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Darius Xavier: The Conqueror

Darius Xavier is the earthquake in modern football, looking to change the landscape of management forever.
Started on 24 October 2014 by basham97
Latest Reply on 29 June 2015 by basham97
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The pre-season was satisfactory. We faced some easy opponents such as AFC Astra which led to us dominating them and sealing the game a solid 5-0 victory. Verviers was our next opponent at De Kuip who was another victim and lost 7-0 with my strikers causing a demolition job. NAC was our first away game and we were able to edge NAC 3-2. My first defeat of the pre-season game to Torino humiliating us on television 1-2, however it's not the end of the world, it's just a friendly. Excelsior was our last away game in which we defeated them 2-1 in quite boring game for a friendly. As reported on, the Super Cup is almost the starting of the season and we were able to seal a win at Amsterdam ArenA 4-2 against the reigning champions PSV.

Moving onto the Eredivisie, we began the season with quite a difficult fixture of Twente. Twente finished high last season at 5th, moving up 9 places from the season before. We took the game by the scruff of it's neck, controlled it, kept a clean-sheet and defeated them solidly 2-0. Roda JC was a arguably the hardest game of August due to us just edging them by 1 goal however, witnessing the game was a different story. We took the game to them, however defensively they had it sound, hence why we only scored 2 reluctant goals. AZ was a big gamble on my part as a manager as I changed my tactical system to counter AZ's regular 'big game' tactic which is just to soak up the pressure and hit us on the backlash. We kept them quiet and stopped them from scoring multiple times, we netted 4 leading us to win 0-4. On with the next game, Groningen was another victim to my new tactical system with them losing 4-0. I decided to stick with this as it seemed to be working against relegation favourites Zwolle, we continued to score goals however conceded 2, the most goals we've conceded in August. This gives me the impression that teams are finding out how to break down my tactical defence.

Looking at the league, we are exactly where I am expecting us to be. In August alone, we scored a total of 16 goals and conceded a low amount of 3. However, what's so surprising is Vitesse, they are actually conceding less goals however scoring less goals. Cambuur is very unexpected, winning the Jupiter League last season to contending for the title after 5-6 games being done, in all honestly, I don't see them being in the top 10 by the end. Ajax is right where they should be. They are gaining points and dropping a few, but they are adapting to there new manager. AZ is where they should be with 4 of there 5 conceded goals were actually us when we played them away.

The bottom half of the table consists of dutch 'giants' PSV sunk to 9th and Twente below them at 10th. This is not a good start for PSV, but they had a similar start last season. They weren't performing to expectations last season after 6-8 games and then they kicked on. This could be because of there old manager (the manager that won them the title 3 times in a row) now managing Manchester City which is a big loss in the heart of PSV. Twente, I think have been quite unlucky with there fixtures, starting with facing the champions and losing can be a big loss of confidence.

Barcelona, Napoli and AS Monaco. A very difficult group, very difficult. Highlighting Barcelona in particular, possessing the talents of Lionel Messi, Neymar and Luis Suarez, will no doubt be putting our defence under pressure. Napoli who is our affiliate club will definitely be a tough clash as we look to secure a knockout spot. AS Monaco is a team I feel is actually beatable, I think we can secure 6 points against them because they aren't a superpower unlike Barcelona. I am looking to get into the Quarter Finals or perhaps the Semi-Finals, so I can get a hands-on experience on European football.

Future fixtures consist of huge games in the Eredivisie as well as Champions League. These games feature against my Champions League opponents - Barcelona, Napoli and AS Monaco, very key games if we want to advance to the next stage. We also have key matches in the league such as against Ajax, PSV and Cambuur. Ajax I see as game that is winnable by a huge amount, of above 2-3 goals. PSV is a team that is desperate to gain points and it will be a very interesting bout. Cambuur is very 'iffy' game. Cambuur has great form however its unlikely that they will be able to hang on to it.

"This was a fantastic month. My strikers are being the real cutting edge this season so far. Elvis Manu has netted five goals in five appearances. Jean-Paul Boëtius and Will Overgard has equaled assisted four times a piece. The attacking players in the team has really stood out this season. The defending players has also played there great part in keeping clean-sheets in the pre-season and the league."

During the open press-conference for the opening match of Group E this afternoon. Darius Xavier and Luis Enrique both answered questions from media journalists about there upcoming match against each other at Camp Nou later tonight.

Luis Enrique was questioned on what would be the deciding factor in this match. Darius Xavier didn't take too kindly in his first open press-conference, responding aggressively to Luis Enrique's comments. Luis Enrique acted very professional to the comments said by Darius Xavier.

Forgive me for not joining this earlier. As far as flick throughs go, this story is quite brilliant and hugely underrated! You've presented this to a very high standard and it's clear to see just how much effort you put into this. Success has been fought hard for in this story and I hope I've arrived in time to see Darius conquer some more, starting with Barcelona ;) Keep it up!!!


We are here at Camp Nou, home of Barcelona for the kick off of Champions League for Group E which consists of opponents Feyenoord, Napoli and AS Monaco. In the stadium right now, the official theme song for this years Champions League "This Fire Burns" by Killswitch Engage is being played at extreme high volume. The Barcelona fans are all set to welcome Feyenoord fans, the hosts are the considerable favourites for the match according to betting sites like SkyBet.


"A very intense open press-conference this afternoon between the two managers. Quite entertaining and funny, when Xavier lashed out and claimed he was the best in the world. I think Barcelona will take this game and make the 'best in the world' look foolish. Also, I hope Lionel Messi, Neymar and Luis Suárez all score tonight, just to add insult to injury."-Rio Ferdinand (Manager of Woking)

"I admire manager Darius Xavier for his claims and words to Luis Enrique this afternoon. But, that effect on the players that they have to face Barcelona, and Xavier basically saying that they are going to beat the European giants tonight is very daunting. I know this as a player. I think the pressure will get to them, I think being in front of 90,000 people will cause the Feyenoord players to really feel the effect. I see Barcelona winning this game." -Thierry Henry

"This will be a match, no doubt about it. Both managers wanting to prove a point, both managers wanting to prove they are better one another. It's going to be a very interesting match, and I'm going to go out on a limb and predict that Darius Xavier will break the walls down and conquer Barcelona tonight. But I wouldn't be surprised if the young manager gets beaten tonight." -José Mourinho (Manager of Chelsea)

Match Statistics

Shots was quite minor to the ending result of the match with both teams getting a large amount of shots at goal. The home Spanish team Barcelona got 18 shots while the away Dutch team Feyenoord got 12 shots. Shots was a minor part to the result because both teams had a quite equal amount of them during the game.

Possession is quite an interesting factor in this match. The reasons why is because Feyenoord made sure that Barcelona couldn't play the possessive and patient game as usual. Intercepting a lot of balls and pushing through the defensive line and putting balls into the box. As a matter of fact, it was more of a fact of who used there possession better, this reflected the end result. Feyenoord obtained 48% of the possession while Barcelona had 52% of the possession.

Pass Completion was again very even, much like the possession except with Feyenoord gaining the advantage by 2%. Feyenoord obtained 80% pass completion rate, while Barcelona had 78% pass completion. This was a factor which showed both teams brilliance in the game, it was a very entertaining 'ping pong' game against each other. I hope that it continues in the next bout at De Kuip.


Feyenoord will have undoubtedly been the more contented of the two teams after clinching a somewhat surprising 2-2 draw against F.C. Barcelona. Trequartista Jao Rodriquez gave Feyenoord the lead with an accurate finish in the 19th minute. Barcelona's equaliser came through Lionel Messi as he seized on Brice Dja Djédjé's mistake to score a well-timed close range finish. An error from Barcelona's Eliaquim Mangala allowed Feyenoord's captain Jens Toonstra to score a finish from outside the penalty area. Messi equalised for Barcelona again after 57 minutes by dribbling past Michael Keane to chip the keeper which was timed impeccably. Tireless defensive midfielder Sergio Busquets' red card for a bad tackle on 58 minutes put Barcelona's position under question.

Manager's Comments

"This was an interesting game. I gotta be honest. I would like to apologise to Darius Xavier for my comments in the press-conference, I didn't mean to cause any offence to him. I am happy with the result, there were times where we should of actually lost, the chance at the end was very fortunate that we didn't concede. The goal-line technology proved it to be over the line in the post-match analysis but didn't count because of the referee not calling it, thankfully" -Luis Enrique (Manager of Barcelona)

"Feyenoord had Barcelona beaten, but the referee couldn't open his eyes and cost us 3 points in our group. This is what I'm capable of, I motivate my players, I make them play with passion and drive. We should have won this game today, it's as simple as that. The referees decision was disgusting and disgraceful. FA should be ashamed." -Darius Xavier (Manager of Feyenoord)
So, I just caught up on this - incredible!

I love your graphic work, especially - simple and effective, and it offsets your writing niceley...that Barcelona result is a big one for you; build on it and you'll be golden in the league!

Feyenoord manager Darius Xavier was asked a series of questions about the rivalry of Ajax specifically. Xavier was asked other questions regarding Luis Enrique's apology in the tunnels of there clash at Camp Nou on Wednesday. As normal, Darius Xavier has some strong words said to the press.

Darius Xavier has been hot in the news lately for his words against Barcelona manager Luis Enrique in his open press-conference on Wednesday afternoon. Darius Xavier was previously manager of Woking, Watford and current manager of Feyenoord.

Nice to see FM got Mangala's character spot on, always making mistakes in games that matter :P A solid result away from home. Bring on Ajax!
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9 yearsEdited


League champions Feyenoord have been touted as comfortable favourites but will have to be wary about complacency when taking on Ajax, according to betting sites like bet365. Feyenoord have notched up eight straight league wins stretching back to last season and the title contenders occupy the first place in the Eredivisie. Feyenoord will retain their position in the Eredisivie table even if they lose to Ajax. Ajax are currently fifth place, eight points behind Feyenoord.


"Ajax has been on good form lately, but Feyenoord has been on even better form. Ajax has defeated the likes of PSV, Cambuur and NEC this season. While Feyenoord has defeated the likes of AZ, Twente and Zwolle. But drawing against Barcelona at Camp Nou shows the desire to strive to be better in that squad, gives them that edge. I don't think Feyenoord are going to just win by one goal, I think Feyenoord are going to win 3-0." -Jos Luhukay (Manager of Vitesse)

"I am new to managing. However, seeing these two sides and the squad solely, Ajax have the better squad, no doubt. But the manager is critical in these derby/rivalry matches. Darius Xavier is far superior to Mario Been. Darius Xavier is sinister, evil, dangerous, cold as ice, remorseless, devastating, sadistic and diabolical. I don't think Mario Been can hold against a man like that, a man that will do anything in his power to get what he wants. What Darius Xavier wants is to be the top of this industry." -Zinedine Zidane (Manager of Twente)

"We have only seen the beginning of Darius Xavier's reign. He has only lost 21 games in his career. He hasn't lost a league game in 84 games (including his reign at Watford). I think Darius Xavier has a message to send to the other managers in the league by defeating Ajax tonight. I think he's going to make this message loud and clear." -Gert Kruys (Manager of MVV)

Match Statistics

Shots was a massive, massive factor in this derby. At De Kuip (Feyenoord's home), they took there chances unlike Ajax. Ajax looked very complacent on the ball, looked very cautious and didn't seem like they were going to shoot unless in the six-yard-box. Feyenoord shot 28 times while Ajax had only took 4 chances. This made this game very one-sided.

Possession was only a small difference with Feyenoord possessing the ball 55% and Ajax possessing 45% of the ball. Feyenoord kept the ball in the Ajax's half and caused them chaos in the back by just purely possessing the ball. This is because the defence was asked to close down the strikers - Elvis Manu and Jao Rodríquez, this had to bring them out of there defensive line and as simple pass to one of the wingers led them being in the penalty area, purely by holding up the ball and keeping the possession.

Pass Completion was quite minor in the critical play for attacking moves due to both teams going back and forth. Feyenoord had a good solid passing completion rate of 78% meanwhile Ajax had 65%, this could be considered to be a game-changer but watching the game, it was more on who took their chances better. Darius Xavier made his tactics very simple, moving into the channels and to hold up the ball, to allow for key passes and clear-cut chances, tactical genius.


This was an emotional encounter and another chapter to the rivalry of Ajax and Feyenoord. It was a chapter featuring Ajax getting obliterated 5-0 by Feyenoord at De Kuip. Inside forward Elvis Manu got Feyenoord off to a flyer by scoring an incisive finish from 15 metres on 6 minutes. Winger Romain Habran doubled Feyenoord's lead with a well-timed close range burial on 7 minutes. Jao Rodríquez scored with a fantastic effort from the outskirts of the penalty box in the 31st minute to extend the lead further. Deep-lying forward Will Overgard then added to the lead with a placed shot on 64th minute. Left back Abdou Diallo completed the demolition job with a header in the 68th minute.

Manager's Comments

"It was a very poor performance, it really was. I'm gutted honestly, I thought we would walk away with at least a point, but no avail. You know, I can't ask my players to go out there and defeat Feyenoord. Feyenoord are unstoppable right now, they are the best team in the league no doubt, but not by their squad. I will be addressing the issues with my squad and staff about how we can improve." -Mario Been (Manager of Ajax)

"Everybody knows what I'm capable of. What I just did out there, was sent my Champions League opponents a message. That message was loud and clear. My opponents has just seen the beginning of what he's going to get from Darius Xavier. Bottom line is that nothing can stop me." -Darius Xavier (Manager of Feyenoord)
Wow, what a trouncing!
AMAZING story you have here and one I will follow with interest :) awesome!

After sending a destructive message to his Champions League opponents with an ecstatic 5-0 victory over rivals Ajax. Napoli manager Joachim Löw and Feyenoord manager Darius Xavier sat down in an open press-conference with each other.

Joachim Löw answered questions regarding the fixture and his possible tactics to combat the destruction that Darius Xavier's side has been causing. Joachim Löw answered cautiously to nearly all the questions until Darius Xavier replied with an aggressive statement.

Martin van Geel - "Welcome everybody, to the first addition of these exclusive interviews in the new season. It's been a while since we've sat down and done a straight up interview with you Darius. You just got back from your open press-conference with Napoli manager Jöachim Low, how did it go?"

Darius Xavier - "I thought it went horribly. I and the club was shown a massive lack of respect from the opposing manager. He claims we are in 'good form', he's an idiot if he thinks we are in good form. We are in perfect form, the best form in the world. We have defeated every club in the league and held our own against Barcelona. Why can't we just get the respect that we deserve? The corporate idiots at FA, consider us to not be a top team in the Champions League, like are you fucking kidding me? I think the corporate idiots has dismissed our crushing victory over the Dutch Cup and Eredivisie, declaring it to be quite minor. That isn't just showing disrespect to me because of my work, it's to the club and the fans, saying what we achieved wasn't good enough. It's a conspiracy theory against me."

Martin van Geel - "Why do you believe it's a conspiracy theory against you, Darius?"

Darius Xavier - "Think about it Martin. The managers of today's football is just some old, ex footballers wanting to carry on there unsuccessful career. They get a lot of media attention. I mean look at Rio Ferdinand going to Woking, that was considered a 'big deal', it was considered so big that it made it over here in Holland. What happened when a rookie joined Woking? No media attention, nothing. It's fucking corrupt. The future is coming, I've said this and explained this in our last interview. The future of modern football management is coming with a huge force, it's going to take the footballing world to new heights. The future isn't some ex-football wannabes that 'feel that they can give more to the sport', it's hungry rookies dying to be fed greatness."

Martin van Geel - "How are you liking Champions League football?"

Darius Xavier - "Well my first game actually in Champions League football was against Barcelona and we played well, we drew 2-2 and I couldn't ask anymore from them. We are going into our second game against Napoli later tonight and it's a game where I think we will thrive under the pressure and take the game to them."

Martin van Geel - "Last question, do you believe that you can win the Champions League, this season?"

Darius Xavier - "I don't believe I can win it. I can win it. I am Darius Xavier, the conqueror. The Champions League is the ultimate prize, the ultimate glory, the glory which pulls me out of bed every morning. The Champions League is my destiny."
A very nice set of ideas for updates recently, I like them!
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Dutch champions Feyenoord's home advantage gives them the edge in what should be a very close encounter between affiliate and Italian runners-up Napoli according to SkyBet. With the group still wide open at this stage, both Feyenoord and Napoli will desperately be out for a win out of this match to get an advantage over Barcelona and AS Monaco. Feyenoord fans are all set to welcome Napoli fans to Rotterdam for their European Champions League match. The hosts are slight favourites for the match according to most pundits but still need a very strong performance to see off Napoli.


"This is going to be a very tight clash and I'm really looking forward to it. This is what European football is all about, we have the great Dutch champions of Feyenoord vs. Runners up Napoli. It's going to be spectacular. Comparing the two sides squads, I have to go with Napoli due to the quality defensively. However, the impeccable form of Feyenoord is another factor to be taken into consideration. I'm going for a high-scoring draw." -Jamie Carragher

"This is going to be a very controversial decision but Feyenoord are going to edge this one. The tactical genius of Darius Xavier will cause an earthquake in that defence and get him a goal or two. On the other hand, Napoli have a quality squad with the likes of Lucas Leiva and whatnot. I'm going to go with Feyenoord edging this with a high scoring finish of 4-3." -Peter Bosz (Manager of PSV)

"I don't know Darius Xavier very well, but from what I've seen in the media, he is the real deal. Napoli will definitely have there hands full this game trying to hold back everything that his side throws at them. I think Darius Xavier will lose tonight but, I wouldn't be surprised if he defeats Napoli, I mean his record speaks for itself." -André Villas-Baos (Manager of OM)

Match Statistics

Shots weren't crucial in this match however both teams did take their chances. Feyenoord securing a total of 14 shots meanwhile Napoli saw a total of 9. Shots weren't crucial in the manner of quantity but quality, the quality of shooting really distinguished why one team won and the other different. The ending result was affected by all factors.

Possession was the same as shots. As it doesn't matter how much possession each side had because it was practically even. Feyenoord (the home side) had a total of 52% of the ball, while Napoli (the away side) had 48% of the ball. This game was the prime example of quality and not quantity. Both sides had a fair share amount of the ball, this game came down to how well they used the ball.

Pass Completion was very much in the middle of Feyenoord able to successfully pass 80% of there attempted passes. While Napoli's completion was a solid 78%. The difference between both side's performances were not down to one piling on ounces of pressure, it was purely who done what with the ball, how did they do it and how effective it was?


Napoli's defeat against Feyenoord on a wet evening at De Kuip saw a number of players continue their runs for Partenopei this season. Tenacious midfielder Lucas Romero saw a penalty beat the keeper but hit the post on the 32 minute mark. An error from Napoli's Lucas Leiva allowed complete forward Elvis Manu to bury a well-timed close range finish. Another error from Napoli as Stefan de Vrij allowed winger Gastón Vázquez to bury a close range finish in the bottom corner. Winger Will Overgard completed the rout with a nice effort from 13 metres on 92 minutes.

Manager's Comments

"A can't deny Darius Xavier his respect, he has earned my respect tonight. He has shown why he is a real threat to this competition and why everyone should be fearing him. I will be the first to stand up and admit, he got the best of me tonight. Obviously, we will push on from here, we have crucial Serie A games coming up that we must prepare for. I've noticed we are spending a massive time in training on attacking rather than defending, so I must change the schedule and fix a good workload on my players." -Joachim Löw (Manager of Napoli)

"Proving to the world on the grandest stage of them why I am the best in the world. I am getting just one step closer, to seeing my destiny." -Darius Xavier (Manager of Feyenoord)
Arrogance oozing with each top result :P

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