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FC Groningen - Regencity

Getting the CL with regens
Started on 5 April 2016 by Michael
Latest Reply on 2 November 2017 by Michael

Sporting Club de Portugal. The name even sounds nice. After the explosion in de Euroborg I decided to go on a trip and scout my next opponent in the CL, and the opponents of my U19 for the U19 Champions League. Landing in Porto, I thought it was a nice to check a youthgame of FCP and Boavista too.

Those kids could really play ball. Well, not as good as mine, but theyknew how to counter. I was especially drawn towards the striker of Boavista. Damn, he couldfinish well, winning the game for them, but his lenght. I aint small, but he was towering. He must havae been at least 2m. The match was over, and he walked to the side, and I decided that whilst I was here, I could spend some money too. Iwalked to the guy, and said: "Hey, I dunno your name, and you dont know me. But I'm the manager of FC Groningen, who KO'd FCP twice, and I think you have the quality to knock them out for me too, as you did here. Why don't we grab a table somewhere to eat, and we can discuss some stuff."

30 minutes and a cab later, we were having some shourma. "I want toget you at my club, but first Ill need to know if you are interested". "Well, I might be, if you can offer me games." was the response of this giant. "I aint gonna promise you matches, you got to earn them. But play like this and you'll get your shot at a first team place." We talked some more, and after a while, i got him to sign for us. "I'll drop you off where you need to be, I'll let my finaancial manager contact your agent, and we will seal this deal."

The Portuguese Giant is mine.
very unique ..... I must say......

And FM 12 is actually pretty good, considering it with FM 14.... just started it

I was blasting Brennan Heart over the speakers of my music set, lying in bath, and was just enjoying my time alone. Not worrying about everything that couldhappen, I closed my eyes, until I hearda strange noise. Water hit an open electric wire, I saw the spark running up the cable, towards the bathtub, and all went blank.

when I opened my eyes again, I was sitting in a rather hotroom, surrounded by fire and Lava, and an large red creature sitting close. "Where am I?" was my first response.The rather tall red monster, horned, spoke with a voice which closely resembled the one of Dave Grohl. "Welcome to Hell, my dear Michael, I'm your host for eternity, the Evilish Satan." Oh noes, I probably was hallucinatig of soething, this couldn't be real. "Luckily for you, Michael, I just killed you to have a quick chat with you. I am following your FC Groningen career, and it seems you are doingjust fine by pissing people off, and creating new wars all over the world. I need to thank you for causing such a mayham, and Im an admirerer. I want to make you a deal. I'll give you my son, and you will become CL winner in 5 seasons." This couldnt get any weirder. After The Australian and Italian maffia, an American, a Croatian and a few other cuntries, the Devil himself wanted to make a deal. "Well, I can give him a spot, if only you let Balik have his balls back." "Consider it done. Now eat your spareribs, and try to sleep, when you wake up you'll be in the Hospital." I quickly ate all the spareribs I could, and dozed off.

"3-2-1 Clear!" BZZZZZZZZTTT. I opened my eyes, it felt like I was getting shocked. "Welcome Back Michael, you scared us for a second." I stared into the face of Lewie and a strange looking fella. "who is he?" was my first question. "Well, he found you, and he brought you here. As I was here to visit someone, I cheked the hospital, as there is always some FC Groningen player or staff here, and I wanted a chat, didnt know you would be here." "Well, I dunno if he can play, but I am offeringhim a contract as a reward."

The devil's Son:

400!! LEaving my 400th post on this unique story :D

Still lying in the hospital, I was meeting all my injured players. All my defensive midfielders for the first team was here, Robben was here, and a whole bunch of players. This was sure to hurt my team in the long run, and after the match against my bogeyteam FC Volendam I felt we really needed ssomeone to control the midfield for me.

I picked up the phone, and called an old friend. "Hey, Mo, I need a favor". "Hey Mike, long time no see, what is it?" Mohamed was always happy to hear me. "I need a midfielder to come in and play for me, as I am in dire need for a good midfielder, and I know you have some spare time and more balls than my assistant.". I knew I could Temp Mo to come back into the game, and destory some other players for me. "Well, Mike, you buy my planeticket and the beers, and Ill be there as soon as possible."

I made another call to Timmy, explaining all the things that was needed, and he agreed to send th plane over to get him. I sat back in the cozy chair which was brought to me. Now I only needed to wait.



I kept reminiscing and thinking back to the old days of when I was a football player. Back then, I was crowned Youth Footballer of the Year, and the Best Player for 2 consecutive seasons. I had a professional contract at age 16, and I was already training for the first team. Until I got a slight injury to my knee but couldn't feel like treating it due to depression at the time.

An Unexpected Call

As I was sitting in the apartment I rented from the interest of the money in the bank from my football wages, I was rolling a joint of the local Egyptian drug hashish, which is very similar to weed. My phone rang. I was surprised to see on the phone screen the number of my friend, Michael, which we had lost contact ever since he became manager of FC Groningen, but whom I followed on the news. He had asked me if I could play football again, which I was willing to, as I was too young to retire anyway, he said he would send the plain tickets right away, and I got to packing.

Long Time No See

Landing in Groningen, I was surprised to see Mike waiting for me himself, as I heard he was quite a busy man as of recently. "MIKEY! How you doing?!" I exclaimed. Mike greeted me back with great enthusiasm. I asked him where I was going to say and "Surprise" he answered back. He drove us in his car and showed me where I am going to stay, I was surprised to find out the place already seemed a bit messy, but maybe he was having me renting a room. He answered that the place was his, and that this is only part of what he told me we were going to do in Holland. "When am I going to train?" I asked, he didn't answer my question, instead heading to the kitchen and bringing to us a bottle of Jack Daniels, that we will celebrate before training, and so we spent the night drinking and telling each other our latest tales, reflecting back on the old friendship we had.

First Day of Training

Waking me up at 7AM, Mike was already angry at me, as training has to start at 8AM. I was only in my shorts and was too hungover to train; but I went to the club with him anyway. When I first got on the pitch, I was surprised when I first got to look at his team, they say his team is only made up of young players but I never assumed they would be this young. "From now on, I am Mr De la Parra" he whispered to me before introducing me to my team mates and having me shake their hands. I pulled on a training shirt and was visibly upset to find it somehow smaller in size than I expected. "We'll get to that later." Mr. De la Parra said. Training was fine, I felt pretty good and I knew I could make an impact.

Putting Pen to Paper

After training, Mike had taken me into his office to have me discuss the terms of my contract. He wanted me to sign a 5 year contract with the club, but I had my doubts. "Mr. De la Parra, do you think I am good enough to merit a 5 year contract?" I questioned. Mike replied "The faster we finish the paperwork, the faster we can go to the pub I promised you we would visit, so sign them papers and let's go!" I smiled like a child and was above the moon, signing my name on the papers and being shown my locker room in the club. I was told I was expected to be ready by next match, which surprised me, but I only wanted to perform well and to give some payback for the blind trust Mike has shown my way, and so I've gotten to work.
Love it, more people joining in! :P
Michael's avatar Group Michael
7 yearsEdited

Well, Walking outside of prison, I got my own welcoming committee. "Hey Mike, Welcome back," Shouted tbendis. "Way to go," Screamed the Alex's in unison. But the best reception was by Svetlana. Seeing me stepping through the gates, outside the prison I had been in for 3 years from several counts of attemped murder, moneylaundering and refusing arrest, I finally breathed in the fresh air, but was cut short by her, with a kiss which rivaled most softcore adult video's.

"Oh, I'm so glad to see you", Svetlana said, hugging me so tightly, that I almost couldnt breath. "Guys, I expected you to run the club like I would, and I expect an update. But First, we need a big ass party."

We walked to the car, and someone was leaning against it. "So Mike, ready to go on where you finished?" said a familiair voice. It was Mohamed, who looked my right in the eye, with a smile on his face. "Of Course I am!" stepping towards him, and giving him the brohug of the year. "So, let's get this party started. Again."

Now, to introduce Mohamed:

Drinks were flowing freely in the supporters home of FC Groningen. Not that I knew that before going in, but it sure was the case. The hardcore hooligans welcomed me when I stepped out of the car, and I was lifted onto the shoulders of the 2 biggest guys, and carried to the supportershome.

When I stepped in, I saw my whole old crew still standing there. Somoene gave me a bottle of beer, and screamed: "ALL HAIL THE GLORIOUS LEADER OF GRONINGEN." "HAIL" Screamed the bar, everyone lifting up their drinks, Getting of the shoulders, and walking to the bar, I saw an old, but familiair yellow face. "Moe, what the fuck are you doing in The Netherlands?". "I, eh, got deported back to Holland, because of that Orange prick Trump. With a face like that you would think that he would like people from a country lead by people called from Orange.. But eh, what can I get you, boss." "Well, drinks tonight on me, and you get a seasonticket from me too."

The Alex's, Lewie, Ronnie, Timmie and all the others came to sit at my long table. "Well, guys, let's start with the Absinthe, the green fairy." After everyone smashed down the drinks, some with faces where a monkey biting a lemon will still be jealous of, I popped the question. "Guys, what did Groningen do whilst I was away."

"Well," Alex Anders started "We made a multimultimillion profit, and are now on over 350 million euro's as a budget, but no need to spend it, as we have a very good core of 25 players, and still around 70 youngsters." I smiled, these guys knew how to run the business. Ronnie stepped in. "Well, those youth have won the 1st youthdivision 7 years in a row, our reserves has done that too. Only in 2017 we didnt manage to get the Dutch U19 cup, AZ beat us in the semi's. We did win the U19 CL in 16 and 17 whilst you were away tho."

"Nice, and how about our senior team, how are we doing with that?" I asked, looking around the table. "Well, you could say we could have done worse." Balik said. "7 leaguewins in a row, the 8th is currently rolling in. 7 cupwins in a row, 7 supercups off course. Holland is ours. nothing which can stop us now. But the best year overall was 2017. We won the Champions league, and the Club World Championship."

I was proud of this guys. They lead the clubs to greatness, now I just want to do it too. "Moe, get us all a personal bottle of Absinthe." After Moe gave everyone a bottle of Absinthe, I popped mine open, raised it: "Whoever finishes his bottle last, pays the bill." Everyone quickly unscrewed the cap, and raised theirs too: "To FC Groningen, vashe zdoróvje!"

Amazing work Mike!! Glad to see your story back up. It is very interesting but a good read. Keep up the work!!!!!

It seems that Ronnie wasnt the one who couldnt hold his liquor. Halfway past his bottle, he started to speak in what seems to be an incohert mixture of Frisian, German and Papiamento, spoken in cursive and more slurring than thought possible. I however was not sober to either. only knowing that right was where you thumb was on the leftside, I decided to call a cab.

Waking up the following morning I had a hangover like I've never had before. The smell of bacon and eggs where coming out of the kitchen, and after getting some clothes, I saw Svetlana in het dress and heels, just like she did 3 years ago. Damn, we had so many adventures together.

"Hey Mike, finally woke up from that self-induced coma I see?", she said with a devilish smile. She knew I hadnt had a drink in 3 long years, and she knew I would get hammered, and she knew I would be about as hangover as Hillary after the elections. "I made you something, and you have to listen to your voicemail. We have about 1700 unheard messages, I thought I would save them up for you."

"1700?!? Are you kidding me?" I said, baffled by the amount. ""Well, 1713 to be precise, so you'd better get started." Reluctantly I walked to the phone, and pressed the button to hear all those messages. At the end of the day only one message was promising, the others were either crap, or congratulations. I decided I needed to go to Madrid for some negotiations.

The new player coming in:
Felipe looks really promising.

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