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The Dream Comes First

Before anything happens, one must dream
Started on 30 October 2015 by Walter
Latest Reply on 24 January 2016 by C.J.Lippo
Oooooh interesting! Lovely writing as per Walt! Hopefully Tirsense will reply to you!!
Pfft, of course they will reply....

This is the great Vitor Martins we are talking about, with his great stint at Oriental Lisboa!

Hmm yeah they might not
Desp. Aves are Benfica affiliates I believe, so it'd be cool to pick up a little bit of early rivalry as a former Sporting man. Oliveirense aren't a bad side either, though.
The first team sounds better to me, for a start. Good luck with the aplications :) full list of every teams transfer and wage budget (for the premier league) pretty useful for checking out before you start a game save
I wonder where he'll go :P
Thanks Josh, hopefully I at least get an interview :P

They will dw ;)

Oh I didn't know that, would make things more interesting.

I agree, more opportunity there

Yes I'm sure you do :P
Walter's avatar Group Walter
8 yearsEdited

An Opportunity

Santo Tirso, Porto, 22 July 2015

The municipality of Santo Tirso, a city within the greater district of Porto, was far away from home for myself. However it was the place where my first opportunity in the wonderful world of football management presented itself: Futebol Clube de Tirsense.

Fernando Matos was a middle-aged man with receding black hair and a fairly nice coat over a white polo t-shirt. He was welcoming as I arrived at the Estádio Abel Alves de Figueiredo, a 15,000 all-seater stadium built in 1958 for Tirsense but owned by the local council. After a quick tour of the stadium, Mr. Matos invited me into the club rooms and I sat opposite him as we discussed the club and their aspirations and how they mirrored mine.

"Here at Tirsense we are a small, local club," Matos began. "Nonetheless, we have ambitions to grow. We think aiming not for promotion, but to be in its discussion is our aim for the season. Now you have never had a job, so why should I be placing this pressure and expectation on you?"

"I admit it, yes, I have never had a football management job and lack the experience some others may possess, but everyone has to start somewhere, right? I mean look at you, Mr. Matos, you cannot have just walked in to this position as President of Tirsense. You had to start somewhere and work your way up, you have been in this situation before. I'm telling you, I am the right person for the job."

Matos identified with this and the interview continued as before. It went well, the chairman and I generally agreed on many things and every proposition he made I was happy to work with. There were no philosophies or ideals he told me he would judge me on, and that I was to be given responsibility over almost everything at the club, which suited me.

"That will be all," Matos concluded the interview. "Thank you for your time and we will review your interview closely and inform you of our decision within the coming days."

"The pleasure is mine," I replied, extending my hand and shaking his firmly. "Thank you for your time." I stayed the night in a local hotel and absorbed the culture of this northern city. Two days later I received a text from Fernando Matos, telling me to come and sort out the details of my contract.
Tirsense it is then.... Martins should thrive in lower league Portugal :)
Hell, a 15,000 all-seater for a 'small, local club' - you have all the tools to grow! Good luck Walt, and great writing as usual :D
Know nothing about the Portuguese lower leagues so this will be an education for me. On the face of it though Vitor seems to have been handed a fantastic opportunity, good luck my friend! :)
Hopefully he'll be a success ;)

Yes, a 15,000 all-seater stadium but an average attendance of like 200 :))

Definitely is a great opportunity, thanks :)
Wouldn't be the worst place to start, would it? :P
A decent beginning. ;)
Walter's avatar Group Walter
8 yearsEdited

Preseason 2015
Estádio Abel Alves Figueiredo

After negotiating a wage of £240 with the chairman, I set about making an imprint on the team and creating a squad who I thought could achieve the chairman's aim of reaching the Promotion Stage of the Campeonato Nacional.

Due to the lack of funds both on the wage and transfer budget I did not delve as much into the squad as I would of liked. Firstly, I assessed the squad report given to me from my assistant manager and whom he deemed first team quality, a decent prospect or someone beneath the required standard of the team.

It was clear that the centre of midfield was in need of some serious investment, which may not be entirely possible. Right now we only have one natural central midfielder, with Helder Pedro naturally more attacking and therefore that position became my first priority in the transfer market. Other areas of improvement included left back, right back and striker - where we were all thin.

Our main source of cheap transfers came from our neighbouring club Desportivo das Aves who compete in the division above us. They were willing to send players on loan to us without us needing to pay wages or monthly fees. I decided to exploit this affiliation and beef up our offensive options with Alexandre Guedes, a quick and composed forward who works hard for the team.

Despite the winger position in our squad being arguably our strongest and most covered area, Zé Mario was just too good to turn down. He possesses crossing and dribbling abilities similar to players in divisions well above us. For a season, I felt he and Jorginho would form two potent weapons down the flanks.

The major problem with both my transactions was that they both failed to solve our main issue of central midfield. Our finances were already in disarray and the signing of André Costa only sent us further past the budget on wages. Despite this, Costa was once again too good to turn down, and was a hole that I desperately needed to fill as I am not confident in any of the players currently filling out for the Under 19s.

Tactically wise, I decided the 4-3-3 was the best way to approach the season. With Tito we have a strong anchor man and as mentioned previously Jorginho and Zé Mario are both more than capable for this level. The defence seems strong enough but the left back position is still worryingly low and one injury will be enough to make the right back position as precarious.

For preseason I assigned my assistant manager to matchdays as I dealt with transfers, tactics and a host of other issues facing me. Our results were positive, especially towards the end of the preparation period and as players approached their peak fitness levels. There are still a few issues to iron out, such as the lack of goals in some friendlies despite being afforded chances, what our best starting eleven is and how to get the best out of them and finally the finances - which look grim at best. I guess this is the life of a football manager.

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