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Darius Xavier: The Conqueror

Darius Xavier is the earthquake in modern football, looking to change the landscape of management forever.
Started on 24 October 2014 by basham97
Latest Reply on 29 June 2015 by basham97
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Watford will walk into this game with every chance of walking away with something against slight favourites Nottingham Forest, according to most betting sites like Sky Bet and Bet365.

Watford have been performing above expectations in the Sky Bet Championship so far this season and find themselves in first place. Watford have drawn three of their last five away league games. Watford will drop out of the promotion if they lose to Nottingham Forest.

Nottingham Forest are currently on a three match unbeaten run and the promotion contenders are second in the Sky Bet Championship. Nottingham Forest have won their last 5 home games.

Probably the most exciting month of them all, 7 blockbuster matches. Triumphed against Burnley 2-1, faced Charlton a total of 3 times all back-to-back clashes, ending with a 2-2 draw, 3-2 win and 2-0 win. Liverpool edged us after we were exhausted and very fatigued, 3 days after a clash with Charlton. The biggest match of the season, the one deciding the title practically, was the biggest match of the match season ending with a huge 5-5 draw. 3 days later we edged Derby to extend our lead in the league.

3' - Signori cuts out the pass as he heads it on. But Dier intercepted the pass and holds up the ball. Dier lost out from the tackle from Murray, Murray plays the ball through to Deeney. Deeney passed to Diego Fabbrini. Diego Fabbrini with a hopeful shot.. GOAL! Watford strikes first.

13' - Stevens ran up to take a corner. New signing Tyler Blackett won the aerial challenge against Britt Assombalonga, getting up to head the ball first. BLACKETT SCORED AN OWN GOAL! What a distaster.

23' - Free kick was given to Watford as Mike Dean showed Leandro Bacuna for a foul on Ekstrand. Bond played the ball forward. Vazquez flicks it on to Deeney. Cohen misses the header as it falls to Fabbrini.. FABBRINI SCORED WITH A GREAT STRIKE! FABBRINI'S SECOND OF THE GAME!

32' - Vazquez went across and took the corner. Cohen closed in and intercepted the ball. Cohen cleared the ball but Fabbrini outjumped Antonio and got his head to it first. Fabbrini flicks it onto Murray. Murray met the ball with a left footed volley! GOOOOAAAALL! Watford are dominating this game.

37' - Singori aimed the corner to the near post. Blackett won the ball in the air against Cohen and SCORES A MIGHTY HEADER! A FOURTH FOR WATFORD!

44' - Vazquez fired in the free-kick. Joe Lewis pushed it away. Blackett was unmarked. Blackett let the ball drop before firing in a half volley from a narrow angle. Joe Lewis was able to get a hand to it, pushing it away. Blackett pounced on the rebound, the ball smashes the crossbar and falls to Blackett again! Blackett applies the finish... BLACKETT MAKES IT FIVE-ONE WITH HIS SECOND GOAL OF THE GAME!

45+2' - Blackett impeded Antonio as Cohen played the ball to his left. Dier was unmarked.. Dier on the volley! WHAT A STRIKE FROM DIER!

50' - Chris Cohen played the ball forward. Assombalonga went after the ball first. Assombalonga found himself into some space. Assombalonga has a go at goal. ASSOMBALONGA SCORED FOR NOTT'M FOREST! NOTTINGHAM FOREST ARE ON THE COMEBACK!

63' - Hunt moved the ball out right for Cohen. Cohen delayed playing the ball, Cohen plays the cross. Mistake by Ben Osborn as he missed his header. Sagbo found himself in the perfect amount of space in the penalty area. Sagbo with a header! ITS FIVE-FOUR!

64' - Watford kick off, Vazequez plays the ball to goalkeeper Bond. Bond takes his time with the ball, not noticing Paterson is closing him down. Paterson drops the keeper, no foul is given... Paterson finishes. WHAT A COMEBACK!!!!!!! FIVE-FIVE!

"It was an extremely tough month, but we remained undefeated in the league after a shocking performance in the 'biggest match of the season'. We were winning 5 fucking 1 and we threw it away, we panicked. I'm not too fussed about losing to Liverpool as the FA Cup wasn't my target this season, but I am quite happy about holding our own against Charlton, three games in a row, defeating them twice at home. Nottingham Forest dropped points while we defeated Derby, making us 4 points clear of top."
Best thing to do in the future if you are winning 5-1 change the tactics to Counter and Structured and your team will see it out!

Following the epic clashes of January, we resume to the ordinary fixtures such as against mediocre teams such as MK Dons and Ipswich. First of, we drew against Bournemouth 1-1 in the league. Brentford was televised however the pressure didn't get to us as much as should of and we walked out with a 3-1 win. Facing a middle-table team Ipswich defeating them 2-1 and then facing another MK Dons, soundly defeating them 2-0. Probably the most important match was against West Brom, the reason why is because West Brom is 3rd and pushing for promotion, they just sacked there manager David Moyes, we were the first team they faced without him drawing 1-1. Bolton we drew 3-3 on the last day of February.

13' - Ben Arfa looked for the pass left to Graham Dorrans. Dorrans skips past Masi, however Masi trips Dorrans outside the penalty box. Free kick to West Brom. Masi gets ticked off. Ben Arfa played the ball forward, Alberto Masi and Wallace raced after the loose ball, Wallace reaches it first. Wallace rockets it to the roof of the net! WHAT A STRIKE FROM WALLACE!

21' - Ekstrand found Ahmad Benali with a low forward first time pass. Benali passed the ball into open space. Blackett gets a hold of it, looks up and rockets the ball 40-yards forward. Abdi getting his head to it, passing it to Murray. Murray uses his skill to get passed Dorrans, Murray hits the cross with his right foot, he finds Vazquez... VAZQUEZ HAS GOT THE EQUALISER FOR WATFORD!

"Another satisfactory month, we should have defeated relegation-side Bolton however to no avail. We are 34 games undefeated in the league currently and scored the most goals in the league so far. Our future fixtures is looking promising that we can see the league out with further dominance. I am looking to maintain the undefeated streak with Watford until the end and not going to take risks unless it's necessary."
Loving the layout and style keep it up :D
Not a bad month at all.

Luke Dowling - "Welcome everybody to the latest interview in which me and my boss Darius Xavier talk about certain issues in the footballing world. The reason we are doing this is because it's apart of Darius' contract which expires soon, right?"

Darius Xavier - "Why yes it does Luke, thank you for bringing this up. I've had a lot of success at Watford and in my career so far. I don't do anything but look forward, I see what's in-front of me, that's it. If I feel that Watford is the future for me and the money is there, I won't hesitate."

Luke Dowling - "The success is irreplaceable Darius, you've broken 8 records in one season, your first season in the Sky Bet Championship. What do you think of the Sky Bet Championship, as a league?"

Darius Xavier - "You've read my reports Luke, the whole club has read them. You've read the manager's message. If I keep saying it, I'm going to sound like a broken record Luke. I came to this profession, to this league, to simply be at the top, to be the Sky Bet Champion. So far, everything that's been put in front of me has been accomplished. What I think of it as league? I couldn't give a fuck about the league itself."

Luke Dowling - "Right now, Nottingham Forest is 3 points away from being equal with Watford. Do you have any concerns that they may steal the title from us?

Darius Xavier - "From me. No they won't. I am on top, I've been on-top nearly all season and it will finish that way. Steve Lamos doesn't have the patience or tactical understanding to compete for first place. That's why we were winning 5-1 in our game, however my players were too thick to defend, leaving massive holes in our defensive line. Stupid, pathetic."

Luke Dowling - "Has it been a good experience in the Sky Bet Championship?"

Darius Xavier - "No it's been pathetic. It's not been challenging, I have walked into the Sky Bet Championship league and I will be leaving this league undefeated. No team in the league has been able to get one over us, the common saying was that the Championship is the most competitive but shadows the Premier Division. I have proven that this saying, was wrong, terribly wrong."
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9 yearsEdited

In the league, we picked up 9 points out of a potential 15, which is still impressive however it's not great. Starting the month against Bradford, a bore draw lead us to only taking a point away. A key match against Crystal Palace, a tough opponent defeating them 3-2 at Selhurst Park. Blackburn at home, looked to be an easy bout however, it wasn't as easy as expected. In a passionate match we finished claiming victory 4-3. Another bore draw led us to a 0-0 against Huddersfield. We drew against Middlesborough 1-1 to finally end the month.

10' - Murray picks up the ball in the midfield. With a short-burst of pace, he breaks through the defensive midfielders of Crystal Palace, running at the defence. He boots it forwards chasing after the ball, the keeper runs towards the ball. Murray rounds the keeper and hits it. GOAL! A FABULOUS SOLO GOAL FROM MURRAY PUTS WATFORD IN FRONT!

15' - A corner is taken by Vazquez however it's headed out by a Crystal Palace defender. Falls to Deeney who plays a one-two with Tyler Blackett. Deeney finds himself in some space behind the defensive line. Can he make it two?! He applies the finish... GOOOAALL!

31' - A goal-kick to Watford after an appalling shot by Ward. Bond has mis-kicked it to Susic. Susic is alone with the keeper, he puts it past him! GOAL! CRYSTAL PALACE HAS CAPITALISED ON A GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY!

56' - Signori picks up the ball and passes it to Deeney. Deeney dribbles with the ball, he's quite far out, but he's looking to shoot. Takes a hopeful shot, the keeper must save this. Keeper gets a hand to it, but it's in anyway! IT'S HIS SECOND!

90+3' - Marshall went across to take the corner. He launches it into the six-yard box. Rotariu gets his head onto it. It beats the keeper. GOAL! Better late than ever.

"Defeating Crystal Palace was a particular highlight as we drew to them earlier in the season. Two jobs have opened up in the Premier League, Everton and Aston Villa. If Watford don't renew my contract, I know where I will be applying. Blackburn were generally unlikely, we were performing horribly, we didn't look decisive or as convincing as we should have. We were very fortunate to walk away with 3 points to the league position."

After a very long and quite intense last month of the season we were able to remain undefeated in the Sky Bet Championship. Televised matches against Sunderland respectively finished 1-1 and a 4-2 victory versus Yeovil. Sheffield United got completely dominated in the match and lost 4-2. Brighton lost to us 3-2 in a classic clash. Wolves were possibly our hardest opponent of the month due to it being very limited in chances. Bristol City was a solid win of 2-0. Wigan was an all-out-match, Wigan needed to exit the relegation zone and desperately needed this to go there way. Unfortunately they conceded an own goal in 90+3 minute.

46' - Jacobs found Rowe with a low pass right. Rowe sprayed the ball out to the right wing, Gabriel made an excellent sliding challenge to Max Gredel, the ball went out for a throwing. Stearman moved across to take the team's throw-in. Mackie played the ball first time into the area for Gradel. Gradel centred the ball. Manucho headed the ball. MANUCHO HAS SCORED AGAINST WATFORD!

60' - Coll Donaldson headed the ball from danger. Vazquez headed the ball back to Signori, Signori delayed playing the ball, evaluating his options. Signori plays to Abdi's feet. Abdi has a shot.. Ikeme pushes it away. Hoban pounced on the rebound and looks to apply the finish. HOBAN SCORED FOR WATFORD! His first goal of the season. The goal could literally win Watford the Sky Bet Championship.

"I have conquered the Sky Bet Championship. At the age of 29, I am now the youngest Sky Bet Champion (as a manager) in the history at football. A lot of foreign teams are knocking on my door, so we could see my services go abroad if the Watford corporates don't put there hand in there pocket."

Great updates Bash! I like the graphics, the match reports, the unique notes & even the youtube monologue hahaha, quality ;) Keep up the good work, you'll be getting promoted surely.

Martin van Geel - "Welcome everybody to the new interview series on the YouTube channel with new appointed manager Darius Xavier. First off, I would like to say on behalf of all the fans, welcome to Feyenoord. I would like to ask you a personal question, how does it feel to have left your former club Watford FC as a club legend?"

Darius Xavier - "It feels the exact same, I wake up, shower, eat, come to work and it was normal, to be honest. I feel like a broken record by saying this, but I came into this footballing industry to simply be at the top. Being a Watford legend? That's just a stepping stone, to my ongoing legacy."

Martin van Geel - "One of the most anticipated seasons in history, expected to be very competitive last season in the Sky Bet Championship. Some truly fantastic teams in that division, did you expect your victory to be that easy?"

Darius Xavier - "I think we can go further back then that, to my back-to-back promotions at Woking, also my FA Trophy win with that team. I am a predator, the ultimate opportunist. I am the guy that managers will honestly be shitting themselves when they find out they have to play Feyenoord next."

Martin van Geel - "As a manager, you're record is impressive. You've played a total of 162 games and only lost 21 of them. Do you expect your record to begin to fade away this season?"

Darius Xavier - "Is this about what Dwight Lodeweges said during his press-conference of the arrival of Xavier? It's actually cute that he's said that I am inexperienced and an arrogant person. It's funny to me, because he has been a manager since what, 1998? He's won nothing in his career, absolutely fuck all. But you know, Dwight can do all the talking he wants to, about what he's going to achieve this season. Kudos to Dwight, he's been in this industry for 19 years, he's talked the talk but never actually walked the walk. But, this season, he's going to face the man, that neither of them works. I don't really care what kinda Dwight shows up this season, I really don't, it's not going to change my game plan one bit."

Martin van Geel - "Is your game-plan going to change at all, after your huge undefeated streak?"

Darius Xavier - "Don't fix what isn't broken Martin. No, seriously, my game-plan is honestly the same tactical system. The same level of discipline, the same training regimes and the same amount of transfers. The only difference I will probably be making, is possibly hiring a few more coaches. On a large-scale, because I will in fact be here for a while (around 2-3 years), is going to be to build Feyenoord into a consistent conquering machine. I'm looking to win the title this season, I'm looking to win the title next season and, guess what? I'm looking to win the title the season after that."
Feyenoord! Interesting to see a Dutch club! Good luck :D
Good luck at Feyenoord - nice to see a Dutch story

Feyenoord is a Dutch professional football club from Rotterdam, that plays in the Eredivisie. Founded as Wilhelmina in 1908, the club changed its name in 1912 to SC Feijenoord (since 1973 Feyenoord for international reasons) and moved to De Kuip in 1937.

Feyenoord is one of the most successful clubs in the Netherlands, winning 14 Eredivisie titles, 11 KNVB Cups and two Johan Cruijff Shields. The club also has won one European Cup, two UEFA Cups and one Intercontinental Cup. The club is historically one of the three clubs that have dominated the Eredivisie (first tier) of Dutch football, the others being Ajax and PSV. These three clubs have always played in the Eredivisie, since its inception in 1952, and have never been relegated to lower divisions.

Feyenoord is known as a people's club, with a huge national support. The club's most successful period in history was the 1960s and '70s when Coen Moulijn and Ove Kindvall led the club to six league titles, two European trophies, an Intercontinental cup and thereby becoming the first Dutch club to win the European Cup and the Intercontinental Cup. Feyenoord has a longstanding rivalry with Ajax, as a clash between the two biggest cities in The Netherlands, which is called De Klassieker (The Classic). The club's anthem is "Hand in Hand".!0/r0dc21o2f3vste5s7ezej9x3a10rp3w$3r02q74iwtlhw65i711w2psoxcpn1m4/Kuip.jpeg
Stadium Feijenoord, more commonly known by its nickname De Kuip, is a stadium in Rotterdam, Netherlands that was completed in 1937. The name is derived from the area "Feijenoord" in Rotterdam, and from the club with the same name (although the club's name was internationalised to Feyenoord in 1973). The stadium's original capacity was 64,000. In 1949 it was expanded to 69,000, and in 1994 it was renovated again for a capacity of 51,117.

Adjacent to De Kuip inside the Maasgebouw (Maas building) is a restaurant, Brasserie “De Kuip Eten en Drinken”, which a sporty decoration combined with a cosy atmosphere. The brasserie can host 180 customers during dinner times and 300 customers for business meetings. The brasserie is closed when Feyenoord plays at home. A visit to the brasserie is often combined with a stadium tour in De Kuip, or a visit during a Feyenoord training. Next to De Kuip and Feyenoord's training ground there is another, but smaller sports arena, the Topsportcentrum Rotterdam. This arena hosts events in many sports and in various levels of competition. Some examples of sports that can be seen in the topsportcentrum are judo, volleyball and handball.

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