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Liverpool FC - Reborn From Ashes

Started on 9 November 2018 by Jim
Latest Reply on 3 January 2019 by Justice
Good start, as I expected! ;) I'd put the loss to Exeter down to the travel, as it's a fair trip from Liverpool to Exeter. :P
I am praying that I ever see Liverpool in League 2 in your story! A very good start, both in terms of writing and aesthetics and a very good start on the pitch!
Promotion in sights! Solanke > Lukaku

October/November Review

November 28th 2018

Good evening ladies and gents, Scott here and welcome back to LFC Daily. Back today with another two-month recap. Today, we will of course cover the matches played between October and November. This time and from now on, I'll talk separately about domestic and continental football in the podcasts. This will allow me to go into more detail for certain matches. Before we start, let me say that there has been a very good atmosphere between the players and the manager. From what I've heard, Jean-Jacques has influenced a lot of players and is considered to be friendly with his players often showing how much he cares for not only the players themselves, but also cares about how supporters think that they are doing. He has becomed really loved by Scousers it seems.

Domestic Football

Okay, so we will start with domestic football played these past 2 months. It was a great 2 months for us to be fair. 6 straight wins in League 2, Dominic Solanke on fire with 4 goals on his last 5 matches and also won in FA Cup! Now of course yes we lost against Huddersfield but we gave them a really hard time, only losing in penalties after a 1-1 draw in normal time. Another great moment was Bobby Duncan scoring his 1st Liverpool goal against Morecambe, with it being the winner. Good job from the 17 year old. Sitting 3rd on the table with 3 games less and 3 points off the top of League 2. Promotion in sights I'll say!

Continental Football

Wow. What can I say about this year's Champions League experience. Yes we are not doing that good, but I think with the squad we have, we have gained some much needed experience. For example, we beat PSG in a thrilling 4-2 clash. Many supporters went there with no hopes, but boy were they glad they were proved wrong. Eunan O'Kane with 2 goals and Solanke with another. The atmosphere was outstanding and I believe this really proves, that we are still what we were a couple of months ago. One of the best clubs in England. And mark my words, as years go by, more and more people will realise it. Next, a convincing 3-3 draw with Napoli. Me personally, I was pretty happy with the result. After, Napoli brought us back down with a heavy 6-2 loss at San Paolo. Heavy loss, but in my opinion a needed one. Don't ask me why, I just felt it was right. Last, there is the 1-1 draw with Hoffenheim. Decent result, boring match. Not much to say. Believe it or not, we still have chances of qualifying even though that is highly unlikely as our last game is PSG away.

Player of the Months

Now, the award for Player of the Months goes to.... *insert drumroll* Eunan O'Kane. The 28 year old Irishman has had some impressive matches such as against PSG and Newport. Scored goals and gave assists when needed some impressive passing accuracy and has made himself a highly infuential player in the dressing room of the club. Congrats to Eunan!

That's it for now fellas. Overall, I believe these months were brilliant for us. I love what Pierre is doing with the club and I hope you share my opinion. Anyway, I will see you all next time. Scotty out.

Comment Answering

  • Jack:
  • As you probably saw he ain't so bad at all! :P
  • ScottT:
  • Yeah I cut some slack off the boys for that one. Simply unlucky. ;)
  • Mgriffin2012:
  • Thank you a lot mate! Hope you keep enjoying! :)
  • Justice:
  • I believe we'll get a promotion as well. Spirits are high! Also, of course Solanke is better! :D
    Win all three games in hand and you're right at the top of the table, and there you shall stay!
    Looking good in the league, one very well in the CL too with all things considered.

    December/January Review

    February 1st 2019

    Hello listeners and welcome back to another LFC Daily podcast. My name is Scott and first of all I wish you a happy new year! I hope everyone's Christmas went well. So today, we'll be covering the fixtures played in December and January. Bear in mind that I will do another podcast in a few hours where I'll be reviewing our busy transfer window. Anyway, moving on.

    Domestic Football

    16 matches we played these two months. We won 13 and lost 3. Not once did we draw. I find this record pretty nice. Firstly, I'll start with the positives. Again Dominic Solanke on fire, scoring 11 goals and providing 2 assists in 16 games. Currently he has scored 29 goals in 31 apps in all competitions. His best match was against Oldham Athletic, where he completed his hat-trick in 27 minutes and went on to score another one making it four. Another happy suprise was that of Anthony Forde. The Liverpool AMR was bought last summer from Rotherham. Many thought he would not do much but has instead been surprisingly effective on the Right Wing. So far, he has contributed to 20 goals this season, scoring 9 and assisting another 11. The two matches we lost though, oh they hurt us. Firstly, against Mansfield. 26 shots we had, 12 on target. Not enough I say. Then, they come up with 4 shots, 2 on target and they win 2-0. I was so angry. Undeserved. Moving on, where I really lost my head was the match against Exeter, the only team we haven't won against all year. Same scenario, but not attack's problem this time. Our defence was trying to play offside trap for some reason. What was JJ* thinking? I was screaming at my TV out of anger. Still annoyed by that. Concluding, we currently sit 1st in the League 11 points ahead of second place. Pretty happy about that.


    Continental Football

    Not a lot to say really. Only played one match against PSG and we lost 4-2. We tried as best as we could to secure qualification for at least a Europa League Round of 32 spot, but we just weren't good or even lucky enough. Hoffenheim won against and went on to finish 2nd. That's all I guess.


    This POTM award goes to Anthony Forde. The 25 year-old played very well in a lot of matches and really helped win a lot of them. Scoring 4 and assisting 4 was enough for him to guarantee his name on this award. Let's hope more of this follows from the Irishman.

    Well ladies and gents that is it for this recap. Let me know your thoughts on my Twitter. I'll tune in back in a few hours for the Transfer Window review. Anyway, Scotty out!

    Comment Answering

  • Mgriffin2012:
  • Now that we're on top, we never coming back down. ;)
  • Justice:
  • League worked out. CL not so much. But we learn from our mistakes and move on!
    Unlucky in the FA Cup & UCL, you gave it your best. You are, however, absolutely rampaging through the league!
    To get five points in the Champions League is brilliant and a credit to the team. Things are looking very rosy!
    Jim's avatar Group Jim
    1 yearEdited

    Winter Transfer Window Review

    February 2nd 2019

    Hello everyone. My name is Scott Carter and welcome back to another LFC Daily podcast. I'll be covering the Winter Transfer Window this time. We were actually much more busy than in the Summer. We bought 4 players and sold another 4. I'll go into more detail now.

    Transfers In

    Karlan Grant
    Nationality: Scottish
    Age: 21 (18/09/1997)
    Squad Number: 9
    Position(s): ST, AMR
    Bought From (Fee): Charlton Athletic (2.600.000 €)
    Current Ability/Potential Ability: /
    Contract Details: 4.500€ per week until 30/06/20

    David Jones
    Nationality: English
    Age: 34 (04/11/1984)
    Squad Number: 17
    Position(s): MC, DM, ML
    Bought From (Fee): Sheffield Wednesday (25.000 €)
    Current Ability/Potential Ability: /
    Contract Details: 2.700€ per week until 30/06/19

    Freddie Woodman
    Nationality: English
    Age: 21 (04/03/1997)
    Squad Number: 18
    Position(s): GK
    Bought From (Fee): Newcastle (Loan)
    Current Ability/Potential Ability: /
    Contract Details: 0€ per week until 30/06/19

    Brahim Díaz
    Nationality: Spanish
    Age: 19 (03/08/1999)
    Squad Number: 14
    Position(s): AMC, MC, AMR
    Bought From (Fee): Manchester City (Loan)
    Current Ability/Potential Ability: /
    Contract Details: 0€ per week until 30/06/19


    Firstly, we have Karlan Grant. The 21 year-old striker was probably our best signing in my opinion. He is pacy, two-footed and can score when you least expect it. Also, provided a needed depth in the striker position, so now Solanke can be rotated with Grant and vice-versa. So far he has scored 7 goals in 8 appearances and already seems like a great choice by JJ.

    Secondly, we have David Jones. The 34 year-old midfielder might be past his prime, but his positioning, teamwork and his ability to be able to keep a calm head make up for a decent backup option. So far he has made 4 appearances where he showed his experience and ability to pass.

    Thirdly, we have Freddie Woodman. The 21 year-old goalkeeper was signed on a one season loan deal with Liverpool not having to pay any of his wages. I think we needed a first team goalkeeper and I'm glad we brought one. Kelleher might be a decent choice but still, the ability of Woodman will bench him. He can jump high and has great reflexes enabling him to pull off some magnificent saves. So far he has appearead in 3 matches for Liverpool, conceding 5 goals.

    Lastly, we have Brahim Díaz. The 19 year-old midfielder was also brought on a one season loan deal, but this time from Manchester City. Again, Liverpool will not have to pay any of the player's wages. I think he'll thrive in League 2 and make a name for himself showing what he's capable of. Great dribbling, technique and also might have a surprise or two up his sleeve sometimes. As he was signed on deadline day, so far he has only one appearance where he both scored and assisted.

    Transfers Out

    Pedro Chirivella
    From/To: Liverpool Swansea
    Fee: 5.500.000€
    Position(s): MC, DM

    Ki-Jana Hoever
    From/To: Liverpool SPAL
    Fee: 105.000€
    Position(s): DC, DR

    Jack Bearne
    From/To: Liverpool Hull City
    Fee: 24.000€
    Position(s): ST, AMC

    Matteo Ritaccio
    From/To: Liverpool Rotherham United
    Fee: 14.000€
    Position(s): MC, DM, AMC


    The only player I need to talk about is Pedro Chirivella. I really didn't want him to leave as he had been a great player all season. Was really angry when JJ sold him but I understood that Pedro wanted to leave for Swansea as he wanted to play in a higher level as it was revealed on his press confrence. I think his leaving is what brought JJ to sign Brahim Díaz. Let's hope he'll do us good.

    Comment Answering

  • Justice:
  • Tried our best and made ourselves proud. League 2 has got nothing on us! :P
  • ScottT:
  • Well I think our win vs PSG was the highlight of our journey even if it was short. We are constantly moving forward! :D
    A really good transfer window, the rebuild continues...
    Brahim Díaz (albeit on loan) is an incredible coup! He'll be a driving force for your team, with absolute certainty!
    Considering the massive changes to the squad and finances, to get 5 points in a ECL group is impressive of itself.

    But the highlight has to be beating Everton in the FA Cup! sure you lost to Man Utd, but at least you didn't go down without a fight in that one.

    Great stuff and really interesting to see the young talents that team has given the real opportunity to shine, that they'll not likely see in real life for a lot of them.

    So, 5th season PL champions and 6th season CL champions, right? ;)
    Impressive signings there. Karlan Aherne-Grant is in particular a great signing, if he can replicate his talent in real life for you. A nice fee made on Chririvella which will help you out last window.

    Braham Diaz and Freddie Woodman are top pieces of business on loan!

    February/March Review

    April 1st 2019

    Well folks that's it. We've been relegated again for f***'s sake. I'm done. Screw the FA. Well, in case you weren't aware, APRIL FOOLS! For real though, my name's Scott Carter amd welcome to LFC Daily, where we'll be reviewing another two months. I'll get right into it cause I have a lot to say.

    Domestic Football

    One word will really describe what I think of these two months. Perfect. That's how I feel right now. We've only lost once in nine games and also kept clean sheets in six. We've also guaranteed promotion to League 1 and also we're really close to becoming champions. I'll talk about three games in detail.

    The 1st game I wanna talk about, is against Carlisle, which is the only league game we have lost in eleven games. Solanke was injured for that game, which showed us how good he was up front. Karlan Grant didn't have a good game, having 5 shots with all of them off target. Aside from Grant, Brewster didn't have a good game either. From his six attempted dribbles, only 2 were completed. 1 of the failed ones also resulted to a goal. Our defence was not good in particular, failing to clear a lot of chances. To put it in another way, we were lucky to leave with only a 2-0 loss.

    Next, I wanna talk about one of the great games, which was against Cheltenham. Really good game that was. Played really good. Attack was absolutely destructive. JJ tried to play Brahim Díaz in the AMR position. He showed his versatility when he ended the game with 1 goal and 2 assists. Man of the match was Karlan Grant, scoring twice and assisting once. Only downside from the match, was the 3 week injury of Trent Alexander-Arnold.

    Lastly, I wanna talk about the match against Tranmere Rovers. Started off badly, conceding in the 3rd minute, but after that all went according to JJ's plan I presume. Karlan Grant really turned up for this game, equalising for us in the 22nd minute with a powerful header after a really well-placed cross from the injury returning Trent Alexander Arnold. Grant then gave us the lead in the 38th minute with a point-blank shot. Eunan O'Kane also played really well, being the creator of a lot of chances. His best highlight though, was a powerful shot from 22 meters which changed the scoreboard to 3-1. I'm gonna end this match report with Solanke's goal which was a nice shot from inside the box. This goal marked his 31st goal in League 2, moving him up to 1st on Top Goalscorers. Solanke, believe it or not, has more goals this season than England striker Harry Kane who has 24 goals in the PL.


    This time, the POTM award will go to Brahim Díaz. The 19 year-old Spaniard has proven to be quite the signing for Liverpool. He has started all 7 games he has played, scoring 3 goals and assisting another 5. A lot was expected of him when he arrived in Anfield in January and he has certainly lived up to expectations.


    Now that the review is out of the way, I want to talk about some other things that a lot of you will find quite exciting I hope!

    First of all and most importantly, Liverpool manager Pierre Jean-Jacques has signed a contract extension which will keep him here until 2020. The board has clearly been impressed with the 26 year-old's managerial abilities. I think that we are lucky to have him as a manager and that he'll be the one that will "revive" us.

    Moreover, the board has announced a profit of 50.000.000€ this season. It's of my knowledge that 20.000.000€ of these money will go in the transfer budget while the other 30.000.000€ will be kept stored in case the club needs them.

    Lastly, I want to talk about this year's youth intake. Specifically, about one player, a 15 year-old Englishman who goes by the name of Gary Burey. He plays in the MR position and showed potential in his trial match against the U20s.
    He's also a Liverpool fan, so there's a little extra passion for him when he puts on the shirt.

    Comment Answering

  • Mgriffin2012:
  • Oh it does. And it's fascinating! :D
  • Justice:
  • As you can clearly see, you were absolutely right!
  • Kharding
  • Let's only hope mate! ;)
  • ScottT:
  • Grant has certainly been performing over expectations. Also, Woodman is a pretty decent keeper!

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