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Liverpool FC - Reborn From Ashes

Started on 9 November 2018 by Jim
Latest Reply on 3 January 2019 by Justice
Fantastic month and promotion is pretty much sealed now! Great to see that the manager has been rewarded for a fantastic season with a new deal to his contract. Also, a nice prospect comes in from the youth intake.

No negativity in Liverpool, is there? :P
Great to see promotion has been secured already!
Two points to secure the title..... surely the title is in the bag.... right?

April/May Review

May 4th 2019

May the 4th be with you! Happy Star Wars day to my fellow Star Wars fans! I hope you all have a great day. Anyway, my name is Scott and welcome to LFC Daily. Covering April and May this time around but most importantly, WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS! Yes, I know it's only League 2 but every fan loves his trophy.

Domestic Football

Didn't find any difficulty in winning these games except that 0-0 draw. Anyway, not that big of a problem since we are champions anyway. We finished the season with a record 118 points. That is just astonishing in my opinion. I'll get into detail for a few games right now.

Port Vale (A): Pretty decent game away at Vale Park we had *wink wink*. Adekanye and Solanke scored 2 goals each and earned us the 1-4 win. Played possession football this time around, passing the ball 487 times out of our attempted 674. When Port Vale equalised in the 63rd minute, JJ and the players made sure to put the result beyond doubt with 3 goals scored in the space of 8 minutes (65th-73rd).

Notts County (H): This was one of our worst games all season. Even though we dominated the match, we scored no goals, we had 5 yellow cards and hit the woodwork 3 times. So many one-on-ones missed. Notts also hit the woodwork in the 87th minute from inside the penalty area, but luck was on our side and we did not concede.


Dominic Solanke is the POTM this time. Top scorer in League 2 with 36 goals in 34 games and a player with a lot of influency on the dressing room. He's clearly a deadly striker and has proved that on many matches across the season.

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  • ScottT:
  • There is none! It's all rainbows here! ;)
  • Mgriffin2012:
  • League 1 here we come! :D
  • Justice:
  • I didn't bottle it mate. :P
    Liverpool have won the league!

    Season Awards

    Club Awards

    Fans' Player Of The Season
    1st. Dominic Solanke (44 apps, 42 goals, 12 assists, 9 POTM)
    2nd. Virgil Van Djik (45 apps, 3 goals, 2 assists, 4 POTM)
    3rd. Trent Alexander-Arnold (36 apps, 3 goals, 15 assists, 5 POTM)

    Goal Of The Season
    Eunan O'Kane vs Tranmere Rovers (30/03/19)

    Signing Of The Season
    Eunan O'Kane (Leeds, 400.000€)
    Stats: 48 games, 10 goals, 10 assists, 7 POTM

    Young Player Of The Season
    Dominic Solanke

    Top Goalscorer
    1st. Dominic Solanke (42 goals)
    2nd. Anthony Forde (13 goals)
    3rd. Eunan O'Kane (10 goals)

    Most Assists
    1st. Anthony Forde (16 assists)
    2nd. Trent Alexander-Arnold (15 assists)
    3rd. Dominic Solanke (12 assists)

    League Awards

    Player Of The Year
    Dominic Solanke (33 apps, 36 goals, 8 assists)

    Top Goalscorer
    1st. Dominic Solanke (36 goals)
    2nd. John Akinde (35 goals)
    3rd. Jayden Stockley (28 goals)

    Manager Of The Year
    Pierre Jean-Jacques (82% win ratio)

    Players' Team Of The Year

    Comment Answering

  • Justice:
  • Hallelujah! :P
  • Mgriffin2012:
  • After so many years! :D
    van Dijk makes playing in the Premier League look like a stroll in the park, let alone League 2!
    Great season for Solanke and co. I expect another promotion next season! :P

    Summer Window 2019

    August 9th 2019

    Transfers In

    Nick Pope
    Nationality: English
    Age: 27 (19/04/1992)
    Squad Number: 15
    Position(s): GK
    Bought From (Fee): Burnley (11.500.000 €)
    Current Ability/Potential Ability: /
    Contract Details: 16.000€ per week until 30/06/21

    Marcus Forss
    Nationality: Finnish
    Age: 20 (18/06/1999)
    Squad Number: 39
    Position(s): ST
    Bought From (Fee): Brentford (4.000.000 €)
    Current Ability/Potential Ability: /
    Contract Details: 4.000€ per week until 30/06/20

    Ben Thompson
    Nationality: English
    Age: 23 (03/10/1995)
    Squad Number: 26
    Position(s): MC, DM
    Bought From (Fee): Millwall (3.100.000 €)
    Current Ability/Potential Ability: /
    Contract Details: 5.500€ per week until 30/06/20

    Emile Smith-Rowe
    Nationality: English
    Age: 19 (28/07/2000)
    Squad Number: 41
    Position(s): AML, AMC, AMR
    Bought From (Fee): Arsenal (Loan)
    Current Ability/Potential Ability: /
    Contract Details: 0€ per week until 30/06/20

    Georges-Kévin Nkoudou
    Nationality: Cameroon
    Age: 24 (13/02/1995)
    Squad Number: 47
    Position(s): AML
    Bought From (Fee): Tottenham (3.700.000€)
    Current Ability/Potential Ability: /
    Contract Details: 0€ per week until 30/06/20

    Cheick Keita
    Nationality: French
    Age: 23 (16/04/1996)
    Squad Number: 2
    Position(s): DL, WBL
    Bought From (Fee): Birmingham (4.700.000€)
    Current Ability/Potential Ability: /
    Contract Details: 9.500€ per week until 30/06/20

    Ben Wilmot
    Nationality: English
    Age: 19 (04/11/1999)
    Squad Number: 5
    Position(s): DC
    Bought From (Fee): Watford (Loan)
    Current Ability/Potential Ability: /
    Contract Details: 0€ per week until 30/06/20

    Brahim Díaz
    Nationality: Spanish
    Age: 20 (03/08/1999)
    Squad Number: 14
    Position(s): AMC, MC, AMR
    Bought From (Fee): Manchester City (Loan)
    Current Ability/Potential Ability: /
    Contract Details: 0€ per week until 30/06/20


    Nick Pope: With Freddie Woodman returning to Newcastle, we were in need of a good goalkeeper. Luckily, Pope had requested to leave from Burnley and Pierre wasted no time and immediately made a bid for him. 11.5m made seem a bit too much for us, but our finances have been sky rocketing so it's not a big deal. Pope is tall, he's good on one on ones and has a nice jumping reach.

    Marcus Forss: I think that Pierre bought Marcus for the U23s. He's not good enough to play in the main team. I know this may seem harsh but that's how I feel. Maybe, and I hope it, his determination will prove me wrong.

    Ben Thompson: Ben is a pretty solid Midfielder. He is brave, he works extremely hard, he's a team player and has a lot of stamina. With David Jones leaving the club we needed a backup mid and Thompson fits that role. Who knows, maybe he'll even be a first teamer some time.

    Emile Smith-Rowe: Probably our best signing of the summer. Brought from Arsenal on loan, Smith-Rowe is a pacy Attacking Mid and some even dub him as the next Chris Waddle. He's expected to be a first-team player.

    Georges-Kévin Nkoudou: Not a lot has to be said for Nkoudou. We bought him from Spurs as a backup winger and I think that he's qualified for that. Decent pace, agility and some nice dribbling.

    Cheick Keita: I would call this our most needed signing. We really needed a left back. Not because we don't have one, we have Gallacher, but he isn't as good. Cheick is 23 years old so of course he has potential to become better.

    Ben Wilmot: Brought from Watford on loan, Wilmot will provide some needed depth at defence. Gomez and Van Djik can't play every game of the season, so Ben was brought to aid that. Tall defender, strong and can jump high.

    Brahim Díaz: Renewed his loan contract for another year and I actually am really excited to watch him in a Liverpool shirt for another season. JJ has publicly revealed that he wants him on a permament deal. Fingers crossed!

    Transfers Out

    Paul Glatzel
    From/To: Liverpool Mainz 05
    Fee: Free
    Position(s): ST, AMC

    From/To: Liverpool Ferrol
    Fee: Free
    Position(s): DL, WBL

    Liam Millar
    From/To: Liverpool Angers SCO
    Fee: Free
    Position(s): AML, ST

    Yasser Larouci
    From/To: Liverpool RC Lens
    Fee: Free
    Position(s): AML

    Neco Williams
    From/To: Liverpool Norwich
    Fee: Free
    Position(s): DR, WBR

    Taiwo Awoniyi
    From/To: Liverpool Roma
    Fee: 2.600.000€
    Position(s): ST

    From/To: Liverpool Zaragoza
    Fee: 1.900.000€
    Position(s): MC

    David Jones
    From/To: Liverpool Port Vale
    Fee: 2.600.000€
    Position(s): MC, DM, ML

    Comment Answering

  • Justice:
  • You ain't seen nothing yet! ;)
  • ScottT:
  • Solanke for Ballon D'or 2022! :P Allez to the Championship!
    Some fantastic signings there. I'm particularly looking forward to Ben Wilmot's impact on the team over the course of the season; as his talent is unprecedented.
    Some superb pieces of business there, particularly Nkoudou!
    Some very high-profile signings, particularly Pope! League 2 should be a walkover with him in goals :P
    Ayy, Popey and Diaz are big additions from my experience of the game and will work wonders for you! All obviously an incredible amount of quality for a L1 side.
    Jim's avatar Group Jim
    1 yearEdited

    September 29th 2019

    Hello everyone, Scott Carter here and welcome back to another podcast. I want to mention that as of now, I'll call the podcast From Time To Time. I know, I know, it's catchy. Anyway, as of now, we are 2 months into League 1 football and are unbeaten in 14 games with 11 wins and 3 draws.

    League Football

    Well, with the transfer window we've had, it was expected to be doing that good. Some tactic flaws here and there, but overall we are a team not to be messed with. In 10 games, we've scored 29 goals (most in the league) and conceded only 5 (least in the league) so to put it in a simpler way, our attack attacks and our defence defends.

    Ispwich Town 0-5 Liverpool: First and foremost, we were down to ten men since the 2nd minute where Herbie Kane was sent off for literally the cleanest foul in the whole world (foul) but we still showed what a great team we are. Emile Smith-Rowe gave us the lead after Dean Gerken saved his first shot in the 39th minute. JJ must have really pumped the boys up during the half-time break and by that, I mean that Solanke scored 3 goals in 9 minutes and then a 4th one 20 minutes after the 3rd. Solanke's first goal came through a curved cross from Smith-Rowe in the 49th minute. He then doubled his goal tally one and half minute later where he scored after a Smith-Rowe cross again. He earned his hat-trick in the 57th minute, when TAA dribbled past Huws, crossed and found Solanke who shot from point blank range. Our last goal, from Solanke again, came in the 77th minute where a weak clearance from Ispwich's defence found Solanke, who rocketed the ball into the net.

    Lincoln City 1-1 Liverpool: Probably our worst match yet this season and we still were decent. We just couldn't put the ball into the oppossition's net. Solanke had a bad game, all his 5 shots being off target. Defence wasn't that bad considering the goal we conceded came from a deflection. Brahim Díaz gave us the lead in the 59th minute after a cross from Cheick Keita found him wide open inside the box and he split the net into two. A free-kick from Andrade got deflected into the net 3 minutes later which finalised the score.

    Cup Football

    Well we are still in the Carabao Cup after 3 rounds. Impressive performances. Same goes for the Checkatrade Trophy, where we are in a group with Shrewsbury, Accrington and Man Utd U23s.

    Liverpool p1-1 Brighton: Intense match. Brighton are a PL team but we still dominated them all 90 minutes. Our goal came in the 24th minute, where Woodburn scored a point-blank goal after a precision cross from the usual suspect, Trent Alexander-Arnold. Equaliser for Brighton came in the 49th minute where Andone scored the rebound after Pope saved Kayal's shot. Nothing serious happened till the penalty shootout. It was quite stressfull, but Pope's 4 saves were enough to counter our 3 misses.


    Nick Pope definetly. 6 clean sheets in 11 games, unbeaten when he's played and has saved 30 shots. He's loved around Merseyside and JJ is definetly happy with how he's played.

    Comment Answering

  • ScottT:
  • He's used as a rotation player but he's proving himself!
  • Mgriffin2012:
  • He was a bargain considering he was free!
  • Justice:
  • Maybe my personal favourite signing! :D
  • Jack:
  • They're doing wonders I tell ya. ;)

    DISCLAIMER: Sorry I haven't been updating lately but I have a lot of stuff to do. So when time allows me, I play the game and update the story. Trying my best to do it asap. Sorry again! <3

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