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Manchester United: What The Hell Do We Do Now

Started on 24 April 2014 by No1VillaFan
Latest Reply on 30 July 2014 by TVDLC123
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Unbelievable Jeff! Seriously, if you buy Messi, the footballing world might as well give up :))

Huge Delay In The United/Leicester Match

Welcome to Sky Sports news and there are reports of a huge delay at Old Trafford and we can cross to James Cooper right now. What do you know James?

JC: Thanks guys, all I can tell you at the moment is the match is going to be delayed by upto 1 hour. We understand that a Manchester United player has suffered a heart attack in the dressing room just before going out to warm up. The only information we know is that is a defender who was meant to have been starting.

The back four was going to be Nathaniel Clyne, but I have literally just seen him go onto the pitch so it is not him. John Stones, Matthias Ginter and Alexander Buttner. There is an ambulance on scene at the moment and there is understood to be great concern for the defender.

We understand that it is Alexander Buttner who is the player to have suffered what is being described as a major heart attack. Buttner, who is 26 had just signed a brand new contract for the start of this season and big things were expected of him.

Apparently they are doing CPR on the player and at the moment things are not looking good. We will hang on for a bit to see what happens.....

(30 Minutes Later)

We have just received information about Alexander and we hear that they have been working for 30 minutes now and he has................................

(Find Out in the next update)
Scary, hope he comes out well off!
Goddamn cliffhangers,great story though
Ooo, nice twist mate let's hope he's okay though.
Jack Lets hope so.

Captainbrickerms Thanks :) it is a awesome cliffhanger

Pompeyblue I hope so but who knows

Leicester Defeat United But Buttner Takes Turn For Worse

We have just received information about Alexander and we hear that they have been working for 30 minutes now and he has gone into a coma and is fighting for his life.

Buttner is in a coma in hospital

It is understood that he suffered a Coronary Artery Spasm. This could have been caused by Drug taking, Exposure to extreme cold, cigarette smoking or emotional stress or pain. The spasm cuts off blood flow through the artery which cause a tightening of the coronary artery which causes a big heart attack.

The Manchester United left back is in Manchester University hospital and the staff say it is just now a waiting game. This should have been a happy day for Man Utd who announced the £197m deal to bring Lionel Messi to the club but the main story is will United's ever present left back survive.

Messi completed his £197m move to United

While he was in hospital Manchester United were defeated by a David Nugent hat-trick 3-2 at Old Trafford by Leicester City. It was a brilliant match and Leicester deserved there victory, but with Buttner now in a coma, you have to ask will he ever recover, and if he does will he ever play for United again?
WoooooooooooHoooooo!!!! As a Man United fan...WOOOOOOO!!!! shame about buttner tho! But hey Messi can make e'rythin all better!

Messi: I Just Could Not Resist

Lionel Messi had just completed his move to Manchester United for a World Record £197m, although £81m is to be paid in incentives, Messi went on to say that he just could not turn down The Red Devils.

I had to find out what Manchester United had to offer when Barcelona told me they had accepted a world record bid for me. They came onto my radar at the middle of last season when this young squad came back strong after losing 7-0 to Manchester City. I had been so impressed with them and Brendan Rodgers told me when I spoke to him that myself and Vincent, who I know pretty well are the two missing cogs in the puzzle. I am absolutely delighted to be part of the team and I would also like to pass on my good luck to Alex, who we all hope makes a speedy recovering.
DA FUQ? Messi to United?
As a United fan it is just amazing to see that.. and with Kompany and Messi in your squad now, gonna see how you tear up all the teams around..
Hope Buttner makes it though.
Good luck.
Dan4rmnajia Yeah he can make everything better but lets spare a thought for Buttner here.

CaptainBrickhams Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

AS4 There is always a method to the madness with Brendan Rodgers

Buttner Condition Deteoriates

There was celebration after the Swansea match, where United, thanks to new signing Lionel Messi won 4-1 but the celebrations were muted by a phone call from Alexander's girlfriend Laura.

Brendan Rodgers (The spaces underneath is Laura talking to Rodgers on the phone, we dont know what shes saying)

Hello, Brendan Rodgers speaking.

Right, ok. Is he OK?

Oh no, You are joking! How long was he unconscious for?

Right.......... Yeah, I understand

Well thanks Laura, I will tell the squad

(Rodgers Puts Down The Phone)

Ok everyone listen up please.

(A deafening silence falls inside the dressing room)

Alexander's condition took a turn for the worse last night and they have asked Laura to consider turning off the machine. The doctors say that the machines are the only thing keeping him alive right now and that we should be prepared for so very bad news in the next couple of days.

I know how much you all think of him so she has also asked that none of this gets leaked to the media. IF I hear that it has you will be transferred and sold straight away. I can see a few upset faces but Alex would want us to carry on and win every match. Remember he has not gone yet and I believe in miracles but we should be prepared for the day if it comes.

(The Phone rings again.....................)

Hello, Brendan Rodgers
(A long, long pause)

(Rodgers starts crying)

Steven Naismith: What is it boss?
oh holy god...
I'm on the edge of my seat! im hoping buttner is alright though.

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