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The Kévin Gauthier Story

Started on 30 March 2016 by MJK46
Latest Reply on 8 June 2016 by mgriffin2012
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Hello and welcome to this story where I start from nothing to hopefully become one of the best managers ever. I have always enjoyed playing solo around the world saves so I thought I would do one for you. Unlike my last few stories this should last longer as I will have goals and a few rules to abide by to keep things fun and not boring.

Some background why I am starting from nothing. Well I want my guy to be like André Villas-Boas where he never played any football in his life and many others who have climbed the ladder from obscurity to become a well recognized name in the football community.

RULES: Here are the ground rules I will be using to make this enjoyable.

  • Can't leave a club after first season no matter what, I must be at the club between 2-5 years before moving on
  • Can't get a job in a top tier league until I am at least 38 and have a Continental B License
  • Can't coach in France (Ligue 1 and 2) until I am 40 years old, have a National A or a Division d'Honneur (Level 6) club offers a job
  • Try to keep my squad(s) as homegrown as possible
  • No National Management until I am 45 and have a Continental A Licence
  • Develop Youth
  • No joining easy money clubs
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Clubs Managed
A.S. Mont-Dore (NCL) 2015-2017
Sporting Clube de Macau (MAC) 2018-2019
HJK Helsinki (FIN) 2020-

Trophy Case
A.S. Mont-Dore (NCL):
Championnat de Nouvelle-Calédonie: 2015,2016,2017
OFC Champions League: 2016,2017
Coupe de Nouvelle-Calédonie: 2017

Sporting Clube de Macau (MAC):
Liga de Elite: 2019
Taça de Macau: 2018,2019
Taça do Presidente: 2019
2ª Divisão de Macau: 2018

HJK Helsinki (FIN):
Veikkausliiga: 2020
Suomen Cup: 2020
Veikkausliiga Liigacup: 2021

French Manager of the Year: 2016,2017,2018
Veikkausliiga Head Coach of the Year: 2020
Liga de Elite Head Coach of the Year: 2019

AS Mont-Dore
First Intermission
Sporting Clube de Macau
Second Intermission
HJK Helsinki
I was going to write something like this before starting Toulouse, I still think I might after.. best of luck!

My name is Kévin Gauthier and this is who I am

Hello there my name is Kévin Gauthier and I am a 33 year old Frenchmen. I was born on July 14th, 1981 in Le Havre. For those that don't know Le Havre is in north-western France. It is situated on the right bank of the estuary of the river Seine on the Channel south-west of the Pays de Caux. It is a nice city with a lot to do. My favourite part is the football that is played. I have been a fan of local club Havre AC for as long as I remember. Currently they are in Ligue 2 and I try to catch a match when I can.

So I honestly have no football background all my life I have been playing Basketball. That is seen as strange here in Le Havre as football and rugby are the more popular sports. The one thing about football that I am good at is the tactical analysis side of things. For some reason I am better at the theory side of the game more than the actual physical aspects. A few of my friends thing I should go into coaching.

Actually that has been a dream of mine for the last few years to coach. They say that players are the best coaches as they have been around the game longer. Well I do not believe that and want to prove people wrong and show the world that it doesn't matter if you played or not. André Villas-Boas is the best example of a manager that had never played. Unlike him I have no mentors or an easy way to get to the top teams. If I do this i will have to start small. Hell I might even have to go abroad to start this. I am ready and willing to do what it takes.

I have been studying the sport in ways many supporters would not understand. My favourite aspects is when clubs have a free flowing offense that can score at will and counter the attack. I really love the 4-2-3-1 formation. it is the modern 4-2-2 but I have been drawing up a version that could revolutionize the formation.

Well this is my story on how I became a football manager.
Love these type of saves, this should be epic! Good luck :)
2016-03-30 00:42#228121 C.J.Lippo : Love these type of saves, this should be epic! Good luck :)

Thanks man! These are my favorite as well. Getting to experience different leagues and play styles in FM is a lot of fun.
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This is the perfect plan???

February 21, 2015 at 8:00pm CET
Some random cafe in Paris

So a few friends and I have decided that we would take a trip down to the capital this weekend to relax and just hang out. We have been really busy with our lives that things like this is very very rare these days. We are catching up talking about so much. One of the topics is football. Currently we are discussing Ligue 1 and PSG. I go off on this whole rant and tangent about why PSG fails so much on the tactical side when playing in Europe.

So then my friend Jérémy is like "dude you need to get into coaching you know so much!!" I am like "dude you are smoking something aren't you?" After a pause Paul nods in agreement with Jérémy. So I am like, "how the hell will I do this??" Jérémy says, "Man all you have to do is put your name out there and see where it goes, if someone like AVB can coach without playing experience so can you!"

I honestly brush them off. Villas-Boas had it easy getting a job because of his mentor he meet as a kid, on the other hand I am 30 years old and late to the game. Funny thing is to myself I feel that this is a great idea!! The thing I keep asking is where do I start?? I really do not know but I am willing to give it a shot. I have a feeling it will be hard to get a job here in France so I might have to go abroad.

At the end of the night before heading back home to Le Havre we decide that our next outing will be when the Champions League final takes place in a few weeks. Now it is time to start this job search and see if I can get a job.
dude great start.... will be following :D
great start mate, really interested to see where this will take you!
SooruSooru Thanks

mgriffin2012 I am as well. it will be very interesting to see where this story goes. All I know is that the start will be very weird location wise.
I hope you end up somewhere realllly obscure!
2016-03-30 18:22#228167 Griffo : I hope you end up somewhere realllly obscure!

Haha it will be very obscure but also has a connection with France.

A lucky encounter

6 June, 2015 at 9:00pm CEST
Some random cafe in Paris for the UEFA Champions League Final

It has been a very interesting last few months since I decided to start looking for a coaching job. Well it hasn’t gone well at all and I am starting to wonder if it is worth it or not??? Maybe I am being a bit impatient as job openings should start being announced around this time but I will not have my hopes up at all. The closest I got to an acknowledgement that I applied came from Racing Paris or whatever. They sent a nice rejection letter and wished me “luck”.

Anyways today is the 2015 UEFA Champions League Final between Juve and Barcelona. I have no clue who I want to win the match but have a feeling that Barcelona will make Juve look like a joke. Seriously despite that transfer embargo Barca is still a monster especially with Messi playing much better so late in the season. My prediction is that Barca wins 5-1.

A few hours before kickoff I meet my friends at this place that is showing the game. Many in there are wearing Barcelona tops while I am wearing my Havre shirt. So we get there and have our food and drinks. A while later it is kick off and it is a great game at this point. At the half Barcelona is leading 1-0. So my buddy Jérémy is asking me about my thoughts on how Juventus is able to keep up with Barcelona and the pressure that is on the Juve defense. I go into a pretty good explanation and it is very technical. All of a sudden some random dude interrupts me. For a few minutes we are talking the match and the tactical side. It is nice to be able to go into a lot of detail over the sport. It gets interesting though.


“Do you coach at all friend?”
“Nope, never had and honestly have never played.”
“Wow you have a lot of knowledge on the sport that an average fan have you thought about coaching before?”

At this point I am not paying attention to the game and am really excited for this conversation.

“Well yes sort of… I have thought about managing for the last few months, I have tried to get jobs but nobody will hire me.”
“Ah that sucks, what level have you been looking?”
“Division d'Honneur for clubs in my region of Normandy.”
“Ah well that is unfortunate, by the way my name is Ricardo Kombouare and I am the chairman of AS Mont-Dore of New Caledonia.”
“Well my name is Kévin Gauthier.”
“Nice to meet you Kévin, well currently my club is managerless and is in need of someone to coach so I have come back to France to find someone. Right now it is about the midpoint of the season and we are in mid table.”

I say oh shit this is crazy I might have something in coaching. New Caledonia though holy shit that is
so far from home…..

“Ah well I think that would be cool, if it is not too forward despite not having any formal training in management, would it be cool if I interviewed for the job?”
“Honestly we are desperate for people to come coach out here and I am having trouble finding someone to come all the way out from France to coach so why not, you have impressed me with your knowledge and I want to hear from you some more outside of this.”
“Awesome, why haven’t you hired anyone from New Caledonia?”
“Well it is because most are not skilled in the sport unlike the French and it is easy for me to hire French due to the fact we are a Special Collective and all of that.”
“Ah I see interesting.” (not really but I want this job so I just say that)
“Well why don’t we meet in a few days for this interview?”
“Sounds good!!”

I can’t believe I am getting this opportunity to interview for my first coaching job ever!!!! I know this is legit as Ricardo showed me his credentials so there is no worry in that. The biggest downfall to this is that I could have to move 16,000 KM away from home. I think it is something I would love to do despite that. Plus if I do get it and become successful or even a failure I have a great story to tell.

Oh by the way the rest of the match was pretty good. Despite Juventus playing so good and keeping up with Barcelona it was stupid Neymar who would score the nail in the coffin. Man I hate Neymar and his stupid haircut… If I ever get to face him I will make sure he has the worst day of his career.

So with all of that I need to get ready for my interview!!!!!
Oh yeah! New Cal would be very interesting, good luck Kevin! ;)
Good luck mate, i really like where this is going and the detail!

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