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F.C. Viikingit - The Path To Power

Started on 28 October 2013 by Justice
Latest Reply on 6 November 2013 by Kane
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Great update mate, hopefully the great Hyppia will take you in consideration, and have a keen eye on you :)
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It All Starts Here

"Its now November the 18th and I'm still chilling here in Helsinki, literally chilling. It is absolutely freezing here! I've never seen so much snow in my life, its unbelievable! It has been minus 20 degrees centigrade here for the last week, and I'm freezing my ass off. At least my new apartment has got good heating so that I'm only exposed to the cold when I'm outside. My apartment is right in the city center and everything is around me, its fantastic.

I got a job a while back in a local newsagent. It isn't the most enjoyable job that I've ever had, but it gets me food on the table. I was really struggling to pick up the Finnish language at first, but bit-by-bit, I've gotten myself enough of it to get me by. I've even managed to get few girls' phone numbers too, and I have had some very fun nights out. Maybe I can settle down here and get a girlfriend, who knows?

Speaking of people, there are a few people in my apartment block who seem content with looking to make me feel like shit. They've made things tough for me whenever a chance arose. Sometimes I do feel like shit, but I will never give up on myself. When life gets hard, I get harder. I will not lose the battle in my head, no matter how many people want to hurt me. Whenever I get bruised, physically or mentally, I pick myself, dust myself off, and get back to work with a smile on my face. I have hope in a bright future, and I will never lose that.

Something I do have hope in is my soccer football management. I have earned my UEFA "B" License over the past few months, and I am currently saving up for my UEFA "A" License course. I have learned so much from the course which I completed, and I have fallen further in love with soc- football. Maybe if I get lucky, some sort of a chance in s football management. Whatever happens in the future, I will be ready for it. I am in control of my own destiny, and it all starts here."

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Thank god, he's starting to learn the proper name for the bloody sport XP
I agree with Neal. Great update nonetheless :). Some great graphics as well
@Neal & @Pauker, thanks you guys, I promise that I won't disappoint you two :P
Holy ballsack 4 already!?! If anything, this just tells us that this is going to be one of the best FM14 stories. Almost as good as Better than Vauxhall.

Meh, it could be sh*t ;)
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The Chance

"It had been a cold winter so far, with Christmas just around the corner. There is something special about the Christmas season in Finland, it feels like an extra bit of magic is in the air, that anything can happen. That anything usually includes large icicles falling from the roofs of the apartment blocks, and almost impaling a crowd of people. Despite the hazards of a Scandinavian Christmas, there is something spectacular about it.

Maybe it is because I fell in love with a girl called Kristina who is the best that has happened to me since my daughter Hailie was born. We met a few months ago at a local bar where she was serving and we just really connected. We now live together at her apartment, which is a significant upgrade from mine, and we look to be getting quite serious.

In terms of my football management hopes, I applied for a managerial vacancy the other day. The manager of FC Viikingit, Ilkka Jäntti, is due to take a personal break from football management as soon as a replacement could be arranged. FC Viikingit are a mid-table team in Liga Ykkönen, which is the second highest league in Finland. They are based here in Helsinki, which would suit me perfectly. I was hoping to get a phone call or an e-mail soon from the club which would hopefully be about a possible interview.

Just as I had hoped, I got a phone call from FC Viikingit the very next day. I was in disbelief that they had contacted me so quickly, and I was even more surprised by who was contacting me. It was the chairman of FC Viikingit himself, Jorma Koivukangas. He sounded quite pleased to speak to me, but then again, all Finns sound excited when speaking, it just sounds natural. He said to me; 'We would be delighted to have an interview with you tomorrow, Mr. Mathers'. I was still in shock as I hung up the phone.

This was fantastic news for me, I could barely contain myself with joy. I felt an overwhelming amount of happiness surge through my veins, and I got up off of my seat and dances around, I was delighted. I thought to myself; 'Is this the chance to live my dream?' I would have to wait to find out!"

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How gay, 'we just really connected', I thought Eminem was a total p-i-m-p. WHY DID YOU HAVE TO RUIN MY IMAGE ON EMINEM?! jk, great update mate, hopefully you'll have a rather successful interview :)
@Pauker, I'm glad you're enjoying it :)
Disappointed that Eminem isn't rapping about this, but oh well, this story ain't bad either xD
We need more raps like Arvind said HAHA :D
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A New Beginning

25th December 2013
Ex-musician Marshall Mathers has entered the world of football with his first managerial job in Finland. It will be a happy Christmas for him as he celebrates with a one year deal (estimated wage of £190 p/w) with Liga Ykkönen side F.C. Viikingit. The chairman of the Helsinki-based side, Jorma Koivukangas, is said to be delighted with his new coach, and he is excited for the future.

F.C. Viikingit finished in fifth position last season, missing out on promotion, but they have managed to keep hold of most of their players. However, new coach Mathers is likely to chop and change his squad to meet the top-half finish expectations which were set by the board. Sky Sources believe that Mathers has already made his first steps in to strengthening his squad by contacting several agents based in Finland regarding possible deals for their clients, but nothing has been confirmed.

This is Marshall Mathers' first step back in to the public eye after he was disgraced by his actions involving his former manager's niece, Nikita Rosenberg. Marshall Mathers is sure to face a challenge to win back the public's affection, but his main concern will be to make a positive start to his first league campaign which starts in April, some five months away (ends in October). Can Marshall Mathers succeed at F.C. Viikingit?

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Next Episode: Season 2014 - Pre-Season Board Meeting
Dat wage! :P

A lovely little update Justice, nice to see the graphic in use too.
Great update!
An interesting choice of manager Justice! I am sure this has the making of a Vauxhall part 2 in terms of success.

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