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Darius Xavier: The Conqueror

Darius Xavier is the earthquake in modern football, looking to change the landscape of management forever.
Started on 24 October 2014 by basham97
Latest Reply on 29 June 2015 by basham97
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Martin van Geel - "Hello everybody and welcome. We are not going to fool around today or dodge questions, we are going to jump straight into this episode. How do you feel about your recent successes in the Club World Ch'ship?"

Darius Xavier - "I really don't care. This competition means nothing to me personally, I don't see any reward from me conquering it the way I did. It's a competition which is meant to be a big deal but really, nobody gives a fuck. I mean I proved I was the best in the world when I was issued challenges from the best clubs in the world, but the same thing happened to every challenge in the end, I beat them."

Martin van Geel - "You've advanced through to the UEFA Champions League Knockout stages, and you mentioned challengers? You've got a new challenge that awaits you come February, Manchester United. What are your thoughts?"

Darius Xavier - "I read what the manager of that club had to say - Rio Ferdinand. I agreed with him on some parts. I am world-class manager and the best currently in this industry. But the immaturity of him calling me petty names, brings the club of Manchester United down. He's an embarrassment to the club in my opinion and in February he will fall, Manchester United will be conquered."

Martin van Geel - "So you believe that you will walk into Old Trafford, face Manchester United and walk out the victor?"

Darius Xavier - "That is exactly what I am saying Martin. That's because nobody is better then me."

Martin van Geel - "It has come to the clubs attention that you were invited to an interview to Everton Football Club when your contract expires at the end of this season. Would you like to add to this, could this be the club you enter the English Premier League with?"

Darius Xavier - "Possibly, I won't be closing a door on it because football is very unpredictable. I won't rule it out. If Everton can live up to my needs, live up to my clauses then I don't see why not."

Martin van Geel - "Thank you Darius."

Darius Xavier - "No problem."
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Line Ups

Feyenoord XI: Raif Husic, Dennis van der Wal, Michael Keane, Marian Sarr, Cristán Cuevas, Jens Toornstra, Oscar Hilejmark, Will Overgard, Michel Velasco, Jhon Córdoba

Ajax XI: Jasper Ciliessen, Ricardo van Rhijin, Stef Gronsveld, Stefano Denswil, Joost van Aken, Izunna Uzochukwu, Gökhan Inler, Donny van de Beek, Iván Galeana, Joel Campbell


"Darius Xavier has addressed his aims and goals for this season, they don't surprise me whatsoever. He's made some quality signings to replace the leaving Elvis Manu, a crucial player last season. He wants to break his own record and he will have to defeat Ajax tonight. Darius Xavier has done it many times before and I'm sure he will do it again tonight." -Martin Koopman (Manager of NAC)

"This will be a fantastic match, both teams have huge attacking forces with Feyenoord signing Michel Velasco this January with the absence of Jao Rodríquez due to fitness troubles. Ajax having a crucial striker for there game Joel Campbell, he's scored a lot of goals for Ajax and will be a big goal-scoring threat versus Feyenoord tonight. I think this game will end in a draw as both teams need a win." -Jos Luhukay (Manager of Vitesse)

Match Statistics

Shots were a big proportion of this match in terms of highlights, both teams put on a solid performance when it came down to shooting towards the opposition's goal. Feyenoord had a total of amount of 16 shots meanwhile Ajax had 11 shots. Feyenoord had 7 shots actually on target and Ajax had a low 4 shots on target. Both teams had an equal 1 clear cut chance this match.

Possession was quite interesting due to both teams being much more creative in building on attacking moves as per usual. Feyenoord had a large percent of possession in comparison to Ajax with 57% meanwhile Ajax had 43% of the ball. Both teams approached this game with different mentalities, Feyenoord patiently played balls into the box in which saw openings towards goals. While Ajax played a fast game and soaked pressure before unleashing there moves (a much more counter-attacking mentality).

Pass Completion reflected on the team's mentality and compliments it well, this is similar to how possession did so. Ajax played at a very fast tempo therefore had a lower pass completion of 67%. Feyenoord had a consistent solid 75% of there passes completed. This ultimately allowed them to create more chances and complete attacking moves.


Things did not get off to a good start for Ajax as wonderkid Michel Velasco seized on an error by Joost van Aken to score a good header from just inside the six-yard box. An error from Ajax's Jasper Cillessen allowed winger Dorin Rotariu to score a well executed finish. Wonderkid Iván Galeana pulled one back for Ajax after 33 minutes with a fine header from point-blank range. Toornstra had no trouble in scoring from the spot when Inler conceded a penalty. An error from Feyenoord's Michel Velasco allowed winger Joel Campbell to score from long distance. Winger Gastón Vázquez finally rounded off their victory on 82 minutes with an incisive finish from 11 metres. Feyenoord 4-2 Ajax

Manager's Comments

"Feyenoord were truly brilliant today, no questions. We played well, we were able to score two against them, but defensively we struggled. Overall, losing to the UEFA Champions League by only a two goal difference shouldn't be looked at as a disappointing result in my eyes. I give my praise to Darius Xavier for setting up his team like he did tonight, he showed us why his squad or team is the reigning defending Dutch champions." -René Trost (Manager of Ajax)

"We played well, a couple of debuts such as my striker who ultimately made us concede a goal but scored one for himself today. We had our new left-back start, we bought him because our Dennis de Lange is being poached by José Mourinho's Chelsea. I've given them my asking price and they have yet to respond. Overall, I'm pleased with the result, a few things bothered me in the game but we will work on them on the training ground." -Darius Xavier (Manager of Feyenoord)

Line Ups

Feyenoord XI: Raif Husic, Alejandro Torres, Michael Keane, Sascha Gresbeck, Dennis de Lange, Gedion Zelalem, Oscar Hiljemark, Gastón Vázquez, Dorin Rotariu, Jao Rodríquez and Jhon Córdoba

PSV XI: Jeroen Zoet, Joël Veltman, Jeffery Bruma, Pedro Franco, Nicolás Colazo, Victor Wanyama, Marc Stendera, Angel Di Maria, Christian Thomsen, Paul-Georges Ntep and Andrés Renteria


"PSV has made some fantastic signings this season and has been in great form. However Feyenoord have been in phenomenal form, once again. These past few years for Feyenoord have been truly impeccable, it will never be done again. I think that Feyenoord will walk into this game undefeated and leave their home ground De Kuip stadium, still undefeated. The fans for the past few years have been incredible and part of the reason for the club's success." -Joop Gall (Manager of NEC)

"I'm a manager of a club that is mainly a mid-table team and seeing the rise of Feyenoord has been inspiring. Me and Darius Xavier started our Dutch careers at around the same time, me coming into the January transfer window of his first season and never before has anyone turned a team around like he has. Before he was there, it was always around a top 6 finish but never a dominant league performance. Before he was there, PSV would defeat them, now it's the other way around. Feyenoord to win this game." -Foeke Booy (Manager of Utrecht)

Match Statistics

Shots were undeniably dominate in this game and played a huge role in the deciding finish of the game. The home side Feyenoord obtained a total of 24 shots meanwhile the away side PSV scored a total of 7 shots. The deciding factor was in fact the quality of the shooting at hand, with Feyenoord having 11 shots on target and PSV having 5 shots on target.

Possession is similar to the shooting factor in this game. It really did not matter the actual quantity of the possession but the quality of it. What actually happened when the teams were actually on the ball? Both teams played attacking movements constantly. Feyenoord had 61% of the ball while PSV had 39% of the ball.

Pass Completion has never been truly dominant in any match we've witnessed. But this comes surprisingly close with the home side Feyenoord having an 80% pass completion ratio. While the away side playing at De Kuip stadium, feeling the pressure and only getting a 59% pass completion ratio.


As fans left De Kuip they will no doubt be vey frustrated with the refereeing decisions following this game. Complete forward Jao Rodriquez gave Feyenoord the lead with a well-timed finish from close range in the 37th minute. Poacher Andrés Rentería was apparently fouled inside the penalty area in the 45th minute and slotted the ball from the spot into the bottom left corner. Jao Rodriquez fired back when he added his second goal with a well placed shot on 47 minutes. PSV's equaliser came from Neal Maupay being pulled down inside the six-yard box during a corner set-piece, penalty taker Andrés Rentería buried the penalty in the 52nd minute. Winger Dorin Ratriu then put Feyenoord back in front after 66 minutes with a close range header. PSV's final goal came from Neal Maupay as he seized on wonderkid Dennis de Lange's mistake to score a powerful shot outside the box in the 83rd minute. Feyenoord 3-3 PSV

Manager's Comments

"Me personally thought we were very fortunate after being rewarded two penalties and ultimately being able to come away with at least a point. Feyenoord piled on the pressure on us all game and it was a struggle at times, defensively. Midfielders like Angel Di Maria did not perform for very long as he sustained an injury and we will be assessing his apparent torn ligament, this could a career threatening injury. But very pleased with the result." -Peter Bosz (Manager of PSV)

"What a disgusting match. An absolute disgrace of refereeing, the worst I've ever seen in my career to date, fucking pathetic." -Darius Xavier (Manager of Feyenoord)

José Mourinho issued a public statement to all Chelsea supporters and football fans regarding his issue towards Darius Xavier joining the English Premier League. People have been protesting towards FIFA and more specifically the FA about preventing Darius Xavier from being employed in football management. Protests more specifically have been about him being a bad influence for younger viewers and being uncontrollable in press conferences. José Mourinho issued this statement today.

"My opinion on this issue is simple. I don't like Darius Xavier, I don't respect him either. This is controversial obviously, allowing an individual with that unpredictability and that amount of trouble into possibly the biggest influence in young males lives, is a big issue. Me personally, I don't want him anywhere near this competition, I love so much. But I'm willing to give a compromise which everybody would surely be satisfied with. After the beloved UEFA Champions League is finished, a week later, I'm throwing out the challenge to see if he's worthy of the English Premier League, if he can handle pressure in a controlled manner. Chelsea vs. Feyenoord. If I win, then Darius Xavier can never join a Premier League club. If Darius Xavier wins, he would be allowed to join a club. Seems fair? I'm sure Chris Blatter will be happy to allow us to compete and I'm sure he would happily fund it. So I have a question for you, Darius. What's it going to be boy? Yes or no?"

During the pre-match press conference against Zwolle, Feyenoord manager Darius Xavier was questioned on the challenge that was ignited from José Mourinho regarding Darius Xavier's admission into the English Premier League. Darius Xavier looked confident and cagey when answering the questions. He was also questioned about the rumour of Chris Blatter going ahead with this idea and making it compulsory for Darius Xavier to go through to get into the best league in the world. This was his response.

"I don't know, what you're talking about."

Reports from a number of news sources has released coverage on Chris Blatter's intrigue in the Darius Xavier Premier League entry controversy. Chris Blatter has played an active role in the press regarding this issue of allowing such a figure in the greatest footballing league in the world. Chris Blatter has said to be interested in the proposal created by José Mourinho in which was released in the public media. Chris Blatter has released to the press that he has invited both managers (Darius Xavier and José Mourinho) to the FIFA Headquarters in order to negotiate and answer questions to journalists. The match has not been confirmed yet, however it will most likely be confirmed or rejected during this event.

The meeting was open to the press and to an audience of a few thousand. After José Mourinho publicly challenged Darius Xavier to a match after the UEFA Champions League. The Feyenoord manager ignored the challenge and both managers were invited by FIFA CEO Chris Blatter in order to resolve the issue. You could have cut the tension with a knife. The highlights are below.

Darius Xavier
José Mourinho

"You wanted my attention, you're the reason why we are all here today. So have at it."

"Last year, some people said our teams had two of the greatest matches in UEFA Champions League history. A select few said, they were the greatest ever. As flattering as that is, you have to understand, that my tactics were perfect except for one mistake. One mistake! That cost me everything. A few of my colleagues know that's something I cannot live with. I challenged you to have another match, but for some reason, you ignored me. That's why we are here. The only way, Chris can vouch for me, of you getting to the best league in the world, is by defeating me. Face me after UEFA Champions League and create your legacy."

"On one condition, I don't think it's fair that you get a free shot at me when I've already proven that I can, not only defeat you, but destroy you. You have to put something up as well. This year, getting to the Premier League, just won't be enough. If you defeat me, I won't be entering the English Premier League. But, I beat you, your career is over. My legacy versus your career."

"You don't get it. If I can't beat you Darius... I have no career. You're on."
ooooh, big challemge there...good luck!
Absolutely love the story! Keep it up!

Our first match of December consisted of going against Groningen away from home in which we succeeded in defeating them 7-4. After that grudge match, we then onto defeat Slovan Bratislava in the UEFA Champions League Group match 1-0. Decided to switch to a more counter-attacking tactical system going into the Club World Championship games and abolished Jeonbuk 3-0 and in the final Corinthians 8-2.

Our first match in the calender year was actually on the first day of 2020. We lost to Utrecht in the Dutch Cup 2-4 ultimately seeing us leave the competition. Our first home game on the winter season was against competition-rivals Ajax in which we decisively defeated them 4-2. Consistent Cambuur was no exception in our impeccable run of form as defeated them 3-1. One of the biggest games of the season was against PSV, proved to be why as it finished all square 3-3. The final game of January consisted of us starting February with a cracker 4-0 win over Heerenveen.

Scoring four goals against Heerenveen proved to be consistent as we netted another four against Zwolle to claim victory of the 4-1 scoreline. We drew against relegation favorites 1-1 in a quite boring and dragged on game. Following this match was a very fierce and aggressive match against Twente which finished with us getting the victory 4-2. The newly promoted Fortuna Sittard was dominated 6-0. Facing Rio Ferdinand's Manchester United's squad proved to not be as hyped as we were able to edge them 3-2 at Old Trafford. Three days later w claimed another victory against Hercales 2-0 and Sparta to finish off this winter.

Feyenoord retain the top spot in the Dutch league with an undefeated run in 26 games with an impressive +58 goal difference. In second place is our fierce rivals is PSV which are currently 13 points behind, which seems very unlikely for them to actually catch up, however PSV has the most goals in the league at a stunning 83. Twente is sitting in third place with 47 points in 26 games which they seem to be underachieving. AZ are only a point behind Twente in fourth place with 46 points. Vitesse and Ajax are only a goal difference away from being above each other as both have 45 points. The interesting thing to point out it's very competitive from third place to seventh place with only 6 points in between, making it one of the most competitive seasons for UEFA Champions League.

At the bottom of the league, in fourteenth place are Heracles with above surplus of points per game of 28 points within 26 games. In fifteenth place is newly promoted Fortuna Sittard with 25 points in 26 games with a stunning -24 goal difference. In the actual relegation spots/relegation play-offs are Roda JC and Zwolle with 21 points and 18 points a team. In last place/relegation certainty is Sparta with 16 points within 26 games.

"This was a successful month. We defeated the likes of Twente, Cambuur and most importantly Manchester United. Rio Ferdinand's squad was flawed and I have proven that I can defeat the English giants like Chelsea and United. We remain undefeated in the league however we got knocked out of the Dutch Cup which means we won't be able to retain the Dutch Cup for the third time in a row. That's a shame but that's not the goal for this season. The goal for this season is to retire Mourinho."

The Italian stadium San Siro will witness the most important UEFA Champions League final in history. The stakes couldn't be higher for both managers as they will instruct their players to win them this historic main event. Previously in January, Jose Mourinho and Darius Xavier agreed to a football match which would take place after the UEFA Champions League final. The match would have the stakes of Darius Xavier's admission to the English Premier League and Jose Mourinho's managerial career.

Due to recent turn of events of the UEFA Champions League Semi-Finals, we saw Darius Xavier's Feyenoord side defeat Barcelona on away goals and we saw Jose Mourinho's Chelsea side defeat Paris Saint-Germain. This results in Feyenoord vs. Chelsea in the UEFA Champions League final. Darius Xavier will walk into Italy the UEFA Champions League winner and will defend the championship against Jose Mourinho inside the San Siro stadium.

How appropriate is it, that the title that has defined by Darius Xavier and Jose Mourinho could actually end those careers next Saturday? Darius Xavier has always wanted to come into the English Premier League and he must retain the title against Jose Mourinho. Mourhino in which has won two UEFA titles over his flamboyant career with Porto and Inter Milan. The title that defines Mourinho could actually end his career, if he fails to win this Saturday. Will Jose Mourinho save his career and capture his third European championship or will his career be over?

Gary Linkerer - "Ladies and gentleman, tonight you are going to see the final showdown between Jose Mourinho and Darius Xavier before their teams take on each other in 24 hours time. This match will be historic. This match will shred tears. This match could break hearts. We have witnessed some great UEFA Champions League finals such as Liverpool vs. A.C. Milan, but nothing compares to the stakes that this match has. The match is as follows, Darius Xavier's Feyenoord side will be defending his UEFA Champions League title against Jose Mourinho's Chelsea side. This isn't an ordinary final however, this rivalry as been developing for over a year and has come down to the conditions. Due to the controversy of a character like Darius Xavier, the FA had revoked his admission to the English Premier League. Jose Mourinho after losing to Darius Xavier a year early wanted to seek redemption as he may never get to face the man that calls himself 'The Conqueror' decides to negotiate with Blatter. If Jose Mourinho defeated Darius Xavier after the UEFA Champions League than Darius Xavier would be banned from English football. Darius Xavier feeling this is unfair, wanted to Mourinho to put something on the line, his career. Yes folks. If Jose Mourinho wins tomorrow night, he will stop Darius Xavier from returning to England, he will capture his third European championship and he will save his career. We have both managers in the building right now and we will be beginning with Jose Mourinho's opening statement."

Jose Mourinho - "Last year, I told every single person that listened that I needed to win that match, and I failed. People like Darius Xavier, does not know what that does to a man Linkerer. It makes you feel worthless. Darius Xavier was responsible for my collapse. An entire year of my existence was destroyed. Them matches sent my life into a tail-spin, both professionally and personally. Professionally, we finished 5th this season and personally, it affected my relationship with my wife, we were divorced shortly after the defeat. It's because I could not get over my obsession with the fact that I failed. My opening statement is simple. I have accomplished every single goal in my entire career, except you, Darius Xavier. This is more than just a UEFA title to me, this is a shot at redemption. I have been gifted a second chance to right the biggest wrong of my life."

Darius Xavier - "I hate to break it to you Jose. But you ain't get redemption, your getting put in a retirement home. There is only one manager that Darius wanted to face in this final and that manager was you. Jose, nobody has your passion, your drive, your fire, your will to win. It will give me the full enjoyment of watching you piss it all away for your ego. Last year, I promised the world that I would win the UEFA Champions League, and I did. There is no accolade on this earth, that is more deeply ingrained in my blood. If it means watching you retire to keep this title, than so be it."

Jose Mourinho - "Linkerer, this is what I believe in. You work hard, you show up on time, you stay loyal to those that support you, you respect friends and enemies. That's my stance. Here I am, that's worked almost 20 years, trying to build this. That's what I want as my legacy. A guy like Darius, just wants to destroy everything that I've worked my life to build."

Darius Xavier - "Now I would like to interrupt and give a message to the children out there. The children are the reason why I am being banned from being England, I have a message for you. Your heroes, they fight for their own selfish vanity and greed. Look at Jose here, 'hey kids, all praise me to the virtues of working hard!'. Who am I to say that? Jose Mourinho, you remind me of one of those incredibly bred horses. It races and it wins, and it wins again. The people, the fans, the children they cheer for that. Just remember Jose, you are the one with everything to lose."

Jose Mourinho - "I am afraid of you Darius and your team. But I believe in everything I've done, everything I stand for and everything I will do. Tomorrow, we will fight for my career."

Darius Xavier - "Your career dies tomorrow.".
This story is so amazing... Thank you for doing what you do, and keep up the good work :)
Your story and graphics are just amazing :O

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