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F.C. Viikingit - The Path To Power

Started on 28 October 2013 by Justice
Latest Reply on 6 November 2013 by Kane
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@AaronHJFT96, just be glad I didn't decide to do the update which I originally had planned! :P Anyway yeah, full back signings are a priority :)

@Pauker, sadly enough I think that I will need to find my own defenders :( This league doesn't attract any good players at all :(

@Lucas, yeah there is some good young talent for sure, and Obi Metzger is a beast! :P
Why? Were you planning on including staff as well or something? :P
2013-11-02 23:46#141309 AaronHJFT96 : Why? Were you planning on including staff as well or something? :P
It would be better not to ask :P
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Season 2014 - Friendlies (Part 1) & Transfers

With my reign as manager of FC Viikingit now underway, I organised several friendlies to test the squad's capabilities, as well as signing players who I believed would strengthened the team. Due to the club's poor reputation and financial state, it was difficult to sign quality players, but I am content with who I signed.


We won two and lost four friendlies, which isn't exactly ideal but I did test the whole squad, and I am pleased that the squad showed some goalscoring capabilities. The team is very capable of creating chances, but lacks the defensive strength needed to be successful. For this reason, I brought in four defensive players, who you will see now.


I released two "B" team players on free transfers, and loaned out a promising youngster. I also signed three players on free transfers, and loaned in a very promising young talent. Hopefully these guys can do well for me this season and help guide us to a top-half finish.

Ken Jammeh is an experienced Gambian center back, who has been capped for Gambia since signing for F.C. Viikingit. He is a very solid, well-rounded center back who will provide great defensive strength for us this season. He will be a big boost to the squad.

Markus Koljander is a very experienced Finnish goalkeeper who was signed on a free transfer. Having previously played for FC Haka and Jaro, Koljander has plenty of experience in the Finnish leagues. His main strength is his reflexes, which is almost considered world class. Unfortunately his other attributes don't match up to that, but he is still a solid 'keeper.

Janne Vuorinen is a Finnish full-back who has previously played for TPS and PoPa. He isn't the greatest of players, but what he does add is depth to the squad, and his versatility on the flanks will be a great asset over the course of the season.

Patrick Aaltonen is one of Finland's rising stars, and we are very lucky to be able to have him on loan from Honka. He is a very pacey full-back who can be of great use of going forward, but I am looking forward to molding him in to a defensive full-back, where his pace be useful when tracking back. There is an agreed future fee clause of £100,000 which would allow us to sign him on a permanent basis, provided we have the cash to do so. He is a great player to have and will inject life in to the squad.

Finnish Cup Fourth Round

A preview of our upcoming cup match against SJK's second team, Kerho 07. This will be Mathers' competitive debut, so it will be an important match to perform in. Hopefully we can take home the win and satisfaction of reaching the next round.

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Hopefully you'll win, and get some extra cash in :). Some good transfers as well, and hopefully, Metzger will score :)
@Pauker, hopefully I can get some cash in, quite low on it atm :/
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Mathers vs Raúl Cup

Hey guys, myself, Pauker and Walter have decided to make a partnership between our three stories. What this basically means is that we will play versus games against each other using our three teams (F.C. Viikingit, Racing Santander and Botafogo FR), add fictional scenarios involving our three stories, and much, much more. Yes, this is very experimental proccess, but I am confident that it will help to make our story writing to be that bit more enjoyable.
  • Pauker's story: Racing Santander: Raúl's Chance
  • Walter's story: Botafogo FR - Eternal Flames

  • Myself and Pauker have already played a little versus competition between F.C. Viikingit and Racing Santander, which was extremely entertaining and very enjoyable to play. It was a two-legged affair which brought plenty of action and excitement. Let's see how it went.

    Match One

    The first game demonstrated the difference in class between our two teams. Racing's players are a step up from Viikingit, but their tactical system was also superb and unbreakable at times. Racing deservedly won the game by a comfortable score of 3-0, and put themselves in a very comfortable position in the tie.

    Match Two

    I can certainly say that the second match was full of excitement, and produced seven goals! F.C. Viikingit somehow, and in spectacular fashion, made up the three goal difference by going 3-0 ahead by the 39th minute. However, a spectacular display by Racing saw the game finish with F.C. Viikingit just about earning a 4-3 win, but what was still a huge shock win. It was a spectacular game full of goal action on both sides of the pitch, and was the most exciting game that I have played in years of FM.

    The Cup Result

    Despite F.C. Viikingit's superb second match fight-back, Racing Santander ran out as winners of the first Mathers-Raúl cup, and deservedly so. They showed their quality to win the tie in the end, even though it was by goal difference. Congratulations to Racing, and indeed to Pauker, who's tactical prowess earned his side the cup victory, and long live the relationship between F.C. Viikingit and Racing Santander!

    Previous Episode: Season 2014 - Friendlies (Part 1) & Transfers
    Next Episode: Season 2014 - The Tactics Board
    Nice idea, look forward to seeing more:P
    I admit it, it cost me a little, with your 4-4-2 tactic, and it was a great match to watch :).
    @AaronHJFT96, thanks :)
    @Pauker, it was an amazing game to watch :P
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    Season 2014 - The Tactics Board

    Welcome to a new feature to my story writing called the tactics board! At the start of every season, I will do something like this where I look at each tactic which I will be using and give you a little information about each. So without further delay, here we go!

    This is a formation which I have honestly never used in any FM game before, but I was keen to try it out this year with F.C. Viikingit. It will be my defensive tactic, with the key are being the midfield trio, who will mainly be playing defensive roles. After testing this out in friendlies, I am not totally convinced by this tactic so far. However, it is still early days and I can tweak anything that needs tweaking during the season.

    This is the most unusual of the three tactics, as it is not asymmetric like the 4-4-2 or the 4-1-4-1. This tactic provides great balance to all areas of play, with the three midfielders covering the entire pitch. From what I have seen of this tactic, it can work very well in an even game against opposition of the same caliber as us. I am pleased with this tactic.

    This is the most commonly used formation in modern day football, and it is the most attacking of my three tactics. With two strikers up front to link up and cause havoc and two steady lines behind them, this is a real goal scoring tactic for us. This has been my most successful tactic, and we produced some great performances in pre-season, including that 4-3 victory over Pauker's Racing Santander side. If I can get away with being more attacking, I will most likely use this tactic for the majority of the season. Hopefully it will be a success.

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    Great update. I for one, can say that 4-4-2 made my team piss in their pants :P.. Good luck with this season, and the logos look good, even made me download the SPS one :D
    Hehehehe, nice tactics too ;)

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