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F.C. Viikingit - The Path To Power

Started on 28 October 2013 by Justice
Latest Reply on 6 November 2013 by Kane
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Good luck to you. When I saw this I was amazed a stood still Like Toy Soldiers and I hope this is as good as your last :D
Good start, loved the Vauxhall story, and I hope this will be just as good. I dont believe it could be any better :P
Good luck Justice, I know this story will be amazing!
Oh no! You started the story Without me knowing :( Don't worry, I'm Not Afraid of catching up your one update :P
But next time When I'm gone a bit longer, could you warn me if you updated.
Anyway good luck, I'm sure this story will be as Beautiful as the last one ;)
Good luck Justice, I'm really looking forward to the rest of this and I have no doubt it will be of the highest quality.
Thanks for all the comments guys :) I'd answer them all individually, but quite frankly, there's too many of them :/ Thanks anyway :)
I don't get all this hype about another Justice story, I just don't give a fuck. Especially because of how you want to be called Justice rather than your actual name. My name is Kane, and everyone knows that, so they should know yours too. You try to be act like a role model as a moderator but keep your identity a secret to all those demanding your help. Do you not have a guilty conscience because of this. You should, it's a disgrace. Now you pretend to be The Real Slim Shady but really you're just a little kid pretending to be a keyboard warrior, saying "that's the way I am." You are your little buddy Stan Stam, think that you're like Superman, but without me you'd be just cleanin' out my closet. You can try and lose yourself or sing for the moment but it will won't make up for the overused hype for a little Path to Power story. I refuse to see how this can become popular, with little business to do with Football. Since when does a rapper become a football god? He's only gonna just lose it come the second season. Yeah, he won't get no encore on the sideline will he? He'll just stand their like toy soldiers, why you awfully attempt to write about him like you're writing To Kill A Mockingbird or a classic novel. It won't happen. You'd be better off stopping this and becoming a stripper. With an ass like that you'd be better off, story writing just isn't your thing. So you can shake that all night long, but you don't know the level on I'm on. I'm on a whole new level for story writing. And the best thing... You won't realise Until I'm gone. So let Jimmy Crack Corn while you Crack a bottle in an attempt to find an idea for your next update, up until 3am unable to press a single key. Everyone here at FM Scout, we made you, so when Vauxhall Motors was a success, brilliant. This, this was pushing the boundary. You should have stopped writing forever, for old time's sake. Your story with Vauxhall Motors was legendary, magnificent, beautiful, but when you bring out a new story with some crappy Scandinavian side, hell breaks loose. This story will stop quicker than an elevator travelling down one floor. You say you're not afraid of that happening, but in truth I love the way you lie. I'll have no love for this story, as it doesn't deserve an ounce of love. Vauxhall motors was space bound, but this is just heading to the deep, dark pits of the internet. And it will drive you berzerk. Survival for this story is not an option, taking a rap god into football. The monsters, the likes of Wenger, Mourinho, Moyes, AVB, are all coming to destroy Eminem, destroy this story. But good luck, I suppose.

And that is how you do it!
Justice's avatar Group Justice
10 yearsEdited

A Crazy Night

25th May 2013
"The gig in Helsinki was unreal. Me and my boy Jay-Z had the crowd moving with our every word. They worshiped us, they sang along to our songs, they cheered for more. We gave them encore after encore, and the gig dragged on until the early hours of the morning, when the stadium manager eventually decided that it needed to finish.

The after party was insane. Lots of young, drunk women were there looking to impress me and Jay-Z and I was looking for my bit of action too. We partied like there was no tomorrow. By the time the morning light had arrived, we were all so wasted that we could barely see. It was time to pick my partner for the night, but who?

There was a brunette checking me out from across the room, and she liked rather fine. I decided to take my chance with her and walked towards her, giving her the eyes which just screamed 'You're coming home with me tonight'. I was met with the response which I was looking for; we had hit it off. I brought her back to my hotel room, and things went on from there. Little did I know that she was the niece of my manager, Paul Rosenberg."

Previous Episode: Who Is Marshall Mathers?
Next Episode: A Shattered Career
I change my mind. I like this story. Notably because of you and your boy Jay-Z.

Isn't Jay-Z now Jay Z though?
Nice Justice knew you had it in you to break your promise and the lass is quite fit ;) wonder what her name is
Why do I get the feeling that Eminem will be staying longer than expected in Finland?
wut did I just read ?
@Kane, Jay-Z by the date ;)
@patrick1, just a one-night stand, you won't be seeing any more of her ;)
@Arvind, hmmm, it just seems like something is going to happen!
@kazza121, I dunno, why don't you tell me? ;)
I totally read the story in Eminem's voice
My favorite artist, one of my favorite writers, writing about one of my favorite games?

This is going to be so epic.

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