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Rochdale AFC: The Revolution Is Upon Us

The story of a young manager who unintentionally landed the managerial role at his favourite club...
Started on 26 October 2013 by NVDTahir
Latest Reply on 27 November 2014 by NVDTahir
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Not too bad of a start. Luckily its only five in a dropping a few points is not so bad.
A very good start to the season, looks like this is gonna be another top year!
Great start again, with some very good results in there!
Brilliant start Tahir, hopefully you can win promotion to the Premier League this season! :D
Great start! Keep it up and you'll be in the Premier League. BTW, Rochdale sounded familiar to me, and I just remember why, this guy in my FM13 Everton story.

Hopefully you can get some badass regens like him!
@BayernAmerica: Thanks man :)

@Neal: I certainly hope so! :D

@joethequin: Yeah man, this months even better :D

@TheMadridista: I honestly hope so, but I doubt it because I didn't change my squad around enough like I did in previous seasons :S

@ebEliminator: Dayumm bro that regen is FINE :D the price you paid to Rochdale to take him is a shame ;) could have given us at least £500k :D lol
Great start to the new season :)
Another promotion?
2013-11-26 17:56#146168 pompeyblue : Great start to the new season :)
Another promotion?

I don't see why can't ;) realistically I was aiming for a play-off spot since this would be the toughest league yet, but we're perfectly above expectations so far :)

September Update

Against ALL odds, we're still up there. I don't know how we did it, but this month has been a tense one for sure, unexpected by all means, but very, very tense:



Yet again we have been doing well this season so far. It's only two months, but for a recently-promoted team we have been doing insanely well:

Barnsley 2-3 Rochdale AFC (A)

Sky Bet Championship

Brian Graham (2', 59')
Plaisir Bahamboula (35')
Chris O'Grady (53')
Adam Campbell(60')

Brian Graham (Rochdale) -- 8.8

Match Review
A very pleasing game to watch, although it was tense and nail-biting at times, the goal by Bahamboula ensured we thumped them 3-2 at their home.

Rochdale AFC 1-1 Blackburn Rovers (H)

Sky Bet Championship

Chuba Akpom (18')
Scott Hogan (28')

Samson Godwin (Blackburn) -- 7.7

Match Review
We were a bit nervous to begin with, which only got worse as Chuba Akpom scored in the 18th minute, but we persevered and levelled the game 1-1 thanks to a volley by Scott Hogan. I was proud that we drew this strong Blackburn side, and I would totally take this result any day.

Rochdale AFC 3-2 Watford (H)

Sky Bet Championship

Cephas Malele (7')
Chris Basham (21')
Nicholas Ioannou (39', 63')
Cristian Ceballos (45+2')

Nicholas Ioannou (Rochdale) -- 9.2

Match Review
I wasn't surprised when we began to crumble underneath promotion favourites Watford in the 21st minute, but what really surprised me how the team responded after changing the tactic to a 4-2-2-2 immediately after we were 2-0 down. Ioannou scored two headers from set pieces, and Ceballos managed to equalise from the right wing just before half-time. I was very pleased with this victory and I heavily doubt I will ever see anything like this again.

Brentford 2-2 Rochdale AFC (A)

Sky Bet Championship

Plaisir Bahamboula (18', 90')
Greg Tansey (37')
Ryan Tunnicliffe (60')

Plaisir Bahamboula (Rochdale) -- 8.9

Match Review
A very intensive draw against an out-of-form Brentford side. I initally thought we would be able to take home the three points, but it was not to be as we surrendered the lead to them in the 60th minute. A brace from Bahamboula helped us draw this match which we all became complacent in, but this result is very good in the Championship however. We still managed to hold on to our lead over Watford in the league due to the fact that they lost the corresponding fixture that they played in.

Player of the Month

With an average rating of 7.48 in the past fives games, Plaisir Bahamboula finally gets the award that he has deserved for so long. He has scored key goals for us over the past few seasons, and this month his performances were more than stunning.

Here are the fixtures for next month:

Author's Notes

If we carry on this form for the next few games, I highly doubt we will slump in the season and by now I think we have a chance of actually winning the title. As always, I will stress it once more. The only reason why I'm doing well in the leagues so far is because I scout free transfers over the summer, transfers that have the ability to play well in the league that we are being promoted into. I'm sure you all already do this, but to me it makes more sense now than it did before as I have managed to do it myself. Let's keep it going for the rest of the season, UP THE DALE!
Very good start to the season, doing very well for a newly promoted side. Would be a shame if you went on to lose two in a row after all of that ;)
@Neal: :P LOL, thanks
Great update and great for you to be top of the league :)

October Update

October was the month that ensured we got our heads down, we're currently second in the league with a game in hand:



Last month was way better than this one, but this is a great month despite whatever happened since we're still in uncharted territory:

Ipswich 3-1 Rochdale AFC (A)

Sky Bet Championship

Stuart Nelson (11')
Aaron Cresswell (36')
Michael O'Halloran (87')
Scott Hogan (89')

Romain Amalfitano (Ipswich) -- 9.1

Match Review
We got dominated in every aspect of the game, and we thoroughly deserved the result which we receieved.

Birmingham 5-1 Rochdale AFC (A)

Sky Bet Championship

Matthew Lund (22')
Lee Tomlin (35', 52')
Sam Vokes (48')
Ryan Gauld (57', 90+1)

Lee Tomlin (Birmingham) -- 9.5

Match Review
This was totally unacceptable. Birmingham were lying at the bottom of the table when we faced them and were on a losing streak so bad it was unreal. But, as always, we're renowned to end streaks and this one was a perfect example of how the heavy underdogs showed class to defeat us. The worst thing is that it is my biggest defeat since in charge of Rochdale.

Rochdale AFC 2-0 Leicester (H)

Sky Bet Championship

Shane Alexander (81', 86')

Shane Alexander (Rochdale) -- 8.6

Match Review
We were holding onto the one point we were expecting from this match until Shane Alexander came off the bench to mark his debut, and he marked it in style by netting a late brace and helping us get the three points.

Rochdale AFC 2-1 Hull City (H)

Sky Bet Championship

Nicholas Ioannou (40')
Scott Hogan (54')
Kalu Uche (88')

Chris Weale (Rochdale) -- 8.2

Match Review
We surprisingly beat league leaders Hull City in a dramatic encounter at Spotland. Chris Weale took the gloves from McLoughlin after the latter had a poor run of form, and Weale showed why he should be in the starting XI more often by picking up a Man of the Match award.

Huddersfield 0-1 Rochdale AFC (A)

Sky Bet Championship

Plaisir Bahamboula (37')

Luke O'Neill (Rochdale) -- 8.5

Match Review
We narrowly edged a surprise victory at Huddersfield, a team we were expected to lose by a cricket scoreline against. Once again we have proved everyone wrong and we took the plaudits. Hopefully this season will now be on the mend.

Player of the Month

With an average rating of 7.76 in the past fives games, Plaisir Bahamboula once again captures the Player of the Month award. He has assisted 4 goals and has scored 4 goals this season so far in 14 appearances (11 starting and 3 as a sub). He is in blistering form for Rochdale this season, it could turn out to be his best yet.

Here are the fixtures for next month:

Author's Notes

This month has been great so far, if we win our next game (which is a game in hand), we could potentially go to the top of the table once again!
Brilliant update again NVD!
A poor start to the month especially the 5-1 thumping but you did well to turn it around and get a very important win against Hull :)
2013-11-27 19:39#146361 pompeyblue : Brilliant update again NVD!
A poor start to the month especially the 5-1 thumping but you did well to turn it around and get a very important win against Hull :)

Thanks a lot mate, I was kinda shocked at that match tbh, we could have won it fairly easily :P

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