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Racing Santander: Raul's Chance

Started on 25 October 2013 by Jer
Latest Reply on 28 June 2014 by Neal
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Ouch, losing out to Brentford :O Great updates though and keep it up! :D
Excellent story so far mate loving the updates and detail. Interesting team choice but you're doing well with Raul heading it all up
This is by far one of my favourite stories on the site, and I am glad I am back to read it :D The level of quality is always consistent, keep it up Pauk!
Brentford > Racing :))

My Special 2000th Post

Hey guys.

I've been in the site for almost 1 year, and luckily, I've get to known loyal, awesome, childish people. I've seen good friends turn into bad ones, and bad ones into great ones. For my 2000th post, I'll be listing and telling why these people have made my stay in the site itself. I've said various times that numbers are irrelevant, but today, I'm here because of the hours I've spoken to this people throughout these months. P.S. This ain't gay at all, m'kay?


One of my closest friends in the site, and in real life, is Justice. We've had a rocky road, but today we stand tall, as we prevailed to those sticky situations. #REDARMY (;))


What can I say about this amazing dawg? I've had multiple all-nighters, to even sharing a same career mode in FIFA 14, with each of us having different consoles. If I can't find Rablador in the chat, I just go off. Woof!#REDARMY


We've had some bad fights, but still, we remained friends. A fellow partner at The Red Card, it has been a pleasure being your friend, and hopefully we can remain so.#REDARMY


Even though you do nasty Inter, you've grown into me, and after all those people above you go to sleep, you and Walter are the only ones I can talk about, whether it's serious or share a laugh. If I ever pass to Chicago, hopefully, you and Kimberly (I'm your friend because of your hawt gf) will open your vags.


My main income of money in Australia of course, is Walter. Being a 5 year-old prostitute has a lot of negatives, like being Walter :P. You've always been there for me, and to be honest, FM-wise, you've helped me a lot. Translate this into google.translate for stupid to understand this.


One of the main people who knows how football actually works (aside from FIFA or FM), is Arvind. An integral part of the #REDARMY, he's the person I love to chat up about Liverpool, their strengths and weaknesses :)


Stayed up late in the summer, but with Dota, he's changed. I miss ya bud.

A great use of your 2000th post on the site Pauk! I am glad I have been of good service and you have been one of the best friends to me on the site. Hopefully you stay for a looong time :D
Woof woof, woof!

Completely agree with Walter, and thank you for the nice words :)
My vag will remain closed thank you very much.

Great 2000th post, glad to be your friend :)
After reading a series of stories and having a period of free time, I've decided to return this story, where I left with no notice.
I've just read this story from the beginning. Very enjoyable and I'm glad you are bringing it back :)
I am glad your returning to this story too, good luck and dont leave with no notice again!
Can't believe I have not read this until now!
Great updates mate and I am glad you are returning to this :D

October: The Unbeaten Run Continues

Racing Santander S.A.D. 3-1 Celta 'B'

Saturday 6th October 2013 | El Sardinero | Att. 16,428
Segunda Division B1

Racing Santander XI: Mario, Francis, Juanpe, Soria, Echaide, Granero, Andreu, Nieto, Gabilondo, Ruben Duran, Miguelez

Racing Santander started out October with a win against relegation candidates Celta 'B'. The opening goal was started by Celta 'B', Kike Seno's 7th minute strike would put Celta 'B' ahead after a strong shot by the striker. However, Racing would respond 6 minutes later as Igor Gabilondo scored a great goal, firing a shot outside from the goalkeepers' area.

Ruben Duran soon put Racing into the lead thanks to a penalty, after he was fouled inside the area by Javi Rey. The attacking midfielder cooly slotted the penalty to the top-right corner, much to the delight of Racing fans.

After a half-time break and team-talk, Celta 'B' and Racing got back into play, with Santander's goalkeeper, Mario, forced to make multiple saves.

Late into the game, Racing were pressing hard for a goal, as Igor Gabilondo added another assist to his impressive statistics in a Racing shirt, as he crossed the ball, where Celta 'B' centre-back David Goldar headed the ball into his own net.

Subs On: Ion Echaide, Inaki, Agustin.
Goals: Igor Gabilondo (13), Ruben Duran (30 PEN), David Goldar (79 OG)
Celta 'B' Goals: Kike Seno (7)
Man of the Match: Mario (Racing) 8.2

Ferrol S.A.D. 1-3 Racing Santander S.A.D.

Saturday 12th October 2013 | A Malata | Att. 3,914

Racing Santander XI: Mario, Francis, Juanpe, Soria, Corrales, Granero, Andreu, Nieto, Gabilondo, Yeste, Kone

Racing had their midfield to thank on a wet afternoon away at A Malata as they showed their supremacy with their midfielders.

Once again, Racing were struck by an early goal, as Manu Barriero struck a rifling shot after Javi Soria had failed to take the ball. However, goalkeeper Jose Camacho showed a sign of things to come as he nearly gifted Racing Santander's star man, Gabilondo, a goal on the 12th minute. Experienced winger, Igor Gabilondo, carried his form, by giving Racing the lead with a header in the 17th minute.

Ruben Duran continued his rich vein of form as he finished off a beautiful play run by Andreu, Kone and Duran himself. Substitute Inaki finished off the game with a well-placed finish in the dying embers of the game.

Sub On: Ion Echaide, Inaki, Agustin
Racing Goals: Igor Gabilondo (17), Ruben Duran (66), Inaki (90)
Ferrol's Goals: None
Man of the Match: Ruben Duran (Racing) 8.5

Racing Santander 2-2 Huesca

Wednesday 16th October 2013 | El Sardinero | Att. 6,060
Copa del Rey 3rd Round

Racing Santander XI: Mario, Echaide, Juanpe, Soria, Vidal, Granero, Andreu, Lafuente, Nieto, Larrea, Kone

Racing Santander broke Huesca's fans hearts today, as they beat their rivals on penalties at El Sardinero this evening.

Racing's centre-back, Juanpe opened the tally after scoring a header from a corner, whipped in by Duran, in the 32nd minute. Racing would hold on to Juanpe's goal, at least until half-time

10 minutes into the second half, Gerard finished a beautiful Huesca counter-attack, to put them back into the game. However, in the 65th minute, Borja Granero would crack a shot outside the goalkeepers' area, after a series of rebounds off a corner. Entering the final minutes of the game, Racing trialist, Carles Vidal, got himself into trouble as he was shown a second yellow card in the 80th minute. Gerard took his free-kick well, and once again, put back Huesca in the game.

After a tense finale at El Sardinero, both teams were forced to play into extra-time, where 3 yellow cards would be given to three different players. At the end of the second period of extra-time, Borja Sanchez missed the last and golden chance for Huesca to progress into the 4th round of the Copa del Rey.

At the end, Racing would go on through thanks to penalties that Ruben Duran, Gabilondo, Inaki and Juanpe converted, while Serramijta, Parraga and Borja Sanchez missed for the visitors.

Racing will face Barcelona in the Copa del Rey 4th Round.

Sub On: Ruben Duran, David Miguelez, Inaki
Racing Santander Goals: Juanpe (32), Borja Granero (65)
Huesca's Goals: Gerard (55,80)
Red Cards: Carles Vidal (80)
Man of the Match: Gerard (Huesca) 8.9

Racing Santander S.A.D. 4-1 Marino

Saturday 19th October 2013 | El Sardinero | Att. 13,338

Racing Santander XI: Mario, Francis, Juanpe, Soria, Corrales, Nieto, Granero, Andreu, Inaki, Miguelez, Bolado

Youth was no match to experience on a breezy evening at El Sardinero as a young Marino team succumbed to a 4-1 defeat at the hands of a much more experienced Racing Santander

Surprise starter, Inaki, gave Racing Santander the lead with a fierce shot in the 14th minute. David Miguelez, who was rested last week against Huesca, added the 2nd goal of the game with a well-placed shot from close-range in the 22nd minute. Winger Inaki added to his goal tally after chipping the goalkeeper after a successful counter-attack by Racing.

Right before half-time, Bolado was taken down by Marino left-back Jose Angel, and Racing manager Raul Gonzalez, let Inaki take the penalty, in order to complete his hat-trick. Inaki tried to chip the keeper' again, but failed, with Rafa Ponzo saving his weak shot.

After half-time, the game started off slowly, and 'Los Racinguistas' were paid heavily for taking their opponents for granted, as Chus Hevia took on a well-placed shot. However, that was not enough to spark a revival for Marino.

Sub On: Agustin
Racing Goals: Inaki (14,29) Miguelez (22)
Missed Penalties: Inaki (40)
Marino Goals: Chus Hevia (68)
Man of the Match: Inaki (Racing) 8.6

Tropezon 2-4 Racing Santander S.A.D.

Wednesday 23rd October 2013 | Santa Ana | Att. 3,500

Racing Santander XI: Mario, Francis, Juanpe, Echaide, Corrales, Andreu, Granero, Nieto, Gabilondo, Lafuente, Bolado

Out of-form Tropezon suffered a 4-2 defeat against Racing in a breezy afternoon at Santa Ana.

Returning midfielder, Ander Lafuente, opened the scoring in the 5th minute with a screamer from 30 yards. Ivan Bolado, who notched his first hat-trick of the season, doubled Racing's lead with his goal. Before the half-time mark, Bolado notched another goal, much to the pleasure of his manager, Raul Gonzalez.

After the half-time break, Tropezon striker, Perujo, caught Mario off his line, and scored a stunner of a goal. The match went on, with Racing enjoying long periods of possession, before Bolado finished off the game with his hat-trick. But, Ager Imaz would have the last shout, as he scored in the 89th minute, 3 minutes after Bolado's third goal.

Sub On: Javi Soria, David Miguelez, Ruben Duran
Racing Goals: Ander Lafuente (5) Ivan Bolado (9,41,86)
Tropezon Goals: Perijo (59) Ager Imaz (89)
Man of the Match: Ivan Bolado (Racing) 9.5

Racing Santander S.A.D. 2-0 Cultural Leonesa

Saturday 26th October 2013 | El Sardinero | Att. 13,463

Racing Santander XI: Mario, Francis, Juanpe, Soria, Echaide, Duran, Granero, Nieto, Gabilondo, Miguelez, Bolado

Racing Santander finished off the month brilliantly, beating Cultural Leonesa, who lie mid-table, by two goals, and have another clean sheet to add.

After a dull first-half at El Sardinero, 'Los Racinguistas' showed up to the second-half with a much-improved side, with Andre coming on for Ruben Duran, who was having a bad day at the pitch. This of course, let Borja Granero move up more to the pitch, and instantly paid off, as he assisted to Igor Gabilondo, who scored in the 62nd minute. Not long after, Juanpe sealed the game after Gabilondo whipped in a corner in the 77th minute.

Sub On: Inaki, Agustin, Ander Lafuente
Racing Goals: Igor Gabilondo (62) Juanpe (77)
Cultural Leonesa Goals: None
Man of the Match: Miguel Angel Nieto (Racing) 7.6

League Table

Player of the Month:

Our man on the back, Juanpe, has been rock-solid this month, even getting his name on the score-sheet two times in 6 matches during the month. He's been able to take down strikers who had come into the match with many goals to their names. A natural born leader, and a very capable defender, he's been undroppable and I hope he continues with his great performances.
Really good in depth updates will be following this from now on, good job.
Yeeeeeeeeeeeah a Pauker story, it's back!!! :D

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