances in a Racing shirt, but 3 of those came from the bench, which were during the time he had arrived earlier in January. Sene has contributed to his fellow team-mates, grabbing three assists, as well 8 goals, including a hat-trick last month. Many of the Racing fans have been pleased with this signing, especially Sene's after some impressive performances have seen him getting cheered on matches. Many experts and fans have been calling Sene the 'bargain of the season'.
Will Sene come back and haunt his old club back away? *look behind*


Kevin was seen as a panic buy, after their main and only left-back, Enrique Corrales was sidelined for 2 months. Kevin, however, has put an impressive run of form, which has kept out Corrales out of the first-team picture. Kevin is yet to score or assist in the 11 appearances he has worn the Racing shirt, but the left-back role is not specified to do that, with Corrales grabbing 1 goal and 4 assists in the 26 matches he has featured for Racing. Just maybe, Kevin was the player that Racing needed to up their game, and he has certainly done that.
Kevin playing during his time at Mallorca

Jacobo Prat

The future is looking bright for 'Los Racinguistas', as the team looks to get promoted to the Liga Adelante, and having passionate and avid fans on trials at the club. Jacobo Frat, a 15 year-old that lives in Santander, went to the Racing trials after a series of games at his high-school. Rumor is that Frat is so talented, that Raul himself went to the trial game and spoke to the midfielder of signing a contract with the club. With each passing day, it's looking likely that Frat will be signing with his boy-hood club.
The future looks bright for Jacobo Prat at Racing Santander
Looks like Sene was your best buy thus far! Also, that 15 year old looks like a great talent :)
What Nealão said - Sene has been doing the business for you B)
Sene seems to be doing really well, so hopefully he can keep up the good form!
Another nice update Pauker :D
@Neal: He's looking real good, no?

@Walter: Sene's been awesome, has taken Yeste's spot from AM

@Pompey: Hopefully he'll deliver against Oviedo, his former team (away)! Thanks man!

April: Keeping up with Oviedo

S.D. Logrones 2-4 Racing Santander S.A.D.

Saturday 5th April 2014 | Nuevo los Gaunas | Att. 1,525
Segunda Division B1

Racing Santander XI: Mario, Francis, Juanpe, Soria, Kevin, Granero, Duran, Lafuente, Gabilondo, Sene, Miguelez

Ander Lafuente showed yet another strong showing against Logrones, which helped maintain the difference with Oviedo to one point as he scored a brace against mid-table team S.D. Logrones.

Logrones quickly got into the lead with a Manolo Candelas, after he was left alone, and he took his chance well in the 15th minute. Racing responded after 13 minutes, with Ruben Duran grabbing himself a goal, with his effort going into Logrones's top-right corner.

Josep Sene would give Racing the lead for the first time in the game with a thumping header inside the area in the 52nd minute. Ander Lafuente would end any chance for Logrones to come back into the game with a two-minute salvo, with the two goals being nodded inside. However, Logrones's player, Javier Torres gave them the final goal of the match in the 77th minute.

Subs On: Ion Echaide, Andreu, Ivan Bolado
Goals: Ruben Duran (28) Josep Sene (52) & Ander Lafuente (73,75)
Logrones Goals: Manuel Candelas (15) & Javier Torres (77)
Man of the Match: Ander Lafuente (Racing) 9.3

Zamora 1-5 Racing Santander S.A.D.

Saturday 12th April 2014 | Ruta de la Plata | Att. 2,855
Segunda Division B1

Racing Santander XI: Mario, Frances, Juanpe, Soria, Kevin, Duran, Granero, Lafuente, Gabilondo, Sene, Miguelez

Racing continued their impressive run of form away, with a 5-1 win against Zamora, who put in a fight in the first-half.

Josep Sene scored in the 9th minute to give Racing the lead, with an impressive goal outside the area, after a well-engineered play. The next goal would come right before half-time, as Zamora
equalized with a well-shot effort by Jorge Hernandez in the 41st minute. David Miguelez would score during added time in the first-half to give Racing the lead, just before half-time.

Josep Sene scored his 9th goal in a Racing shirt to extend Racing's lead to 3-1 in the 55th minute with a well-placed shot. Javi Soria would make it 4-1 with a thumping header after Ander Lafuente whipped in the corner in the 64th minute. Ander Lafuente would finally grab his well-deserved goal in the 85th minute to complete the rout and give Racing fans a cool head ahead of their match against Noja at home.

Sub On: Ivan Bolado, Fran Yeste, Andreu
Racing Goals: Josep Sene (9,55), David Miguelez (45+1), Javi Soria (64) & Ander Lafuente (85)
Zamora Goals: Jorge Hernandez (41)
Man of the Match: Josep Sene (Racing Santander) 9.5

Racing Santander S.A.D. 2-1 Noja

Sunday 15th March 2014 | Reino de Leon | Att. 1,290
Segunda Division B1

Racing Santander XI: Mario, Francis, Juanpe, Soria, Kevin, Duran, Granero, Lafuente, Gabilondo, Sene, Miguelez

Racing Santander hosted Noja and kept Oviedo's lead in touch, ahead of their match-up at Oviedo next month.

Racing raced into the lead, after Rodrigo, Noja's centre-back, conceded a penalty in the 5th minute, in which Ruben Duran executed, and scored. Ander Lafuente scored the second goal of the game after getting the ball from a perfect pass from Josep Sene. Noja quickly equalized when Owona had to tap the ball in after a series of rebounds in Mario's area.

Racing had to substitute Ruben Duran in the 50th minute after receiving a harsh tackle by his opponent. A turning point in the match was when Noja's goalscorer, Owona, got a red card for fouling substitute Ivan Bolado in the 74th minute.

Sub On: Ivan Bolado, Ion Echaide, Fran Yeste
Racing Santander Goals: Ruben Duran (5) Ander Lafuente (40
Noja's Goals: Owona (42)
Man of the Match: Ander Lafuente (Racing Santander S.A.D.) 7.7

Racing Santander S.A.D. 3-2 Aviles

Saturday 26th April 2014 | El Sardinero | Att. 14,095
Segunda Division B1

Racing Santander XI: Mario, Francis, Juanpe, Soria, Kevin, Lafuente, Duran, Granero, Gabilondo, Sene, Miguelez

Racing hosted Aviles at El Sardinero, the team that ended Racing's unbeaten streak in December of 2013.

Racing raced into the lead with a 28th minute goal from Igor Gabilondo, who had not scored in 6 matches. Aviles, however, equalized in the 42nd minute with a header in the low left corner, leaving Mario with no chance of reaching the ball. Racing had other plans, as Juanpe scored a goal in the 44th minute of the game after a series of rebounds left the centre-back the goal at his mercy.

After half-time, it was a heated match, as 2 yellow cards were given to Racing's player. Juanpe scored his 9th goal of the season to give Racing a fresh, breathing air. Javier Casas scored in the 88th minute to with a well placed shot in the top right corner to put the match into doubt. However, it was not enough for Aviles, as the match ended 3-2, in Racing's favor.

Sub On: Borja Granero, Hector Simon, Miguel Angel Nieto
Racing Goals: Igor Gabilondo (27) & Juanpe (44,71)
Aviles's Goals: Javier Modrego (42) & Javier Casas (88)
Man of the Match: Juanpe (Racing) 9.2

Racing confirm Dani Castellano signing

Racing have confirmed that Dani Castellano, who played for Las Palmas during the past two years, will sign a contract in the next few days, after impressing in his trial. Dani Castellano has been without a club throughout the whole season, but, after an impressive trial, Raul decided to sign the 25 year-old left-back.

Raul said,"Dani Castellano is a talented left-back, and pretty young as well, and will compete with Kevin and Enrique [Corrales] for the left-back role next season. However, he will not be able to play against Oviedo or Coruxo in our last two matches of the season, as he cannot be registered for the Segunda Division B1. Meanwhile, he will get his match-fitness levels up with Racing "B", and hopefully he will be available for the play-offs to get back in the Liga Adelante."

During Castellano's unveiling press conference, he said,"I'm glad to be here, especially with Raul next to me. To be at a club that has the likes of Igor [Gabilondo], Francisco [Yeste], Mario and all the other folks is incredible. I have to pinch myself to remind me that it's not a dream." Dani Castellano is expected to sign a 2 year contract with a wage of 1,700 per week.

Dani Castellano

Dani Castellano speaking to the press at the press conference at Santander

Dani Castellano, previously on trial, was recommended by Kevin, inside club sources say. Both players contested the left-back role during the same period of time in Mallorca "B", but Dani Castellano also had more appearances during that time period. Following key signings such as Sene, Kevin and Hector Simon, is Raul gearing up for Spain's 2nd division, the Liga Adelante?
Good signing there mate. So close to sealing automatic promotion, you can do it!!
@Neal: The next match is against Oviedo.. away! (If I win, I will celebrate at Oviedo, which would be the bestl)

Racing to sign Macauley Chrisantus and Xavi Marques

Racing have confirmed that both Macauley Chrisantus and Xavi Marques will join them in the summer when their contracts expire at Las Palmas and Reus respectively. Racing manager, Raul, decided to reveal the agreement between the two players and the club hours before-hand their crucial match-up against Oviedo, away.

Macauley Christanus has played for Las Palmas for the last two years in the Liga Adelante, and has scored 22 goals in 74 appearances for the team, a statistic not in the favor for the 23 year-old Nigerian. Raul, however, said,"Macauley [Chrisantus] is a fantastic talent, and once I heard about him earlier this month, I decided to go watch him in Las Palmas, and he impressed me, with him grabbing a brace. I know that many of our fans are worried about having a striker who did not live up to expectations at Las Palmas, but you have to acknowledge that he has played at a different level than we have this season."

Macauley Chrisantus

Chrisantus will be looking to improve his record in the Liga Adelante with Racing, if Racing get promotion.

Xavi Marques, in the other hand, will join from Reus Deportiu once his contract will end, and will earn from 1,000-1,300, according to club sources. The 26 year-old, a former Barcelona youth product, has notched 6 goals and 6 assists for Reus in his final season at the club. The performances of the defensive-midfielder have helped them keep out of the relegation dog-fight this term, but it'll be a different aspect next season when the midfielder won't be wearing the red-and-black shirt..

Xavi Marques

Xavi Marques will join up with Liga Adelanta chasers Racing in July.


Both have really good attributes, great captures!
Two great signings there! Very good stats and have room to improve. Hopefully they will perform well for you!
Some good solid signings there mate, really liking the looks of chrisantus! :D
@Jack: Thanks mate, they do look good :D!

@Josh: I'm counting on them to perform, or I'm screwed!

@Aaron: He does pretty solid no?

May: Segunda Division B1 Champions

Real Oviedo 1-2 Racing Santander S.A.D.

Sunday 6th May 2014 | Nuevo Carlos Tartiere | Att. 23,595
Segunda Division B1

Racing Santander XI: Mario, Corrales, Juanpe, Echaide, Kevin, Granero, Duran, Lafuente, Gabilondo, Sene, Miguelez

Racing Santander became Segunda Division B1 champions today after a win against their title-rivals, Real Oviedo, at Nuevo Carlos Tartiere.

Ivan Rubio and the rest of the defense were looking shaky at the start of the match, but they calmed the home support as they cleared the ball numerous times, regardless of the severity of Racing's attack. This however, would not stop Gabilondo from scoring. Igor Gabilondo, fresh from scoring against Aviles, had only to tap the ball in from the left side, as former Oviedo player, Josep Sene, had served the ball well when he smashed his effort against Pol, who could only stop Sene from scoring.

Many chances followed, but both teams were wasteful in front, with Nestor Susaeta missing a one on one against Mario. Racing finished the first half of the game as winners, but anything can happen in the second half.

Early in the second half, Juanpe tackled Cervero, and earned his second yellow card, earning himself an early bath. With that same free-kick, Ivan Rubio curled the ball into the top-right corner, which no goalkeeper in the world, could reach. Sergio Diaz got himself a straight red card after tackling Miguelez as the last-man, and evened out the game. It was looking like a draw late into the game, but Igor Gabilondo scored a half-volley in the 86th minute to give Raul's side the three points, and the Segunda Division B1 title.

Subs On: Miguel Angel Nieto, Hector Simon, Ion Echaide
Goals: Igor Gabilondo (18,86)
Oviedo's Goals: Ivan Rubio (61)
Man of the Match:Igor Gabilondo (Racing) 8.8

Racing Santander S.A.D. 3-0 Ferrol

Sunday 11th May 2014 | O Vao | Att. 1,500
Segunda Division B1

Racing Santander XI: Sotres, Francis, Echaide, Soria, Corrales, Simon, Granero, Lafuente, Gabilondo, Sene, Miguelez

Racing played their final match of the season against Coruxo, away, and their manager, Raul, gave debuts to his youngsters, Fermin Ilundain and Jacobo Prat.

Racing played perhaps the first-half of their entire season, as they conceded in the 38th minute thanks to Ion Echaide making a mistake, which led to Lusamba's goal. Half-time came in, and Raul's side came out 5 minutes earlier than expected.

David Miguelez scored from 18 yards as he curled in the free-kick in the 57th minute, and with the draw, Racing reached triple digits, as they (at the time) had 100 points. However, Lafuente scored a minute after, with Hector Simon giving the winger a perfect pass for goal.

Josep Sene then scored a close-ranged effort after a well engineered play by Jacobo Prat and Francis in the 76th minute.

Sub On: Fermin Ilundain, Jacobo Prat
Racing Goals: David Miguelez (57), Ander Lafuente (58), Josep Sene (76)
Coruxo's Goals: Lusamba (38)
Man of the Match: David Miguelez (Racing) 8.3

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