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Darius Xavier: The Conqueror

Darius Xavier is the earthquake in modern football, looking to change the landscape of management forever.
Started on 24 October 2014 by basham97
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Dutch champions Feyenoord's home advantage gives them the edge in what should be a close encounter against French team AS Monaco, according to Sky Bet. With the group still wide open and very open to changing positions, both Feyenoord and AS Monaco are looking to take all 3 points today to ensure they are in a safe position to qualify.


"This will be a tough game as both teams are looking to strive for greatness in this Champions League. Both has set the bar high, so for me personally I think it's all about passion. This game isn't about the strength of the squad, it isn't about the quality of the goalkeeper, it's about who wants it most. I think Monaco need this win most due to lower points, but the form and passion of Feyenoord may overwhelm them." -Luis Enrique (Manager of Barcelona)

"Darius Xavier says that the Champions League is his destiny. He has been the dark-horse of this European competition so far, the question remains how long can he keep this up? He has to lose at some point, will it be today? Possibly. I don't think Monaco are in that form that they need, to win this match. It's a tough match to call and wouldn't advise betting on it. Me personally, I think it's going to be a low scoring draw." -Jamie Carragher

"The Monaco manager has been under a lot of pressure later. A lot of unnecessary pressure, he needs to win this game against Darius Xavier's side of Feyenoord. Leonardo Jardim is a talented manager and I believe he has the capability of slaying Darius Xavier tonight. It's definitely going to be a tight game so it will be a low number on goal difference. I really hope it's an entertaining game with a lot of action." -Alan Shearer

"Feyenoord are a force to reckoned with, they are in impeccable form. Darius Xavier has guided his team to 55 undefeated matches with Feyenoord and this includes the Champions League. Monaco has been on a poor form and had a poor last season sinking into third place. It's not been pretty for them, they need to fight back. That's why I'm going for a draw this game." -Frank Lampard

Match Statistics

Shots was a big part of this match due to the fact that one team took their chances while the other did not and this impacted the result entirely. The total of shots from Feyenoord was a total of 13 with eight on target. The total of shots from AS Monaco was a total of 7 with two on target. Most strikes were made from the through balls of the midfielders and it resulted in a lot of clean-cut chances to the strikers.

Possession wasn't a massive factor in this game, this is because most teams had a lot of possession of the ball. Feyenoord had a total of 56% of the ball. AS Monaco had a total of 44% of the ball, this is because Monaco played on the counter-attack due to the away fixture. This could have possibly costed them the game, however there is other factors contributing to there downfall of this game. Darius Xavier ordered his team to push forward and play to the wings, which proved to be quite effective.

Pass Completion contributed to the factor of possession. This is because AS Monaco's passing was very poor, a lot of the balls being passed to the wings during attacking movements was constantly being put out of play due to the wide-midfielders lacking acceleration. Pass completion from Feyenoord was a total of 76% which is quite impressive. AS Monaco had a total of 70% of pass completion, the only let down of the passing was mainly during counter attack moves.


Feyenoord's match against AS Monaco will have been a meaningful one for Feyenoord's Abdou Diallo as he was able to celebrate victory over his former club. Things did not get off to good start for AS Monaco as false nine Jao Rodríquez seized on an error by Éder Álvarez Balanta to score a close range finish which was timed impeccably. Rodríquez added his second goal of the goal with a deftly executed finish from close range on 59 minutes. Flamboyant winger Antonio Candreva gave the AS Monaco fans a glimmer of hope after 83 minutes with a 22 metre free kick which deflected off the inside of the post crossing the line. An error from AS Monaco's Éder Álvarez Balanta allowed complete forward Elvis Manu to score a placed shot from close range which hit inside of the post before crossing the line. Manu completed the rout on 93 minutes with an incisive finish from 16 metres.

Manager's Comments

"The form we've been on and the poor performance this match, I'm happy we didn't lost 8-1. It felt like every time that they were through, they were going to score. Darius Xavier's team played very well, hell of a manager and I look to give him a challenge in the next Champions League game in which we are better prepared. The players aren't got there heads screwed on like Balanta, made a few mistakes out there and he's meant to be world-class. It just wasn't our day and I hope to play better next time round." -Leonardo Jardim (Manager of AS Monaco)

"I almost feel bad about humiliating Leonardo. We talked in the tunnel about intellectual things, intellectual football, he's a fantastic manager. From the news, I hear you people are trying to get rid of him from the post and I think that would be absurd." -Darius Xavier (Manager of Feyenoord)
Leonardo Jardim seems to live under pressure on FM, yet he's never sacked. It's not often Balanta makes mistakes, so I guess you could consider yourself a little fortunate, despite the match stats clearly favouring you :P


Feyenoord's home advantage gives them the edge in what should be a close encounter against league runners-up PSV, according to Sky Bet. Feyenoord have notched up twelve straight wins stretching back to last season and the title contenders occupy the first place of the Eredivisie. Feyenoord have won five of their last five home league games. Feyenoord will retain their position in the Eredivisie even if they lose to PSV. PSV are currently five games unbeaten.


"Both teams need to win to continue there season strong. These two facing each other are what this season comes down to, one of the major three title contenders slugging out it our for the biggest prize in Dutch football. PSV has been in great form recently, looking a lot sharper lately. But, Feyenoord are on another planet, there manager has guided them to the next level, they are a whole class above everybody else. Feyenoord to win." -Jos Luhukay (Manager of Vitesse)

"This time of the season with these two teams squaring off against each other, it's going to be an entertaining match of drama and most importantly goals. I expect to see a lot of goals, a lot of actions, a lot of fouls. This is going to be a great game. Who do I expect to win? I would say Feyenoord have what it takes to defeat PSV and take the three points today. It's going to be close and it's going to be very fun to watch." -Ron Jans (Manager of Willem II)

"Clash of the titans! Oh my God, we see this match twice a year minimum and I feel that the fans have lost their spirit for this occasion. The crowd is dead and not loud at all, it's not a good time to be playing each other because the support is horrendous. I think PSV will shock Holland tonight and gain a victory over Feyenoord." -Mario Been (Manager of Ajax)

Match Statistics

Shots were a big part of this match, for the simple reason that both teams had a slightly different amount of shots with Feyenoord claiming 16 meanwhile PSV got 14 away. This means that the quality of the shooting was a big part and not the amount. The goalkeepers played exceptionally well with blocking a lot of attempts at goal. Therefore it's all about the team-play and quality of finishing which really separated the two teams today.

Possession was a decent proportion of equality. Feyenoord possessing 56% of the ball while PSV had a slightly lower 44% of the ball. This wasn't a major part of the ball, as both teams had a lot of time on the ball, there wasn't very much closing down or tackling from either side. This wasn't very entertaining from a defensive stand-point as both teams actually struggled defending however goalkeepers were a major part of this game.

Pass Completion was quite a reasonable size proportion of the result. PSV didn't do as well as they should because they only had a 69% pass completion, this isn't as bad however Feyenoord had a very high 80% of pass completion. This allowed them to control the came precisely and execute more attacking moves. PSV played the ball back and when they went forward it was route one football to the strikers.


Complete forward Elvis Manu gave Feyenoord the lead with an accurate finish in the 21st minute. Manu added his second goal of the game with an attempt which went in off the frame of the goal on 24 minutes. Feyenoord youth striker Luca Bonato scored with a tidy finish from 15 metres in the 66th minute to extend the lead further. An error from PSV's Pedro Franco allowed false nine Jao Rodriquez to score a well timed finish. Feyenoord 4-0 PSV

Manager's Comments

"This was a match which we had great doubts about, we weren't good enough today. A lot of passes were not executed well in attacking moves. This just wasn't a good enough performance today and it looks to be another season that Feyenoord will take home the gold unfortunately. We need to face facts, we can't stop them, so who can?" -Peter Bosz (Manager of PSV)

"A fantastic match and a fantastic result. Our goalkeeper was crucial for us defensively as we wasn't committing players, wasn't pressing them and wasn't marking them tight enough. That's something I'll be addressing in the locker-rooms, overall I'm pleased with the result and my unbeaten run continues." -Darius Xavier (Manager of Feyenoord)


In-from Dutch outfit Feyenoord go into this game as slight underdogs even though they have home advantage over Spanish outfit Barcelona. Feyenoord are just a win away from securing a place in the First Knockout Round and could clinch it in their next match against Barcelona. De Kuip is currently blazing the official theme song - "The Fire Burns" by Killswitch Engage as every fan is trying to find there seats.


"Enrique's squad has a point to prove, only getting a draw against Feyenoord at Camp Nou is quite degrading to the club. Barcelona is meant to be the best club in the world and not being able to defeat a young manager and a second-rate squad at your home ground must sting. I think Luis Enrique will send the squad out there to really prove to the world that they are the best. I think they're going to embarrass and mop the floor with Darius Xavier and his squad tonight." -Rio Ferdinand (Manager of Woking)

"Barcelona to win this game. The quality of Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez and Neymar will break down that defence and make them suffer. I have no doubt that Feyenoord will secure a goal, but win this game? Nah, no chance. Barcelona have a point to prove and won't be shown up by a team that hasn't been in Champions League for 3 years. Barcelona to win 3-1." -José Mourinho (Manager of Chelsea)

"I haven't been in the stadium with either of these managers, I've never had the delight of meeting Luis Enrique or Darius Xavier. At the managing parties, they are never there so I don't know there character and there determination, most importantly. Overall, looking at the prestige of Barcelona and the championships they have won. It makes the Dutch side look like a child. I think Barcelona will win this game and it will be a convincing contest." -Manuel Pellegrini (Manager of Bayern Munich)

Match Statistics

Shots had an average part in this game between Feyenoord and Barcelona. Feyenoord had the home advantage however didn't look to show it as much, playing on the counter-attack. Feyenoord had a total of 12 shots with 3 on target. Meanwhile Barcelona had a very strong 20 shots with 7 on target. However both teams had equal amount of clear-cut chances of 2.

Possession was very weird to witness. Feyenoord played on the counter-attack however held the ball a lot. Feyenoord had 60% of possession of the ball while Barcelona had 40% of the ball which isn't very tiki-taka. Feyenoord seemed to play there attacking movements before soaking ounces of pressure from Barcelona, when they actually allowed Barcelona to have the ball.

Pass Completion was relatively even with only 1% of pass completion of difference between Feyenoord and Barcelona. Feyenoord had a very solid 79% pass completion rate. Barcelona had 78% of there passes completed. This ultimately meant about the quality of the passing and not the quantity, both teams had quality passing due to there team instructions and the squad quality.


Things did not get off to good start for Feyenoord as advanced player IVan Rakitic seized on an error by Oscar Hiljemark to score a deftly executed finish. Deep-lying playmaker Lucas Silva doubled Barcelona's lead with a simple finish from close in on 18 minutes. Central defender Abdou Diallo pulled one back for Feyenoord after 34 minutes with a good header from just inside the six-yard box. Chile captain Claudio Bravo suffered the agony of own goal after 48 minutes to deny his team the win. Central defender Liam Moore's red card for a bad tackle on 88 minutes put Feyenoord's position under question. Feyenoord 2-2 Barcelona

Manager's Comments

"A unsatisfactory match in my eyes, we slipped up in the 48th minute and we really should have taken this victory today, quite disappointed. Feyenoord has secured and advanced to the Knockout Stage which I'm happy for them, they deserve it. Now there is just more pressure on us to succeed against Monaco in two weeks. Every team apart from Feyenoord is on five points, so it's very competitive. I respect Feyenoord for defeating Monaco and Napoli. I can only hope that we meet them later on in the competition, to see who is truly better." -Luis Enrique (Manager of Barcelona)

"Coming to De Kuip and securing qualification is all I wanted. Which means that we go into the Knockout Stages automatically, therefore we get closer to realising my destiny, which is all I care about. Luis Enrique can say what he wants about the game, I don't really care. Although, I do want to wish Barcelona luck as the pressure will build on them." -Darius Xavier (Manager of Feyenoord)

The FIFA (International Federation of Association Football) President Sepp Blatter has passed away due to natural causes. Sepp Blatter was born on 10th March 1936 and was a Swiss football administrator who served as the eighth president of the FIFA. He was elected on 8th June 1998 after succeeding João Havelange. Sepp Blatter died on the 15th of December 2018 at 82 years old.

Despite winning four terms as President, Blatter was often been dogged by controversy and allegations of corruption. His tenure has seen controversy over allegations of financial mismanagement and the acceptance of bribes resulting in Qatar's successful 2022 World Cup bid. Blatter was attracted criticism from the media, senior football figures and players, due to controversial statements. These include the claim that Latin American countries would 'applaud' John Terry for having an extramarital affair, and that on-field racism could be corrected with a 'handshake', among others. He also drew criticism at the 2014 FIFA World Cup seeding, when he interrupted a "one minute silence" for former South-African president Nelson Mandela, who died the day before, after eleven seconds.

The position is vacant and new election will be held on January 2nd 2019.

In September we had a very solid month. We had some huge results against the top teams in our league and in the Europe. We faced Willem II at De Kuip and completely obliterated them 7-0, with all attacking players scoring the goals. MVV fell victim to us, when we faced them away, defeating them in a solid 4-0 win. Camp Nou was our next destination against spanish team Barcelona was a classic match of 2-2, both teams scored goals and both teams had conceded. We went onto face Ajax at De Kuip and conquered them 5-0, which was very impressive win because Ajax was predicted to come second in the league. Our final game of September was in the Dutch Cup when we faced Jupiter League side Noordwijk and we confidently won 3-0.

Our first match in October was against affiliate club Napoli in the Champions League, in which we won 3-0 at De Kuip. The next game was against Go Ahead in which we edged them with a very slow 1-0 victory. Our second affiliate club was able to score a goal against us however we scored three, securing triumph. Out-of-form AS Monaco was a tense game at De Kuip and we were able to thrive under that pressure and defeat them 4-1, it was a tense game because of the likes of Falcao pushing our defence and thinking that we may concede another goal(s). Heerenveen was a huge big win for us as we destroyed them at home 8-0, that increases our goal difference massively. The last match of the month was against Jupiter League side in the third round of the Dutch Cup in which we edged them 1-0.

The first match of November was a tense match with two very important matches back-to-back and these matches include title-contenders PSV and Champions League opponents AS Monaco. We conquered the title-contenders PSV 4-0 at De Kuip, which saw a lot of positive performances from the defence and midfield. AS Monaco was our next big game and we drew 1-1. Cambuur was in amazing form in Autumn, until they faced us. We destroyed them, including their confidence 5-0 in front of all there fans. We then edged NEC after a 14 day break in a 1-0 clean-sheet victory. Our final match of November was a massive fixture of the rematch with Barcelona. Instead it was at De Kuip in which it saw as advance into the next round of the Champions League because we only needed one point and we secured it with a 2-2 draw.

This league table is inaccurate because I took this on 30th of December.

The league obviously looks done and dusted at this point. Feyenoord have secured a massive 52 points out of 18. Feyenoord has scored the most goals and conceded the least amount, leading to a +60 goal difference. In second place, sees title contenders PSV with an impressive record gaining points on 14 occasions out of 18. Vitesse hasn't done a lot with the former striker Geraldo as he hasn't scored in a while, this could possibly be the reason why they aren't succeeding expectations. Ajax has significantly improved since last season after having a disappointing 10th place last season.

In the bottom half of the league, sees the relegation contenders MVV, Excelsior, Go Ahead and NEC fighting it out to stay in the top league in Holland. Willem II at this point, will most likely not come back due to them having very tough fixtures and not able to pick up momentum. Willem II hasn't even won a match yet. At this point, I would say the top relegation contenders would be Go Ahead, MVV and Willem II because Excelsior is just having a bad spell. Looking at other teams such as Heerenveen has been suffering a lot this season and looks to not retain that mid-table spot which they were predicted in the season preview.

No doubt, the most competitive European group in terms of squad quality and prestige of clubs in history of Champions League. AS Monaco finished third last season, Napoli and Barcelona finished second last season meanwhile Feyenoord remained undefeated last season. Very, very competitive and hard to put your money on a team to go through. However, it has been solidified, Feyenoord and Barcelona advance to the Knockout Stages while AS Monaco and Napoli find themselves in the Europa League.

Future fixtures consist of going against league rivals Ajax once again, AZ another potential title contender and against Champions League Knockout opponent CSKA Moscow. These are all very key games, however there isn't a lot of quantity in the upcoming winter, which allows us to relieve from pressure and focus on advancing in the league. The squad of Feyenoord is very capable of winning all key matches next winter.

"A month which went exactly the way I wanted it to happen. I wanted to dominate the league and I wanted to advance to the Knockout Stages. I did just that. A few performances in which could have done better, such as instead of edging the games against Go Ahead and NEC, I felt we could have broken down there defence better. Overall, I am very happy that I am able to solidify all my objectives so far this season."

A new FIFA President has been announced and the person elected turned out to be youngster Chris Blatter. Chris Blatter was identified as Joseph Sepp Blatter's long lost son. Chris Blatter is now 27-years-old and only came to attention on the date of the election. The voters obviously felt that it should be passed to the heir.

Chris Blatter has taken DNA samples to prove that he is the son and he is now the FIFA President. Chris Blatter has a huge announcement that he will be revealing later this afternoon regarding the UEFA Champions League and Europa League, an announcement he claims can change the face of these competitions completely.
That old prick still getting his way now with the son in charge the tyrant lol
basham97's avatar Group basham97
9 yearsEdited

The new FIFA President Chris Blatter has announced a number of things and major changes to European competitions. Chris Blatter firstly went onto praise his own intentions and new innovations because of him having a younger and open minded compared to his passing father. He went on to say:

"Ladies and Gentleman, we are joined here tonight by some of the greatest people on Earth, the FIFA workers. At the pinnacle of that list, is obviously me. All of you people in the room, know what it takes to get to the top of the football. The hard-work, the dedication, the sacrifice, to get to the top. However these people who has joined us, don't know what I am going to say, and you are all here to hear what I have to say. You are all here to witness, an epic moment in history, a game changing moment in history. As for this years Champions League and Europa League matches and for the fore-coming years, they will be competed on the same day, same stadium and on the same television network!"

Rumours have it that Chris Blatter will be hosting his own televised football show featuring the two opposing managers in the finals of these competitions in order to hype up the event. Chris Blatter has also had to pay out approximately £200 million of the broken contract to hold the Europa League final at the previous stadium.


Dutch Cup semi-finalists Feyenoord have been touted as comfortable favourites but will have to be wary about complacency when taking on Dutch Cup quarter-finalists AZ, according to Sky Bet. Feyenoord are currently on a 54 match unbeaten run stretching back to last season and the title contenders lie in first place in Eredivisie. Manager Darius Xavier is on a 100 match unbeaten run in the league. Feyenoord have won five of their last five home league games. Feyenoord will retain their position in the Eredivisie table even if they lose to AZ. AZ are currently lying in 6th place in the Eredivisie. AZ have lost three of their last 5 away league games.


"AZ need this win more then anything, they need to prove that they can beat the big teams and what better way to do it, then defeat the 54 unbeaten run? I think AZ will pull out all the stops, all the attacking moves and defeat Feyenoord tonight. The reasons why is because Feyenoord have basically won the league, AZ still want European qualification and there are spots still open." -Peter Bosz (Manager of PSV)

"It's never a good idea in betting against Feyenoord under Darius Xavier. Darius Xavier is a manager that will do everything in his power to make sure he walks out with the victory. He has done this a hundred times in a row for league matches. I think he will guide his squad, his team to another strong victory against AZ. Don't get me wrong, AZ have a quality squad, however there manager isn't Darius Xavier." -Zinedne Zidane (Manager of Twente)

Match Statistics

Shots was a major, major factor to the result in this game. Feyenoord constantly put the pressure on the goalkeeper with a very strong total of 36 shots. AZ had a small amount of only 6 shots towards goal. Feyenoord had a huge number of 16 shots actually on target, meanwhile AZ had only 1 shot that actually troubled the keeper. The quantity of the shooting was a big factor in this game.

Possession was another factor to the result, Feyenoord controlled the game with 60% of the ball. AZ had again a lower amount of 40% of the ball. Feyenoord stopped AZ from having the ball and played a lot of attacking moves, leading to clean-cut chances and ultimately leading to goals. AZ wasn't productive when they did have the ball, no passion in the side.

Pass Completion adds to the possession in this match. Feyenoord had a very consistent, a very solid percentage of 84% pass completion rate. AZ had a solid amount of passes complete of 70%, however due to not having a lot of the ball, lead them to have a higher passing percentage because they had less change of screwing up.


Goalkeeper Esteban suffered the ignominy of scoring a calamitous own goal in the 27th minute. Inside forward Elvis Manu doubled Feyenoord's lead with a close range finish which was timed impeccably on 44 minutes. Manu added his second goal of the game with a deftly executed finish on 60 minutes. Inside forward Jean-Paul Boétius then added to the lead with a close range finish on 63 minutes. An error from AZ's Thomas Ouwejan allowed Manu to score a long range effort. It was a sensational effort from Manu and captured the attention of fans and pundits alike. Feyenoord 5-0 AZ

Manager's Comments

"The squad was playing good football until Esteban accidentally put the ball in the roof of his net. We lost our confidence and we lost morality, we got very content and cautious with the ball and it's cost us today I'm afraid. Moving on from this, we will just push on and pick up points where we can, we have Zwolle and Willem II in which I hope we can secure all three points against them." -Jan Vreman (Manager of AZ)

"Again, we play a game and we dominate. This squad and my expertise are just on another planet to the other teams in this league unfortunately, I feel sorry for the fans that we have no longer made this league competitive. It's a one-horse title race now and we are double digits ahead of Ajax who is now second place. I am putting all my focus into defeating my Champions League opponents and bringing European gold to the club." -Darius Xavier (Manager of Feyenoord)

Before the match against rivals Feyenoord, Ajax manager Mario Been was asked a series of questions regarding the game against Feyenoord. Mario Been was also asked about his opinion on the state of the club's league position and the state of the club overall. Mario Been finally talked about if Ajax will ever go and win the title in the upcoming years.

Absolutely loving the story! Feyenoord is my favourite team and it is nice to see they're doing so well.


The odds are firmly stacked against Dutch Cup quarter-finalists Ajax in what should prove a difficult home encounter against the reigning and defending Dutch champions Feyenoord. Feyenoord have notched up four straight wins and the title contenders occupy 1st place in the Eredivisie. Feyenoord have won three of their last five away games in the league. Feyenoord can secure the title if they gather up an additional 14 points from their remaining fixtures. Following Ajax's heavy 0-4 Eredivisie defeat against Twente last Saturday. Been's side are currently 6th in the league with 41 points out of 21 matches. Ajax have drawn three of their last five home league games.


"Ajax's morale and confidence is really low due to the defeat they suffered to Twente last Saturday. Ajax have a quality squad, but the manager isn't up to scratch lately. Been hasn't been able to get any wins whatsoever lately. Feyenoord is going to exploit the low in confidence, they will punish the defence. Jao Rodríquez is on unstoppable striking form, scoring 25 goals in 21 appearances, leading the top goal scorer charts." -Joop Gall (Manager of NEC)

"Last year, Ajax had to sit back and watch the title race from the sidelines. They didn't have the squad they have now, I think Ajax are hungry for a victory and hungry for success. I think they will overcome Feyenoord or at least come out with a point. I don't think Darius Xavier will be doing any conquering tonight. Ajax will close down the strikers and keep the ball in the exposed midfield." -Gert Aandewiel (Manager of Heerenveen)

"I've gotta favour the home-team, they have the support of the people in the stadium. They have the greatest support to encourage the players to play better, they will be a factor as Ajax need to come out and win this game. Ajax need to win this game in order to continue chasing for European qualification. Ajax needs to prove that they can still beat Feyenoord."-René Meulensteen (Manager of Excelsior)

Match Statistics

Shots were somewhat even with Ajax actually getting just one more than Feyenoord, this can be said due to having the home advantage. Ajax gained a total of 20 shots, meanwhile Feyenoord had a total of 19. Both teams had an equal amount, meaning that it was more about the quality of the shooting and how they were troubling the keeper. The scoreline didn't come down to the quantity or the quality of the shots, not in this case.

Possession was a little less equal. This was more of the deciding factor to how the game actually panned out, both teams playing in very different ways to how they are used to. Feyenoord flooded the midfield and with a low tempo, passed the ball and waited for open spaces. This ultimately lead to them getting 53% of the ball. Ajax however, was quite patient and only tackled when Feyenoord actually got close to the penalty area leading to them only having a smaller margin of 47% of possession.

Pass Completion was the lowest factor to take into consideration as it was almost no difference. Ajax had a high 74% pass completion rate, while Feyenoord had 73% pass completion rate. The 1% difference didn't make a significant impact however it was somewhat noticeable, a few poor balls from Feyenoord saw wingers hugging the byline stretching to get the ball. But did it decide the end result of the game? No.


Feyenoord won a hard fought battle against Ajax on a breezy evening at Amsterdam ArenA. Poacher Elkeson gave Ajax the lead with a free kick from 19 metres in the 19th minute. Inside forward Jean-Paul Boëtius then equalised for Feyenoord in the 22nd minute with a well timed close range finish. Then followed the controversy as Ajax were denied claims by wonderkid Almedia for a penalty. Complete forward Elvis Manu then clinched a late winner on 82 minutes with a well timed finish from close range. Manu's impact delighted the fans with his late goal.

Manager's Comments

"The road is over for Ajax, I'm afraid. It's over. I was told by the board that if I don't walk out the victor of this game, that I would be fired because of the poor form. So this is my last words to the media as manager of Ajax. I would like to say thank you for the experience and I'm sorry." -Mario Been (Manager of Ajax)

"The emotional speech that was just seen on television by Mario Been, I would like to add onto that. The children watching at home, this isn't a magical and perfect industry, it's tragic. The fairy-tale story book ride that Mario Been has been on, is now over. I don't just beat managers. I end careers." -Darius Xavier (Manager of Feyenoord)

Mario Been has been sacked by Ajax Director of Football Marc Overmars. Been's departure comes in the wake of a recent run of bad results for De Godenzonen and the club felt that a change was necessary for the good of them. He has been at Ajax since December 2017, having previously managed Go Ahead.

During his time with Go Ahead, Been's team lifted the Jupiler League in 2016, the Dutch Cup in 2016 and finished runners-up in the Dutch Super Cup in 2016. Following Ajax's 1-2 Eredivisie defeat against Feyenoord last Friday. Been's side are currently 6th in the Eredivisie with 41 points from 25 matches. Ajax have lost four of their last five games in the league.

Been famously suffered the ignominy of being knocked out of the Dutch Cup by MVV in January and footage of that match is being rescued from the archives as he departs his post after a series of more recent disappointments. Ajax will now be looking for a new manager.

The manager who has been described by multiple managers as sinister and relentless Darius Xavier was interviewed before his team Feyenoord took on CSKA Moscow in the Knockout Stage in the UEFA Champions League. He was asked a series questions on various topics.

The topics included his aims for the Champions League, his aims for the rest of his career and his accomplishments in his young career so far. Darius Xavier answered very confidently to the questions proposed and in a reasonable manner.

You are reading "Darius Xavier: The Conqueror".

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