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Oriental Lisbon - One Step Closer

The journey of minnows Oriental Lisbon.
Started on 3 May 2014 by Walter
Latest Reply on 17 November 2014 by Feliks
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pompey Thanks pompey

Josh Thanks. And yeah, one of the rare prospects for this league.
NOTE: This story is just going to be put on hold for a couple of days, partly due to reasons relating in the save. I have not abandoned it!!
2014-05-07 11:47#173674 Pauker : I GAVE YOU MY COUPON AND YOU DO THIS </3

Great signings and a brilliant start! Hopefully this continues quickly!
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Martins Meets The Media

Reporter: You are now the manager of Oriental Lisbon, how do you feel?

Martins: It truly is a magnificent feeling. I never really supported this club as a child but I thank them for giving me an opportunity to become a football manager and I really believe we can go and do big things together.

Reporter: Oriental are predicted to win the title by many, what are your expectations for the league season?

Martins: I think we can top the National Championship - G. We have a strong squad and in preseason we have the opportunity to really gel and become a cohesive unit, and if all the right steps are taken, I think this year could be a good year for us.

Reporter: Do you have any transfer targets in mind?

Martins: Not really, we have a great unit already and it would be silly to interrupt it and to do anything over the top. Sure, we'd have to get one or two players here and there for depth and positions that need strengthening, and we may need to offload players to balance the books, but overall I wouldn't expect much activity from us, we have a solid core already and what's the point of fixing something that isn't broken?

Reporter: What playing style are you looking to implement here at Oriental?

Martins: Obviously I'm a fan of nice football, controlling the ball and pressing and probing for openings, but I don't think such a style is necessary in this division of football. I think our main strength is in the wings, so I want to exploit the flanks and play some fast football, but nothing too difficult that will take months to learn, I mean - what is the point in that? Football is a result business these days and there is no use playing the most eye catching football if you're not going anywhere. Style over substance.

Reporter: Finally, where do you see Oriental in five year's time?

Martins: I think we could be either a small club in the first division or a full fledged Second Division outfit. I'd like to think the former, but we're not going to rush it, we don't want to find ourselves as a yo-yo club and we're going to take it slow and make sure we get there the right way.

Reporter: Thanks for your time, Vitor.
5 years for that? Come on!
TaT Thanks mate

Pauker I'm only saying that because I'm very cautious, and I don't want to fall flat on my face if it all stuffs up :P did one of my favourite stories return and I was not aware of it...
Nice update, love the interview style, but surely you should be aiming higher than that! I see Oriental top of the Primeira in 5 years, maybe less! :)) (Okay maybe not in real life but you get the point) :P
Great start :)
I wish you better luck than I've had in my Varzim save...urgh.

Had a quality run with Ribeirao during a test save, took them to the Primeira Liga before being inexplicably fired after year three.

Good luck mate, will be following :)

Preseason And Transfers

The first window was going to be busy for many clubs, but I believed if we just kept our core of players and maybe just added a few here and there we'd be on our way to promotion. For many lower league clubs they are drafting 10-20 players in but I decided to keep it simple.

We also enjoyed a successful preseason not just in terms of results but in building a cohesive and understanding team and getting the chance to mould ourselves into the tactics I had set out from the start.


As I explained above, we needed to keep it simple. One transfer was all we needed and it wasn't heavy on our finances either. Right back was the one area we needed to cover, and Bruno Parente fit the bill perfectly.

He can play all the way up the right, and can fill in at the left side of defence if needed. His wage demands weren't very high at all and he was pleased to come to the Carlos Salema to play his football.

Other than that, all I did was sell a few players either because they were not good enough or I needed to get them off the wage bill. By the end of the window I had £1,100 in my wage budget.


We dominated U. Santarem. It was a dominant performance from us and we really deserved the win. I was impressed with the solid attacking display. Condesso's opener and Sebastien's late strike were both of the highest quality and it gave us a lot of confidence.

The Portimonense result was tough to take as it was a late free kick that lost it for us. Despite this I was pleased with the performance and if Sebastien had nodded in the header 6 minutes earlier we would have won in my opinion.

Caldas were a team we could beat so I was disappointed to lose like that to them with both goals in the second half. However we recovered to win emphatically versus Alverca. Thanks to Mauricio Vaschetto's wonder strike in the second half we sealed a great win over Juventus Reserves and in the final game we scored five goals in a twenty minute burst to defeat our feeder club SL Olivais.

Player Of Preseason: Feliciano Condesso

Condesso was a rock in midfield and was rewarded with a couple of goals to go with it. He provides a fantastic outlet in midfield and links the play together very well for a player of his calibre.

Next Up... Oriental Find A Parent
Great updates as always mate, good luck with the seasons start. Will be continuing my following of this story :)
Rablador You took your time! :P Thanks and not top but I hope I'm at least in their by five, I think I should be ;)

Justice Thanks :)

Carlos Ah well, things will improve! Nice and not nice :P Hope it all comes together. Thanks.

fmhunter Thanks mate.

A New Affiliation

After agreeing with Mr. Nabais about the idea of a parent club, he came back to me a couple of weeks later and gave me two options. Those two teams were CD Aves and Sp. Covilhã.

The chairman asked which one best suited me and after having a quick research into both of the teams I decided upon recommending CD Aves as the club we'd go to. They have finished in the higher reaches of the Second Division in comparison with Sp. Covilhã, who have been placing amongst the relegation spots, so that, coupled with Aves' better facilities, made the choice an easy one for me and the club.

This affiliation can work for both us: youngsters needing game time can be sent on loan to us and we won't have to pay a penny! The affiliation also allows us to bring in some extra funds, and overall it had a positive impact on our finances. I think the club as a whole should be happy with what has happened as it could be a deciding factor in years to come.

Can this link be good for the future, as well? I think so. Aves are a promising side who could easily make the jump up to the Primeira Liga and that is not only good for them but it benefits us as well. This affiliation has the potential to last a long time, and we as clubs can continue to prosper.

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