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Oriental Lisbon - One Step Closer

The journey of minnows Oriental Lisbon.
Started on 3 May 2014 by Walter
Latest Reply on 17 November 2014 by Feliks
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It's a Walter story. On FM14. With Oriental. :O

Great start, I shall expect nothing less.
I will follow (again). ;)
edu I don't even know ;)

Alex Please lower expectations :))

Northwood You inspired the first one, so you are partly credited with this one ;) Glad you're following
Walter's avatar Group Walter
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One Step Closer

I came back from the break that afternoon, got my best suit on and drove to Lisbon after caling my current employers about the interview. It was a credit to my boss at Setubal as he encouraged me to go and take the job and not feel any regret about leaving my hometown club.

I arrived at the Campo Engheneiro Carlos Salema, vaguely familiar with it due to the pictures I'd seen on the internet prior to arriving. In all honesty, the stadium was of low quality, but that was all part of the journey.

The chairman, Jose Nabais, had instructed me to meet him inside the stadiums, and we could have a friendly chat and interview, and also allow me to get a real sense of what it was like to be part of the club.

Slowly, I walked in to one of the stands, right next to the maroon sign which read Clube Oriental de Lisboa. I scanned the area when my eyes arrived upon a man smartly dressed in a white shirt, beige pants holding a cap and wearing expensive sunglasses.

"Vitor, welcome, my friend," he welcomed me, shaking my hand. "Come sit, we will watch the training session and discuss."

I sat down on one of the terraces and we got talking football. Jose was a kind man, very warm and welcoming and proud of his club.

"Now," he started. "The expectation is to win the league. I believe we have a great squad and the bookies hold us favourites to win. I hate to spring it on you like this but it really is the minimum expectation."

Normally I wouldn't nervous, but winning the league sounded intimidating. But, in order to prove my worth to my hopefully-new boss. "Yes," I said, "I can do that." A big grin spread across his face, "Brilliant! I think it'd be safe to say you're the man to take us forward, welcome to Oriental!" He shook my hand and we walked up to the office for the first time. He explained the details of the contract - one year, not a huge wage, but all his best wishes and good luck.

We said our good byes and I headed to my home in Setubal, ready to pack my stuff and come straight back to Lisbon. I'd need to find a place to stay, but I don't think it'd be too hard. To be honest, all I could think about was my new job - and how far we'd go.
Very nice update! Really am looking forward to seeing how you do in the league!
I'm sure you can lead them to the title, good luck :)
Looking forward to the start of the season :D Nice updates B)
Good start, will follow :)
A rather late good luck :P Looking good so far :)
Josh Thanks it will be interesting

TV You sure your sure? :P

LFC Thanks :D

Hamoudi Thanks :)

Jonaldinho Not late at all! Thank you!
Don't expect much of Chairmen in LLM, they are coonts.
2014-05-05 09:23#173241 Pauker : Don't expect much of Chairmen in LLM, they are coonts.

Oh no don't worry, I won't be :L
Walter's avatar Group Walter
10 yearsEdited

Making It Count

In my eyes, the first day is the most important. I came to the club ready to start from the bottom and build some solid foundations for the future. I was already a bit under the pump to win the league, but I decided to let that slip my mind until I had truly assessed all available options.

The squad I had inherited was a good one for this league. After looking I decided our obvious strengths were central defence and striker. We have lots of attacking options, so all of them will really have to fight out for a place on the team.

The starting tactic I will be using is this one.

As I said in that interview, our wings are very strong and they could prove to be a vital asset. Tiago Mota is an accomplished crosser who possesses pace and so he is going to be my main outlet of assists.

I want to be prepared for all situations and have flexibility when it comes to picking my team. These two formations are here to just give me extra options in case a tweak is needed or if we are in search of something different.

As I said before, I regard my three central defenders highly. Carlos Calado impressed me and looks a good fit for this level and Hugo Grilo is very valuable because of his passing abilities as well as his defending ones.

Tozé is another defender that looks very good for this level and he and Carlos Calado will have to fight it out for the Limited Defender role in my main tactic.


After a little chopping and changing, we got ourselves ready for preseason. I tried to get as many home games as possible to lure fans in for some much needed gate receipts, and I think that the Juventus Reserves game might just do the trick.

Portimonense will be a tough game early on, but a challenge the boys will relish. Other games versus Caldas and Alverca will be good preparation for the season ahead and we have to play our feeder team SL Olivais, which should provide a much needed morale boost prior to the league kick off!

Next Up... Transfers and Preseason
Great start Walter!
Loving the updates so far :D
Great update! Socrates Pedro looks great for his age!

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