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The Dream Comes First

Before anything happens, one must dream
Started on 30 October 2015 by Walter
Latest Reply on 24 January 2016 by C.J.Lippo
Walter's avatar Group Walter
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Bom Dia

Hello people and welcome to the tale of my Football Manager 2016 adventures. For this edition of the game I am once again going to embark on a Lower League save, this time with a little twist however. Normally I assume the role at a club from day one, but now I will be experimenting with the Unemployment Challenge, fighting my way to the top of the food chain in firstly Portugal, then the world.

As it is an unemployment challenge, I do not have a team at this moment in time. My reputation will be very low and I am starting with little to no coaching badges. At first I'm not going to be the target of very many teams but hopefully through some good results and management I can climb the ladder to the top.

The Manager

The manager is an old friend of ours. Vitor Martins. My Portuguese alter ego has been on countless adventures with me, most notably in his homeland with Oriental and FC Porto most recently, but now he'll be forced to work even harder to make a name for himself. At only 29 years of age, some chairmen will be put off, meaning Martins has it all to prove.

Thank you all for reading and I hope this story is a success, although I am not guaranteeing anything. I plan to delve into the life of a football manager here, you'll hear everything from the arguments with coaches, bust ups with players and contract disputes with chairmen, let's hope it is a success.


  • Get a job
  • Win a game
  • Win a Manager of the Month award
  • Win a Manager of the Year award
  • Earn a contract extension
  • Be offered a job by a larger club
  • Be offered an international job
  • Become Favoured Personnel at a club
  • Become an Icon at a club
  • Become an Icon at two clubs
  • Become a Legend at a club
  • Never be sacked
  • Ensure at least 50% of signings are Portuguese
  • Manage in Campeonato Nacional
  • Manage in Liga2 Cabovisão
  • Manage in Primeira Liga
  • Manage in Taça de Portugal final
  • Manage in the Europa League
  • Manage in the Champions League
  • Manage Sporting Clube de Portugal
  • Win a trophy with Sporting Clube de Portugal
  • Become a Sporting Clube de Portugal Icon
  • Become a Sporting Clube de Portugal Legend
  • Manage Portuguese national team
  • Win a trophy with Portugal

  • Win Manager of the Month Award
  • Win Manager of the Year Award
  • Win 5 Manager of the Month awards
  • Win 5 Manager of the Year awards
  • Win 10 Manager of the Month awards
  • Win 10 Manager of the Year awards
  • Win the Campeonato Nacional
  • Win the Liga2 Cabovisão
  • Win the Taça da Liga
  • Win the Taça da Portugal
  • Win the Primeira Liga
  • Win the Supertaça Cândido de Oliveira
  • Win 5 domestic trophies
  • Win 10 domestic trophies
  • Win 15 domestic trophies
  • Win 20 domestic trophies
  • Enter the Portugual Hall of Fame
  • Top the Portugual Hall of Fame
  • Top the Worldwide Hall of Fame

Managerial History & Trophy Cabinet


Goooooooooooood luck buddy! Love your stories and I know this one is going to be epic!
VITOOOOOOOR! Yes! Good luck Walter! :D
Good luck! :)
Good luck Walter :)
oooh, I cannot wait for this! Good luck!
Woooo a Walter story! Best of luck my friend, and I have to thank FM16, because now that I've seen Vitor Martins, I know he's one sexy mofo.
Walter's avatar Group Walter
8 yearsEdited
Josh, Justice, Verdinho, Jack, InfraRed, Feliks
Thank you guys, hopefully i'll have some great stories to tell in this save.


There have been major edits to the first post and the story, I advise you read to fully understand what has changed.
Walter's avatar Group Walter
8 yearsEdited

The Dream

Before the success, before the silverware and before the big paychecks comes the dream. The dream is what fuels the drive within us and pushes us on to make ourselves and those around us even better and keeps our sights set firmly on the task ahead. Without the dream, nothing is possible.

My name is Vitor Martins. I am 33 years of age as I write this, and I am currently an unemployed football manager. Football is my life and I have lived and breathed it for every second of my life. I come from an affluent family who would, in all honesty, would have preferred me to to seek a career in a more academic or rewarding field of work but nothing can deter the dream - my dream - to become the best.

As a player I grew up playing with my local team Cascais, an area within Grande Lisboa, and at the age of eleven I was spotted by a scout from the B team of Sporting Clube de Portugal, my boyhood club. They told me I was good enough to make the first team squad and through a lot of application and hard work I made my debut on the night of February 5 2000 as a substitute for Pedro Barbosa in the 69th minute of a 3-1 win over Farense.

We won the title that season, and again two seasons later. I am still proud to this day to see my two winners medals in their place at my home in Cascais, and also to have been a part of the last title-winning Sporting side. Maybe one day I will return as manager.

After leaving Sporting at the end of my contract as László Bölöni, manager of the club at the time, had not seen what I could bring to the table, I spent a few seasons at smaller Lisbon clubs - such as Belenenses, then Oriental, then Casa Pia and finally I decided to call time on my professional playing career when my contract at Atlético CP expired.

By then I was already about to complete my National A License. It's not great but it was a start in my new career. However, as my playing days came to a close the money stopped and in turn the courses to complete my badges became too expensive for the odd scouting or coaching job to cover. That is why I decided it was the time to venture into football management.

I possess the mind of a footballer. Even back in my life as a player I was seen as an intelligent, composed midfielder. What I lacked in physical prowess I made up for in tactical awareness and mental sharpness. Furthermore, I am blessed with a fantastic temperament, patience and humility - I work hard for everything and will take any chance given my way - I expect that from my players and I am willing to make the big decisions and to give people a chance.

Do not make any mistakes, all of the above is true, but it does not deter my main goal in life. That is to become a champion. Greatness is a word that I want to associate with myself and becoming a master at my profession is my goal in life and I will work to make everything I want happen, but right now it is just a dream.
VITOR *clap* *clap* *clap* MARTINS
Really well written and structured man. But I have to ask, why is it all in Italics?

As soon as I read something in Italics, I assume its sarcastic.
Amazingly written Walt, Cant wait to see where Vitor gets his first chance to make his dream come true!
Love it Walt! Exceptional writing as per usual, I wonder what club Vitor takes charge of? ;)
What not to love in such type of story? Good luck, mate :)
Good luck working your way up the Portuguese tiers. Here's hoping there's a place at Sporting with your name on it once Jorge Jesus is done with the place :)

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