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Rochdale AFC: The Revolution Is Upon Us

The story of a young manager who unintentionally landed the managerial role at his favourite club...
Started on 26 October 2013 by NVDTahir
Latest Reply on 27 November 2014 by NVDTahir
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Woah, you actually did lose your next two matches! Who woulda guessed?! ;)
Premier League and you're having a laugh!!

This managerial lark is too easy for you mate - keep it up! :)
2013-11-28 19:01#146566 Neal : Woah, you actually did lose your next two matches! Who woulda guessed?! ;)

IKR, I think you should be a psychic or something, or one of those fortune tellers with those crystal balls :D but great 'prediction' Neal ;)
2013-11-28 19:10#146573 jason_connolly1987 : Premier League and you're having a laugh!!

This managerial lark is too easy for you mate - keep it up! :)

tbh, I think this season is running on luck to be fair :P We were prepared with fully fit players when Hull weren't :D and thanks for the comment bruv!
200th Reply!

Great month again, your doing so well for a newly promoted team!
2013-11-28 19:19#146581 TVDLC123 : 200th Reply!

Great month again, your doing so well for a newly promoted team!
Thanks man :)


Thanks for bringing me to 200 replies guys, it's good to hear you lot are enjoying my story so far!
Wow great start to the season, surely promotion is on ;)
Poor result against Birmingham, but you definitely turned it around with that great win against Hull. Good Luck, you probably won't need it. :P
@joethequin: Thanks man I hope we stay up there, all that we needed is a good start and the rest is almost always easy :D

@TheMadridista: Tell me about it haha, I was RILED! :P And thanks mate :D
NVDTahir's avatar Group NVDTahir
10 yearsEdited

November Update

We've done it, top spot is finally ours! It's been amazing so far but we're only three points clear off Hull, we need to enlarge the lead:

There weren't any transfers this month, mainly because our squad is finally sorted out for the Championship now, here's how we did in November:

Rochdale AFC 2-5 Middlesbrough (H)

Sky Bet Championship

Matthew Upson (2')
Marko Futacs (11', 55')
Omri Altman (30')
Medo (53'')
Luke O'Neill (62')
Jesse Lingard (83')

Marko Futacs (Middlesbrough) -- 9.3

Match Review
Middlesbrough totally dominated us, this was another heavy defeat but it wasn't as bad as the one against Birmingham.

Nottingham Forest 1-3 Rochdale AFC (A)

Sky Bet Championship

Brian Graham (35')
Nicholas Ioannou (39')
Liam Palmer (67')
Paul Heffernan (85')

Nicholas Ioannou (Rochdale) -- 8.5

Match Review
After knocking us out in two cups in the last two seasons, and thrashing us in a pre-season friendly, it was about time Rochdale showed them who's boss. With this emphatic 3-1 victory over the powerhouse, bragging rights certainly belong to Rochdale now.

Rochdale AFC 1-0 Sheffield Wednesday (H)

Sky Bet Championship

Brian Graham (8')

Boaz Myhill (Sheffield Wednesday) -- 7.8

Match Review
To be fair, I initially expected a draw or a loss considering Sheffield Wednesday were in good form, but as usual we like to surprise, and Brian Graham scored the only goal in this match. Other than that, this fixture was pretty boring and play kept going back and forth throughout the match.

Crystal Palace 1-1 Rochdale AFC (A)

Sky Bet Championship

Alex Nimely (20')
Jermaine Grandison (65')

Alex Nimely (Crystal Palace) -- 7.4

Match Review
This is a match that I was more than happy with. They were in blistering form, and it's a miracle we took a point from this game despite the fact that they played so well.

Player of the Month

Medo for Rochdale has been in awesome form over the past month. He has an average of 7.12 in the past five games. This has been a wonderful signing.

Here are the fixtures for next month:

Author's Notes

This month has been awesome, now that our strong squad has once again captured the top spot in the league, it's unlikely that we could give it up easily because of our form, lets hope we keep it now!
Good to see you top of the table :)
Congrats on SOTM! Thoroughly deserved :)
@Neal: thanks a lot man, I'm honoured !


"Mmhmm, sure hits the spot," I mumbled through a full mouth while chewing on the last piece of my chicken from my KFC Bargain Bucket. I decided to treat myself before training started, and KFC seemed like the perfect choice. I scrambled the empty bucket into the paper bag and started my car when there was a tap on my window.

I gasped as I saw where it came from. A man stood outside, pointing a pistol at me and signalled me to get of the car. I couldn't make out who he was due to the balaclava that he was wearing, not that I had any plans of informing the authorities about this as they'd never believe me anyway. I took a deep breath and got out of the car with my hands in clear sight. I wasn't as scared as anyone else would be; this had happened to me twice before when I went on holiday to Australia.

"W-what do you want from me?" I stuttered. The man laughed and shook his head. "Into that black sedan, hurry up." I looked over to the other side of the parking lot and there was an unmarked Mercedes car parked, with tinted windows and a smooth, polished finish.

I kept my hands up in the air as I slowly walked to the car, with the man poking the pistol in the back of my skull, prompting me to walk faster.

The back doors of the black car opened as I approached it, and I hesitantly sat inside it. The driver of the car was wearing a slick black suit with leather gloves gripped firmly on the steering wheel. He did not even acknowledge the fact that I was there and kept his gaze focused out of the windscreen. After about a minute which seemed like an hour, he finally broke the silence. "Justin Credible."

"Yes. What do you want from me?" I replied, trying not to show any signs of panic.

"Manager of Rochdale AFC, correct?" He asked. It was clear he had a vague Italian accent, I just needed to see his face...

"Yeah." No, actually I managed Barcelona. But he might have been a Madrid fan, so I kept my loud mouth shut that time.

"Surprising run of games you've had over the past few seasons. Would you care to elaborate on why that is so? Why have you been beating big teams? Cardiff for example."

"I don't understand mate." What the fuck's going on here? I thought as sweat beads began to form on my forehead. I began mentally begging God to let me out.

"WHY HAVE YOU BEEN SO SUCCESSFUL?!" He suddenly yelled, making me gasp like a bitch.

"I don't know! Honestly! It's only because I change my squad around a lot every season, that's all."

He slowly pulled a gun out from his pocket and rotated it in his hand menacingly. "How many teams did you pay just so you could win, huh?"

What was he on about? "No, I haven't paid anyone, you've got the wrong man! We've been in a dire financial state over the past few years, it's highly unlikely we'd do that sort of thing. Trust me man, that's the last thing I'd do."

His body stiffened before he turned around and I finally saw his face. Greying hair combed backwards, dark olive skin with light blue eyes hinting at some Nordic blood somewhere along the line. "I work for the Manchester Mafia. If you do not know it's the most dangerous chain of gangsters in England, if not, in Great Britain. Boss told me to find you and ask you some questions. Boss needed answers." He pointed the gun at my head. "Now Credible, I'll ask you again. Did you or did you not pay money to the other teams so you could win?"

"NO I DIDN'T!!!" I screamed as I covered my head under my arms and cried like a girl. I heard him chuckle.

"Relax Justin, it's not loaded..." He said. "Yet." He added with a wink after he saw me loosen up. "I didn't mean to scare you, but it seems to me you're telling me the truth."

Didn't mean to scare me? Holding a damn gun to my temple and he didn't mean to scare me? This man must be fucking mental, and I needed to get out of here.

"Chill, the MM isn't as bad as I made them sound. We're a family. My name's Sylvio Del Fererro, nice to meet you." He said with a wide grin and extended his hand.

"Thanks but I don't want to get involved in all this mafia men-in-black shit, let me out." I said confidently. This kinda stuff will get me into trouble, I don't need anymore stress than what I already have, I thought.

"Very well Justin. You may leave. But please consider my options first, I will put it out there. First of all, we aren't the only Italian mafia family in Greater Manchester. Secondly, the other mafia families that also have a large hand in the bookie system like us will be looking for you to ask you the same things. Only difference? They shoot first and ask questions later. So take my advice, I'm offering you protection, Justin. You've convinced us that you don't have any involvement with the bookies, so we can protect you 24/7."

"I know, it's just too much for me though. I don't want any involvement in anything other than football. I'm sure you did what you had to with the fancy guns and all of that nonsense, so thanks but no thanks Sylvio."

He sighed as he unlocked the doors. As I got out the man with the balaclava got into the front seat, and the car sped away instantaneously. It didn't have any registration plates whatsoever...

I thought about calling the police for one second, but then I changed my mind. Calling them would carry bad consequences. Unthinkable consequences as this was the fucking mafia I was fucking around with. I shivered and walked back to my car, dialling Ihemelu to cancel training for today. I'd had enough.

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