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Mourinho: The 15 Year Plan

Started on 20 May 2014 by fmhunter
Latest Reply on 31 July 2014 by pokarioboy
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Do you actually have an FM save for this story? Ha! Great stuff!
Griffo: Yeah hahaha I do. Thanks mate!
cant wait to see who his next club is
fmhunter's avatar Group fmhunter
9 yearsEdited

#12: The End of the Beginning | 21 September 2014

I hear a knock on the front door of my villa, I roll over in my bed and look at the time – 08:42. God knows who this will be, nobody really knows where I live!

I put on some jogging bottoms and ruffle my own hair, for some reason thinking that will make me appear slightly more attractive. I take off the latch and open the door, and a familiar man stands tall on the doorstep. I couldn't for the life of me remember who this man was, but I knew him in some way.

“Hi, Mr Mourinho?” said the man with an American accent.

“At your service.” I replied sarcastically.

“Hi, erm, yeah, thanks so much for yesterday.” he said, it suddenly occurring to me who he was.

“It was nothing...” I started, prompting him to offer his name.


“Tommy, it was a pleasure. I hope you had happy young players after that, it was all you my friend. I don't need thanking.”

“No sir, you do! We won the league title by a point with those three goals – you're a genius!”

“Well, if you won the league title, I certainly didn't coach those boys all season – you did.” I stated.

He smiled in appreciation. I could see from the way he was clinging to the doorway for dear life that he wanted to talk more, and its not all too often I get that anymore, so I invited him in.

“What can I get you Timmy? Tea? Coffee?”

“It's Tommy. And coffee, please, thank you.” he replied.

I made two mugs of coffee and sat across from him on the balcony of my villa, listening to the beautiful pure ocean waves crashing against rocks.

“How do you do that?” he asked inquisitvely.

“Do what?”

“Know what to do! When a team that isn't even your own are three goals down with ten minutes left, you know how to get a result?”

He made a good point, there is no point teaching him in an hour because it took me decades to achieve that sort of understanding. So I kept it simple.

“Luck, I suppose. And a good understanding of your players' individual abilities, matching that with a system that compliments your ambition for the game ahead.”

The man seemed in awe of every word I spoke.

“Where is everyone, Mr Mourinho, surely you don't live alone?”

I looked down, upset by his observation.

“I'm supposed to be dead. I got into some trouble with the chairman at my last club,”

“AS Monaco?” he interrupted.

“Yes, he is a very powerful man. I made some mistakes and he wanted me killed for it. It was the good grace of a couple of his men that makes me live on in this very spot speaking to you.”

“Holy crap, must have been bad!”

“It was, I can't return to football, as he will certainly make me disappear. I'm imprisoned into a country where football doesn't really matter, its never in the news. This way he will not know that I'm alive. He thinks I am dead.”

The aspiring coach looked shocked and confused at the same time, wishing he knew the details of what I'd done to get myself into this situation.

There was a knock at the door. I don't have any visitors, ever. Now two in the space of half an hour of waking up. This can't be good.

The coach followed me into the living room before making himself comfortable on one of the sofas, I walked further on and opened the front door.

Stood before me was Dmitry, and Vladimir and Aleksandr.

“Ahh, Jose, what a pleasure to see you.” said Dmitry, evil in his voice and walking past me into the living room.

Vladimir and Aleksandr walked past me after Dmitry as I held the door.

“Be fucking scared.” mumbled Vladimir.

I followed all the men, dressed in black into the living room, where I'd forgotten Timmy was still sat.

Aleksandr grabbed him by the throat and shoved him out of the front door and onto the beach. I tried to tell them not to hurt him but my words wouldn't come out, I didn't know what was going on, my heart and mind were going ten to the dozen.

Aleksandr came back into the room after slamming the front door closed.

“I'm glad we could meet again, Jose. I clearly can't trust these two fools to kill a man, so this time I will be here while they do it. Kill him.” he addressed the two bodyguards.

He placed a pistol into the hands of Vladimir, who had spared me of my death not two weeks ago.

“Do it.” Dmitry urging Vladimir.

The bald Russian security guard raised a gun so the barrell was level with my eyes. I closed them, I won't defend myself, this was always going to end badly.

“DO IT” screamed Dmitry.

BANG!!! A gunshot rattled through me, every bone in my body shaking life a leaf. I opened my eyes and fell to my knees.

Lay there before me was Dmitry, a bullet hole in his head, bleeding all over my carpet.

I looked up at Vladimir, who still had the gun in his hand. He was shaking, Aleksandr stood at the door not saying anything.

“You are free, Jose, return to normal life. Nobody will stop you or threaten you anymore.”

I sat on the floor against the wall crying like an emotional wreck while Vladimir went outside to collect a bodybag that been brought with the intention of having me inside it. They took the body outside and it sounded as though they had put it in the boot of their car.

Rocking myself back and forth against the wall with my eyes closed, Vladimir put a hand on my shoulder and urged me to calm down.

“Jose, you are safe now, me and Aleksandr – we will look after you at all times. You can have a normal life again.”

It was at this point Aleksandr beckoned Vladimir outside, and I could hear him tell him to give me some alone time 'with her'.

I thought I had misheard, but no, I hadn't. In the most surreal of moments, a female arm wrapped around me, I turned and looked to my side.

Sat next to me, was Margot.

“Let's go home, Jose, lets start a new life baby.” she whispered softly in my ear.

She hugged me tightly, kissed my lips once, and firmly gripped my hand. Vlad and Aleksandr remained outside, as Margot told me that we have a house in Europe already bought and furnished – everything is in place to reignite my career.

I blubbered for the rest of the night like an emotional grandparent at a grandsons graduation – but I was back, and after this, nothing can stop my 15 year plan.
I'm sorry, did you just hug and kiss her when a dead man lay on the floor? xDDD
Aaron: Thank you! That's the aim :D
Arvind: Haha noooo...he'd gone off in a body bag!
Good reas but wouldn't mind seeing some matches being played
wow, margot must have really hated dmitry then. crap, it feels like im talking about a soap opera now ;)
WOW, when I thought it couldn't get any better it just did.
very good story however would like to see some more football manager in here
Mourinho is one jammy ******* - Loving the story!
fmhunter's avatar Group fmhunter
9 yearsEdited
EVERYONE: For those wanting more Football Manager in this story - it will's just hard to include FM atm when he has no job lol. The next update jumps to November which does provide a job and FM - so stick with me and have faith friends! :D
I wouldn't even care if you started to write about synchronized swimming, because this story is amazing! I've read through the story a couple of times already, and can't wait for the next update! Wondering what team you are going to sign for... Keep up this excellent work!
oddsiton: Aw bless ya buddy! Thanks for the kind words :D

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