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Resurrecting Palermo

Our journey to bring Palermo back to Serie A & beyond!
Started on 13 April 2020 by FMBlake
Latest Reply on 18 July 2020 by d4vidjames
Some really nice results there. The big teams seem to underestimate you and that could be the difference between staying up and being relegated this season.
Its been a mixed bag for sure with some incredible results and then some disappointing ones. But inconsistency is to be expected for a team looking to be beating relegation as it looks likely you will. What can't be excused is the lack of discipline the team is showing, which really needs to be sorted out as soon as possible. Great update and good start to the season.
The aim is to survive this season and you look to be on course to do that. A few memorable results so far will be nice to look back on at the end of the season.
Eoin97 - Thanks bro! My nomination for Story of the Month inspired me to put a bit more effort in and give a more detailed update.

Tedbro20 - Thanks mate, yes I am hoping that we can stay up!

The LFCFan - Mixed results for sure, discipline is still an issue ! lol, will be doing what I can to resolve. Certainly going to increase the fines next season!

ScottT - You are right mate we are currently exceeding expectations and have some quality wins to look back on :)
What a win over Napoli... not feeling the love against Brescia though
Griffo - Thanks mate, haha sorry bro

After a fairly successful first half of the season in Serie A, we are aiming to continue our form and try to avoid picking up so many suspensions.

Our next game was a disappointing loss to Verona at home. We played well but didn't take our chances and paid the price.

Like Colido, Merletti wanted to leave. So off he went. I don't intend to ever keep players at the club who don't want be here. Again, a nice profit on a player we signed for free.

Benevento had been struggling this season, so it was important that we beat them, and we did! Gutierrez with a double. That was our first win after 6 games without a win. A vital 3 points.

Discipline is still a big issue, and something I am working to fix. I have instructed the players to stay on their feet, and next season I am going to increase the fines for players who pick up yellow cards hoping to cut out this poor attitude we currently have. It is really difficult to gain momentum and consistency in results when every game we have to change the team due to suspensions.

We played well against Udinese and were unlucky not to win. Maldini's goal in this game was a contender for goal of the season! An amazing free-kick from our talented winger.

We played Genoa next, at home. They are bottom of the league, so this is a must win game!

A solid 3-0 win, puts us 10 points above the relegation zone, surely we can stay up now!

Back to back wins! A massive win over Sassuolo who are 7th in the league! We have had a very good month, with some important wins.

Juventus at home is a huge game. Look at the quality of the players in their team. Vinicius Jr, De Ligt and Keita their stand out players. Can we compete?

No we can't.... a poor result and another red card! I can't believe it...

We gained anothe 3 points with a win at home over Brescia. Colombo missed a penalty early in the game, but it was Nico Otamendi with his first goal for the club who was the hero for us!

Against Brescia, our starting midfielder Goudmijn picked up a terrible injury that will put him out for the rest of the season. He has been an important player for us and will be sorely missed and hard to replace.

Our annual youth intake came in. This is the worst one we have had in our 6 seasons. None of these players will ever be good enough for the first team.

Another huge game, at the San Siro, against Inter Milan. Salcedo and Curtrone are a deadly duo together up front who will be hard to stop!

We lost 2-0. Urso saved a penalty though! And we didn't get any red cards :)

Our worst performance on the season. 5-1 loss at home to Bologna who are in the relegation zone, and guess what... another red card. It has been the story all season. Without suspensions I truly believe we could finish in the top half of the league.

Our next game is against the team currently top of the league, Lazio. They have a lot of new faces, and have a quality team that will be hard to beat.

A 9 goal thriller! Gutierrez was superb! A hat-trick from our main striker, but Lazio were too good to keep out.

Although we have dropped far more points than I would have liked this season. One constant positive has been our club finances, they have been increasing all season and we are now in a very stable position. This will hopefully provide us with a larger transfer budget for season's to come, so we can invest in signing better quality players.

Another poor loss. To a team just one place below us. We are really struggling at the moment, largely due to player's being unavailable due to suspension. There is still a chance we could be relegated so we need to start performing soon.

We drew 1-1 with Torino at home in a game we should have won! Gutierrez missed a penalty with the last kick off the game in the 96th minute after we went 1-0 down after 1 min. Maldini scored another free kick. A crazy game, but I was gutted we didn't claim all 3 points.

We are now 1 win away from guaranteeing our position in Serie A next season. But we have 3 really tough games! I am not feeling too confident.

So we need a win, and we lose 4-0, terrible performance again.

Luckily for us though, results elsewhere went our way. We have secured safety in Serie A and can no longer be relegated this season, it takes all the pressure of our final 2 games.

We played well against Atalanta, and nearly won! Lucera with a brace, as we conceded 2 late goals.

The season is now over, and looking back at our results in the second half of the season does not look pretty. February was a month to remember, but other than that we were awful. We have to be more consistent next season. We were lucky really that there were some really poor teams in the league. Worse teams than us.

A look at the final league table. Inter Milan were crowned champions. It was really tight at the top! We finished 16th in the league with 34 points. 9-7-22 isn't the best record. I am going to aim for at least 10 wins next season! Bologna, Benevento and Genoa were relegated to Serie B, better them than us. We finished the season with 9 red cards.... that cannot happen next season.

I mentioned previously that we had been doing really well with increasing the club finances, and the board have given us a respectful transfer budget for next season. I am hoping I can find some quality players so we can improve our team. Otamendi, Pastore and Fellaini are all retiring so that will also free up some wages. We have a number of player's coming in on pre-contracts who I will show you in the next update.

Key Performers

Lorenzo Colombo
This man has had two successful seasons for us. 12 goals and 6 assists is a good return for a player who was moved between ST and RW. I will be likely looking to bring him back next season on loan again if I can. Or potentially looking elsewhere for an even better striker.

Juan Manual Gutierrez
11 goals and 2 assists in just 16 appearances was a very good season for this man! I am delighted to announce that he will be signing for us at the end of the season, as his contract expires at Inter. I believe he can continue to be an important player for us for many years.

Juan Ignacio Urso
Our goalkeeper had a hard time this season, as he didn't always have the best defence in front of him. But he made so many amazing saves, saving penalty's and obviously playing an important role in our more impressive results earlier in the season. For a free transfer he has been superb and will continue to be an important player for us.

The 'End of Season' awards: Colombo narrowly won Fans Player of the Season. Maldini picked up goal of the season with a superb free-kick. Goudmijn was our signing of the season, even after only really playing the first half of the season. Colombo was also Young Player of the Season (strange as I wouldn't see him as a 'young' player at 23).

Maldini Goal of the Season

Next season the board are aiming for us to scrap in the relegation battle again. But after next season they expect us to maintain a comfortable position in Serie A. Therefore next season is important in building a squad that can perform more consistently.

Overall I think I have to be quite happy with this season. We exceeded media expectations and remain in the league for another year. The board wanted us to scrap in the relegation battle, and although we lost a lot of games, we were never actually in the bottom 3. Discipline is a problem that I know how to fix. I am certainly going to increase the fines next season. Honestly our more experienced players (Pastore, Fellaini and Otamendi) were costing us quite a lot of wages and weren't performing all that well so I am not too dissapointed to see them leave. We will be making some big signings next season, as we have the money to spend. I can't believe we have completed 6 seasons already! When I look back and think how far we have come and what we have been through I am actually really proud. We have certainly resurrected Palermo and will continue to strive for more.

Review of Seasons Past
Season 1: Won Serie D (Unbeaten Season)
Season 2: Won Serie C
Season 3: Relegated from Serie B
Season 4: Won Serie C
Season 5: Won Serie B
Season 6: 16th in Serie A

Another year to come in Serie A! Forza Palermo!

As always, thanks for reading!
Great job staying up mate, time to build the men in pink even further!
Great job staying up. Next season might be even tougher but hopefully bring in some good signings.

might also be time to think about changing your HOYD if there are better options out there.
Nice job staying in Serie A. You will do better next season. Cant wait your signings.
A terrific job keeping an odds on favourite in Palermo up, but those results from March onwards are very concerning. If you want to stay up next season, you have to battle for more points. February definitely kept you up. Nonetheless, great writing and great work :)
You did what you needed to do. Well done! Nice to see that Gutierrez has been secured permanently.
Not the record you'd of been after at the start of the season with the discipline but hopefully that will be improved next season. Some big players leaving but with the finances looking more and more healthy I guess some top replacements will be coming in.
Cheers for all the support lads! Loving the comments :)

Griffo - Thanks man!
Tedbro20 - Yeah, I have actually been looking for a new HOYD but the guy I have actually has really good attributes, and there is no one better I could get. To be fair this season there are 5 players in our squad who have come through our youth academy, so he isn't doing that bad!
Riddas - Cheers mate, you can see all my signings in todays update :) Exciting times ahead for Palermo!
Eoin97 -Thanks mate, yeah we were lucky to start up in the end really but this season will be better I'm sure!
ScottT - Cheers man, yes Gutierrez will be a great player moving forward, he is even going to feature on the 'Season 7' banner :D
The LFCFan - Some good replacements coming in for sure, I will not allow the discipline to be like that any more, heavy fines incoming!

So after barely staying up in Serie A last season, we are here for another year. Our more experienced players have left the club and retired. Reflecting on their time at the club none of them really contributed all that much. Otamendi was a starting centre back for us, but I believe we need to improve that position and tighten up our defence this season anyway.

The board have given us a good amount of money to spend, but I will only splash the cash if I find a really top quality player that is available. We will rely on loan's and free transfers as we have every season.

This is also an exciting season, as I am promoting two of our youth academy full back's into the first team (Marino and Migliaccio). (Miele) our young centre mid was out on loan last season and will feature in the first team this season too, he has 5 star potential and already 15 passing at just 19 years old! (D'Emannuele) is another youth player featuring in the first team from our youth academy, and the forgotten hero (Balastro) is back from his loan and will be a bit-part first team player this season.

That mean's we have 5 players from the Palermo youth academy in our First Team squad this season! Trust the kids!

I decided also to upload player faces to all the real players in our squad, who didn't have faces previously. Some of them turned out good, others are terrible haha. Just a head's up if you see any funny pictures.

Like I said before, we have money to spend, and we brought in a lot of players!

Transfers In:

Maldini is back on loan for another year. He has developed into a quality Serie A winger and will be an important player for us with his free kick ability and versatility able to play on either wing.

Corti is back on loan from Inter for another year. He will be our starting right back, with young Marino providing cover for him.

Ranieri was another good loan player last season, who returns again for another season in pink. Crivello is still in the squad but declining rapidly, so Migliaccio will be back up to Ranieri.

Colombo has scored a lot of goals for us the past two seasons, and we managed to get him on loan for another year at the club!

Here is a closer look at Miele, our young centre mid who has Pirlo like attributes, will hopefully develop into a world-class player.

Kingsley joins the club on a free transfer. The Nigerian international looks like a quality player! He will replace Donsah in the starting XI and will promote real quality in midfield.

Pirola also comes in on a free transfer. Previously on loan, the quality defender will be one of our starting centre backs this season, with solid attributes and room still to grow he will be an important player for us this campaign.

De Milato comes in on a free transfer to provide more depth in our midfield.

Gutierrez, our Uruguayan starlet joins on a free transfer. He will be our starting striker this season and has great ability and potential!

Our first big money signing is Roudaut from Lazio for £2.1 million. The Belgian midfielder was actually on loan with us when we were back in Serie C and put in some good performances back then. He has now developed into a very good midfielder and will slot into the starting XI alongside Kingsley.

Ribeiro come's in on a free transfer. He can provide cover for both wings, like Lucera did last season.

We made a huge loan signing from Bayern Munich bringing in the DM Lukovic! He looks like a world class talent. Arguably our best player. The midifeld trio looks class now with Lukovic as the DM, with Kingsley and Roudaut in front of him. I cannot wait for this season!

We also signed a Brazilian DM on loan to provide back up to Lukovic. What a name he has too, Roberto Carlos joins for a year (****But he cannot play because I don't have a spare Non-EU spot for him in the squad, duuuuuuuh how stupid I am lol)

More signings still..

Orlando comes in loan from Chelsea! He will be our other starting centre back and is a big improvement from Otamendi.

Our last signing was a back up goalkeeper. Plizzari signs from Roma for £450k. Also a past player we have had on loan before. He won't get much game time but when looking at my squad, I had cover everywhere apart from GK. Urso will without doubt be our number 1, but if he picks up an injuries then Plizzari is a good back up to have.

Lots of players have joined the squad and we also cleared some deadwood too. I am very happy with how our squad looks for this season (Would perhaps like another quality CB) but we are in a strong position on paper for a good second season in Serie A.

As we all know discipline let us down big time last season. This season I will not tolerate it. 2 weeks fine for any suspensions! My players better keep their heads down and focus on football.

Our first pre-season game was against Aston Villa (still in the Premier League). A good victory and two debut goals, couldn't have asked for a better start.

The board expectations this season is to avoid relegation, much like last year, although I think we have a stronger squad now.

The bookies have us with the following odds: Better than last season..

Result's wise, we had a perfect pre-season! Won every single game, even beating Napoli on penalties. We are set up for an exciting season!

A look at our tactic this year, with the current best XI.

The Squad:
GK: Urso and Plizzari
RB: Corti (loan) and Marino (youth academy)
CB: Pirola/Orlando (loan) D'Emannuele (youth academy), Kinkoue and Michells
LB: Ranieri (loan) Migliaccio (youth academy) and Crivello
DM: Lukovic (loan) and Miele (youth academy)
CM: Kinglsey/Roudaut and Donsah/Schiro and Goudijm (when back from injury)
LW: Maldini (loan) and Ribeiro
RW: Joensen (wonderkid) and Colombo (loan)
ST: Gutierrez and Balastro (youth academy)

I cannot wait to see how we do in this season. This is by far the most talented team we have had in the past 7 seasons. Exciting times for the boys in pink!

As always, thanks for reading!

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