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Roselynn LeFleur -Time to shine-

An underwhelming female footballer on her quest to make a name for herself in the mens game
Started on 2 July 2019 by ImThatSybGuy
Latest Reply on 27 August 2019 by Jack
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The best way to shut the haters up is to prove them wrong. Do it. Make America Great Again.
That ended on an unexpected note. :O
Naturally, it came as a surprise to me to have someone express love to me in such a matter. I am not the type for relationships, sure I had a few short-term relationships during high school, but I really didn’t have anything serious. I don’t know why love never found me. Maybe I had too high demands for anyone to be with me, maybe I’m not that fun in a relationship, maybe it’s something else.

As I closed the door, Maddie switches off the TV and turns to me. “She really likes you, don’t you see. The way she looks at you, the way she talks with you. I don’t know her, but even I can tell she loves you. And Rosie, I know you like her too.”

I ignored her, but of course, that doesn’t stop Maddie. “Oh come on Rosie. You like her, she likes you. Why do you make it so hard for yourself. You can chase some happiness for once.” I immediately caved in to her pressure.
“What if I don’t want to. Why do you want this so badly. It's my life!”
“You’re my little sister. I want you to be happy. You would be crazy not to open yourself up to such an amazing person, who loves you.”
“What if I hurt her? What if it doesn’t work out?”
“Then it doesn’t work out. Take a risk for once Rosie.”
“I do take risks. I took a job in management with no experience whatsoever, if that doesn’t classify as a risk, what does?”
“And what did that risk bring you?”

Maddie was right, the risk I took a bit over a year ago did pay off. I knew I had to do something. I kept staring at her phone number, which was waiting to be called. Maddie sat there next to me, urging me to call Abby. Suddenly, I put my phone down and said: “I need to take a walk, I’m not sure when I’m back. I don’t know where I’m going, but I need to clear my mind.”

I was lying and I think Maddie knew so too. But I left my apartment with the intent to walk to Abby’s apartment. The walk wasn’t that far, about 15/20 minutes from my place, which isn’t too bad. I stopped at small florist, bought a bouquet and continued the walk. As I was minutes away from Abby’s apartment it started raining. My walking turned into speed walking and speed walking slowly turned into running.

Completely soaked and out of breath I arrived at her apartment and knocked on her apartment door. Abby opened up, waited for me to catch my breath and then kissed me. As she let go of me she whispered to me: “I love you.” Which would only allow me to reply with four words: “I love you too.”
Young love. Rosie's risks up to now have paid off, hopefully this one does too!
To be young and in love. <3
ImThatSybGuy's avatar Group ImThatSybGuy
4 yearsEdited
29 August 2019
The last month and a half was a complete rollercoaster for me. I got announced as new USMNT manager, got in a relationship in the space of two days. Got flooded with criticism during those first few days as well and then had a month in which I travelled the world to prepare for my debut as Team USA manager.

Slowly but surely nerves were starting to kick in. My first game was in a week time, but it started to approach extremely quickly. Like most of the last few days I was in Chicago, I stayed with Abby. As weird as our relationship started, as weird it continues. I spend most of my days away from home, while Abby, who recently got a new job as journalist, was away from home relatively often as well. It did work for us however, we spend the few days we had together and the relationship was evolving. The next phase of our relationship was inevitable and seemed to happen quickly as Abby said:

“I wanted to wait to tell you this until you got back, but I just can’t wait. What if we move in together. You practically already live with me, so why not make it official.”
“Would I move in with you, or would you move in with me.”
“I was thinking that you’d move in with me for a while, but that we look to find a new home for us to live in the meantime. Some place we could really call our home.”
“I would like that.”

29 August 2019
As I spend most of the last few days moving over all my stuff to Abby’s, I almost forgot to finalise my squad for our upcoming games. Luckily enough, I’m always well-prepared and had the squad list already completed.

We wouldn’t play 2, but 3 matches in total this international break. First of all we leave for Trujillo, Peru to play against the South Americans, who are currently ranked 17th (tied with Sweden). In comparison, we’re currently 32nd in the world.

Following Peru, we move to the Dominican Republic, where ‘Los Quisqueyanos’ host us for my first competitive game in charge. It would be the first game in the North American Nations League. Where we are drawn in group 3 of Division A together with Panama as well.

Last but not least Hamilton, Bermuda would host the Confederations Cup Playoff game, which qualifies as a trophy which could be won, but most importantly could see us qualify for the Confederations Cup, which will take place in the summer of 2021 in Germany. Our battle for qualification will be against Costa Rica.

The squad does, contrary to the U20’s side, mainly feature players playing outside of the MLS. With 9 players playing their football in the USA. The star player is undoubtedly new Chelsea signing Christian Pulisic, who arrived from Borussia Dortmund this summer.

Other names to look forward to are experienced centre-back John Brooks, who is a new signing at The Hawthorns after signing from Wolfsburg, with whom Brooks got relegated. While also Weston McKennie and Josh Sargent are likely to become key players for us.

The side is very experienced with 15 out of the 23 players over the age of 26. The most surprising absentee is Michael Bradley. Bradley, who is currently our captain and only 11 games away from being the most capped player (would be tied with Cobi Jones on 164) misses out. Bradley suffered a minor ankle injury and I don’t deem him fit enough to feature.
TheLFCFan's avatar Group TheLFCFan
4 yearsEdited
Greg Garza. GOAT!

Need more Cincy players in there, but a strong squad, Peru will be a good challenge to kick off Rosies career as the National Team coach.
There are some really talented players in the squad, it has to be said. There is certainly the potential to improve with the right management and Rosie has already proven herself, to some degree, having been manager of the U20 side. Good luck to her!
There are some incredible prospects in that team. Pulisic, McKennie & Sargent will be who all the eyes are on, but it'll be up to the likes of Guzan to keep the young boys focused.
1 September 2019
September is the start of the next chapter in my life. I officially left my old apartment and have moved in with Abby. We worked towards it the last few days, moving all of my stuff to Abby’s in the last few days to make sure I’d be able to leave at the start of September.

However, my first night living together with Abby wouldn’t be spent with Abby, but in a Chicago hotel, surrounded with 23 players and a handful of staff members. It would be the official start of my campaign as USMNT manager.

I travelled to the hotel early in the morning, so it isn’t surprising I was the first one there, patiently waiting for everyone to come. An hour or so after I checked in the first members of the staff arrived. Among the staff members was Chloe as well, she joined me as my personal assistant. I wanted Chloe to be working alongside me as she was one of the few people I would trust, so I was glad she joined me.

Slowly but surely, players started to arrive. The interest in the team seemed to be at an all-time high. With media circling the hotel all the time, interviewing and photographing the incoming players. It was close to dinner time when everyone finally arrived. As everyone arrived slowly the media seemed to retreat from our hotel and give us an evening with space.

That space allowed me to finally introduce myself to the entire squad: “Welcome everyone. I have spoken to most of you already, but I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself as your new manager. I hope we’re going to spend a good little while together, and I am confident and hopeful we can reach new heights.”

4 September 2019
After a day of training and a day of mainly travelling, the day is finally here. My debut, the official start of chapter 2 in my life, the Peru game. As I woke up I felt excitement, which somehow took over from the nerves I had before. As the day went on, the nerves slowly but surely turned into more and more excitement. I am ready for this.

Driving to Mansiche, the almost 25000-seater where we would play, showed me the difference, Peruvian fans were across the city and at our arrival at Mansiche, I stepped out of our bus and hundreds of American fans were there cheering us on and welcoming us.

The difference between our reception here and how it was as U20 manager. The difference would only continue to show. Press was gathered everywhere and were interviewing everyone, including me. The biggest surprise to me was when we walked on the pitch ready for the warming-up, the stadium was almost half-full already and the crowd was bigger than I used to. This is the real deal.
If you know my surprise with a half-full Mansiche, imagine my shock when we walked out of the tunnels to go on the field with a full one. The reception, although most were cheering Peru, was immense, the cheering, the signing, everything, it was amazing.

It was time for the national anthems. It was breathtaking to see the thousand or so Americans who joined us, singing at the top of their lungs. Giving me goosebumps when the anthem stopped and the fans started clapping. But it was no time to be impressed by the fantastic atmosphere or the cheering fans, it was time to play football.
Interesting that the three best prospects in the team are all playing away from MLS. That's the age-old argument and the only manager who stood up to Don Garber on this was Jurgen Klinsmann. If Rosie can get people like Guzan and Bradley to play to anywhere near their former levels (also in Europe), then this Yank will be well pleased.
And so it began, my journey as USMNT manager. The whistle was almost unhearable through the Peruvian fans, but the kick-off was a fact. As a manager I always considered the midfield the most important place. Although I was on the bench often, I was a midfielder when I played. Controlling the midfield meant controlling the game and controlling the game meant having better odds at winning the game, that was my philosophy.

It was shown throughout my debut managerial year. We kept possession, kept control of the game. A lot of people may argue it was easy for me to do, playing against sides like Haiti and Curacao, who are undoubtedly weaker than us. But I showed the same desire against opponents like Spain and Argentina.

It’s the same philosophy I wanted to get into this side, dominant and attacking football. I always imagined it might take a while for players to feel confident with it. Especially considering the lack of training the squad has had before this game. I had a rocky start with the U20s against Chile and especially Colombia, but we learned from that. The players got comfortable with me, my philosophy and my tactics.

As poor as my first half was in the Peru game, it gave me hope. We didn’t concede a goal, we allowed Peru to get chances, but not that great of chances, and we had more possession. We just didn’t score either.

The second half was the polar opposite, an open end to end game, with chances for both Peru and us. Unfortunately it was Raúl Ruidíaz, a player ironically playing in the MLS, who scored the first goal in a USMNT game with me in charge. We got down 1-0. Losing to Peru wouldn’t have been a poor result per se. They are ranked quite a bit above us, have been managed by Gareca for 4 years already and are playing at home. There was really no shame, but with 40 minutes left in the game, I didn’t want to leave Peru empty-handed.

Ironically enough, it was once again a Peruvian who plays his football in the USA who played a major part in a goal. This time it was Orlando City-loanee Carlos Ascues who pulled down substitute Gyasi Zardes in the box, allowing Greg Garza to try to equalize from the spot.

The Cincinnati left-back made no mistake, he sent the goalkeeper the wrong way and calmly put it in. We were drawing. As the ball flew into the back of the net I could see the American fans cheering in the corner of my eye, putting a smile to my face.

That smile would be broadened a bit more as well. Both sides were looking for the game-winning goal, but only one team would get it and it weren’t the Peruvians. Greg Garza sent Bobby Wood away down the left, who beat Peruvian right-back Advíncula. Cut inside, found Lletget at the edge of the box and the LA Galaxy midfielder grabbed his chance and made himself the matchwinner with 5 minutes left to go.

The last 5 minutes you heard the American news overthrowing the Peruvian noise. Despite the last-minute efforts the Peruvians threw at us, we were too good. The final whistle went, and I was overwhelmed for the remainder of the day. Players, fans and journalists all congratulating me. I was extremely happy, but it's important not to keep my head in the clouds, because this was just the start.
Greg Garza. Legend!

A good start to the role for Rosie and that will only improve when the squad is able to learn what she wants. I am looking forward to where she can take the National team!
A debut win. You love to see it!

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