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Liverpool FC - Reborn From Ashes

Started on 9 November 2018 by Jim
Latest Reply on 3 January 2019 by Justice


Hello everyone and welcome to my story. Haven't done one in ages so excuse my being basic. To those who'll follow my story, I hope I'll do you right. To those who not, your loss ;) .


This save will be a Liverpool one (duh) but with a twist. Bankruptcy has relegated the club to League 2 and everybody's left except for a few players. More to come later.

Meet The Gaffer

This gents and lassies, is the soon to become (fingers crossed) , Manager Of The Year Pierre Jean-Jacques. Born in Marseille this young lad took an interest in football from when still a little boy. He played in numerous academies, but his one dream was to play for his dream club Liverpool. Playing in Ligue 2, this guy was heavily linked with Liverpool for a transfer at the end of the season. Last game of the season though, an ugly challenge saw him fracture his left fibula and severe the interconnecting ligaments with the malleolus and thus, ending not only his football dreams, but also a chance to play for Liverpool. Now, 4 years later, Pierre is only 25 years old and just bagged his Continental Pro Licence clearly sending the message, it's time to become a gaffer.

DISCLAIMER: I really want to thank Justice for giving me his opinion and some general tips. Also, anything you see is probably similar to Justice's story, Making A Manager - The Story, as I'm taking tips from his exceptional story telling and writing. So really thanks mate ;) .
This looks really, really interesting - looking forward to seeing who's left and how you rebuild the club!
Looking forward to this, I know this will be a good read!
Looking forward to this, an interesting dynamic behind it.
1950s/60s again :) look forward to seeing how this develops.
Jim's avatar Group Jim
5 yearsEdited

Liverpool Relegated

June 1st 2018

Ladies and gentlemen, it is a fact. Liverpool have been relegated to League 2. Some days after the disappointing Champions League final loss against Real Madrid, Liverpool chairman Tom Werner announced that he is stepping down as expenses for the club were too high to cover. Last night, the club announced that it couldn't cover all the wages since the night of the final due to money not being available to spend at all. Liverpool only had one choice if they wished to still exist, which was to declare bankruptcy and relegate themselves to League 2 in hopes of covering less expenses and thus, improving their finances. A few hours ago we learned that Liverpool's choice was to be relegated. So starting from the 2018/19 season, Liverpool FC will be playing in League 2. Unfortunately for the Reds, almost every player left the club as they couldn't earn the money they wanted. So this makes the likes of Mane, Salah, Firmino, Milner, Henderson and so on, some of the hottest free agents of the summer transfer period. The only players to have stayed reports claim, are Van Djik, Gomez and Alexander-Arnold earning a combined total of only 20.250 Euros per week, which is less than what each one was earning before individually. Fans have praised the lads that stayed behind, declaring that their passion for the club, would lead them straight back to the Prem. Wait a minute, what's this? Ladies and gents, it has just been announced that Jurgen Klopp has stepped down from being manager at Liverpool, along with all the staff. Today marks a dark day for the Merseyside club as a few days ago they were the 2nd best team in Europe while after today, they will be playing on the 4th division of England. Thank you for your time viewers and listeners, tomorrow we'll have more news for you. Scott Carter* out.

*Scott Carter will be this story's reporter.

Comment Answering

  • Inverted Wingbacks: This journey's gonna be a long but an interesting one ;) .
  • Justice: Fingers crossed that success will be back for Liverpool!
  • ScottT: Cheers mate! I think of this as a unique take on the club
  • Kharding: Oh well, as they say, "history repeats itself".

New Manager Of Liverpool Announced

June 26th 2018

8:00 am

Ladies and gents, my name is Scott Carter and I welcome you back to LFC Daily. 25 days after the resignation of Jurgen Klopp, the club has a new manager since yesterday. Here on LFC Daily you'll hear first who he is, as he's not been revealed yet. In 1 hour and 30 minutes the new manager of Liverpool FC will be announced. Good news is that I've secured an early press confrence with the gaffer and I'm on my way there. Talk to you in a bit.

8:45 am

Welcome back to LFC Daily. Scott Carter again, and I want you all to meet the new manager of the Merseyside club, Pierre Jean-Jacques.
Interview With New Manager:
S: Hello Pierre and welcome to Liverpool. What are your thoughts about the job?
P: Hello Scott and thank you for welcoming me to this huge club. I'm really looking forward to managing this huge club. I am really excited to be here and I'll be doing my best.
S: If I can recall correctly, a few years ago when you were still playing, you were almost ready to move to Liverpool as the club was heavily linked with you. I don't want to remind you of the past, but we all remember the career-ending injury you had. I remember in a press confrence a few days earlier, you had told the media Liverpool was your dream club. Is that still true?
P: Well of course it's true. Like kids don't forget how to ride a bike, I never forgot about the club which I loved. I really wanted to be here as a player, celebrate in front of the Kop and sing chants with the fans but unfortunately I wasn't in life's plans. Now, I'm ready to do all of those things as a manager and I promise you they will happen.
S: Liverpool will be playing three divisions lower than what they were last year. Are you the one to restore the club to its maximum abilities?
P: Well of course this few months haven't been any good for Liverpool whatsoever, but with the likes of Trent, Virgil and Joe (Gomez) I think we can turn this club around and bring it back to the Premier League.
S: You are only 25 years old and became a manager. Do you thing that being a manager while so young will be difficult?
P: Not at all. I don't think that age has a role to play in being a manager. I think that if you deserve respect, you get it no matter how old you are.
S: What do you think of the setup here?
P: Well, the stadium is fantastic first of all. Anfield is most probably the most beautiful stadium I'll ever see. Also, the players here are exceptional and hardworking. Now since there are no staff at all, I've already put up adverbs for the jobs and hopefully we'll be a fully functioning club sooner than later.
S: Have you met the players? If yes, what was both your and their reaction?
P: Yes of course I met them and I think we already understand each other. We both have the same targets and we are both set to achieve them.
S: What about the supporters? What's your message to them?
P: Well, firstly and most importantly, they will be our heart and soul. With their support the club will take 2 steps forward and not a single one back. Every time the players are reminded by them for which club they play in and what is at stake, they will play with passion.
S: How about training? Can you tell us what you're gonna be doing?
P: I've already told the players what to expect from me. If someone deserves to play, they will. If not, they won't. All of this will be judged from their work in training.
S: Thank you Pierre for your time. Good luck, and to be the first one to say this,You'll Never Walk Alone.

9:30 am

Well fellas there you have it. Our new gaffer is ready to get to work. Personally, I believe he will triumph and make us believers once again as Jurgen Klopp did. I'll talk to you later. Scott Carter out.

Comment Answering

  • Justice: ;)
  • Best of luck to Pierre! Looking forward to seeing how Liverpool cope in League Two and who will be interested in joining the club, following their triple relegation.

    Transfer Window Review

    August 9th 2018

    Hello listeners, my name is Scott Carter, welcome to LFC Daily and as of now the transfer window is closed. Liverpool bought just a mere 3 players and nobody left. When asked, Liverpool manager Pierre Jean-Jacques answered "I feel like we've got a good squad and we don't need many players. Our acadamey players are very promising and will definetly play a role in our promtion." Now, let's take a look at the players Pierre brought in.

    Anthony Forde
    Age: 24 (16/11/1993)
    Squad Number: 16
    Position(s): AMR, MR
    Bought From (Fee): Rotherham (425.000 €)
    Current Ability/Potential Ability: /
    Contract Details: 3.000€ per week until 30/06/19

    Eunan O'Kane
    Age: 28 (10/07/1990)
    Squad Number: 6
    Position(s): MC, DM
    Bought From (Fee): Leeds (400.000 €)
    Current Ability/Potential Ability: /
    Contract Details: 6.250€ per week until 30/06/20

    George Thorne (Joining on 1/1/2019)
    Nationality: English
    Age: 25 (04/01/1993)
    Squad Number: N/A
    Position(s): DM, MC
    Bought From (Fee): Derby County (400.000 €)
    Current Ability/Potential Ability: /
    Contract Details: 5.550€ per week until 30/06/20

    Well that was it. I think that these lads will help the team in whichever way they can and will perform their best no matter the cost. Me, as an LFC fan, I want to welcome them to our club. Let's hope the gaffer proves us right and they do good. Anyway, this sums it up for this LFC Daily podcast. I'll talk to you again when I'll be reviewing August and September. Goodbye!

    Comment Answering

  • ScottT:
  • Had a lot of options but I felt that we didn't need to spend a lot of money as we've quality players. We are doing very good so far but I won't spoil anything. ;)

    Liverpool Still In Champions League

    August 30th 2018

    4:40 pm

    Hello everyone, Scott here with a quick announcement to make. So today, after months of discussion, UEFA has announced that Liverpool are obliged to play in the CL no matter what division they are currently in. This means that our club, which is League 2 ability, has to play against Europe's top teams. I think that is definetly stupid
    from UEFA. Let's see how the gaffer responds after today's draw.

    5:00 pm

    So Liverpool, the League 2 club, are in a group with Napoli, PSG and Hoffenheim. That is f*cking unbelieveable I have to say. We can do nothing against them. Gaffers words after the draw were "UEFA is a f*cking joke". Luckily enough, UEFA won't punish him. That's it for today, Scott out.
    Champions League football in League 2, you'll be rolling in the money!
    At least you'll get a financial boost? :P

    August/September Review

    September 29th 2018

    Hello listeners, Scott here and welcome back to LFC Daily. In this podcast we are going to cover the fixtures played in August and September as a whole. August was a pretty good month for us, grabbing 5 wins in 6 games and scoring 18 goals while conceding only 5. Played brilliantly in all of the games, playing beautiful football averaging 53% possession and 23.8 chances per game with 11 of them being on target.The only game I think I need to talk about is against Exeter. We were really unlucky missing a lot of chances, some of them being easy to score. After a sloppy pass from us, Exeter countered and it was 4 against 2 leading them to score an easy goal in the 61st minute.

    Now moving on to September. Pretty mixed month of results. In 7 games we only grabbed 3 wins, 3 draws and 1 loss while also scoring 15 goals and conceding 7. This time we averaged 58.5% possession and averaging 19.7 chances per game with 9 being on target. To put it another way, we were poorer compared to August. Lots of chances missed, easily gave possession away and conceded some stupid goals. As you remember, we played our first Champions League game this month against Hoffenheim in Germany. Considering our squad, I think we made a decent
    appearance. Yes we lost, but I think the difference between our squad and Hoffenheim's is noticeable. The game against Lincoln, we were pretty lucky to get away with a draw. Played really poorly, we only had 3 shots on target from our 10 with 2 of them being goals. Defending wise, really poor. Jean-Jacques rested Van Djik, Alexander-Arnold and Joe Gomez for this game. Good thinking since our next game was in Champions League. Unfortunately though, the rotation did not work. Now, the better game of the month was of course against Aston Villa where we got a 3-0 win. Our attack finally clicked, playing good possession football and scoring nice teamwork goals.

    • Defensive Player of Aug/Sept: On defense I think the best player was definetly Trent Alexander-Arnold. With an average rating of 7.98 in 9 matches, the 19 year-old was impressive. Aside from being a tank in defense, the young Englishman grabbed 2 goals, assisted 7 more and won 2 POTM awards.

    • Midfielder Player of Aug/Sept: This may come as a surprise to a lot of you, but Matthew Virtue takes my vote. The 21 year-old played 9 matches with an average of 7.70 rating, winning 1 POTM award and also grabbing 4 goals. He's almost a regular on the starting XI of every match. I think there's a lot to expect from him till the end of the season.

    • Attacking Player of Aug/Sept: This is hardly a surprise with Dominic Solanke deservingly earning this. 11 appearances, 11 goals, 2 assists, 2 POTM awards and also an average rating of 7.72, have made Solanke a hero for the fans. Top scorer in League 2 with 10 goals in 11 matches, Solanke is sure to continue to score more and more.

    • Well fellas this sums up this podcast. To sum up, I think that the gaffer is a match for the club. He's playing nice football despite sometimes not getting the results we won. What are your thoughts on Jean-Jacques? Let me know by sending me messages @ScottLFCdaily* on twitter, with the hashtag #AboutPierre. Anyway thanks for your time and talk to all you later. Scott out.

      *Not Real :P

      Comment Answering

    • Justice:
    • True. At least we won't be getting bankrupt again :P
    • ScottT:
    • Yes, that will help. But we gonna get embarassed a lot. :(
    After watching Eunan O'Kane for two years at Leeds, I pray that he isn't as bad for you as he was in real life for us :D

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