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EURO 2016 + FM16 Content: Contributors Needed

Started on 1 June 2016 by Stam
Latest Reply on 17 June 2016 by culturedleftpeg
Stam's avatar Administrators Stam
8 yearsEdited
Euro 2016 kicks off on June 10th. I wish for our community to work on a series of articles about this competition in correlation to FM16. We need your contribution towards this cause to make it happen.

We're looking for the following type of articles (examples provided):

If you want to be part of this project, simply reply to this topic and say what kind of content you wish to contribute.
Stam's avatar Administrators Stam
8 yearsEdited

Team Previews

We aim to produce a preview for each national team participating in the final stage of Euro 2016. This is the list of all nations and who's assigned to each of them.

It's best to prepare all team preview articles before June 10th if possible, so please have this mind before declaring interest in working with this type of content.

Group A
Albania (LabinotHarbuzi)
France (Justice)
Romania (Justice)
Switzerland (yurichandra)

Group B
England (Jack)
Russia (ninjaskill)
Wales (The FM Hub)

Group C
Germany (MattZTH)
Northern Ireland
Group D
Croatia (Balik)
Czech Republic (LabinotHarbuzi)
Spain (culturedleftpeg)

Group E
Belgium (C4PPERS)
Republic of Ireland (Justice)

Group F
Iceland (AuthoR)
Portugal (MattZTH)
If they're still available, I'd love to do Team Previews for both Albania and Czech Republic, I'll also be free to do some Football Views when the tournament is ongoing if needed :)
I think will be great if i contribute to write Team Previews for Switzerlnd to gain my experience as a writer. Cant wait!
Thanks for your interest :)

@LabinotHarbuzi: You've been assigned to Albania and Czech Republic.

@yurichandra: You've been assigned to Switzerland.
I'll do England? :D
@Jack: Assigned :)
I can do Russia
@ninjaskill: You're assigned :)

@Justice: I've taken the liberty of assigning you to ROI since you were willing to do at least 1 team preview.

A few more teams have been assigned to a couple of our YouTube guys.
Balik's avatar Group Balik
8 yearsEdited
I'll be happy to do a preview on any team and do match reviews/previews also
Will there be a Euro 2016 save like there was for the world cup a few years back?
I'll do a preview for Iceland.
Seeing as time is running out until the opening game, I'll do France & Romania....
Thanks guys.

Still almost a dozen teams are left unassigned :(
Will make a final push tomorrow on socials and hopefully that number will drop to a single digit.
I'll do Croatia

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