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F.C. Viikingit - The Path To Power

Started on 28 October 2013 by Justice
Latest Reply on 6 November 2013 by Kane
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Thanks guys, I really appreciate it :)

@Jamesg237, I guess in some ways, this challenge will be easier than my Vauxhall, and in other ways a lot more difficult. It should be easier in that there are only the two leagues in Finland to conquer, so hopefully it should take less time to reach the top. But it will be more difficult to break in to the international stage, as the reputation and money in Finland is nothing compared to what the major footballing nations have. I will need to focus on building the club's facilities and making the structure strong to make the club successful, rather than buy a load of foreign wonderkids who will end up wanting a move to a bigger league. Hopefully it will work out fine :)
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Season 2014 - Pre-Season Board Meeting

Marshall Mathers
Jorma Koivukangas
Juha Leonoff

JK: "Marshall, Juha, please sit. Marshall, welcome to our board room, which is also my dining room. I hope that you can understand that this club doesn't have the finance needed to build our own boardroom. Our facilities are restricted to our little stadium, changing rooms, small gym, and our little coffee shop. So I think you can understand why I want our board meetings to be here."

MM: "No worries Jorma. I know what it is like to start with nothing, and I know what it takes to reach the top. I know that a lot of things have been said about me in recent weeks, and that I deserve a lot of what has been said, but I am a different man now. I have changed a lot since moving to Helsinki, and I believe that I can help bring this club to new heights. I know that we have a long, tough road ahead of us, but I am ready for the challenge, and I will give it my all.

JK: "I am delighted to hear that you are prepared for what awaits us, but we have other things to discuss. Juha, can you show Marshall the report which you produced on our facilities?"

JL: Of course, Jorma. Marshall, here is an overview of the facilities which we own. Our stadium, Heteniity is inside the domain of Helsinki city, so we must pay the city council 1% of our gate receipts for every home match. The stadium itself has a capacity of 4,300 people, but can only seat 2,000 people at any given time. It is a grass pitch, but it is in perfect condition after just recently being laid. The stadium itself isn't in great condition at all, as it is very old. If we had the money, we could redevelop it, but that wouldn't be financially smart either. Ideally, we would rather build a new stadium than redevelop our current one, but we will have to wait for money to come in before we can decide to do anything. In terms of other facilities, we have an adequate club shop on stadium premises which does quite well considering we are not in the top division. Our training facilities are on-pitch, which is in great condition, but that may hinder us later in to the season."

JK: "Thank you, Juha. Now, can you show us the financial report?"

JL: "Certainly. We currently have a little over £44,000 in the bank, but things do not look good for the future. Disregarding any prize money received, which won't be much, we are looking at having a balance of -£255,000, which is not good at all. We will really need to increase the attendance levels from last season in order to keep ourselves financially secure. We might even need to look at selling one of our star players in order to keep financially stable, but we will see how we are when the league starts in April."

JK: "Not good at all. Okay Marshall, I'm going to briefly explain the structure of our season to you."
  • January: Pre-season starts
  • March-September: Finnish Cup
  • April-October: League (27 games, each team plays each other three times)

  • "It is a weird structure, but that's how it is. Anyway, in terms of the expectations and budgets of the season, we would like you to guide the team to a top-half finish this season, and we are giving you a transfer budget of £4,226 to do so. You have about £600 spare wage budget too. I know it isn't a great budget, but it is all that we can afford. Are there any final words before we finish up?"

    MM: "I know that you would love to present me with a bigger budget to help us to reach our goals, but I am just delighted to have this opportunity. Whatever it takes, I will meet our expectations. But I will not be looking to tackle the heights of world football straight away. It is all well and good to be signing quality players at this stage, but come two or three years time, those players will want to move to a bigger league and we will be left with a weak team with no backing at all. For this reason, I want us to be able to build a strong structure in our club in order to support the club long-term, and allow us to progress without any major set backs. That is all."

    Previous Episode: A New Beginning
    Next Episode: Season 2014 - Squad Report
    Justice's story writing is second to none!

    that is all.
    Great updates, and I'm surprised that your pitch condition is perfect :P
    @AaronHJFT96, ah I wouldn't say that now, but thanks anyway :)
    @Pauker, thanks mate, I was surprised too :P
    Seriously! Some of the best i've seen! Good luck, cant wait to see how you progress!
    2013-11-01 20:35#140948 AaronHJFT96 : Seriously! Some of the best i've seen! Good luck, cant wait to see how you progress!
    Thanks mate, although I do have to disagree :P
    Dem graphics! :P Cant see that pitch being perfect for more than a day once used.. :)
    Lovely update! Surely Shady can sort out the finances? ;P
    @Kane, tell me about it :P
    @Lucas, he got disowned by former manager Paul Rosenberg, remember? :/
    He's been rapping for like 20 years though, he should have a "little" saved up? :P
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    10 yearsEdited

    Season 2014 - Squad Report

    Hey guys, this is just a brief overview of the squad, with a look at each player, where the squad is strong, and where the squad is weak.

    Looking at the squad, our biggest weakness is the defence. The full-backs and goalkeepers, particularly, are not good enough to challenge for a top-half finish and replacements will need to be brought in. In terms of attacking talent, I am very happy with my options, especially Obi Metzger, who will be our greatest player going forward. I might look in to signing a left winger, but otherwise, I think our squad is capable of fulfilling our season expectations. Over the next few weeks (in-game), I will be chopping and changing my squad to have the best possible chance of doing well when the new season draws open.

    Previous Episode: Season 2014 - Pre-Season Board Meeting
    Next Episode: Season 2014 - Friendlies (Part 1) & Transfers
    Wow, that must of taken ages to upload all of those players:P Hope you snap up your fullbacks fast, they're always the hardest type of player to find :P
    The defense needs some work, but you should be fine. I shall suggest you some defensive options, if you'd like me to :)
    Lots of high potential players^.^ Obi Metzger looks pretty class

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