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Keegan Rolling Back The Years

Started on 31 December 2013 by No1VillaFan
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These updates are so detailed! Great games and a great update :D

Keegans Notes
Keegan Pondering Options Before The Euro's

So now the work begins for players to nail down the 8 spaces in which I am not sure of for the European Championships. Joe Hart will be going, Barkley, Ward-Prowse and Will Hughes too. Steven and Phil if fit along with Smalls(Smalling).
Squad for the two Friendlies against Cameroon and Denmark

For this squad though I had decided to pick carefully as we are going to play Cameroon at Home and The Danes away. I thought this was an ideal chance to take a look at a few faces. Nick Powell, the former Manchester United trainee playing for West Brom has been in scinillating for this season. So much so that Manchester United want to buy him back! I have suggested to him that he stays but I know he is a United fan so I dont expect him to say no.
Nick Powell to be given chance to stake his claim for the European Championship squad

I have also decided that Stoke midfielder Jordan Mutch will get a chance to stake his claim for the squad too. Mutch has been a solid performer for Stoke in the four season's he has been there and his form thoroughly deserves a England call up. I am not sure if he will start but he will get the experience of being here. Another guy is John Stones! Now he is a good player. I have been to watch him play for Newcastle 3 times already this season as I wanted to make sure that he was worthy of a shot for the squad. I decided he was so I have got him him, ofcourse there are differences between friendlies and competitive matches.
Stones playing for England Under 21's, gets his senior chance at the age of 25

Finally I have called up Jordan Henderson again. He has pretty much made it impassible for me not to include him and I am looking forward to seeing if his Liverpool form can be translated into International form. Henderson, at Liverpool now for 9 years is said to be pleased he is back into the England fold and cant wait to pull on the colours of the three lions.
Finally the media win there battle and get Henderson called up for the Friendlies

I finally get a chance to say hi to my players, well there mine for 7 days atleast knowing that time is running out to get a 23 man squad in my head. Yes I get to name a 30 man squad but you all could probably work out the 30 man squad now and then probably 18 of the 23 man squad for the Euro's. But when there are only 58% of English players in the Premiership, it is a lot harder to find strength in depth.

I mean don't get me wrong we now have several good back-ups. I can not ever remember a time when Joe Hart was being contested for the number 1 jersey but he is now. Steele is a wonderful Keeper and I think I might even start him at Wembley!
Luke shaw has picked up an injury

I did have a few problems though. Luke Shaw picked up a knock at training today and will miss the first game. I think he might even miss out on both. I also told Joe that Jason was starting against Cameroon and he did not take it very well. Jason was ecstatic but then he would be wouldnt he. I have faith in all three of my Keepers but I think at the moment Steele is the best of the three.
Steele will start the game against Cameroon

The day of the match and I called a unexpected training session. I told the guys that we kept our first clean sheet last match and that we should aim at that again. Cameroon though are no slouches and are ranked 42nd in the world. It should be a game we win. The only other thing I need to mention is that Ross Barkley got injured so West Brom's Jamie Paterson is called up and a chance to win his first cap for his Nation.

So Steele in goal. Nick and John will start along with Hendo. Hughes is also back and Austin will play upfront on his own with two attacking Midfielders behind him.
Team to start against Cameroon at Wembley

So both teams walked out, Wembley looked just about full and I new the team I had put could defeat this former African Powerhouse. the match kicked off and there really was a roar from the English fans they have seen the core of this team develop into something very special.

Just before the match I told the new to go and have fun and then told the main men that it was upto them to get the new guys involved. There are places up for grabs although the media say there isn't I can tell you right now there is.

We actually started really well and Charlie had given us the lead after 8 minutes. Good work by Andros on the right and the cross was sublime, Austin's header was unstoppable ad that was it 1-0 and I thought 'Awesome this is going to be a good game for us'. Hmmmm how wrong was I Clyne, standing in at left back because Shaw was out of this match, on the bench but unfit made a error and N'Djong has equilised after 17 minutes.

It got worse as Dongou, who was impressive all match struck on the 34th minute to make it 2-1 to Cameroon. No matter how much we tried we just never recovered. Credit to Cameroon though they were amazing!

So then afterwards I told them to forget that result and lets go to Copenhagen and show the media we can win. I will though go back to 4-3-1-2 which is the trusted formation I have found to work.

Shaw, Oxlade Chamerlain and Ward-Prowse will all start with Welbeck and Sturridge upfront. Steele keeps his spot.
Line-Ups for the Denmark vs England Match

It is always a hard place to come is Copenhagan, the Danes are very good at home but it was actually us that had the better start. Danny was all over the park. I mean Sturridge not Welbeck although he played well too. It was however against the run of play the Danes that hit first as early in the second half after we huffed and puffed in the first half sub Pierre Emile Hajbjerg scored a free kick. Steele again was not to blame and I felt for my team.

However we did get our deserved goal as Charlie Austin, who was very impressive again in a England shirt delivered a monster of a ball it evaded everyone except the rushing Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain to smash home and take a 1-1 draw.
Alex Oxlade Chamberlain scores his 16th goal on his 72nd cap

I am pleased with both games, Cameroon just had one of those days where everything went right. Where in Denmark we had a frustrating day where we missed the target more than hitting it.

I look forward to the groups draw for the European Championship in Turkey!
Quality story and nice updates! England for European Glory? ;)
@ Norwich hey dude long time no talk yeah I am hoping so and glad you like it :)

Keegans Notes

Oh my word it is fucking hot I thought to myself as I stepped off the plane in Istanbul. Yes I had to go for the European Championship Group draw. It was a couple of days away so I thought I would go and explore. I was very impressed with the city.

I got the train to The Ataturk Stadium, the home of Besiktas and I took my seat.

Yes we were 1st seeds and would avoid France, Spain, Croatia, Italy and Turkey. The first name drew out was us. Group A great I was now mega excited, I had bought Will and James along and The F.A even paid for them, was not like that in my first stint as Manager.

I looked at pot 2 the 2nd seeds and saw Denmark and thought what are the fucking odds of that. I also saw Germany and Portugal and suddenly thought yes please to The Danes. Wayne Rooney pulled out team 3, that was Denmark and we had avoided Germany and Portugal.

We came to the 3rd seeds and I thought hmmm, Avoid Serbia, Sweden and Belgium please. Will said he wanted the Austrians but James looked a bit overawed by the whole occasion. We got Greece and could be exceedingly happy with that draw.

The 4th seeds were nations that just did well to get there, however we managed to land the hardest of the 4th seeds in Northern Ireland. We have them in our World Cup Qualifier too and I look forward to playing these Nations!

Overall I am happy, I turned to my Captains and said so what do you think and Will immediately said It could have been a lot worse. James was also agreeing but he needed this to show him what will happen because I think he is definitely a England Captain in the making.

The rest of the squad also liked the draw and now I need to pick a squad for it at some point but first i'm going to go and get drunk!
Should be a very easy group to win. Good luck.

Keegans Notes

I picked up my mobile phone this morning at 8.30am. I looked at it and saw it was the F.A and I thought this had better be bleeding good because I wanted a lay in. I answered and I was told that we would be based in Keyserispor and would be able to use there training complex.

This is a world class facility and I can not wait for my squad I take to the finals!

I also had three friendlies organized on top of the Brazil one. U.S.A will come to Wembley on the 28th before we fly to Oil rich Iraq for our first friendly there since the war ended in 2017. Iraq will prove a stern test because then we go to Turkey which is not that far away from Iraq and we will play Bigaspor, a club team in Turkey.

I still have not really thought who to put in yet either, I have one more friendly with Brazil to look at players but I dont think there is anyone else to look at. The 23 I name I fully expect them 23 to be going, however it does not mean that will definitely be the case.
How are the US in the save?

Keegans Notes

So as i finally scrambled out of bed I thought, ah shit i have to go watch Villa play Man City tonight. Now I don't mind watching Man City but Aston Villa are god awful. I also decided to get the train, I had been up in Newcastle for a week chatting to Chris Parker there chairman. It even lead to a couple of Newspapers suggesting I was going to replace Jorge Jesus as manager! I mean this is insane, I would love to return to manage Newcastle at some point but then Fulham and Man City I would not mind going for again either.

It is however a long way off yet. I want to be at England until 2032 really so another 12 years. I got to the station.............Train to Birmingham New Street is delayed by 1 hour; this is due to a ongoing incident on the line. ON GOING INCIDENT!!! What does that mean? The drover can not be arsed today so he is coming in late? Anyway I used my head and got a train to Manchester Piccadilly and got to New Street that way.

I got stopped in New Street by a couple of fans, this is normal but I got away usually. This fan though proceeded to say that I had my selection wrong and Adam Forshaw should be in. I found this a bit surprising but what the hell i was going to see Villa play so might as well have a look at him.

I took my seat and within minutes of start Forshaw was at the forefront of everything early on. I was very impressed with him in the first half, Man City were winning but Villa were having there best match for some time. In the second half Forshaw scored!!! It was a wonderful free kick and you can definitely consider me impressed. The match finished and I requested that I could speak to Adam and it was accepted. I told him to make sure he had no plans because he was included in my England squad.

I got home into Kensington and I thought right the squad is going to be announced tomorrow, what do I do? Jordan Mutch, John Stones and Jamie Paterson have all been dropped. I had been impressed with them but unfortunately I doubt they will even make the preliminary squad for the Euros.

Two men were always going to come back. Nathan and Ross are the regular faces back in the squad. Nathan hasn't had the best of form later but he is a solid English performer and I am looking forward to him playing for us again. Ross is one of the stars of this team and I really am glad to have him back. He is quite injury prone but he is one of our most important men in this squad along with Will and James.
England's most feared trio

Which brings me to Adam. He has been the form player in the Premiership over the last month but yet his team look like being relegated and I am sure he will be snapped up quickly.

There was not really any difference other than them in this squad and I am looking forward to the Brazil match as were the rest of the squad. We got on the coach to go to the game and as usual I told everyone who was in and who was not. Now I decided with the exception of Right Back that I would trial the team that at the moment would start in Turkey. I told Joe and Charlie there were both in.
Charlie Austin and Joe Hart both start

Andros has been scintillating for England over the last 3 games he has played so he also gets the nod and was very happy to be in along with Oxlade-chamberlain, this is the position I am also not sure about.

Ross and James would miss out but that is only because Jack and Will are in such good form at the moment.

Teams to start at Wembley

We all walked out at Wembley, we are playing Brazil do I need to tell you that it packed to the rafters! I told the guys before we went out that although a friendly I need you to treat it like a World Cup match. They all listened intensely and then I told Adam what he was hoping. Adam your on after half time mate ok? He smiled and said yes boss.
The amazing Wembley Stadium

The match kicked off and Townsend, who wasn't really given a chance under Ruud Gullit started brightly and delivered the first cross of the game and it thrashed across the 6 yard line no one touched it and out for a throw.
Townsend working hard for England against Brazil

On the 9th minute Oscar tripped Hughes on the corner of the 16 yard box as Luke stood over the ball I could see what he was thinking and I was shouting to you fucking dare shoot! He did and completely wrong footed Cassio and scored! Wow that was a sweet goal but not even as good as the second.
Shaw scored for England against the Brazilians

Once we had scored we were on the front foot. Townsend skinned two men and then miss-kicked a cross but the miss-kick went straight into the top corner, unbelievably we are 2-0 up could this get any better after 19 minutes......Yes, yes it could as good link up play between Austin and Welbeck gifted Danny the chance to score he missed the first one but tapped in the rebound we went into the changing rooms at half time 3-0 up! What a time to give Adam his debut.
Townsend after scoring for England against Brazil

He did have a mighty good chance in the second half but other than that we were quiet and even allowed Brazil a goal but I didnt care we showed that this team and squad can compete with one of the favourites which must make us one of the favourites too.

I can not wait to name my preliminary squad for Turkey now! Bring it on!
Great victory and amazing detail

Keegans Notes

It is the 14th May 2020 and I finally get to name my first 30 man squad for the European Championships in Turkey. I kept the 23 I named last time and added 7 names to the list to make 30. The regular faces you will notice back are Saido Berahino and Wilfried Zaha.
Saido Berahino is called up to the provisional 30 man squad

They both deserve inclusion into the 30 and have been very very consistant all season. Danny Rose, currently at Norwich is uncapped and is 1 of 3 uncapped players called into the 30. Rose who was at Liverpool bbefore Norwich is said to be shocked but delighted that he is included in the 30.
Rose has another chance to impress Keegan

Luke James has just played a full season in the Premier League netting 14 goals for Cardiff City and is actually in with a genuine chance of making the actual Championships for me as he is the 2nd most in form striker I have.
James is a shock inclusion for Keegans 30 man squad

The third is 31 year old Elliott Bennett, he has been a stalwart for Villa since his 2.3m move from Norwich is 2014/15 season. But with so many World Class midfielders at my disposal I am not sure he will make the cut, but I could be impressed in training!
Bennett can't wait to train with England

Last guy I have called up is Mason Bennett again of Villa. Aston Villa were unbeaten in the last 6 game sin the Premiership which meant they survived. I think this is a awesome 30 players and I cant wait to get them on the training pitch.
Bennett has proved he can fight back and is in selection reconging
The 30 man Squad

So the squad all met up and everyone was made to feel welocme and the first training session was underway. Mason and Elliott Bennett did wonderfully well and I was so pleased with them but the stand out man for me was Charlie Austin. Austin has performed well for his club this season and also for England.
Austin has performed amazingly well for England and in training

There were several training sessions after this, Saido and Mason was giving me a ridiculous selection headache because the strikers were an area where I thought I had it sorted. Daniel Sturridge really felt the pressure too and I could see this so decided that he would sit out of the rest of the training session.
Sturridge was forced to sit out of the rest of the training session

I have been with the squad for a while now, trying to work out my 23 and I think I have almost got it sorted, will I give it away? NO! Not until I sit infront of the Journalists and announce the 23.

I really can not wait to do that and it is only tomorrow when I announce it. God I am excited.

(Keegan takes his seat inside Wembley Conference Room and it is packed)
Hello everyone welcome to the naming of the squad for the European Championship to take place in Turkey. We will be playing Denmark, Northern Ireland and Greece.

Squad to travel to Turkey

I decided that Danny Rose would have to miss out because I needed cover for Luke and I needed cover for Luke so I figured that Ryan would have to be the guy. Ryan has the experience although he only has 4 caps, he will be vital for us.
Bartrand gets the nod ahead of Rose

Midfielder wise I had to pick Wilfried ahead of Elliott, Nick and Adam. The reason Jordan didn't get in is because we have Ross, James, Jack and Will challenging for two places so I decided to take an extra striker instead. Mason trained excellently but I had to go for Saido, he can turn a game on its head very very quickly so it made sense. I feel for Luke because I was very close to picking him but in the end I had to go for the experiance of Andros and Raheem in playing at the highest level.

I am very happy with the fact we really need to get to the Semi Finals but I am aiming to win it! We have the team and I fully expect to be in that final.
Luke James seems quite decent. I'm suprised that Rose hasn't got a single cap. Austin seems like he will be a threat at the Euro's. Great update Jason.
No1VillaFan's avatar Group No1VillaFan
10 yearsEdited

Keegans Notes

OK I will admit it, I am really, really nervous. We just got through three warm up games, everyone survived which means for the first time in a long time there were no injuries!!

I am not going to go into much detail about this bit because I just want to focus on winning the European Championship. We drew with U.S.A 1-1, Beat Iraq 2-0 and got back out of the country alive and then won 7-0 against some local Turkish team.

I know my first 11 for the first match against Denmark and I can't wait to get started now.

I have looked at the team I want to put out and decided to name Phil at right back, other than that number 1-11 are out there. This means that Ross and Will are the Centre midfield pairing for the game against The Danes.

Team to play Denmark

Now in football you know anything is possible so when we walked out at Konya Sehir Stadium, it was an impressive looking futuristic stadium, I was very optimistic but so much goes through your mind one the first game of a major tournament.
England play there first game here at Konya Sehir

The National anthem blazed out and of the 42,504 seats 2/3's of the fans were English ofcourse. As the players break for the start of the game, I feel very nervous for the first time since I took the job.

We started well, Redmond and Townsend made a few good runs early and we really went at Denmark. We had struggled against Denmark a couple of times but today we different as Austin fed the ball to Welbeck he evaded 2 challenges and then whipped a ball across the 6 yard box for Austin to slide the ball home and make it 1-0, I screamed I was chuffed with the start!

In true English style though we conceded almost straight away as on the 20th minute, Eriksen skipped through 3 or 4 challenges to cross to Cornelius to head home. It was an absolutely bullet header and Joe Hart did not see it.
Denmarks Christian Eriksen was Majestic in defeat

On the 40th minute after we were pressing and pressing we got our noses in front when Danny scored a wonderful solo goal. He picked the ball up about 25 yards out and from nowhere unleased an unstoppable shot which nestled sweetly into the top left hand corner.
Welbeck scored a cracker against The Danes

I introduced Jack and Alex after half for Andros and Nathan. Alex was fantastic from the off, his dribbling skills are world class but it is actually Jack I wanna tell you about. Wilshere placed the ball down about 30 yards out and you could tell what he wanted to do. Rennow also new what Jack wanted to do but the Danish goalkeeper could not reach it and England were 3-0 up and cruising to the victory.

So first win under our belt and I told the boys I was very pleased with them but this is where the hard work begins. The next day we were training again and I was thinking to myself, would it be harsh to drop any of them players for the Greece game? Because although we won I was thinking maybe Jack needs to come in. He was mega impressive when I bought him on. The match was at Suklu Cogulu
Stadium England play next is in Istanbul

I chose to start Jack in central midfield and Alex at right midfield. They both impressed at training so I opted to start them. There was one more chance for the Greece game and that was Nathanial Clyne in for Phil Jones.

Team to start against Greece

I can safely say this was one of my best games as England manager. My decision to start Jack here was fully justified. He had scored 2 goals in the first 15 minutes. One was a penalty and the other came from a volley. Ross Barkley was being majestic and on the 30th minute he he sent Wilshere running through the defence again but with a simple pass Charlie Austin picked up yet another England goal.

Charlie Austin scored yet again for England

After half time I told the players to go back out and do the same thing again. Sturridge came on for the ineffective Danny when Austin chipped the ball over to Sturridge running past the defence and side footed it home to make it 4-0. England were on fire today and OK Greece got one back but it was not enough. We were already through and we were in the second round with a game to spare!

Another game had past and we only had two days so I allowed the team 2 days off and told them not to let them down. You know your old when you can not keep up at table tennis! Will and Luke will not let me live that down.

So here we are at the Turk Telecom Arena in Istanbul and my team are about to face Northern Ireland. They need a win we just want to keep the momentum going.
England play in this beautiful stadium

I decided to start Redmond on the left and Will came in for Ross who will not be happy but understood.

Team to start against Northern Ireland

England started brightly and after a rather boring first half I told them to buck up there ideas this half, it did not help that Ross had to replace the injured Will. I also bought Andros on at half time who played a blinder. Oxlade Chamberlain then started flying down the wing and scored a complete fluke. But his second goal was out of this world. He started it and finished it from the edge of the 16 yard box. We had won and won all three matches.

In the first knockout round we drew Belgium. We could have had a worse draw but I was happy with it. With Will out injured I was glad to know he would be back if we could negotiate this round. Ross obviously came in for him.

Team to start against Belgium

This game was what I call lucky as we were god awful. Belgium's Christian Benteke scored two but he was offside for both, he didn't even need to stray offside but I was happy. Then it got to what I dreaded. Penalty Shootout. Austin, Hughes, Oxlade-Chamberlain and Sturridge all scored. Axel Witsel then missed for Belgium and then it was down to Jack. I could not ask anyone else to take it. He placed it on the spot and...................GOALLLLLL top corner thank you we win a penalty shootout!!!!

I was very pleased with the boys and found out we would play Poland. I am very happy with that draw and I can't wait to see if we can get into the semi finals. Will is back for the match and trained well so I thought fuck it I need my captain in. I said sorry to Ross but he had to sit out.....He was fine with it as he wanted England to win. We were back at Sukru as Will lead the team out we were very well prepared.

Team to play Poland in the Quarter Finals

Now everyone knows that England and Poland have history. They have beat us at times when they really shouldn't so I always new this was going to be a tight match. Jack was on it all match but Poland had the better of the first half. Kaminski was a danger when he was over free kicks so I new we had to be careful. The Referee blew for half time and so I decided to encourage the guys but take off Danny. He had a slight knock and Saido had trained well since we got here so he came on.
Saido Barahino gets his chance in Turkey

On the 65th minute he had a golden chance but somehow missed the sitter when it seemed easier to miss. I was getting anxious so I threw on Ward-Prowse and Wilfried. this move to to be rewarded. as out of nowhere Zaha smashed the bar from 20ish yards out but Wilshere was on hand to net the rebound on the 91st minute. We had deserved it and the whistle went we were in the Semi Finals to play a aging Italian team.
Wilshere is on form at the moment

So I told the team the next day that at every chance we are going to attack italy. I was very happy to be playing Italy and I felt we could make the final.
Izmar Ataturk will host the Semi-Finals

The day of the match I told Danny that I was dropping him for Daniel Sturridge. I looked at the Italian defence and I new they were there for the taking. I picked Sturridge for his strength.

The players walked out knowing they are on the verge of something fantastic. Will looked nervous but the game kicked off and if there were nerves Steven Caulker settled them quickly as in the 2nd minute Jack swung a corner for Caulker to head home and make it 1-0 to England. It got better for England when Will Hughes beat the offside trap and Singu to slide the ball into the bottom corner. We were in dreamland!!!

Hughes scored against Italy

But then Andrea Poli turn back the years to score a free kick and make it 2-1. At half time I told the team this is there day go out and make the final!on the 53rd minute I took off Sturridge and bought on Saido. Jack then placed a free kick into the bottom right hand corner to make it 3-1. We are cruising to a big day in English football, on the 89th minute we put the game to bed when Caulker headed his second goal of the game to make it 4-1. We are in the Final!!!!

We have 4 days then guys until the final against Croatia who are ranked 3rd in the world. I will be a tough match but I am confident we can win it.

The day of the match we were really buzzing. I could not wait to get my country on the field for a major final. I opted to go for the usual team against Croatia. Will and Jack were really up for this and they broke to start the match

Team to play Croatia in the European Finals

We started brightly, Will and Charlie were playing very, very well. Jack hit the post and Charlie hit the bar. Kovacic also hit the woodwork for for Croatia.

Both keepers were playing very well too. In the second half we had two goals disallowed and Croatia had one goal disallowed so It went to extra time and then the European Championship was going to be decided by penalties. Now we had already won a penalty shoot out so it was all down to whoever was brave enough to take it.

We went second, Petkovic scored! Charlie Austin sent the Keeper the wrong way. Andrijasevic then scored. Jack decided to go and thumped it down the middle. Kovacic then scored as did Barkley. Penca scored too for Croatia then Welbeck scored off the post. Croatia sent Hebib up and he sweetly scored into the left hand corner. There then a discussion on who was going to take the responsibility, it was going to be Nathan Redmond and I was just preying for him. He placed the ball down and took a long run up...............Then the tears came because unfortunately for Nath he had put it over. We had lost the final to Croatia but I told them all not to be down hearted we are the second best team in Europe.
Croatia win the World cup at Englands Expense
Very nice updates mate.Being a norwich fan, gutted Redmond missed the penalty but still very good performance!
Great run in Euro man. Sucks about the loss but England looks really strong in the future.

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