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Racing Santander: Raul's Chance

Started on 25 October 2013 by Jer
Latest Reply on 28 June 2014 by Neal
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@Louis: Can't I speak myself now? GAWD.

@Kane: Heh.

@Patrick: Ikr?

@Walter: Thanks, I was scared when they went up by 3 ;P

September: Rampaging Through The League

Extremadura U.D. 0-5 Racing Santander S.A.D.

Wednesday 4th September 2013 | Almandrelejo | Att. 1,962
Copa del Rey 1st Round

Racing Santander XI: Mario, Francis, Juanpe, Soria, Echaide, Granero, Andreu, Lafuente, Gabilondo, Yeste, Bolado

Racing Santander started out their Copa del Rey run with a win against same ranked lower-league Extremadura U.D.. The opening goal was scored from recently contracted Igor Gabilondo, firing a shot outside from the goalkeepers' area.

Andreu soon doubled the lead with just minutes after Gabilondo's goal, after a corner-kick got in his way, and fired a volley, leaving Extremadura's goalkeeper, Adrian Murcia, looking at the ball go into his net.

Not long after, Santander's striker, Ivan Bolado, would have an opportunity to put the game into an end, after scoring a wonderful goal, beating the goalkeeper.

After a half-time break and team-talk, Extremadura and Racing got back into play, with Santander's goalkeeper, Mario, forced to make multiple saves.

After some good reflexes by Mario midway through the second-half, Racing's deadly counter-attack, and winger, Igor Gabilondo, saw the doubts of a comeback by Extremadura put to an end.

Late into the game, Gabilondo secured his final and third goal, with a brilliant placed shot, as Racing strolled into the next round.

Subs On: Oriol, Enrique Corrales, David Miguelez
Goals: Igor Gabilondo (19,73,83), Andreu (24), Ivan Bolado (27)
Extremadura Goals: None
Man of the Match: Igor Gabilondo(Racing) 9.6

Racing Santander S.A.D. 3-0 Compostela

Sunday 8th September 2013 | El Sardinero | Att. 13,229

Racing Santander XI: Mario, Francis, Juanpe, Soria, Corrales, Granero, Andreu, Lafuente, Gabilondo, Yeste, Bolado

Racing had their midfield to thank on a breezy afternoon at El Sardinero as they showed their strikers how to finish.

Goalkeeper Adrian Laureda showed a sign of things to come as he nearly gifted Racing Santander a goal on the 12th minute. Experienced winger, Igor Gabilondo, carried his form, by giving Racing the lead with a header in the 17th minute.

Centre-back Juanpe double Racing Santander's lead with a tidy finish from 10 meters in the 72nd minute. Winger Miguel Angel Nieto completed the rout, with a well-placed finish in the dying embers of the game.

Sub On: Ion Echaide, Miguel Angel Nieto, David Miguelez
Racing Goals: Igor Gabilondo (17), Juanpe (72), Miguel Angel Nieto (90)
Compostela Goals: None
Man of the Match: Javi Soria (Racing) 8.5

Racing Santander 3-0 Alcoyano

Wednesday 11th September 2013 | El Sardinero | Att. 6,774
Copa del Rey 2nd Round

Racing Santander XI: Mario, Francis, Juanpe, Echaide, Corrales, Granero, Andreu, Lafuente, Nieto, Yeste, Bolado

Racing Santander enjoyed near total domination over a distinctly average C.D. Alcoyano side at El Sardinero this evening.

Centre-back Mario showed signs of things to come, as he nearly gifted Racing a goal in the 24th minute. That certainly didn't stop Santander winger Miguel Angel Nieto opened the scoring with a neat, tidy finish from 13 metres in the 25th minute.

C.D. Alcoyano's Javier Trenzano received an early bath for a professional foul with 29 minutes on the clock. An error from C.D. Alcoyano's Antonio Navarro allowed centre-back Juanpe score a good, powerful header just inside from the six-yard box in the 51st minute. Experienced striker David Miguelez put the doubts to an end when he scored a tidy finish in the 62nd minute.

Racing will face Huesca in the Copa del Rey 3rd Round.

Sub On: Javi Soria, David Miguelez, Igor Gabilondo
Racing Santander Goals: Miguel Angel Nieto (25) Juanpe (51), David Miguelez (62)
C.D. Alcoyano Goals: None
Man of the Match: Enrique Corrales (Racing) 8.9

Sporting 'B' 0-4 Racing Santander

Saturday 14th September 2013 | Mareo | Att. 1,062

Racing Santander XI: Mario, Francis, Agustin, Soria, Corrales, Nieto, Granero, Lafuente, Gabilondo, Yeste, Miguelez

Youth was no match to experience on a breezy evening at Mareo as a young Sporting 'B' team succumbed to a 4-0 defeat at the hands of a much more experienced Racing Santander

Experienced striker, David Miguelez, gave Racing Santander the lead with a fierce shot in the 32nd minute. Miguelez added his 2nd goal of the game with a well-placed shot from close-range in the 55th minute.

Racing debutant, Agustin, scored with a close range finish that was timed impeccably in the 73rd minute, to take Racing's score to 3. David Miguelez completed the scoring with a free-kick goal in the 84th minute.

Sub On: Ion Echaide, Andreu, Inaki
Racing Goals: David Miguelez (32,55,84), Agustin (73)
Sporting 'B' Goals:None
Man of the Match: David Miguelez (Racing) 9.6

Racing Santander 3-0 U.D. Logrones

Saturday 21st September 2013 | El Sardinero | Att. 13,524

Racing Santander XI: Mario, Francis, Juanpe, Soria, Corrales, Andreu, Granero, Nieto, Gabilondo, Yeste, Miguelez

In-form U.D. Logrones suffered a surprising 3-0 defeat against Racing in a breezy afternoon at El Sardinero

Centre-back Javi Soria gave Racing Santander the lead with a good header inside the penalty area in the 31st minute. Experienced winger Igor Gabilondo doubled Racing's lead with a close range finish shortly after, in the 33rd minute.

Experienced striker David Miguelez ended the rout with a well-placed shot in the 88th minute.

Sub On: Ion Echaide, Agustin, Ander Lafuente
Racing Goals: Javi Soria (31) Igor Gabilondo (33) David Miguelez (88)
U.D. Logrones Goals: None
Man of the Match: Igor Gabilondo (Racing) 8.7

C.D. Guijuelo 1-7 Racing Santander

Wednesday 25th September 2013 | Municipal de Guijuelo | Att. 1,027

Racing Santander XI: Mario, Francis, Juanpe, Soria, Corrales, Andreu, Granero, Nieto, Gabilondo, Yeste, Miguelez

A potentially serious injury suffered by Racing's Francisco Yeste overshadowed on the events what was a wet evening at the Municipal de Guijuelo.

Experienced striker David Miguelez gave Racing Santander the lead with a deftly executed free-kick in the 13th minute from 25 meters. Midfielder Ander Lafuente doubled Racing's lead with an incisive finish from 15 meters in the 20th minute.

Guijuelo's players quickly pounced at the opportunity when Racing's defender, Juanpe, let Antonio Pino to score a good header just inside the six-yard box in the 32nd minute. However, Miguelez added his 2nd goal of the game with a good header just inside the six-yard box in the 36th minute

David Miguelez scored his 3rd goal of the match with a nice poacher effort in the 45th minute, right before the referee ended the first half. Miguelez added his 4th goal of the match with a nice effort in the 69th minute.

Nieto added the 6th goal from the match to take Racing's tally to 6 goals, with a nicely executed finish. Substitute Inaki scored the final and 7th goal of the match with a fantastic volley in the 78th minute.

Injuries: Francisco Yeste (4) [Torn Hamstring 3-4 months out]
Sub On: Inaki, Agustin, Ander Lafuente
Racing Goals: David Miguelez (13,36,45,69) Ander Lafuente (20) Miguel Angel Nieto (74) Inaki (78)
Guijuelo's Goals: Antonio Pino (32)
Man of the Match: David Miguelez (Racing) 9.9

Racing Santander 2-0 Caudal

Sunday 29th September 2013 | El Sardinero | Att. 13,464

Racing Santander XI: Mario, Francis, Juanpe, Soria, Corrales, Andreu, Granero, Nieto, Gabilondo, Yeste, Miguelez

Racing had their midfield to thank on a breezy evening at El Sardinero as they showed that their strikers how to finish.

Racing Santander struggled getting into the match, opening the scoring in the 67th minute, thanks to a tidy finish by Andreu, in the 67th minute. Andreu finalized the rout with a long range volley in the 76th minute effort.

Sub On: Inaki, Ion Echaide, Ruben Duran
Racing Goals: Andreu (67,76)
Caudal's Goals: None
Man of the Match: Andreu (Racing) 8.6

Monthly Review:

This month has been particularly the best I've ever had in any FM save. I've just conceded once, played some beautiful football and can't stop scoring. Even though I've had to deal with injuries, everyone is stepping up, and making it tougher to choose the first XI. Hopefully, we can continue this form, and finish in the top by the end of the season.

League Table

Player of the Month:

David Miguelez
David Miguelez has been phenomenal this month, from being a player I would bring in for Bolado, to displacing the new addition. Picking up the Man of the Match awards on 2 occasions after 6 games played, the Spaniard has already shown his threat in front of goal, especially against Guijuelo, scoring a poker of goals. After 6 league games, Miguelez has already scored 8, and assisting a further 2, making him the only contender this month, with an average rating of 8.10.
Good stuff.
Nice Month. Hopefully you can keep this form up for the rest of the season.
Just read through and I am sitting waiting for more. Amazing
Walter: God, it's a hard one! :/

That's what she said.
Very nice to read mate, I'll be taking a page out of your book I think!
@Justice: Good stuff indeed :P.

@Edu: It was a beautiful month indeed, and hopefully I'll get this form forever and the players improving :P

@PackieK: Thanks for reading my story, and giving me your first post!

@Tbutcher1: Thanks, hehe.
Hmm, where have I seen that layout before? :P

Some very good results. That 7-1 victory! :D
Dat player of the month...
Really incredible month, amazing results. 'Mon the Racin'!

Raul blasts Andoni Goikotxea

After a series of injuries in the small Racing squad, notably Ander Lafuente's, Ivan Bolado's, Francisco Yeste's and David Miguelez's, amongst others, Raul, the current Racing manager, the team have struggled to play at their best, with the team conceding much more than what they did last month.

Raul Gonzalez

Raul disappointed at the injuries that are suffering at Racing.

However, in a pre-match conference, Raul, blasted on Equitoral Guinea manager, Andoni Goikotxea. The unbeaten Spanish manager said,"Ever since I've taken over, we've had to deal with injuries, which is normal at every club. Take Miguel Angel (Nieto) for example. When I arrived, he was injured, and he worked very hard for his spot now. But what just happened with Ivan (Bolado), is just ridiculous. We asked Andoni Goikotxea to let us keep Ivan (Bolado), since he just got out of a nasty injury. He hanged up on me, and Bolado was in his way to play against Somalia. This is unacceptable, and when Ivan (Bolado) is back, we are going to have a long chat about his international future, and here at the club."

Andoni Goikotxea

Will Andoni Goikotxea answer to Raul's recent comments?

The manager answered other questions, including the line-up against Huesca, and revealed that David Miguelez won't be taking part of the match, and he explained why. The former Real Madrid player said,"Unfortunately, we will be forced to play with Mamadou (Kone), who I'm expecting to step up, and put Bolado's and Miguelez's spot into contention. Miguelez was diagnosticated with food poisoning by the staff, and we believe that he will be in contention for the next match. We've continued to monitor David (Miguelez) poisoning all week and, after discussions, myself and the medical department have agreed to afford the player a couple more days rest.David (Miguelez) is naturally disappointed as he was keen to return to action, but we feel this decision is in the player's best interest."

David Miguelez

Will Miguelez be able to hold his spot, following his good form?

As the press-conference came to an end, Raul revealed that he was in negotiations with a number of players, including Ivan Gonzalez, whose deal was put off because of Racing's lack of funds earlier in the summer. The manager said,"Because we've got these series of injuries, myself, the staff, and the board, have decided to look for players that are currently un-attached to any club. After we carefully looked at the people who were available to be on a trial with us, without commitments, we decided to give trials to 29 year old striker Kepa, former Levante player, Gorka Larrea, and young left-back Carles Vidal. Over the next 2-3 weeks, we will be looking at signing at least 1 of the listed above."

Gorka Larrea

Will Gorka Larrea be signed in Raul's revolution at Racing?
HATE it when international players aren't rested when you ask for it :(
@Kane: Credits to the person itself, you, Kane Brooker :P. 'Twas very enjoyable to watch.

@Rablador: C'mon Racing indeed :P. David has been playing in such form, that not even CR7 bagging hat-tricks every match would displace him?

@Neal: Yup, they're a pain in the ass.

Ivan Gonzalez rejects Racing and joins Brentford

After months of careful planning, Raul Gonzalez, offered another contract, to Ivan Gonzalez, a former Castilla and Malaga player. After Raul had agreed with Ivan to sign him late into the summer transfer window, the deal was put off, as Racing did not scrape enough cash to sign the now Brentford player.

Ivan Gonzalez

The former Real Madrid player rejected a move to Racing, only to complete a deal to Brentford.

The Spanish player had agreed to sign with Racing earlier this year, in a deal that would see him earn £1,000 p/w, the same fee that Brentford offered this time around. However, many people believe that the only reason that Ivan Gonzalez didn't agree to sign with Racing, was that he was afraid that they didn't have enough budget to sign him. Even though, Racing fans seem disappointed at the fact that they don't have the same pull than Brentford, a Sky Bet League 1 side, (English 3rd division side). Even though Racing is sky-rocketing, it seems that they have lost their touch, wi h players such as Nikola Zigic or Ezequiel Garay playing previously at the club.

Raul Gonzalez

Will Raul be looking for another centre-back signing after he failed to sign Gonzalez?

The manager, amongst other questions, answered the one that Racing fans have been wanting to hear. Which of the three trialists will be signed on a permanent basis? The manager replied calmly,"All of the players are on time, have great skills, so it's making the job harder for me! But, since we lack depth in all these roles, we might have to sign them all. It all depends on how they'll do in the pitch against Huesca (Copa del Rey 4th Round game). If they perform, and have a solid debut in the Racing shirt, we'll sit down, talk with them and negotiate a contract."

Gorka Larrea

Gorka Larrea's chances have been boosted with the recent news about his future.
doing well pauker:) unlucky, missing out on Gonzalez!:(

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