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Darius Xavier: The Conqueror

Darius Xavier is the earthquake in modern football, looking to change the landscape of management forever.
Started on 24 October 2014 by basham97
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In the last addition of "Football Face Off" until the European Super Cup. The final of the UEFA Champions League consists of Dutch champions Feyenoord vs. German giants Bayern Munich. Experienced manager Manuel Pellegrini has announced his retirement after this match, Manuel Pellegrini will be looking to leave with the richest prize in the business. While rookie manager Darius Xavier says that this Champions League title is his destiny. The same rules applied in this televised broadcast.


It is time for our main event, after Tottenham triumphed and captured the Europa League we will see who they will face as Feyenoord will play Bayern in the European Champions League Final. The main-event will be inside the Estádio Da Luz stadium. The UEFA Champions League has been running for 63 years and was first won by Real Madrid in 1956. The current holders are Arsenal in which Manuel Pellegrini won it as them last year. Both Feyenoord and Bayern will be hoping to cap their fine runs to the Final by lifting the Champions League trophy come full time. Should Feyenoord lift the trophy, the team will undoubtedly look back at their memorable victory over top Spanish side Real Madrid as perhaps the defining moment in their incredible cup run. Meanwhile, five-times Champions League winners Bayern will be gearing up for another appearance in the competition final.


"This match is the biggest of them all. The drama and the story that these players are going to tell on that pitch tonight will be truly extravagant. The match to me is much more then about the Champions League title. For Manuel Pellegrini it's about this legacy and retiring on-top while Darius Xavier is about being the best in the world, Darius needs to win this, to solidify who he says he is and he needs to conquer the UEFA Champions League. I think Darius Xavier wins this match." -Michael Owen

"Darius Xavier is in a must-win match right now. He will never get another opportunity to reach the final and to face the reigning champion Manuel Pellegrini, this is much more than a match for Darius. It's a shot to defeat the holders of the title and take it for himself, but if Darius Xavier loses, it will be a year of his existence destroyed. I mean this match is Manuel Pellegrini vs. Darius Xavier, never before and never again. This match is going to penalties." -Brendan Rodgers (Manager of Liverpool)

Match Statistics

Shots were quite one-sided with Feyenoord having the clear advantage. Feyenoord had a grand 19 shots in total. While Bayern Munich has 11 shots. Feyenoord had 7 shots on target while Bayern Munich had one less of 6. Feyenoord had slightly more clean-cut chances at 3 meanwhile Bayern Munich had 2.

Possession was average and expected with Feyenoord had slightly more than Bayern Munich (like they normally do). Feyenoord used all of there possession that they had towards building attacking movements and attempting to put the ball back in the net with no hesitation. Feyenoord had a total of 55% possession while Bayern Munich had 45%.

Pass Completion was similar to possession as Feyenoord had slightly more however both teams retaining a respectable amount. Both teams had a very high pass completion rate and tells a lot about the quality of football being played. Feyenoord had a solid 81% pass completion rate, on the other hand, Bayern had a 76% pass completion rate.


On a warm summer's night at Estádio da Luz, Feyenoord lifted their first UEFA Champions League trophy in 40 years. Feyenoord's very late winner came through Oscar Hiljemark as he seized on Jérôme Boateng's mistake to score a powerful penalty in the 88th minute. Feyenoord had a number of attempts at goal but their profligacy meant that they didn't score as many as they maybe would have liked. Feyenoord 1-0 Bayern Munich

Manager's Comments

"What a match. I would like to say congratulations to Feyenoord, to their fans and most importantly to Darius Xavier. I will be retiring officially next week and I would like to say thank you to everyone who has supported me in my career. I will always love this business, to the day I die and just, thank you." -Manuel Pellegrini (Manager of Bayern)

"This match was my date with destiny. Tonight I came, I saw, I conquered - the UEFA Champions League. I said from the beginning, nobody could stop me and nobody did." -Darius Xavier (Manager of Feyenoord)

Beginning March with a rusty couple of games of obtaining just three points out of a potential nine in the opening three matches. We faced Go Ahead in an entertaining match with three players obtaining red cards and a missed penalty, overall it finished 2-2. Hercales was a much boring game in comparison to the bout with Go Ahead as there was nothing too interesting and it finished 1-1. Our next match was against our affiliate club Excelsior at the De Kuip stadium and it ended in another draw of 2-2. Our first win of the month came from defeating Cambuur, a team that was on extremely great form in the summer was defeated 2-1 at De Kuip. In our rematch with CSKA Moscow, we dogged them out 3-1 (6-1 on aggregate) before facing out-of-form Heerenveen and edging them 2-1.

In the beloved month of April, we began this month with a win against MVV in the Dutch Cup Semi Final which puts us into the final against Willem II. In possibly the most entertaining and electrifying game of the entire season, we faced PSV, at this point we had already secured the Eredivisie title, therefore there was no point in making a full match-report on it, overall we beat them 5-4. We then squashed NEC 4-1 in another pointless bout as NEC had got out of the relegation-zone and practically secured a mid-table spot. In our biggest match of the whole season, we took on the Spanish giants Real Madrid in the Quarter Finals of the UEFA Champions League. This match was not for the faint of heart and we defeated them 3-1. After having a high pressure and fast paced game with Real Madrid, we had to face tough Dutch side Ultrecht and it was an interesting game and it finished with us winning 4-3. In the rematch against Real Madrid it finished with us actually winning away from home 4-2. After having a massive boost in confidence, we walked into the Dutch Cup Final stadium and destroyed Willem II to retain the Dutch Cup.

In the final month of the season, we were forced to face Vitesse, a game which was delayed multiple times due to our Champions League success and was supposed to take place in April. However, we finished the entire league on a high and remained undefeated for a second season in a row by defeating Vitesse 2-1. Three days later we went back home to De Kuip and thrashed Chelsea 5-1 in the Semi-Final in the Champions League, a very well fought victory. An entire week later, we flew to my home country of England, walked into Stamford Bridge and gave Chelsea a run for there money. Defeating Chelsea 2-1 to secure us a place in the UEFA Champions League final in which we would face the winner of the match of Bayern Munich vs. PSG. Three weeks later we actually get to face the winner and we edged them by a penalty of 1-0 to secure the UEFA Champions League.

The top half of this table saw Feyenoord secure the highest amount of team-points with 92, a previous record of 89 set by Ajax. We also witnessed Feyenoord remain undefeated for a second season in a row. In second place saw unexpected Twente occupy that spot by one point in front of predicted first-place PSV. Twente was predicted to finish sixth place however exceeded expectations. Vitesse met expectations and finished fourth, but lacked in the goal-scoring agenda which was not expected this season due to the fire-power they now possess. Ajax finished below expectations, they were expected to finish second, however fell short of fifth.

The bottom half of table saw Dutch Cup runners-up Willem II relegated straight to the Juplier League. While MVV failed to win the Relegation Play-Offs and was forced to be relegated. Go Ahead just defeating MVV remains in the best league in Holland. Our affiliate club was able to escape that relegation battle holding just one point from sixteenth with 28. Finally Zwolle had made it a mountain to climb and really separated the table from the relegation teams to the safe teams with a massive eight point difference.

"The season is over and I have accomplished every single thing in this league. I have remained undefeated for over 110 league games and if I remain undefeated all of next season it will be 142 before stepping inside the realms of the English Premier League. This season was a great one, I successfully won the UEFA Champions League and I guided my team to other accolades as well. We scored the most goals this season and conceded the least finishing with a +87 goal difference. I also guided my team to two very important and prestigious Dutch records. I got the longest undefeated reign and the most team-points, I have guided Feyenoord to being unstoppable."

Manchester United legend and Sky Sports pundit Gary Neville sat down with Feyenoord manager Darius Xavier in a very intense interview and talked about his recent success in the UEFA Champions League. The highlight of this interview worth noting is displayed below.

We witnessed Tottenham manager Mauricio Pochettino come face-to-face with Feyenoord manager Darius Xavier a day before the European Super Cup. The heated confrontation began when FIFA CEO Chris Blatter had began a discussion on 'Who is the king of Europe?' The highlights are below.


The UEFA Champions League winners Feyenoord take on Europa League winners Tottenham. Feyenoord have been deemed the underdogs in this match according to SkyBet. This could potentially be because of the prestige of the respective league competitions Feyenoord and Tottenham are in.


"Tottenham has a had great pre-season, a lot of wins and a lot of points that has been addressed on the training ground, they are naturally fit. Feyenoord, on the other hand, has only had a couple of pre-season matches and didn't look like the UEFA Champions League winning squad they were last season unfortunately. It's a shame because as much as I like Darius Xavier, I feel Tottenham will walk away with a victory." -Louis van Gaal

"This game is the opening to nearly all the leagues in Europe, it's very exciting. This is kinda like cutting the tape to a new business, a new fresh business. This makes it difficult to judge this match because a new fresh business, without seeing it in action or seeing the competition you can't see how good they are. We can't see how good these teams are until they give it there absolute all on this pitch tonight, me personally, it's going to goto penalties." -Thierry Henry

Match Statistics

Shots was rather one-sided in this bout with Feyenoord capturing over 20 shots with Tottenham unfortunately got only nine. Feyenoord had half of there total shots actually on target at a solid ten. Tottenham had four shots on target. Feyenoord had a slightly more amount of clear-cut-chances as they scored a total of four meanwhile Tottenham was able to get two.

Possession saw an unusual turn-of-events with Tottenham capturing more possession then Feyenoord. Tottenham were instructed to keep the ball play with a lower tempo, judging from the perspective of the game. Tottenham had 54% of the ball in total, with Feyenoord having 46% of the ball. These are signs of worry for the Feyenoord squad an manager because in most matches they dominate possession and stop the opposition from getting the ball, in this game, the tables were changed.

Pass Completion was again a fault in Feyenoord's natural game. Using the same tactical system didn't work this time around for them, Feyenoord and Tottenham had very close pass completion rate, both have a respective and solid amount of pass completion percentage however Tottenham edges Feyenoord slightly. Tottenham had a total of 75% pass completion meanwhile the Dutch champions Feyenoord had 74% pass completion.


On a warm summer's evening, Feyenoord's Jen Toornstra lived the dream of many a supporter as he lifted the European Super Cup after Feyenoord's convincing win over Tottenham Hotspur. Complete forward Jao Rodríquez got Feyenoord off to a flyer by scoring an accurate finish from inside the penalty area on 6 minutes. Rodríquez added his second goal of the game with a placed shot from close range on 33 minutes. Janssen scored with a nice effort from 14 metres in the 61st minute to extend the lead further. Winger Will Overgard then added to the lead with an accurate finish from inside the penalty area on 64 minutes. Janssen added his second goal of the game with a tidy finish from 16 metres on 76 minutes. Feyenoord captain Jens Toornstra completed the rout with a 17 metre free kick on 90 minutes. Tottenham Hotspur 0-6 Feyenoord

Manager's Comments

"We played well today as much as the score says we didn't. We had more possession and we had more pass completion, however we just couldn't finish the opportunities given to us. It's a shame but that's how the game goes." -Mauricio Pochettino (Manager of Tottenham)

"In these last few matches I've had, European matches, I have proved to the world that you can't fight the future. You can't fight inevitability. I have conquered Europe's best managers and Europe's best teams, there is nothing that can stop the evolution of this industry from taking over because you can't beat Darius Xavier." -Darius Xavier (Manager of Feyenoord)

The former Woking manager Rio Ferdinand has been appointed the new Manchester United manager. The former manager Jagoba Arrasate had his contract terminated after having an argument with the board of directors after a poor performance in last years UEFA Champions League.

Rio Ferdinand is known to be a legend at Old Trafford, playing majority of his career for the club. Rio Ferdinand is delighted to be accepting the job offer. Rio Ferdinand has been a manager for 586 days and is currently studying for the National B License. As a manager Rio Ferdinand has been in conflict with managers such as Darius Xavier and Gary McAllister.

This transfer window was a very adventurous one with in total over £129 million was disputed in this transfer window just from Feyenoord club alone. The entirety of the league had a total of £206 million, we were responsible for nearly 2/3 of this years transfer window. We were able to bring in 10 players including a young centre-back on loan, costing us a total of £60 million. The most notable purchases are Arsenal youth graduate Gedion Zalalem is here to replace that massive gap in the midfield which was snatched away.

On the other hand, with intaking the players there were some departures, some key departures. We had to say goodbye to Jean-Paul Boëtius, a player who was consistently fantastic however we have to see him leave. Another key player was Chris Arends, a wonderkid who saw the opportunity on living his dream in the best league in the world, a player that left a massive opening in our midfield only to be filled by another youth candidate. Our final key departure was Elvis Manu, a player who was undoubtedly our second best player last season, scoring 16 goals and assisting 17 within 33 appearances. It was hard seeing him go, but it now gives the youth prospects an opportunity to shine.

Gedion Zalalem
Gedion Zelalem is a well-known name for football fans across Europe. Zalalem made his senior debut playing for Sheffield Wednesday against Ipswitch on 30th September 2014. Zelalem is a new signing for De Kuip, having joined from English league runners-up Arsenal in July. Gedion Zelalem began his career at Arsenal in 2012/13 but failed to make a league appearance during his 7 years at the club. During this time he had loan spells at Sheffield Wednesday, Berlin-Köpenick Dammfeld, FC Lorient and Leverkusen, making a combined total of 165 league appearances and scoring 16 goals.

Alejandro Torres
Alejandro Torres is a name that is more familiar to football fans in Spain. Torres made his senior debut playing for Málaga against Celta on 29th April 2015. The ex-Atlético player has expressed his determination to do well for the club and impress manager Darius Xavier. Torres moved to Atlético Madrid after beginning his career at Malaga in January 2015. At Atlético he made a combined total of 54 appearances and scored one goal.

Raif Husic
Raif Husic is a well-known name for football fans across Europe, Husic is a new signing at De Kuip having joined from German outfit Bremen in August. Raif Husic began his career at Augsburg in July 2008 but failed to make a league appearance during his 4 years at the club. Husic joined Bayern in July 2012 but failed to make a league appearance for the club. In July 2014 he joined Bremen for £85,000 and made 152 league appearances.

Dorin Rotariu
Dorin Rotariu is a well-known name for football fans across Europe. Having sscored on his Romania debut against Poland in November 2014, he has gone to make 8 appearances and score 2 goals for his country. Dorin Rotariu began his career at FC Timisora II in 2011/12, making a total of 10 league appearances and scoring 2 goals for the club. During this time he spent time on loan at FC Dinamo making 7 league appearances. In January 2015, he joined Crystal Palace making 32 league appearances and scoring 2 goals. In August 2017 he joined Nottingham Forest for £6.75 million and made 31 league appearances and scored 4 goals.

Marian Saar
Marian Saar is a known name in Africa. Sarr made his senior debut playing for Leverkusen II against Wiedenbrück on 4th August 2012. Having made his Senegal debut against Comoros in September 2017, he has gone to make 15 appearances for his country. Marian Sarr began his career at Leverkusen in July 2008 but failed to make a league appearance during his 4 years at the club. In January 2013 he joined Dortmund making 18 league appearances. In July 2018 he joined Bremen for £975,000 and made 22 league appearances.

Dejan Meleg
Dejan Meleg started his career at FK Vojvodiina Novi Sad in 2008/09, breaking into the first team in 2012 and making a total of 4 league appearances. Meleg joined Ajax in January 2013 but failed to make a league appearance for the club. During his time he also spent time on loan at Cambuur Leeuwarden and Brescia, making a combined total of 70 league appearances and scoring a total 13 goals. Meleg's Serbia team lifted the European U19 Championship in 2013. In July 2018 he joined SC Heerenveen, making 31 league appearances and scoring 5 goals.

John Córdoba
Jhon Córdoba began his career at Envigado F.C. S.A. in July 2010, making a total of 37 league appearances and scoring 11 goals for the club. In July 2012, he joined Jaguares de Chiapas FC, making 17 league appearances and scoring one goal. Córdoba joined Querétaro FC in June 2013 but failed to make a league appearance however spent time on loan at Espanyol making 28 league appearances and scoring 4 goals. His Colombian team lifted the South American U20 Championship in 2013. Córdoba's spell at Querétaro didn't last long and in July 2014, he joined Granada for £1.5 million making a total of 137 league appearances and scoring 40 goals in 5 years.

Joâozinho joined Palmerias in 2015 at the age of 15 and failed to make a league appearance before confirming a loan move to Roda JC in which he made 26 league appearances and scored 9 goals.

Jorrit Hendrix
Jorrit Hendrix is a name that will be familiar to football fans across Holland. Hendrix started his career at PSV in 2012/13 breaking into the first team and making a total of 20 league appearances. During this time he also spent on time at loan at Carpi, making 18 league appearances. Hendrix's Boeren team lifted the Dutch Super Cup in 2016. In July 2017, he joined AZ making 40 league appearances and scoring one goal.

Claudio Bonanni
Bonanni made his senior debut playing for A.C. Milan on 19th December 2015. Claudio Bonanni started his career at A.C. Milan in 2013/14 breaking into the first team in 2015 and making a total of 1 league appearance. During this time he spent on loan at Virtus Entella, AlbinoLeffe and Foggia, making a total of 48 league appearances and scoring one goal. In July 2018, he joined Virtus Lanciano making 36 league appearances and scoring 2 goals.

Serkan Özdemir
Serkan began his career in 2019 at the club Chemnitz before completing his move to Champions League winners Feyenoord.

Our pre-season was short because it mostly designated to transfer activity, however very high training kept the players in tip-top condition. But the matches we did actually play were against Club Brugge at De Kuip and we won 7-1. Our second and final pre-season match was actually against Dortmund for Sven Bender's testimonial where we unfortunately suffered defeat 2-4. Our last match before the season began, which was compulsory was our Dutch Super Cup bout against second place Twente, solidy taking the win 2-0.

The beginning of the league began in August against Cambuur, a team that had exceptional form at the beginning of the last season suffered a loss to us 2-0. In a key match due to both teams spending in total £120 million in the summer, we faced PSV away and edged them 3-2, this was an important win because PSV has really stepped up there game in the transfer window and brought in quality players. After PSV we had to face was destined to be a fantastic match just ended up being a slaughter, when we destroyed Tottenham 6-0 to claim the European Super Cup. Five days later we had the pleasure of welcoming Heerenveen to the De Kuip stadium and kept a clean-sheet when we cleanly beat them 2-0. This continued when we went to face Zwolle and kept the same scoreline. Finally, defeating Roda JC, again 2-0.

At the top of the table as expected is Feyenoord with five wins and zero losses, scoring a solid total of 15 points. In second place is a surprising Heracles who has also remained undefeated with four wins and one draw. In third place is Vitesse who is again, expected to occupy that league position with 11 points. The teams that are fourth and fifth (Utrecht and Twente) are within a 1-0 victory of moving themselves up the league table. Overall, it's the beginning of the league and it's looking scrambled as expected.

The bottom of the league is not suffering the same problem as the top, it's much like what it's expected to finish like. Zwolle has finished in the bottom three for the last two seasons and are expected to be relegation favourites. Above them are Juplier League champions Sparta who is only a point ahead from being straight-away relegated. Go Ahead, Cambuur and Joda JC are only a win away from being safe from relegation for a while as they would occupy a mid-table league position.

In our UEFA Champions League group we are again in a group which isn't designed to suit us. We are in a group in which doesn't respect the fact that we won the UEFA Champions League last year, instead we are put against the reigning and defending Serie A champions Juventus and the newly crowned Ligue 1 champions LOSC. Of course, it is a lot more lenient than last year however, this year, the UEFA Champions League is not the goal or objective.

The only match what seems worthy enough of making a full match report is the game in the UEFA Champions League against Juventus. This is because the upcoming months has a lot of throw-away games, games which I feel are easy enough to win without playing the best side. I am positive that we will get something from the Juventus games and I will be showing Juventus the respect they deserve because for the last 8-9 years, they have been the reigning defending Serie A champions. This is a good opportunity to face a Serie A team before entering the league in the foreseeable future. In this seasons quarterly reports, there will be not many key matches as my goal for this season is to reach 100 points in the league, therefore it will be difficult to cover every game.

"This month is just like the beginning of last season, utter dominance. This dominance is just like what I've been doing at this club for the last two years and it will continue for the remainder of this season before I depart. I will be leaving this league with a massive mark and unobtainable amount of team points, that it will mark my name in history long after I'm gone. This will be a season to remember, history will be made."


The reigning and defending Serie A champions Juventus has won their league consecutively for the past eight years. The last time Juventus had captured the UEFA Champions League was in 1996 against Feyenoord-rival Ajax. Both sides need a win to secure qualification for the Knockout stages.


"Both teams need to win and both teams have something to prove. Juventus hasn't won since 1996 and Feyenoord needs to prove that they can go again! I think this match is going to be rough, I think this match is going to have goals however I see Juventus walking out with the win. They are very consistent in the Serie A like Feyenoord, but they've been doing it much longer then Feyenoord." -Thierry Henry

"I feel like Feyenoord have has a very fluctuating start to the season, they haven't been as dominant as they were last season or the season before in fact. This could be because the manager was experimenting in the pre-season which left a lot of players unfit and lack match fitness. So going against Juventus with players who hasn't had a lot of match practice? Very dangerous. Juventus to win." -Jamie Carragher

Match Statistics

Shots were very one-sided as Juventus obtained a massive total of 26 attempts, meanwhile the away side Feyenoord only got ten shots away at the Juventus Stadium. Juventus had 11 shots which was on target towards Feyenoord's goal. Feyenoord had 6 attempts on target. Both teams had equal clear-cut-chances of five.

Possession obviously went to away team Feyenoord as they play a very patient possessive game, they maintained 55% of possession meanwhile the home team Juventus only obtained 45% of the ball. This wasn't a critical factor to the outcome of the match as possession didn't actually control the match, it was chaotic.

Pass Completion again went to the away side Feyenoord as they passed backwards and towards the keeper instead of taking more risks. Feyenoord had a massive total of 80% passes completed while the home side Juventus had 70% of there passes completed.


Tireless midfielder Oscar Hiljemark showed a sign of things to come as he nearly gifted Juventus a goal on 27 minutes. Advanced forward Humberto Esperza gave Juventus the lead with a well timed finish from close range in the 23rd minute. Target man Jhon Córdoba then equalised for Feyenoord in the 38th minute with a strike from distance. Advanced forward Vincent Aboubakar then put Juventus back in front after 45 minutes with a well struck effort. Witsel scored with a long range effort in the 65th minute to extend the lead further. Experienced striker Jackson Martīnez completed the rout with a header from the edge of the penalty area on 70 minutes. Juventus 4-1 Feyenoord

Manager's Comments

"What a victory! We beat the champions of the UEFA Champions League, I am ecstatic and so is the boys. We look forward to playing at De Kuip and facing them again after tonight's success. The players worked hard after the equaliser, I'm very proud of them. I have nothing but respect for Darius Xavier, but tonight he got beat and we can stop him." -Massimiliano Allegri (Manager of Juventus)

"I don't understand what everyone is so excited about, I think everybody has forgotten about my decisive victories last season against the top teams in the UEFA Champions League. I look forward to seeing Juventus again at De Kuip because I am as dangerous as I've ever been"-Darius Xavier (Manager of Feyenoord)

After being announced as the new Manchester United manager Rio Ferdinand has been very quiet in terms of media-handling, this was evident when he refused to respond back to the comments made by Darius Xavier. Many pundits felt it was because of insecurity of his managerial job, a lower division manager taking shots towards a top division manager would never be a good idea. Before the Manchester derby, the question was brought up about his opinions on Darius Xavier. Rio Ferdinand replied with:

"Darius Xavier is a world-class manager. Darius Xavier has world-class qualities when it comes to picking a team, tactics, training and more. But when it comes to the real-world, he's hopeless. He needs to learn how to speak to people and what to say to people. Right now, he's a world-class manager but he's an asshole and he won't even get to the Premier League if he goes into an interview calling himself the best in the world."

Martin van Geel - "Welcome back Darius Xavier, it's been a while hasn't it?"

Darius Xavier - "Yes it has. It's good to be back."

Martin van Geel - "We've only got a couple of questions this time around. First off, congratulations on winning your first UEFA Champions League, in the future, will we be seeing you win this competition once more?"

Darius Xavier - "That's a question, Martin. I'm a conqueror, I conquer records and I conquer competitions, that is what I do. I get paid to do things, that's my job. In the future, I could go after being the manager with the most UEFA Champions League titles, sure, I could see that happening. Yes I could see myself conquering a very important record."

Martin van Geel - "You've completed your destiny. You've done what you said you wanted to do and needed to do. What's next in line for Darius Xavier?"

Darius Xavier - "When I was young, my father always told me that I would be the greatest at something in the world. I assure you, that in around five to ten years, I will be a legend at the age of only 40. I want it all."

Martin van Geel - "You said this is the last season that you will be managing Feyenoord. You said you were going to enter the English Premier League. What team interests you the most?"

Darius Xavier - "Well, I would not like to goto Manchester United or Chelsea. I have some unfinished business with José Mourinho and Rio Ferdinand. It doesn't matter what team I am because the end result is going to be the same, me on top. Clubs like Liverpool and Arsenal carry a lot of prestige, I personally would prefer a side with a little less prominence, a side like Southampton, Tottenham or Newcastle. A side which isn't meant to be in the spotlight, a side which could have fallen but a side which I want to make the best in the world."

Martin van Geel - "You're leaving Feyenoord this season and you've done everything there is to do here, why are you staying for one more year? Is it personal reasons or do you feel you could add more?"

Darius Xavier - "My legacy will ultimately begin here. This is the club in which won my first UEFA Champions League title. My legacy won't begin at the dump of Woking and the misadventures of Watford, it started here. I've had three years of dominance, two of them were here. I'm going to leave this league with somewhat of a bang and going to try and break my own record of team points. The highest points was set last season of 92, I am aiming to conquer that record and mark my name in history. I pride myself in being Darius Xavier, the conqueror and I show that this season."


The rematch of what was supposed to be a great encounter ended in brutal tears for Feyenoord. Feyenoord are seeking redemption upon Juventus in a heated confrontation in the De Kuip stadium tonight. Key player Carlos Tevez returns from injury tonight and he will be looking to get his season off to a bang against UEFA Champions League winners Feyenoord.


"This is going to be another one-sided match from my angle. Juventus had there fun, they toyed with Feyenoord a lot at Juventus Stadium. I think they are going to get there reckoning tonight against Darius Xavier's squad. At least three goals by Feyenoord tonight, in my opinion. Juventus has lost three of there away games in the Serie A and that kind of form will not go down well against the reigning and defending UEFA Champions League winners Feyenoord." -Louis van Gaal

"Both sides are obviously striving to have a night of gold and hold that trophy - UEFA Champions League. It's going to end up being, who wants it more? Feyenoord, a club full of passion and hunger for gold achieved it last season, will they get complacent? Juventus hasn't won this competition in over twenty years, they are starving. I think Juventus will edge this because they must want it more." -Sir Alex Ferguson

Match Statistics

Shots surprisingly edged towards the away side Juventus as they were able to squeeze just three more shots. Juventus overall, were able to get 17 shots at De Kuip. While Feyenoord got 14 which both amounts are impressive. However both teams had the same total of attempts that were actually on target of 6.

Possession was towards the home side Feyenoord, this was evident in the first match between these two sides. The possession from both teams is almost identical with Feyenoord getting 56% and Juventus getting 44%. This is 1% difference from the first encounter at Juventus Stadium back in October.

Pass Completion was a bit less from Feyenoord comparing to their away game at Juventus Stadium. The away side however, stayed consistent with a 70% pass completion ratio. Meanwhile the home team had a 6% drop to 74% pass completion ratio. This could have been because Feyenoord needed to qualify for the Knockout stages and they played more risky balls or they weren't up to their normal standard.


Tireless midfielder Oscar Hiljemark gave Feyenoord the lead with an accurate finish from some distance which went in off the post in the 45th minute. Toornstra had no trouble from scroing from the spot when Emre Can conceded a penalty. Zelalem scored with a fierce shot in the 73rd minute to extend the lead further. Winger Dorin Rotariu completed the rout with a decisive header inside the six-yard box in the 87th minute. Feyenoord 4-0 Juventus

Manager's Comments

"This match doesn't even matter to us as a squad, we've already qualified. This was a throw-away match, no meaning whatsoever. To be honest, this match just evens up the score, we humiliated them and they humiliated us, it's all fair, it doesn't matter.." -Massimiliano Allegri (Manager of Juventus)

"We needed to win this match and that's exactly what we needed to do. We didn't just defeat Juventus, we beat Juventus. I would like this to be a message to Juventus and Massimiliano, I want him to be managing Juventus and I want him to continue to win the Serie A, because I when I do goto Italy. Me conquering that streak will be much more prestigious." -Darius Xavier (Manager of Feyenoord)

Staring the quarterly updates in September with five games in this month. We began with drawing to second place last season Twente 2-2. Our first UEFA Champions League game of the season was against Ligue 1 champions LOSC in which we edged them 2-1. Back in Holland we smashed Hercales 3-1 and absolutely killed there run of form for their future games. In the Dutch Cup, we only edged vv Haaglandia 1-0 however it was a good away win. Returning home to De Kuip for the final league match of the month against Sparta and we decisively defeated them 2-0. Overall, I felt we had easy opponents and didn't defeat them as convincingly as I wanted.

October the home of Halloween felt the wrath of Feyenoord as we stormed Slovan Bratislava 3-0 in our second UEFA Champions League group stage match. After a fantastic victory in the UEFA Champions League, we found our form continue as we conquered Fortuna Sittard 5-0. Our toughest game in the league this month saw us edge AZ 1-0 away from home. Our impeccable form saw an unfortunate close as we were blitzed 1-4 against Juventus in the UEFA Champions League. We were only able to edge Utrecht 1-0 after getting stormed at Juventus Stadium. In a massive and closing of October Dutch Cup match we were faced with an instant-classic of a match ending with a 6-5. Overall, this month was very well played apart from the Juventus game.

In the beginning of November we met Go Ahead in an absolute smashing, we crushed them 5-0 away from home. In our rematch against Juventus, we were able to get vengeance and kept a clean-sheet while netting four goals, ending 4-0. Our third match in November was against Excelsior at the De Kuip stadium and it finished 6-0. We kept up our form of keeping clean sheets into the next league game against NEC away concluding 2-0. The second to last game of November ended 6-0 when we annihilated Ligue 1 champions LOSC in the UEFA Champions League. In the final match of November we lost our form slightly and was only able to draw against Vitesse 1-1. This month was iconic as we were able to keep five clean sheets and haunted teams, except for the last game.

The top of the table is stable with Feyenoord with a 11 point security, Feyenoord remain undefeated after 15 games, winning 13 of them. The second place is expected in the Seasonal Preview as PSV just occupy that spot with third place Ajax having a game in hand to top them. Twente is exactly where predicted in the league position of fourth. Twente actually have more goals then Ajax however they have conceded more. The fifth place is not what was expected in the agenda with Heerenveen occupying that league position.

The bottom of the league-table sees Roda JC which was not expected of them. Roda JC is expected to finish 12th place and are falling from expectations with the managerial job is in jeopardy. Zwolle is actually expected to finish 14th place and avoid relegation, they are in serious and unfortunate position of possibly falling to the Juplier League holding the same points and goal difference as Roda JC. Sparta is exactly where expected to be on the table. Go Ahead is also exactly where predicted to be on the league table. Groningen has fallen drastically as they were expected to have a solid mid-table finish of 8th, now they are 14th place, which is only 7 points away from falling into the relegation category.

The UEFA Champions League group stages is obviously not complete with one game remaining against Slovan Bratislava for Feyenoord. The qualification spots are already occupied therefore there is no purpose in trying to defeat Slovan Bratislava, instead it would be best in putting some youth players on the pitch and allowing them to get experience. In second place is the obvious Juventus who has always done consistently well in the UEFA Champions League.

Our upcoming key matches consist in the Eredivisie in which we face the likes of PSV and Ajax. Two title contenders which have poured money into the transfer market. Both teams are on great form leading up to the two upcoming matches against Feyenoord. We need to win these two games in order to continue the track of achieving what we strive to achieve this season. Our first opponent is PSV who has bought the likes of Angel Di Maria, Richario Zivkovic and Tonny Trinade de Vilhena, spending a total of £61,000,000 this summer. Ajax has brought the likes of Joel Campbell and Stef Groonsveld, spending a total of £28,000,0000.

"This has been a mixed month. We were able to remain undefeated in the league, stretching my own personal record of unbeaten in league matches to 125. My strikers haven't been scoring goals as much as they were last season but Jao Rodriquez has been assisting more goals. Jao Rodriquez last season scored 30 goals out of 32 appearances, the early signs isn't too convincing that he will be doing replicating that this season."
Holy crap, I leave FM Scout for a couple of months, and this beauty awaited me when I came back. Top work man, I love the brutal honesty and the character, keep it up.

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