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Liverpool FC - Reborn From Ashes

Started on 9 November 2018 by Jim
Latest Reply on 3 January 2019 by Justice
See ya later Ipswich!
Brilliant result against Ipswich and it clearly demonstrates the quality within the side. Albeit, a rather disappointing result to Lincoln. Nice to see you progress in the cup against strong opposition in Brighton, however.
A strong start to the season, will be back in the PL in no time!
Solanke is doing crazy things in this league. Unreal scenes, now keep in them automatic promotion spots!
Jim's avatar Group Jim
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Liverpool Manager In Serious Car Accident

"3 hours ago an accident occured just outside Portsmouth, where a driver going over the speed limit, crashed into the back of another car, which in turn flipped over to the side of the road. The victim was rushed to the hospital being in critical condition. Liverpool owner, John Henry confirmed the rumours that the "victim" in this case, was none other than current Liverpool manager, Pierre Jean-Jacques. Reports are suggesting that the Marseille born 26 year old is fighting for his life in St Mary's NHS Treatment Centre. This apparently happened after Liverpool's 1-0 loss from Portsmouth, where Jean-Jacques was driving to meet his players before they returned to Merseyside. Fans from all of England have visited the Hillsborough Disaster memorial and left flowers, wishing their manager a speedy recovery. The players from what we know are distraught and scared for their manager. Assistant manager Keith Millen will take over the club with the board not searching for a manager, as they hope that Pierre will recover. Pierre has serious damage to his spinal cord and a torn ACL, so right now, the manager is looking for a miracle. Liverpool will play all of this season's matches with black armbands, in honor of Pierre. Lastly, the club will pay all medical expenses and will soon move him to New York, where his (let's hope) life-saving surgery will occur. Our thoughts are with his family and friends. We wish him a speedy recovery."

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  • Mgriffin2012:
  • They won't come back from that! ;)
  • ScottT:
  • Of course we'll have bad matches, but let's hope the majority are the ones we play good! :P
  • Justice:
  • Fingers crossed! :D
  • Jack:
  • Player of The Year 2 times in a row? ;)
    Woahh what?!?!
    Jim's avatar Group Jim
    2 yearsEdited

    Sheyi Ojo Dedicates Excellent Performance To Liverpool Manager

    October 22nd 2019

    "Liverpool beat Exeter City 7-1 in Matchday 14 of League 2, bouncing back from the 1-0 loss from Portsmouth. Man Of The Match for the reds was undoubtedly Liverpool's 22 year-old winger, Sheyi Ojo. Ojo scored four goals for the reds, his hat-trick coming inside 27 minutes. LFC Daily reporter Scott Carter, managed to get a few minutes with Ojo.

    "Hello Sheyi. First of all, congratulations on your brilliant performance tonight. What are your immediate thoughts following the result?"

    "Hello and thank you. Firstly and most importantly, I want to dedicate my performance to Pierre, who I hope he is recovering well. Something people do not know, is that I was to be sold in the summer, but Pierre gave me some chances which I utilized and as a result, I am now almost a first-teamer. I want to thank him for believing in me. Also, I wanna thank the supporters and my teammates both of whom, I wouldn't have achieved anything."

    "What's morale at training like? Do you and your team-mates work well with Keith Millen?"

    "Everything is going well with Keith. He understands how Pierre wanted, and still wants, to play so he trains us in a very similar way. Every time we have training, right before we start, we wait on him to inform us about how Pierre is doing, but aside from that, everything is going pretty well."

    "Can you tell us anything about Jean-Jacques? Or does the club not allow you to reveal information?"

    "Thankfully, me and the guys asked the gaffer how the boards feels about revealing information, and the answer was not to reveal too much. So the only thing I can reveal is that his surgery was a success and his condition is steadily improving. I also have to share something else though. Pierre was put in a coma, because his injuries are still too fresh and may result in him being in immense pain after the surgery. When will they wake him up, we do not know."

    "So according to the Liverpool man, JJ's condition is improving although he's in a coma, his performance was dedicated to JJ because he believed in Sheyi while others didn't and that the atmoshpere in the club is decent. Lastly, credits should be given to the supporters, who filled up Anfield and sang the well known "You'll Never Walk Alone" to show their support to their manager after his tragic car accident."

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  • Justice:
  • :P
  • Mgriffin2012:
  • Didn't see that coming did you? ;)
    I love this story! I am a fan of ojo glad to see u doing so well
    I didn't expect that at all. What a way to win in his absence though and best wishes go out to JJ in his recovery!
    Great read so far, I think you'll take them straight back to the PL in successive seasons. The only potential issue is if the money from Europe dries up too quickly!
    He's your (m)Ojo now.
    I really hope he can become something special for you and in real life!

    December 1st

    Welcome to From Time To Time everybody. I am your host Scotty Carter and on this podcast we'll review the first 2 months since Mr. Millen "took over". Everything's going decent but the absence of JJ is surely being noticed both on and off the pitch.

    League Football

    It's nice to see Keith Millen playing similar football to JJ. Fans love it, I do and so do the players. 1st in the league with a game in hand so all in all, everything's going merry for us!

    Portsmouth 1-0 Liverpool: JJ's last managerial game to date a.k.a "the fatal game". How did we even lose this game? We played really well but it still wasn't enough. 32 shots, 3 clear cut chances and 3 times we hit the woodwork. Really unlucky. Portsmouth's goal came 58 minutes in when after a great possesion play by Portsmouth, Hinds found space and whipped a beautiful cross to the far post, where Pitman was wide open and had an easy job of heading the ball in the net. Kelleher couldn't do anything so no fault of his. Then, we all know what came after the game ended..

    Liverpool 4-1 Walsall: Played this game just a week ago. Really good 1st half performance but our 2nd half was just awful. All of our goals were in the 1st half. Our first goal came 10 minutes in, when Wilson nutmegged a defender, shot right into Roberts' hands, but fortunately for us, he spilled the ball and Wilson found it easy to score. 29 minutes in, Ejaria made a wonderful pass to Solanke who was left alone with the keeper and placed the ball into the bottom right corner to add the 2nd goal. 34 minutes in, a well placed corner from Wilson found Solanke in the near post who headed the ball into the net. 45th minute, an error in defence allowed O'Kane to pass to Solanke who went on to score in the open net, completing his hat-trick. Now for the 2nd half, we were utter shite if I say so myself. Barely shot 3 times in the last 45 minutes, struggling to keep possesion and making a lot of rushed mistakes. One of those mistakes was in 77 minutes in, where Kouhyar intercepted one pass from Randall, went on a one-on-one with Pope, who was in turned lobbed.

    Cup Football

    Liverpool 0-0p Leicester City: So, so, so, so bad. I mean if you saw the game you know what I'm talking about. 4 yellow cards from 5 fouls, so you could say we played like cowards. I don't mean for us to end careers, but come on. Lots of wasted chances as from our 11, just 2 were on target. Also, Solanke missed a penalty in the 11th minute. For the penalty shootout, we missed 4 consecutive penalties. Woodburn and Keita scored the first two, but then we had 4 misses coming from Solanke, Trent, Ojo and Van Djik. Pope was my MOTM both in normal time and in penalties, as he saved 3 trying to keep our asses in the cup. Sorry, that got a bit out of hand. To add to that, Keith Millen made no subs whatsoever in 120 minutes. What the actual f*ck? Our players almost died on the pitch.


    Dominic Solanke. 11 games he played, 11 goals he scored and 3 assists he made. Top notch performances from the 22 year-old in a Liverpool shirt. Hope he continues.

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  • No1VillaFan:
  • He's been so good! I hope you keep enjoying! :)
  • ScottT:
  • JJ won't be gone for too long. ;)
  • LoadFM:
  • We'll be up there before that can happen! :D
  • Justice:
  • How long you been thinking that? :P
  • Mgriffin2012:
  • He's a pretty good kid! ;)
    Please excuse my 4 day absence from the site. I was in the hospital as I was sick with appendicitis but thankfully I avoided surgery and was treated with no problems. I'm back now and I'm well. :)

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