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Mourinho: The 15 Year Plan

Started on 20 May 2014 by fmhunter
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#13: A Difficult Opportunity | 12 November 2014

”Jorge, what can I do for you?” I say, answering my phone as I sit at the desk in my home office.

I ask him to hold for a second while I bid Margot fairwell, she's off on a shopping trip – putting my credit card to good use for a change.

“Yes see you later, have a good day!” I shout down the stairs.

The door slams shut and I resume my conversation with my agent.

“Jorge, sorry, what did you want my friend?”

“This business at Barcelona, the coach's position is vacant. They have inquired into your availability.”

“Absolutely fucking not, Jorge. You know I hate those bastards down there. Last time I spoke to them was before that bellend Guardiola got the job – he got it over me because apparently he didn't think he was bigger than the club, whereas I did. Total fiction.”

“But you had such great times there as a translator for Mr Robson, and you learnt coaching there!” urged Jorge.

“Yes, but that was a long time ago. The club is very different now, it is run by different people in a different way. I am not coaching Barcelona. And that's final. I don't want to speak of it anymore.”

“But you said you wanted to get back into coaching Jose!”

“I know, and I will. But not at that club, tell them to stick their contract offer where the sun doesn't shine!”

I slammed the phone down and thought about things for a moment, before deciding I was right and moving swiftly on in what I was doing.

Then, I thought about it again, briefly, before deciding that I cannot return to Barcelona as a coach. I have enough enemies in football, and after my Real Madrid reign I feel it isn't right to coach their divisional and European rivals. That's the end of that, maybe a move back to Portugal, or Germany, I haven't managed in Germany – I could certainly complete part of my plan in Germany!

I began my new task in the day and started unpacking some carboard boxes that have been moved from Monaco into our new home. Margot doesn't do any sort of DIY so its my job to sort the house out, and that I will do now.

I unload box after box, putting everything in the right place. It was at this point I reached into the bottom of the box to find a worn old envelope addressed to myself.

I couldn't for the life of me remember what it was, so I opened it.

You have been a wonderful servant to me in all you've done, and you have developed into a wonderful young coach. I thank you with all my heart for the work and effort you have put into assisting me since I came to Barcelona.

It is with a warm heart that I leave Spain, and I wish you the best of luck under Louis van Gaal. One day I hope you can become a manager, and I don't doubt you'll be very successful. I could even see you managing the great Barcelona, that would make me a very, very proud man.

All the best,

The date on the letter was July 1997 - no wonder I couldn't remember reading it. A tear came over me looking at the picture he had enclosed into the letter. The late Sir Bobby Robson whom I'd worked with so closely before becoming a manager, one of his dying wishes will have been to see me manage Barca. I loved that man, and I want to make him proud, I am sure he's looking down.

I ran out of the garage and upstairs into my office. I took a deep breath, picked up the phone and dialled.

“Jorge! Get me in touch with the Barcelona president – I've changed my mind.”

Update: Appointment | 14 November 2014

Two days later, I was officially unveiled as the new head coach of FC Barcelona, on a contract until the end of the season. Now, my 15 year plan really is in full swing.
Are Iniesta and Xavi going to be parking the bus now?

November/December 2014 Review

Post-Match Comments

“For my first match as coach of Barcelona, I think this is a good start. The team and ethics that Gerardo has left behind, it is good, it is solid. We must concentrate on continuing to build on what we currently have but the league table swings in our favour and I feel good about this team and what it can achieve. Leo has a fantastic match today, and as always he shows the quality that can only be matched by one man a few miles from here. Messi has the edge...Messi has the edge."

”The opponents are certainly weaker than us, and we don't play well tonight, but we get the three points. This is very important as only the best teams play badly and win, we win this game...we win this game and we play badly. It is OK."

”Today much better, I wanted a reaction after very bad performance in the Champions League, today we play good fast football against a very good team. The back line were unbeatable under good pressure and I feel that this is a fantastic win for us. Malaga will feel disappointed they don't score or get a point, but we do not let this happen, we were fantastic.

”For a Europa player, it is hurtful. For Europa as a club, it is fantastic. By playing bigger teams for the players it can be demoralising, but I was impressed by them. They attack well and defend even better, but the result was only ever going to be one way. I take the cup seriously, I field a strong team, and we win the game comfortably. Well done to Europa, they will make lots of money off this match and I hope they continue to grow."

”I love Inter very much, my past there is fantastic, especially in this competition - but today I am Barca coach and this game was the most important since I arrive. I want to applaud the Inter fans and the club, they make feel at home, a very nice welcome, but I think that my players were incredible tonight. It was an incredible performance and a win here has done us a lot of favours. We qualify for the next round. OK, it is in second place but I have only taken charge for two matches and we win them both. This tournament is one that I need to win...I need to win. I think, no doubt, we can win it, but it has to be hard work from everyone to achieve it. This was huge victory and the next round is also incredibly important."

"If the only way that you can compete against us is to kick and foul us then that is OK, you will will lose. I cannot see why these teams keep on using this tactic of being rough to try and compete because it clearly never works. We have too much pace and skill, if I offer tactical advice to these coaches that employ this behaviour - do not try to kick us into defeat, it won't work. Play football, by tactically outdoing me, you will win. By having more pace and desire than my player, you will win. By kicking us, you will lose. That is all I have to say."

"I think that seven zero aggregate is not fair on how Europa play. I have admiration for a small team with no big stars trying so hard to beat one of the best teams in the world, I have great admiration. My players do their job, they do well, we win the tie and we are through to the next round, I want to win, of course. But I think I said in the first leg that this is about Europa, they do amazingly well and I want to place all congratulation on them, they deserve it."

"I think that my player are fantastic today. They have energy, flair, precision, pace, technique, tactical perfection. They win the game five zero but the result isn't too important today for me, as the performance was outstanding, that is the main thing. Since I arrive, we have worked extremely hard and I want to say that the players have adapted to my style very quickly and have accepted me and the new staff as one of them. Alberto (Moreno) was brilliant at left-back, he was my player of the game. His going forward and defending combined into one special performance. He is very special."

La Liga BBVA


UEFA Champions League


1st Knockout Round: Manchester City

January Fixtures

Mourinho Says...

The fans at the start do not like me, because of my Madrid days and the unfortunate silly incident with Tito - but this is the past, and this two month period has been amazing, it has been amazing. I come in to a new club, they accept me after a few weeks and we start work well. I make some changes in the staff firstly, I bring in Tottenham coach Steffen Freund as my assistant and then add Rene Meulensteen as coach, and I also bring Pantaleo Corvino as Director of Football. I only make improvements where improvements need making, I do not change too much. I implement my tactics on the team, my way of playing - and they understand straight away, working hard to adapt to a new way of playing football and it works immediately. To win every single game since I join, it is remarkable. I have enjoyed my life, my football so much more than I have in recent years in this two month period. I feel at home, it is the best job I have had since Inter. I love it here. The Champions League draw has brought Manchester City into the equation, and we will have to be at our very best to beat such a strong team, I hope we can do this. That is February, but for now we focus on each match as it comes. Thinking too far ahead means not enough focus on the present. I am very impressed so far and the fans and I are building a pleasant relationship. I apologise for anything I did or said whilst at Madrid, most of it I didn't mean. I hope we can have amazing success here, amazing success. Since I was here with the great Sir Bobby Robson, I have always really wanted to return. Now, I have ambition, and I am glad to be back...I am glad to be back."
good luck jose. the tide is surely now in your favour :)
Love this!
Absolutely fantastic.
fzemdegs: Thanks mate!
Hamoudi: It loves you too :D
Alex: Thanks a lot mate, means a lot.
As always some brilliant writing and now you've played FM you've played it well. Good Luck with Barca.
Some real nice Russians there. But is it best that you continue a relationship with Margot... you have bad experiences with Russians :P
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9 yearsEdited

#14: Open Letter To Fans | 1 January 2015

Dear Football,

This is a short letter to all of football, in particular those criticizing our style of play, to clarify my stance on the footballing style I have implemented on Barcelona since becoming Head Coach in November.

Some people do not like Jose Mourinho, Jose Mourinho does not like some people. Some people say that Jose Mourinho is arrogant, Jose Mourinho knows that he is arrogant. Some people think that Jose Mourinho is a great coach. That's because I am a great coach, better than the 'some people'.

To put this into a good mans terms - if you go out on a night out and you are looking for a nice young lady to take home, and you complete your objective, that is it. Some weeks they look nice, sometimes they look like a a bulldog. Now, at the end of the day, you've won if you get in a taxi with the lady and take her home. She may not be easy on the eye, but at least you completed your objective. Sometimes, football cannot always be easy on the eye if you want to win football matches. My team has fantastic talent, incredible skill and agility, but sometimes you have to go home with the ugly win instead of the hot win. It is simple as that. Now, just because my team has been coming home with a lot of ugly ladies, we are still coming home with a lady. The team you support, coach, follow, whatever - you may kiss beautiful model in a night club, but you do not take her home - that is a draw, not a victory. Sometimes, you don't get anything.

You may not like the way my team is playing, but I have taken a hot lady home every match, and that is why we are top of the tree. You may kiss beautiful girl but not take her home - that is why you are below FC Barcelona.

Enjoy being behind us if you can.

Jose Mourinho
Head Coach of FC Barcelona
Best letter I've ever read! :D
Absolutely fantastic. Again.
Very creative and damn right funny letter!
very good mate :)

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